Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 198

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Chapter 198 – Clouds

“Over there! It is those Surface people, after all!

“I can’t believe they came all this way, what are the men doing?”

“In any case, their fortunes have turned! Our country will not allow this!”  

“Evacuation of the people with haste!”

The women coming out of the cloud castle one after another were probably the same women who attacked the Surface.

“Ouuuuh, filthy invaders, thou shall go no further!”

“Enough! Let’s get serious!””

And the men chasing us from under the clouds.

Even though we had the best trained men with us, and Sadiz, the difference in numbers was huge.

If we fight while surrounded, we will be worn down.

No matter how much we’ve come to rampage, it’s not efficient.

“What are we going to do? Little man.”


“Big brother.”

“Hiya~, lots of them here again!”

That’s a lot of people. If we had to deal with all of them, we’d be at a disadvantage.

But on our side, we have someone who can efficiently put our enemies to sleep all at once.

‘It’s okay, don’t worry. Kron, get ready.’

“Yes, I understand.”

When it was finally her turn, Kron nodded vigorously.

Yes, no matter how many enemies come, with Kron’s super powerful magic eye…

〘Such folly …… despite enabling thy survival with great care… the thoughts of incompetent apes remain incomprehensible.〙


Then, that voice echoed through all of us.

“This voice is…”

“From that time!”

Their expressions strengthened instinctively.

“This is… His Majesty!?”

“Heavenly King! Why would thou bring thyself?”

And the sudden voice that we heard startled not only us, but also the Seraphs.

Yes, the voice belonged to the bastard that destroyed Cacretale with huge magic from the sky.

He is the king of this country called the King in the Heavens.

〘Until the execution of Jamdi’el… for my designs on the Surface world… I truly intended to ‘procrastinate’… I never, to think thou would go this far… I doubt thy sanity.〙

“…… bastard…”

〘However, as it has come to this, I see no issue in reneging on the promise to Jamdi’el. In our defense, the savage incompetent apes that have invaded our country shall be disposed of.〙

The shocking voice of the Heavenly King echoed, and not only me, but all the dojo guys also had a look of impatience.

Yes, everyone had quite a bit pent up with this bastard. Various things.

And then……

“Even if we are barbaric, we are not willing to silently accept the loss or pain of anything else we hold dear!”

Kron spoke hard at the voice of the Heavenly King that resounded to us.

〘Thou art the doll girl, aren’t thee? Without Jamdi’el, thou can do nothing, yet who has incited thee to come this far?〙

“I was not incited! My back may have been pushed, but… I’ve come this far by my own will!”


“I don’t know why you think as you do of us on the Surface. I don’t know what Jamdi’el has done to you in the past. But just because I don’t know, doesn’t mean I will silently accept destruction and defeat by you!”

Kron does not take a step back against the Heavenly King.

With strong eyes and voice, she shows the feeling of “fighting” to the forefront.

And everyone raised their voices to the tune of that feeling.

“That’s right. The High Priestess will definitely be saved~!”

“Yes! We are a family!”

“If I lose my mentor here in silence, then what have I become so strong for?”

“You’re going to pay for what you’ve done to our country, you bastard!”

They shouted all at once that they felt the same way.

And then……

〘Hmph. What can a few dozen do whilst outnumbered? But I know. The doll girl. I know thou have magic eyes equivalent to Heraldic eyes〙


〘It seems thou did not use it against Ga’al who was sent for power reconnaissance, but it would be more troublesome to use it here.  And if that’s the basis of your hearts and minds… we shall do this!〙

At that moment, the Heavenly King confidently mentioned that Kron had a magic eye.

Does he know? That Kron has the Daybreak Eye?

『…… What will you do?』

At the confidence of the Heavenly King, Tre’ainar also wondered how things would go.

What the hell…

〘My subordinates … and Ga’al’s subordinates… stay back and keep those people at bay. It would be more trouble than it is worth if thou all became confused and fight each other.〙

“”””Heavenly King??””””

〘Small fries of such caliber shall be suppressed by my own hands, by the Great King of the Heavens.〙

No way, he came here and stopped the wings of the Seraphs who were about to rush in with their huge armies numbering in the hundreds and thousands.

『…… Even so… did he foresee the Daybreak Eye? Tis surprising… well, to be aware of Kron’s existence, he cannot know…』

「Tre’ainar, what do we do? If it is true, the plan was to put the enemy to sleep, confuse them, and then take Jamdi’el back in the confusion of the moment, wasn’t it?」

『What? You need not be that desperate. I am thinking of various measures… but…』

As expected of Tre’ainar. He didn’t seem to be too upset by this.

He calmly considered what the Heavenly King would do after this.

『As long as we are here, they must limit the use of great spells or artillery to annihilate the opposition, unlike what they did on the Surface. Otherwise this city will also be damaged. However, tis unlikely that the King himself will appear in a foolish and honest manner. As such…… what can be done to attack our forces by retreating…』

「…… one way or another… what are you doing?」

『…’golems’… is it?』

That was when Tre’ainar murmured.

〘Weather Magick, 【Cloud Golem】!〙

The moment the Heavenly King chanted that, the hardened clouds that were our foothold gradually rose, and eventually the clouds appeared in the shape of hundreds of people around us.

“Wait! What’s this?

“…… Golems…… this many at once?”

“What is a golem, Sadiz Big Sis!”


This was magic I’ve never seen before. Clouds becoming human shaped golems?

I’ve seen sand golems made of a lump of soil, iron golems moved by compacting iron scraps, and golems made of water and fire, but I’ve never seen a cloud golem before.

『Individually, their power is not very great, but they are rather numerous.』

「Seriously… Tre’ainar, what are we going to do?」

『If you were all to rampage, you may be able to manage, but… you will wear out and…… your numbers may diminish.』

The numbers diminish. What that means is simply the same as “there will be deaths on your side”.

Of course, we’re here to fight. There was always a possibility that it would happen.

〘I’m listening.  Don’t confront the Daybreak Eyes directly… and such illusions do not work on the golems.〙

『…… you are listening? Who in this world is taking measures against the Daybreak Eye? …… from whom?』

〘Now, start… and let us end it!〙

It seems that Tre’ainar felt something clinging to the words of the Heavenly King, but now it’s not the time to worry about that.

『Well, this number of golems… you cannot give overly complicated orders. Defeating them is not too arduous a task, but… still, you must cut off the origin of the spell, else they will come out forever.』

「The origin of the spell… you mean…」

『Defeat the Heavenly King, that is your top priority.』


『First of all, strengthen all allies with Kron’s illusions, then organize a detachment to strike at the Heavenly King.』

Defeat the Heavenly King. Otherwise, this situation will not change.

In other words, someone has to rush away from here and go face the Heavenly King.


That’s what I’m thinking… but I also have to consider what happens here…

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