Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 197

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Chapter 197 – Invaders

“Don’t falter! Don’t retreat from those wingless primitive apes!”

“But these brutes, buhhoh!”

Plunge straight in, and kick away the swarming enemy.

The instructions were too simple as advice from the Great Demon King, who has the world’s biggest brain.

But, on the contrary, for us… at least for the men present here, this may be the instruction that can demonstrate the most power.

“Shaaaah, let’s keep going, goraah!”

“Hey, arrows are flying again!”

“What! Let’s hit them back, barbell unit!”

“Ouh, 【Arcane True Zenith One-Legged Batting】!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Pendulum Batting Form】!”

The accumulated pile was released all at once.

Everyone threw stones and dumbbells at the fair-faced Seraphs, and swung heavy barbells to knock them down.

The momentum seemed unstoppable.

I had no choice but to join them and get in on the action.

“Shaah, I’ll do it too! 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

I’m me, and I unleash my fist, which flies like a lashing whip that can be used in medium to long range…

“Death Scythe, 【Imperial Style, Sickle Art….. Crescent Moon Rush】!”

Sadiz swung her Scythe and sent crescent-sharp vacuum waves wildly around her.

“Crossbow Archery… Magical Crossbow!”

Wacha added magic to the two crossbows he held in his hands and shot them in rapid succession…

“Wh, what the hell are they!”

“I can’t get close!”

“The formation…… drat they’ve broken through!”

“Gah, don’t let them get away! After them”

We broke through the thin formation of Seraphs assertively, and the Seraphs who came pursuing after…

“On top of destroying our hometown… we can’t afford to lose anything else we cherish. Whatever reason or cause you have, if you stand as a wall before us, we’ll push through you.”


“【Arcane True Zenith Horizontal Chop】!”

Just by swinging a chop with his brawny muscular arm, they were swept off by Mr. Machio, who could unleash a shockwave or a vacuum wave like me or Sadiz.

“Absurd, what are they!”

“Isn’t the level of power of the Surface sufficient to deal with the knights led by the Prince the other day?”

“tsu…… Strong!”

“H, hey, hold firm! It seems the enemy is passing through!”

Certainly, the Seraphs were “moderately” strong.

But, they were only “moderately” strong, and had wings.

If they were to completely look down on us and let their guard down, they wouldn’t be able to stop our current momentum, and once we get past them, they won’t be able to catch up.

“Nhah, that’s kinda, amazing! Everyone is amazing! So strong! So strong and kinda, cool!”

Even Hilua, who was ferrying us, was in a state of excitement, his initial fear already gone.

Seeing this, Tre’ainar’s eyes lit up.

『Right, here we are! Pierce through the clouds without pause!』

“Now, Hilua!”

We all go as one big mass, screaming and yelling with Hilua.

“Nhaaaaaaaaaah, Let’s Gooooooooooooooo!!!!”

Gaining altitude, Hilua accelerated with a bang.

The wind was strong enough to cut through the body, and if you let up just a little, you might shiver from the cold.

But, no one said anything.

“Pierce throoooooooooooouuuuuuugh!”



Before us was a world of massive floating clouds.

Into those clouds we plunge, going deeper and deeper, and broke through the dim world.

And that’s when it happened.


The sunlight that had been blocked on the way came through, and just as we were about to reach for it, we were thrust through the clouds.

“We did it, Hilly! Amazing!

“Woohoo, awesome! Hilly!”


“Well done.”

“You made it, right? That’s Hilly for you!”

We pierced directly above to the world of pure white clouds spreading all around us.

All together, we clenched our fists and cheered.

“Ehehe… Nhaah~, how embarrassing.”

Hilua received our praises, and looked happy as he made a “Nihera~” expression. 1 

But this is something to be proud of.

Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to reach this place.


“Anyway… this is…”

We were immediately struck by the vastness that spread across our entire field of vision, beyond our reach.

“What… what a beautiful world.”

Everyone must have agreed with Kron’s unintentional remark.

“It’s like a dream… right?”

“That’s right… for a moment, I forgot that we came to fight.”

Yes, a world that seems to instantly diminish the fighting spirit which had us rushing in here all fired up.

We could see what looked like land floating above a vast sea of clouds.

『Artificial islands above the clouds… the land of pure white clouds with regular arrangements of square tiles… all that material is made from clouds, is it not? They magically harden the clouds, process them, and then lay tiles made of cloud material on top of them.』2 

Tre’ainar murmured calmly as we looked around the world above the clouds, but even after hearing the explanation, I remained pensive for a while.

『The dwellings are made by stacking materials of the same principle. An artificial lake made by melting clouds. Furthermore… unlike individual housing, a structure that can accommodate a large number of people…』

Located in the center of the land on the clouds, was what seemed to be the main building of this land… a Castle?

Anyway, as far as the eye could see, it was a world dyed only in pure white to the point of being unusually free of a single stain.


“Hey, look on the land.”

“Yeah, there are Seraphs.”

“Moreover, different from the women who attacked us or the men of a while ago …”

“Maybe… citizens?”

Seraphs were looking up at us as we appeared, with uneasy expressions.

Regardless of age or gender, everyone wore a single piece clothing, and did not look like soldiers in any way.

Perhaps, the Seraph civilians? No, I don’t know if there’s a word for that… but……

『From their point of view, we are the invaders. You must have known that they would look at you with such eyes.』


『Even if it was the Seraph tribe who struck first… whichever side has a grievance… even if the intention in coming was to rescue someone… from their point of view, tis all merely an excuse for retaliation. Stay the course.』

As soon as I began to feel a bit of confusion in my heart while receiving the gathering gazes, Tre’ainar immediately whispered into my ears.

You knew this was going to happen and that we would be looked at with those eyes, didn’t you? And.

Well, maybe I just “thought” I understood.

『In any case, tis too late to turn back. Also, child. This is no time to be idle.』


『Perhaps, Jamdi’el may be found in that palace-like place.』

He was right. We came to this world to fight.

And the next moment……

―― PAN!

A somewhat dry sound, like gunpowder bursting.

Fireworks? I don’t know, but it came out of nowhere.

Then, at the next moment, I heard a voice that seemed to echo out into the world, or rather into my head, naturally.


How about that? One after another, something can be seen popping out of the huge cloud structure in front of us.


“Thou will go no further!”

“My people will not be harmed in any way!”

“By my life, we will strike thee back to the Surface!”

The Seraphs we breached seemed to have hurriedly followed us and caught up.

Certainly, it wasn’t the time to stand around in a daze.


『Hmm…… From the capacity of that castle, there are still likely to be even more soldiers… draw more of them out…』


『Child. Drive more enemy soldiers to sortie and draw them in. Also, tis about time you get Kron ready…』

「Does that mean… so soon?」

『Well, truthfully, you could hold back until the confrontation with the king of this country and the ‘little girl’ with the Heraldic Eye, but… you do not want to involve non-combatants, do you? Once the enemy forces are drawn out, Kron’s Daybreak Eye can put all the enemy soldiers and non-combatants together into a deep slumber.』

By my side, Tre’ainar has always been calm.

Hmm? But, little girl? Who? It’s the Prince who has a Heraldic Eye, right?

Author’s Note

Apparently, the official release was made public.

If you want to see the others, apart from me and the children, skip to the special page below.

There, you will find Hiro. Mamu. Maid. Ph… Phi? Phian… the Princess. There are also two other people.

 [S1]These Expressions I guess!!!

 [S2]Skypiea… This is basically Skypiea!!!

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