Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 188

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Chapter 188 – The Ideal

I honestly didn’t quite understand Kron’s explanation. The illusion of “I can do anything”?

What do you mean, “anything”?

『Fufufu, it seems to have arrived? Well, tis not exactly to my expectations, but why not quietly accept it?』

That didn’t answer my question, but Tre’ainar smiled cheerfully.

『Of course, tis a hallucination, you cannot do what you cannot do. However, tis important to have the unwavering confidence that “it can be done”. And the power of the brain’s assumptions can sometimes go beyond image and affects reality.』

Brain’s assumptions? Hallucination? What kind of change would that make in me…?

“Here we go, Earth!”


“Daybreak Eye, Activate! Magic Eye Skill, 【Placebo Kiaida】!”

I don’t know what will happen yet. Kron’s eyes stared into mine, opened wide, and emitted the light of dawn with her chanting.

And then it seeped in.

What? What’s this feeling?

“Eh… ah… hot!”

My body was hot. It burned as if it were melting. My heart was beating violently.

But at the same time… the fear that had been building up in me … it disappeared, I felt only confidence…

“Earth, you can do anything!”

“I can…”

“Try to reach your ideal… your ideal strength… your ideal power… your ideal technique… you will be the ideal!”


“I understand, I know how much effort you put in every day.”

The next moment, Kron was hugging me from the front.

“And if you need it, you can use my magic with me.”


Normally, I would be embarrassed with something like this, but this time it’s different.

I was absolutely overflowing.

Overflowing with power.

“Now that I’ve decided to fight with you, I am leaving all of me to you, and I’ll say it again and again. You can do anything!”

Kron’s magic power came flowing into me. And her words.

I can do anything?

My ideal?

My ideal is… decided… it has been… ever since I was a kid.

――Fu is the best wizard in the world! Rebal is the best swordsman in the world! Phianse is the best spearmaster in the world! And I’m――

I’ve been pursuing that ideal for a long time, but I hit a wall and had fallen short… that’s why I was looking for strength… why though?

When Kron’s words made me think about what my ideal was, it brought back a memory from when I was a kid, but it soon disappeared…

―― Shut them up! The surroundings! The world! Everything!

The figure of my father whom I was chasing vanished, and before I knew it, all I could think of was him.

『Yes, come out of your shell! Whatever it is, believe you are capable of it! Best of all, you have accumulated that much! I know that better than anyone else!』

“I, can do it! Just like you! UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEHH!!”

From there on, I’m not sure what kind of magic I used to be able to do that.

But I did it.

I recreated his power as I saw it back then.

――【Great Demon・Butt Jump!!

――Bwaaaaahahahahahahaha, dowaaahahahahahahaha!! Giyaaaaahahahahahahaha!!

――…… 【Super Great Demon Spiral】…

――Hi, ha, haha, haha……heh?

It was when I was first taught jump rope in the world of 【Vier】.

When I burst into laughter at one of the tricks Tre’ainar showed me, an angry Tre’ainar used that on me.

A mountainous spiral.


――High difficulty pose. Magical Demon Saint Pose!

――…… Pff….

――And this, cur, is my favorite Great Demon Spiral… materialization in both hands … Great Demon Twin Spiral • Devil Spiral Breakstream】!

―― Ah…

Also, when I was receiving Magical Yoga instruction in the world of 【Vier】.

I was desperately trying to hold in my laughter, but I couldn’t bear it, and again Tre’ainar got angry and hit me with that.

Yes, I was already shown.

I received a hint.

Of a power that was even stronger than the 【Great Magic Spiral】.

And Tre’ainar said I could do it.

Then I can do it.

I can!

“【Super Great Magic Twin Spiraaaaaal】!!”

“Oh~… Nwahahaha, there you go!”

It’s as simple as that. If you can’t compete using the current Great Magic Spiral, make it even bigger.

If one isn’t enough, make two.

『Fuhahahahaha, my idea was for one, but… by combining the influence of 【Placebo Kiaida】 with the magic of Kron, you can do two at the same time. Outstanding.』

Is this the right answer? Tre’ainar was laughing.


“Amazing… so this is all you!”

“No… it’s all of me and you!”


“It’s not …… me that can do anything, it’s …… us!”

I was able to get to this point because of her…

“Thank you. Because of you, I’m one step closer to my ideal!”


We smiled at each other. And then we both look ahead at the same time.

What to do now. A huge wall was standing before us.

Let’s smash it.

“Here we go, Kron!”

“Yes. This time, together!”

“And we’ll show you, Vasalar!”

“We’ll carve you up!”



While in contact with Kron, I spun a huge spiral in both hands and roared.

And, the two of us screamed and showed off.

“【Super Great Magic Twin Spiral • Earth & Kron Spiral Breakstreeeeam】!!!!”

It’s all we have right now.

“Ha, Nuha … Nuwahahahahahahahaha!! This is unexpected! Aah! Oooooh! My flesh and blood are dancing!”

And Vasalar got ready to welcome us with his most cheerful smile ever.

“Certainly…… I feel it! Because you’re his disciple? Because you’re th’ same? No need for such words, I surely feel my friend’s presence in your life!”

『Tis only natural, my friend.』

“He’s dead, but what he left behind is still here! Ooh, such excitement! I’m surging! You’ve piqued my interest!”

And Kron and I jumped in, with Tre’ainar pushing our backs.

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