Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 196

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Chapter 196 – Stones

Just as the air began to feel quite cold, the serious-looking Seraphs finally appeared from behind the clouds.

Some were flapping their own wings, while others were astride the mysterious Pegasus.

“Little man.”

“I know! Everybody, brace yourselves! Okay, don’t show me a scared face!”

Seraphs? Pegasus? What about it?

This hippo… no, it’s a dragon!

From here on, if you are even a little scared, they’ll swallow you whole.

No matter what happens, we glare at the opponent proudly, regardless of their strength.

“That’s far enough! I won’t allow thee to go any further! Filthy Surface Apes! Turn away this instance!”

One of the mounted warriors, having set up a formation like a defensive wall, waited at the head of the center of the formation.

They were different from the warrior maidens who appeared on the Surface.

They looked slender, but their muscles were quite toned.

They stared at us with an extremely keen eye.

It’s as if they were looking at garbage.

“We are the ‘Guardian Angel Squad’ of Angela Kingdom! For the past thousand years, we have been an ironclad force that has not allowed any invasion by foreign enemies! Come any closer to this country, and face Heaven’s wrath!”

He had a strong tone of voice and a confident, dignified attitude.

What bothered me was that every one of them had the same kind of features as that “Prince”.

How do I put it, this is a miserable squad of men.

On the other hand, they looked like members of a theater troupe, all of whom likely being cooed at by women.


“Giving a speech right away. Also, how convenient.”

When I muttered involuntarily, Mr. Machio nodded.

“That’s a Seraph… but it’s certainly convenient.”

“Agreed, aye.”

“True! I’d be troubled if those cuties showed up again.”

Those warrior maidens who appeared on the ground.

If I had to fight them again… it would have been hard to do.

“Uho~, pretty good ass!”

“Is there really a bastard who surpasses my crotch?”

Although the opponents are Seraphs, they were men.

Then, I can hit as hard as I want.

『Have not allowed a single invasion in a thousand years? In other words, they have neither been attacked nor fought a formidable enemy for a thousand years.』

“Ah! Like that――― “

Next to me, Tre’ainar said that. In other words, that’s how it is.

“Wait, Earth! First of all, it’s polite to have a proper talk!”

Right away, Kamikaze Attack it is! Not, as I tried to give the signal, Kron stopped me.

“Hey, Kron, That’s not really…”

“No, even if we’re going to fight…… no, because we’re going to fight, I heard from Jamdi’el that at least this much is necessary.”

The head that leads us is Kron.

From that Kron, before anything else, say what should be said.

I don’t want to do that, I felt like just hitting them with an initial charge right away.

『Well, tis certainly not unique. Let her do it.』

“Geez… in that case…”

Well, if Tre’ainar says so, then fine.

With that in mind, I nodded to Kron.

“So, Hilly, please stop a little.”


“To the Seraph tribe! We of the Surface――――


“I can’t stop… don’t ask th’ unreasonable so suddenlyyyyyyyyyyy!”

“”””…… Heh??””””

“I’m already flying at full speed! If I stop, with this weight, we will fall! As things are, I have no choice but to rush straight aheaaaaaaaaaad!”


Instead of suddenly fighting, Kron wanted to open with a verbal declaration of war.

However, Hilua, who was flying with us on his back, is almost at the limit.

Now, if he stops, he will lose momentum and fall without being able to rise up again.

If you say that…

“Now, be gone, lower creatures of the Surface, or else… or… hey, heed my words! Listen… nay, halt! All hands at the ready!”

We had no choice but to plunge right in.

“Ah… erm, that’s… uh~ … in that case, all you Seraphs! Excuse our intrusiooooooooooon!”

The Seraph men were trying to drive us away with a strong tone, but when they realized that there was no way to stop us, so they quickly instructed their friends.

In a panic, Kron also said a few words.

And the next moment…

“Geez! No other way! Let’s do it!”


“So be it, here they come! Do not allow such ugly creatures and lower races into our country!”


It had started.

『Child! You, the maid and Wacha stand at the bow and repel them off! Hold Kron back!』

“Let’s go! Me, Sadiz and Wacha to kick the enemy in front! Keep Kron behind us!”

