Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 200

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Chapter 200 – Heat

It seemed Tre’ainar was bothered by something, but in any case it doesn’t change what we’re going to do.

“Well then, everyone! Look me in the eye!”

I signal Kron, and she nodded and called everyone’s attention to open her magic eyes.

“Daybreak Eye, Activate! Magic Eye Skill, 【Placebo Kiaida】!”


Everyone, including myself, fell under Kron’s suggestion.

“Everyone. The enemy is mighty. But you can do it!”

We can do it.

“I know how hard you’ve been training every day. Now is the time to grit your teeth and show off the results of your stoic self-improvement!”

I’m motivated.

“I’ll say it again and again. You can do it!”

The heat was overflowing

Defeat. The Enemy.

Protect. Our Comrades.

“Everyone … if we can’t do it, who can!”

If we don’t do it, who will!

“Come on, let’s go, everyone!”

“”””Uoshyaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!””””

“Now, as always! To the heavens and the world…”

“”””Every one of you, all together, bring it ooooooooooooooooooooooooonnn!””””

Our roar resonated in the sky. In this world where the air is supposed to be thin, our enthusiasm made the air crackle.

Our voices overwhelmed the Seraph warriors, who had no place to swing their raised fists and were ordered to stand by unwillingly, as well as those who knew nothing.

That’s right. Those who won’t fight, back away.

However, if they come at us, we will knock them all down!

“Here they come, don’t let any of them through! Beat them with your strength and stop them with your bodies!”

“Oraa, there’s nothing bulging in their crotches, bunch of mute bastards!”

“If I can’t ravish it, I’ll erase it, cloud bastard.”

“First strike always wins!”

“I’ll prove with this Seven-Star sword that Arcane True Zenith is not the only Magic Sword in Cacretale!”

“Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddiiiiii!!”


Unlike the Seraphs, the emotionless golems were undaunted by our spirit and attacked us without hesitation.


“I hope you don’t look down on the Surface too much! Sei! Hah!”

“Heavenly folk~, I don’t think you’re fast enough! Ha’haa”

Regardless of man or woman, raging as one mass, no mere golem could stop us.

Mumblemumble… right…… let’s liken the golems to the Great Demon King Tre’ainar… Fufufu one Great Demon King down, two Great Demon Kings down, three Great Demon Kings down. ……oh my, that makes me feel a little better.”

Even more so, now there’s Sadiz who was beheading the Golems with a really terrifying look on her face.

“H, hey hey… what, those Surface people suddenly …”

“Hey, the housekeeping Knight Order, isn’t it a little different from your information?”

“They are … strong…”

“That … the people on the Surface who couldn’t even reach the prince… are so……”

“Hey, are things not dire?”

“We’d best go as well…”

The Seraphs were watching our scuffle at a distance. I could see some agitation, but it seemed that there was still no one who would disobey the king’s orders and come at us.


〘…… tch… such annoyances… however, if thou rampage as much, thou will soon exhaust thyselves and be unable to move. Suddenly becoming quiet earlier, I thought we would wage an endurance battle with thee, such buffoons.〙

Although everyone’s rampage made him click his tongue, a sneer escaped from the King of the Heavens.

Yes, this momentum may be great, but won’t it suddenly overshoot and quickly burst as I feared at first?


『Hmm, tis unlike a moment ago. Under Kron’s suggestion, everyone responds not only to the assumptions in their heads, but also with their brains and bodies. With such increased motivation, fatigue and pain will eventually turn into pleasure. Tis referred to as ‘Intracerebral Narcotic’. I call the state filled with it ‘Magical Runner’s High’.』

Tre’ainar dismissed the mockery of the Heavenly King.

『These one, who were artificially put into Magical Runner’s High state by the Daybreak Eye… will not tire for a while!』

Apparently, well, there is such a phenomenon.

It’s true that sometimes, when I do a lot of running or exercise, I don’t get tired as much.

Rather, I want to do more.

Kron’s eyes seemed to always keep us in that state.

“Uhohohohohoho, insane! After peering into the eyes of the goddess… my crotch is so insane! Ouuuh, now you cloud bastaaaards, I’ll make you my Dutch-Husbands!!”

“See, hey! Can’t the Seraph hunks over there come closer? Damn, what a kill-joy… Hahahahahahah, it’s not going to wilt even if I mess up a cloud bastard!”

