March 2022 Short

When I, The Main Heroine, Died, The Sub-Heroines Got Serious!?

Author: Anikki Burazza

My name is Chromina.

Born into an ordinary family in the Gouztoa Kingdom, and just turned 16 this year.

And then, somehow, I’m dying.

Due to an illness.

“Chromina…… I’ll never forget you. I’ll never fall in love again. Because I could be such a woman’s lover… this is my last love! With this it’s over!”

I was still a teenage girl, there were so many things I wanted to do.

“Sister! No! Sister! Please, no! No!

“No Chromina, not yet! Not yet! Stay with me! Chromina!”

“What are you doing? I will not allow my rival to die of disease!”

“Ah… Chromina…”

“Damn… why did you have to go through this…”

My sister and friends are crying around me until the end. Father and mother. And the first boyfriend I ever had in my life.

He’s smart, cool, strong, hot, but cute when he’s embarrassed, and sometimes stubborn… so naturally he was popular with girls.

I was so happy when he confessed his love to an ordinary girl like me.

I wanted to make a lot of memories from now on.

I wanted to be more lovey-dovey with him.

We held hands and kissed him on our third date, so… but god is uncaring as they say, only concerned about balancing the scales.


Veloute, who is also my beloved boyfriend, is crying.

It’s disgraceful to make such a wonderful boyfriend sad.

I wonder if it’s because I’m unworthy of the happiness of having such an amazing boyfriend that I’m dying so soon.

But on the other hand, I realized that I was so loved by Velutte and everyone, so I feel a little satisfied.

And even though I was dying and didn’t know what was going to happen from now on, I was still a little worried until the very end.

I don’t want Velutte to live in misery because of me.

The boy who really loved me. I want him to be happy.

However, I also don’t like the idea of him being happy with another girl.

Because he’s my boyfriend.

I don’t like the thought of him forgetting me and flirting with other girls, doing with other girls what I couldn’t do with him. I felt unpleasant at the thought of it.

But it doesn’t matter to me, I’m dying. So I gave my last words to Velutte, as if to appeal to “good children” at the end.

“No… Velutte … your life… I don’t want to drag you down … forget me… and get a wonderful girlfriend again.”

“I can’t do that! Don’t say that! I’ve always been about you… forever… even if you —.”

Ah, I like him … I adore him … I love him.

That’s why I’m so worried about him… thinking of me so much… after I die … please … until he gets back on his feet … everyone……

“Everyone… ‘I entrust’… my boyfriend?”

I asked them to support Veloute, who will feel depressed and have a hard time in various ways, “as a friend”.


“Sister! What are you talking about? Sister!”

“What are you saying!? This isn’t like you!”

And thus my life came to an end, my consciousness faded—

…… For some reason, I had not lost consciousness.

『Inya~…… No~ way, I’m became a ghost~… ghosts are actually real~.』

There is a communal cemetery on top of a hill overlooking the sparkling blue sea.

I died and awoke there as a ghost.

And at my grave, which my dad and mom must have built, I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what happened to me.

『You are still young…』

『Oh, a neighbor, thank you, nice to meet you, I died at sixteen.』

『Well, that’s …… too bad…』

I was greeted by a man sitting on the gravestone next to mine. The person seems to be a ghost, too.

In the past, if I thought ghosts really existed, I would have screamed and ran away, but now I am a ghost too.

I guess when people are really surprised, they become calm.

And at that moment.

“Good morning, Chromina.”

『Fuaaaaaaahhh, Veloute!』

Dressed in a school uniform, Veloute, who was supposed to go to school, stood there.

Huh? You can see me ――――

“It’s weird… to go to school today and not have you there…… not have you anywhere…… anymore. I can’t…… believe it…….”

Saying that, Veloute offers a beautiful flower to my grave.

Oh, you can’t see me after all…

“You told me to forget, but… I can’t… even if I wanted to forget, I can’t… I don’t want to forget, so even more so. It’s not possible to forget.”

『Eh, Veloute…』

Velutte’s eyes are filled with tears as he smiles and speaks to my grave.

The moment I saw those tears, my chest got really tight.

It hurts.

I’m already dead… my heart is hard… I don’t want to see my favorite Veloute like this…

“I’m sorry, I spoke out of weakness… also…… I’ll come again —

“Oh, senior…”

“Eh, ah… ah…you’re her sister.”

