Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 199

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Chapter 199 – You Should Go

“Zee~, hah~, zee~, hah~… Phew~… I’m at my wits end.”


At that moment, Hilua, who had carried us all the way here, finally reached the limit of his physical strength and landed on the cloud lands, wheezing.

However, it was enough that he had brought us this far.

We landed on the clouds, no one had complaints.

“Damn… in the end, the Surface people put their feet on our land…”

“Thou… even now by this hand…”

“Halt! Have thou forgotten the words of the king?”

The Seraphs have such regretful expressions on their faces about us.

They glared at us from a distance, as if they were about to jump at us, but were still only looking on from a distance.

“Say, what is the King of Heaven asking?”

“And why should we not fight? We’re warriors who keep the heavens safe!”

“Let golems fight, and we, Valkyries, to do nothing but lead our people to safety…”

“Tch, why… rather the housekeeping Knight Order… even us…”

“What was that? Is it we who play house?”

“Even so, we weren’t allowed to finish the capture of Jamdi’el the other day, and on the way here, the King himself… are we not trusted?”

“I know not, but… by the command of the King…”

In order to protect this country, the Seraphs tried to surround and capture us, but they were stopped by the words of the Heavenly King and kept away from the battle.

You can see some Seraphs expressing frustration at this.

『I see. After all, as Jamdi’el was screaming the other day… the new Heavenly King is not so adored it seems… then, he may as well act as he pleases.』

Tre’ainar does not miss even such grumbles from the Seraphs, and he had a lot of bad variety of evil looks on his face.

While I’m curious how many tricks and what kind of bad things Tre’ainar was planning in his head, I’m a bit scared.

『In the worst case, all you need do is destroy the magic core that holds up this heavenly world. This cloud world is solidified by the circulation of a great deal of magical power. However, as long as tis magical power, there is a core that governs it. It would be just below that castle. Destroy it with a Great Magic Spiral, and this cloud world will unravel in an instant. Even if you use that as a bargaining chip…』

Oh, Tre’ainar. Don’t say such horrible things, because only I can hear them.

Even if I’m told how to annihilate this country, I can’t say “Yeah sure” to that extent, right?

〘Now, my cloud golems. Crush those infidels!〙

At that moment, the voice of the Heavenly King resounded again.

“tte… Child. This way now.’

“Hmm? Ah…”

Enemies attacked all at once in the words of the King of the Heavens.

Meanwhile, the men who were already unable to restrain themselves against the new enemy that had appeared before our eyes jumped out.

“What’s a golem! I’ll crush you with my fists!”

“Let’s go, show them what we can do!”

“Feel the Arcane True Zenith!”

Before I could say anything to overcome this situation, a group of hot-blooded bastards jumped off Hilua’s back and took on the swarming cloud golems.

『Do not let them go too far ahead. The task here is to endure. They are here to hold out, not to go out on their own.』

“You guys, don’t jump out so soon! Fight to protect Hilua, maintain the 3 man parties we decided at the beginning!”

“I’m sorry, Little man. They don’t seem to hear you…”

For everyone who could only throw things or were limited in what they could do earlier, now was the situation where they can go as wild as they want on a foothold.

“Tch, damn it, I might as well take on a few enemies…”

『Hold, child. Do not use too much energy on golems that do not use much magic. Tell them that, as well.』


『The power of these golems is a level that even the people in the dojo can single-handedly defeat. But it makes them conceited in an unfortunate way, and… unless they notice, they forget to pace themselves, and will immediately get exhausted.』

Tre’ainar says that, but it’s not that easy to get across.

“【Arcane True Zenith One-Armed Shoulder Throw】!”

“Shred, the Sword of the Seven Stars!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Thrust Technique】!”


“Heh, what the hell are these guys, they’re no big deal!”

“All right, let’s smash em to bits!”

And Tre’ainar was right, although opponents are numerous, individually their power is certainly not great.

But, because of that, everyone went wild without a break, and if we keep this up, we’re going to…

“【Arcane True Zenith Double Lariat】!”


At that moment, Mr. Machio swung his stiff arms around, generating a tornado of sorts, and blew away the cloud golems one after another.

The guys were a little taken aback by the sheer destructive power.

And then……

“Everyone, follow Earth’s instructions. This isn’t a fight, it’s a battle to retrieve what’s important to us.”

A quick word, in order to focus the minds of everyone who was getting rowdy.

“I see, guys! I don’t think we should scatter during battle~!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Nunchuck Art】 Hwacha ~~, Acha! Wachachachachacha, Hwachaa !!…… Whew…… I’ll go back to my original place now that I’m a little more refreshed “

“Please, brothers! Hilly is too exhausted to move, okay!

“Yesh. Somebody protect me!”