“Oh, I hate you! Thinking about it, not only the Great Demon King, but also that José, if he didn’t interrupt me, Little man would have been in an unstoppable boob-fest state with my girls, and he would still be… aaaah, I hate you! I hate the Great Demon King and I hate José!”

“Hey, no. It’s getting too hot… I wonder if Machio’s muscles are too nice! No I shouldn’t, at a time like this, I’m such a… but oh, to be able to fight as a woman standing next to Machio, and those muscles are already mine… mushy writhing~!”

Well, I guess it’s partly dangerous……

But it’s about time, right?

“All right, Kron.”

“Yes, no matter where!”

The rest is timing. Get away from here and get to that palace.

If this second wave of enemies are gone…

“Heh, oraoraora what’s wrong, Seraphs!”

“The heavens at this level, absurd!”

“So much for the magic of the Heavenly King.”

“You’re still on your mother’s teat!”

Anyway, everyone defeated the enemy with the momentum, but gradually became more radical, and finally ranted to the King of the Heavens.

Is this all right?

Well, since the other party also calls himself the King, they’re so easy to provoke…

〘What was that …? These lowly creatures! Say what about me… thou shall not be forgiven! Is the power I wield this level? Thou shall bear witness with thy eyes! No, don’t stop me, friend! I shall demonstrate my power to these cretins!〙

I mean, he took to the provocation!

Somehow, apparently a close adviser who seems to be by his side tried to hold him back, but the Heavenly King would not stop.

〘300 New Cloud Golem Reinforcements! Also…… also!〙

First of all, he generated and increased more golems that have lost their numbers in a burst of everyone’s rage … and in addition……

〘Five Great Cloud Golems!〙

How should I put it … yeah … one after another, the newly generated stuck together and merged to create another huge humanoid cloud golem that was so big that it cast a shadow on us.

“That’s big…”

I looked up and instinctively muttered.

Apparently, the Heavenly King was getting serious.

『Hmm, even though he is King… to lose yourself to simple provocations… unaware of the bottom, the Heavenly King.』


『Oi, child. Why do you stare at me with such eyes?』

“…… it’s nothing…”

Tre’ainar was also easily pushed by my provocations… well, let’s not say that.

But even if you can see the bottom…

“Hmm, nothing to fear. Such a huge body, its movements must be slow. With my data ――― “

“After all, it’s all show. By the Seven Stars beyond the clouds―――”

Even if he is morally bankrupt, the opponent is the King of the Heavens.

〘Great White Punch!〙



Some of the allies, who were undaunted by the big guy and were bracing themselves, were knocked away with one fist.

“Lyron!? Gran Chario!?”

“What the… it’s pretty fast for that size!?”

“Oh, Ms. Sadis!? Please, two people!”

“Right away!”

A huge punch with considerable power. And four more bodies that can do the same thing.

Moreover, we are surrounded by hundreds of golems.

〘I’m still coming. Weather Spell, Megastorm. Weather Spell, Mega Thunderbolt. Weather Spell, Megasquall!〙

The moment the Heavenly King chanted, the Great Cloud Golem’s big bodies came together and cast a spell on us.


“Oh! Uh … Great Magic Spiral!!”

In a hurry, I jump out and protect everyone with the maelstrom of the Great Magic Spiral, repelling all of the enemy’s magic.

As a result, I managed to avoid any damage…

〘Nu…… thou blocked it… huh? Friend. Thy eyes sparkle, why?〙

I never thought the golem would use magic.

“Fuha~… they are capable of magic!”

“You saved us… I’m sorry, Earth.”

“You’re amazing, Little man.”

I’m not the only one. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief in spite of themselves, but even though they were enthusiastic until a while ago, everyone’s faces suddenly became tense.

“No way, I thought they could only follow simple instructions… if he wants, can all the golems use Weather Magic?”

『So it would seem. Tis a fairly advanced technique… that allows the use of magic through golems. Though depraved, it fits the occasion…』

“Tch! This is pretty tough!”

So far, the cloud golems had only simple movements, but there are five golems that are tougher than before, and above all, ridiculously large.