『Place Machio’s group behind the ship! Have them repel any enemies coming from behind!』

“Mr. Machio, Elder Sis Tsukshi, Karui! Cover our rear!

『Divide the remaining to the left and right, defend and intercept! Most especially, prevent any attack on Hilladon’s wings at all costs! Be wary of attacks from below!』

“The rest of you, defend the left and right sides! Protect the Hilua from all attacks! The enemy may attack from below, so watch out for that too.”

I gave everyone Tre’ainar’s instructions, stood at the bow and waited.

On the other hand, Pegasus knights and Seraphs who appeared from the other side of the clouds come out one after another by the hundreds.

And then, perhaps at the direction of the lead Seraph, all of them started to spread up, down, left and right.

『…… Do the enemy… intend to disperse widely and surround us? How convenient. Considering Hilladon, who can only fly straight, the front will be thinner, hence breaking through the front is easy as is.』

“Right! Hilua, leave the enemy to us! Just go straight ahead!”

“Hiyaaaaaaah, n, no, no way, b, but I’m scared!”

“Hilly, we’re with you! So do your best!”

“Kron my lass, I’d go through fire, water, and clouds for you!”

…… He was so negative at my words, but at Kron’s voice… got along with her more and more, he got me laughing without meaning to.

『Keep the enemy at bay. Weapons.』


“I know. Hilua, it will be a little heavy, but please bear with me. Now, everyone!”

As soon as she reached the predetermined spot on the ship, Sadiz magically took the weapons out of her extra dimension.

There were bows and other weapons lying around, but what everyone picked up from them without hesitation were dumbbell weights.

In addition, there were rocks for stone throwing.

『Since ancient times, stone throwing has been a sound tactic. With the development of technology, stone throwers and slings have evolved, but traditionally, they were thrown by sheer physical power. Now, trained ones. Show what your shoulders are capable of!』

The strong men smiled as they held stones and other objects.

The opponents are Seraphs that fly around the sky using magic and other means.

“Fuhaha, what are they doing? They hold stones and rubbish?”

“As expected of the Surface! Such barbaric ideas!”

“Thou will bear witness to the power of Heaven!”

Naturally, the enemy scoffs at us, calling us ridiculous.

“Strike them down! Heavenly Bow Squad! Fire at once!”


And while looking down on us, the Seraphs took their positions and attacked us all at once.

Bows strengthened by wind or other magic were shot all at once.


『Child, the outset is key, astonish the enemy’s heart.』

“Here we go! 【Great Magic Spiral, Earth Spiral Tornado】!”

The shot arrows surrounded us, and were all repelled by the maelstrom of tornado-like spirals that appeared.


“There was a magic user among them…”

“Pay it no mind, keep going! Look, the wind actually subsides gradually…”

Of course, I can’t keep the 【Great Magic Spiral】 active for a long time, but with Magical Breathing, I can do it for quite a while.

But, there is still more to come, so I need to save my energy…

“Right, now!”


Everyone wants to vent the anger and frustration that had accumulated, so I also watched the timing and released the 【Great Magic Spiral】, and…

“Even a stone from the ground… with a trained shoulder, can reach the heavens, right? It’s not quite as powerful as Earth’s Great Spiral, but… a stone that spirals and thrusts forward… 【Arcane True Zenith Gyroball】!!”

“All right, the wind has ceased! All at once … Hehbu!”

And the stones that were taken from the Surface reached the Seraphs.

“Alright, follow Machio!”

“Let’s show them, our shoulders trained by Magical Baseball!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Curve】!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Slider】!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Split Magic Ball】!”

“【Arcane True Zenith Cut Ball】!”

One after another, without a moment to rest, stone strikes were hurled vigorously by the shoulders of trained men.

After all, even if it is just a stone, if it is thrown vigorously, the living Seraphs will not remain unharmed.

In fact, it’s faster than holding a bow or casting magic.

“Wh, th, this is!”

“What are they!”

“It’s not magic, they throw stones and rubbish…”

“Yes, do not faltfubooo!”

“One after another… nay, do not approach!”

The faces of the angels, who had been taken aback by our successive projectiles, gradually began to distort.

“Curses, wh, what is, s, savage barbarians! Thou have no pride!”

However, while they complained, Hilua pushed forward aiming at a thin wall of upset enemies.

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