Following Mr. Machio, Elder Sis Tsukshi also gave a few words, and everyone who was excited finally nodded and returned to their original position.

『This one will do.』

“That’s just like Machio. I can count on you.”

‘Yeah! This is the man for the job.”

“That’s right.”

Even if we go to defeat the King of the Heavens with a separate team, if Mr. Machio is there… then……

“All right, everyone. It’s a bit unexpected, but calm down. Either way, we’re going into a fierce battle. Surround Hilua and defend this position as the main team. But that’s not enough to win. So….. I’ll leave this brawl and go blow the Heavenly King away in the confusion.”


“It’s a brawl involving this many golems. They won’t even notice if one of us goes missing.”

Well, it’s too simple to call a strategy. In short, while everyone is working hard, we’re going to sneak out and defeat the enemy’s boss.

“Wait, Little man. It’s not safe to go alone! Then, I’ll also…”

“Sadiz…… that’s right…… it would be reassuring if you came, but…

『Tis ill-advised. She holds everyone’s weapons, and can use Recovery Magic. She can also be resourceful in counter-magic and situational assessment. It would be best if she remains and supports Machio.』

“…… as support for Mr. Machio…”

“…… Is it Little man who is saying that? Or maybe, the invisible to me…… You-Know-Who?”

Scary. When I tried to tell Sadiz to stay when she says she’s worried and wanted to follow, somehow, a tremendous, murderous gaze was turned to me.

“Certainly it’s dangerous to be alone, aye.”

“I don’t think so, Earth. At least one more person…”

“Big brother!”

However, the others also expressed their opinion that I should not go alone.

As for me, I’m fine with it since Tre’ainar is with me.

『Tis unwise to split our numbers down the middle. If tis you, child, one person will be enough. But if you were to take someone along…』

Then, before Tre’ainar could name someone…

“Take me with you, Earth!”


“I want to go! No … I think I should go. I have to go! I don’t know why, but I think so!”

Kron raised her hand and came forward.

『Well, she should suffice. After strengthening everyone with the suggestion of the Daybreak Eye, she would be more useful elsewhere, as the only enemies here are golems that are immune to her illusions. Rather, she would be an additional burden to be protected. As such, it would be better to work with the child and take her to that Heavenly King.』

And Tre’ainar had no objection to taking Kron, but rather seemed about to make the suggestion.

“…… Little man…”

“…… seems to be the way to go.”

“Nuh, guh…”

When I nodded to Sadiz with the meaning “Tre’ainar agrees” she was blatantly mortified.

Somehow, Sadiz seemed to hate Tre’ainar more and more, and her glance hurts.

“Hey, the second wave is coming!”

“You mute bastards… bring it on, if you dare!”

Well, it’s not the case when we have a strategy meeting forever.

The Golems were blown away by Mr. Machio, but they generated one after another from the clouds, multiplied, and narrowed the circle while surrounding us.

“All right, Kron. Shall we go?”

“Oh, thank you! I’m inexperienced, but please treat me well!”

“…… Um, that’s a little inappropriate …… to say…”


I almost lost it a little at Kron’s comment, but I regained my composure and held Kron’s hands.

Firmly squeeze it so that we do not separate.

“Okay, we’re going to hold this spot until Earth and the goddess can complete the operation. Gritting our teeth and enduring is what we’re good at, isn’t it?”

“Macho is right~! Let’s see if we can hold them off here ~!”

“Stick together in groups of three and don’t get too carried away!”

“If you need medical attention, call me. I’ll be right there.”

“Come on, aye!”


Everyone seemed to have been convinced, and prepared to rekindle their spirit.

But this time, they don’t jump out right away, just wait.

〘What is this? I thought thou would rampage on thy own, fall to conceit and destroy thyself, but … art thou thinking to wage a war of attrition? Fufu, what unseemly struggle…〙

The King of the Heavens laughed at our situation.


〘I say…… hmm? What’s wrong, friend? What?〙

Huh? What? Suddenly…

〘What else might be their aim? What does thou mean? The basis of warfare is the general’s head? What does that mean… Drat, we are still connected telepath――――〙


Was the Heavenly King talking to someone just now? Is there anyone nearby?

He was carelessly broadcasting through a telepathic connection…

『…… Hmm…』

Then, Tre’ainar, perhaps caught by what had just happened, put his hand on his chin and gazed at the palace.

『…… Although the people do not seem to really appreciate him… i still, is there anyone beside him who can advise the king? And there is a person whose advice the king obediently listens to. how unexpected…』

Is that something to be concerned about… no, if Tre’ainar’s concerned, maybe it’s something important?

But either way, I have to go now.

Author’s Note

The next chapter in this story… Apparently, we can make it to the big time before the launch.

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