Oh, Cystia.

Even my cute little sister came to see me this early in the morning.

“Um, senior… to my sister…”

“Yes… just wanted to say a few words…”

“Oh, really? My sister… I’m sure she is pleased.”

Cystia smiles sadly after saying that. But her eyes are red and swollen.

I’m sure she was crying for me.

Unlike me, she is smart, slender, a prim and proper beauty, and a little docile, but my proud little sister.

Actually, when Veloute and I became lovers, everyone at the school seemed to misunderstand that Veloute and Cystia were dating instead of me and Veloute, and there was a great deal of excitement for the perfect match.

“Um… Senior… are you all right?”


“Um… that…”

“I’m not okay, but…… but…… yeah…… besides…… her younger sister is here…”

“…… Yes…”

Two of my favorite people. But the two of them are smiling in front of my grave.

It makes my heart ache more and more.

“Then, little sister, I’ll go first…”

“…… Yes…… oh, Senior!”


“…… Will you…… come again? And….. even if …… Sister is not here, you can still …… talk to me sometimes―――”

“Of course, because… we’re the only ones… who can cry about Chromina… and look back on the fun we had… since we can’t anymore.”

Saying that, Veloute left showing his lonely back.

Cystia, who was left behind, stared at his back and looked back at me…

“Sister, I’m glad… Senior came to see you so early in the morning…”

Yeah. I was happy. But it was painful.

“But when I think about Senior’s feelings… I …… feel bitter…… and sad… Sister…… my stupid sister… why…… why did you die!”

Cystia, who is usually neat and calm, and seems to be much more mature than me from other people’s point of view, is still a childish little sister to me.

If no one is around, she will show her emotions and shed tears like this.

『Yes, I’m sorry…』

“Sister… I … I … I also … I liked Senior Veloute.”

『Yes… Yeah…… huh!?』

Eh? huh? Was that right? No way, I didn’t know at all!

“Sister and Senior Veloute were dating… it was a little sad… but I was happy. I knew that Sister also loved Senior, and Senior also loved you… So, my favorite two were tied together… if Senior’s partner was Sister, I would back off and congratulate you…”

I didn’t know that.

I didn’t think Cystia was talking about Veloute… no way…… I consulted with Cystia about Veloute on various things, and Cystia always listened to me kindly, but in fact…

“But you know what, Sister? Now that I met Senior… and saw his painful face… I….. I’ve decided…”

『…… Hmm?』

“You told me, right? You said to take care of Senior…”

『Eh? Yeah, I …… said that…』

“I’ll support Senior. I’ll try to get him back on his feet. I’ll stand by Senior. Instead of Sister… I’ll make Senior happy! From now on…… forever!”

『…… Huh? …… Uoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!?』

“Senior is a wonderful person… one day, he might recover… might find new love. But someone other than Sister by his side… I…… I don’t want that. So…… I’ll stand next to Senior!”

No, no, no, no, no, no? Eh?

My beloved sister declared that she will take my boyfriend?

No, I’ve never slept with Veloute, but yes!?

I was surprised that Cystia liked Veloute, but a declaration that she would be his lover?

“Sister, I’m going now. If I run, will I still catch up with Senior? I’ll do my best! I’ll take care of Senior!”

『No, um, wait a minute! No, yes, that’s true, but even if I’m still dead, my feelings are too conflicted… Cystiaaaaaaaa!!』

And no matter how much I raise my voice, it never reaches Cystia, and Cystia runs… huh?

“Oh, Cystia…”

“Ah… What? Oh… Ms. Deire…”

Oh… my best friend Deire!

The school’s number one honor student and social empress. But she is kind to everyone, and she has been my best friend since I was little.

I was always told to “follow the example of Deire”, but she was my best friend that I loved so much that I didn’t regret it.

“Flowers for Chromina…… is that okay?”

“…… Yes…… Thank you for coming all the way.”

“…… Yes…”

Come to think of it, Deire is a childhood friend of Cystia, but I don’t think I’d ever seen them together without me.

A somewhat awkward atmosphere… that’s right.

“…… Ah … that, I…”

“Fufufu, it’s okay. I’ll just talk to Chromina for a moment and go to school, so you go ahead… Isn’t that right?”