〘Hmm, thou seem to be able a little capable…… but how long can thou endure? I shall have you understand… thy sins of defying the heavens, in the depths of thy pores!〙

It means that the King of the Heavens has taken the provocation seriously.


『What, do not hesitate, child. The fact that he exerted so much power should mean that the King of the Heavens has consumed a considerable amount of magic power. And from the accuracy of these golems and the magic contained within, the magic capacity of the Heavenly King may be roughly estimated. If you face him… he should be far easier to defeat than Jamdi’el.』

Still, Tre’ainar’s calm doesn’t change, but rather tells me that this is more like an opportunity.

Certainly, if we go according to the original strategy, it may be somewhat tougher, but I have to go…

“Earth, I can manage things here somehow. That’s what I do.”

“Mr. Machio?”

“So, you and the Goddess…”

Mr. Machio whispered to me with a rugged face.

He said he would draw their attention alone.

However, even Mr. Machio, who is a true rock, would have to take on those five bodies alone…

“Little man, look up!”


At that moment, a huge white fist was swung down from above my head, which was ugly.

Damn, stay alert!?

Great Magic Spiral … won’t make it…


That’s when it happened.


My feet suddenly glowed, and at the same time a magic circle appeared.

I had no idea what it was…

『Tis… Transfer Magic Circle…』

That’s what Tre’ainar murmured.

Transfer? Why? A newcomer? Who the hell……

“I did it, it finally worked!”

“…… Eh?”

An unexpected appearance suddenly emerged from the magic circle… eh? Why……

“Seriously… tte, what the heck is that big thing!? Suddenly!? Oh, oh, yes, 【Megawind】!”

The guy who appeared, surprised by the sight of the great cloud golems that suddenly entered his field of view and its attack, unwittingly unleashed his Wind Magic.

It was magic that wasn’t specifically chanted or formulated for power.

Nevertheless, its power was like a storm, and it flicked away the fists of the Great Cloud Golem.

“Fu~, I was surprised… but is this… Cacretale? Until now, the barrier warded and repelled us, but suddenly I thought it was gone and gave it a try… anyway, I don’t get the situation at all. but…… anywhere is fine, right? And I got to meet the people I wanted to meet.”

With that said, he looked around and looked back at me… while unleashing such magic, and turned his smiling baby face toward me.

“Ah… he’s…”

“Who? That good kid?”

“Uho~, I like.”


Everyone but Sadiz was tilting their heads at the sudden appearance.

But I know him well. So does Sadiz.

“Why… are …”

Those were the only words I finally got to say.

“Hey, Earth. Who is this person? …… tte, Earth! Behind you!”


Oh, man, I was in a daze.

Dozens of golems from behind me…

“Why? Don’t be silly, do I need a reason?”

“Don’t go thinking you can run away from us forever. Hey, Earth… h, hey! Y, y, y, you’ve been, holding hands with th, th, tha… eh? Hey!”

You’re kidding me, right? These two pierced, crushed chopped up the golems that attacked me from behind in an instant.

A long-haired, tall, handsome swordsman, and a spear-wielding princess who glared at me with a haughty attitude…

“Fuun~, why even me… eh? Is this Cacretale? No….. clouds? Eh? That? …… ah… by any chance… is this where…’he’ is…!?”

Huuuuuuuuuuh! Eeeeh? As for this person, seriously, why?

A reclusive former classmate of mine, a girl with a flute, scurrying around with a surprised expression on her face.


“Above the clouds? Are we in the sky? But I’ve heard that the sky is freezing, but it’s so hot. No, this heat. It’s the surging pathos that’s burning me up. Yes, this is love!”

What’s with this lineup!?

I can’t say anything anymore.

A beautiful girl who confessed to me …… that she has a crush on me …… with her long black hair flowing……

“Honey, is your chastity still safe?”

Heeeeeeeere? Eehh? Um, oh, eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

“Also… you two are holding hands very firmly.”

“…… Eh?”

“But that’s her, right? Finally, I was able to meet her and at the same time as our reunion … surprisingly though, she was a demon…”

And she saw Kron holding hands with me…

“You must be Ms. Sadiz, right?”

“…… Yes? No? I’m not?”



And they’re tilting their heads at the same time… sorry, I want to tilt my head, too.

Why are these “five people” here?

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I will work harder.

Thank you for your continued support.

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