“…… Yes…”

“You too… no, me too…”

Aha …… I can’t believe that Deire, who is always so confident, regal and invincible as a queen, is laughing so weakly…

After I died, I met so many different people…

“Good morning, Chromina. You made your sister cry… really, you’re not a good sister.”

After seeing off Cystia, Deire was left alone to decorate my grave.

Yes, I regret it.

But there’s nothing I can do about it… I couldn’t help it.

“Also about Veloute…”


That’s right, Deire. you know this firsthand.

“You’re a fool… such an idiot… you left me and became Velutte’s girlfriend… I, too…if it is you…I should have given him up for you…”

『Uh huh……… fa?』

“What you asked about Veloute… you…… my feelings… knowing that I also like Veloute, did you entrust him to me?”

『Nuwhatwasthaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!, No waaaaaaaaaaaayy!?』

No, no, no, no, eeeeeeeehhh!? Deire, the invincible empress who has intercepted everything even if confessed to by many schoolboys so far, also liked Veloute!?

I mean, Deire “too”!?

“Don’t be silly… such a dying wish… how cruel of you…”

『No, no, I didn’t really mean that. I meant support Veloute as a good friend…』

“But it’s fine. As your best friend… I’ve received your last wish. I’ll support him. I’ll pull him out of his grief. I’ll make him happy for the rest of my life… as his new partner!”

『Somehow, she said something really manly, but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?』

Wait, I’m not going to… well, that might be better for Veloute, but… at least after I’ve gone on to heaven… I don’t like it.

“Oh? Isn’t that Ms. Deire?”

“Eh? …… ah… Princess Richina…”

『Hmm? Oh princess!』

While I’m trying to wrap my head around this, she wore a gorgeous dress and blond rolls with a tiara on her head, it is the princess of this country.

She’s an idiot like me, and we were always competing over the bottom of the class, and we’re kind of treated as rivals.

“Princess Richina, also for Chromina?”

“Yes… she was my rival… I have a lot of things on my mind, too.”

“…… Fufu… really…… you…… I think you’re a friend.”

“Friend? No! A rival! I, a person of such nobility, be friends with a commoner like Chromina, Uoohohohoho, does the brightest girl in the school suddenly have holes in her head instead of eyes?”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, with eyes and thoughts of that caliber, you might fall off the top in the next year-end exam, Oohohoho!”

And, Richina and Deire were in the same grade, and Richina had a rivalry with Deire as well.

Well, unlike us, it was a bit …… difficult for Richina, who was competing with both the brightest student and the lowest rank of the school year…… that was the impression…

“Yes, yes. Then I’ll be going, princess…”

“Oh, is that right?”

“Yes, you talk to Chromina… oh, and…”


“…… Your tears are ruining your makeup, so you’d better fix it before you come to school.”


Oh… the princess… was in tears……

The princess froze with a startled look on her face. But she tried her best to hold it together until Deire was gone, and…

“I’m not crying… I’m not… for such an annoying dumb-bunny commoner to disappear like that… hic, I’m not going to miss you… not at all”

『…… P, princess…』

“Hmm, but… even if not taken seriously, this person was a rival. So…”

Alas, even the princess of this country talks about me… I’m really… I…

“So, I will at least listen… to the last wish of my rival… about Mr. Veloute!”


“Leave Mr. Velutte to me! I’m sure to help him recover, and as my husband, we will rule this country together―――――――”

『tte, Youuuuuuu toooooooooo!!!!』

My boyfriend… is too popular.

『No… you were dating a great boy… a boy who, in addition to all those cute girls, is liked by a princess…』

『That’s right… I’m not sure why he liked me anymore…』

I had no choice but to say that to the ghost uncle neighbor who was laughing with a strained face.

My younger sister. The best honor student in the school. The Princess. Why are these three people declaring to take my boyfriend at the same time!?

『I don’t like it… I wish they’d at least do it after I passed on . . . while I haven’t, they’ll be flirting with one another… let alone getting married… I wonder if they will come to show me their children!』

『Oh~, I suppose they might? It seems that there is some difference between individuals who go on to the afterlife, and I can’t say for sure, but look, the grandfathers over there have daughters who come to report their marriage and bring the grandchildren, right?』

『Uoooooo, noooooooo! I hate it! I can’t stand that! I can’t do anything!?』

I can’t do anything because I’m already dead, and I’ve been thinking about Velutte’s happiness, but my heart just can’t allow it.

I wonder if I can do something about it… at least until I go on to heaven… Veloute will still love me…

『Somehow… well, until you pass on…』

『Eh!? Is there something?』

『Wawa, wa, calm down. No, not much… erm … I don’t recommend it…』

At that time, I reacted to the word of the ghost uncle, and vigorously rushed him.

『We are dead, so we can’t interfere with the things or people of this world… but with a kind of magic called ‘ectoplasm’… that can seemingly interfere with reality for just a moment.』

『Eh… that’s it!』

『Ah. That’s how I sometimes surprise people who come to test their mettle… I flip the skirt of a cute girl… and so on…』

『In other words, if you use it right, you can interrupt them, scare them, and make them …… jealous~! Can you do that?』

『I don’t think you can do it very often, though…』

『All right! If that’s the case, I’ll get in the way! Ouuuuuuuuhhh, I’m not going to let my boyfriend be taken yet!』

What, a ghost has such power…. I mean, I don’t know if it’s ghost sightings or something like that… Well, no.

I’m dead anyway, there’s only so much I can do, I’m dead, and I’ll live my life after death faithfully to my feelings!

With that in mind, I jumped out of the graveyard…

『I mean, a ghost left of the graveyard… then, from now on, I can invade Velutte’s house, and his room, the bath… All-you-can-peep!? Dehe, dehehehehe.』

That? It seems like it’s getting a little fun… huh? No!

You must not forget your purpose.

Because I found some foxes trying to take my boyfriend!

“Erm, um… what’s wrong, everyone?”

Uoooooh, my boyfriend, who is surrounded, is looking troubled.

“Hold on, please let me get this over with. Senior is hurting. Now as Sister’s sister. I … I was entrusted by her!”

“What are you saying? It was my best friend that entrusted him to me?”

“Oh! She asked this of me, her worthy rival.”

Prepare yourselves, you bastards!

Being confused by the rush, sticking to Velutte from three directions, sticking to him, their boobs hitting him, so close together… I won’t allow it!

『Kuraaaaaaaa!! I don’t really understand but, ECTOPLASMA~~~!』


“Eh, ah!”

That’s when… something that I released became a mischievous wind, and rolled up the skirts of the three people… my sister in pink!? Best friend white!? Princess string thong!?

『Aaaaaaaah, that’s wrong, that’s wrong, such a lucky pervy wind…… uwa, Veloute looked away… no, is this all right? Have you seen all three of them? Lewd! Pervert! I don’t know anymore! What if the three get mad…』

Then, the three who held down their skirts blushed…

“Fufu… I was seen by Senior ♡.”

“Hmm, Veloute… you saw it ♡.”

“Ohohoho, you saw ♡.”

Could they be trying to be seductive?! You… you bitches! Give me back my tension!

“No, just now… that…”

“Well, if it’s Senior… but that’s okay. If it’s Senior… Fufu, let’s go to school, shall we?”

“Come on, let’s go. I’m not mad at you, and I don’t mind… if this makes you feel any better, I’ll be …… more than happy to help you…”

“Fufu, you’ll have to take responsibility…… for that, won’t you?”

And the three, who no longer understand my feelings, are about to go to school with my boyfriend.

At that moment, I knew what I had to do before I passed on to heaven.

『To be happy… wait a little longer, Veloute… while I’m still here… I won’t let you have a girlfriend! So! Let’s play, Cystia! Deire! Princess!』

Because I will become a vengeful spirit and get in the way of my favorite boyfriend so that you won’t take him!

Author’s Note

I wrote a short story for the first time.

When I wrote it, I thought, “I didn’t have to make it another world.” Maybe if I serialized it, it would be fantasy with magic? I cannot say anything, but for the time being I would like to refer to it in various ways for the future, so I would be grateful if you could evaluate it below with . If it is boring, one is fine. Threeif you are deredere for the author.

※ I changed the character’s name to real Japan and posted it to Kakuyomu. If you are interested, please use the link below.

Translator’s Note

So yeah he actually rewrote the short story in a Contemporary Japanese setting instead of Other-world with Magic. Had to translate that too. Stop adding to my work Author-san



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