Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 – Interest

“Jamdi’el of the Six Supremacy, a former subordinate the Great Demon King Tre’ainar, was taken to the Heavenly Realm. I want to go there, but I have no means. Will you take me?”

“Please, Vasalar. Could you help us?”

Kron and I explained the situation and bowed so as not to offend the other party.


After hearing our story, Vasalar threw away the bones of the behemoth he had eaten, then slowly looked up at the sky and squinted.

“Tre’ainar’s subordinate… oh, one of those six. That said, I only remember two… Oh I see. I didn’t have any interest in th’ Demon King Army after Tre’ainar died, so I left it alone… was a surviving executive taken… hmm.”

And after listening to our story a little…

“Nah… I’m not interested.”


To our pleas, Vasalar threw a brief refusal.

But we were in no position to ask, “why not?”.

From his point of view, he was probably thinking, “What’s with this guy summoning me out of the blue, and asking for a favor at the first meeting?”.

But for now, I had no choice but to put my faith in him.

「Tre’ainar…… I asked, but…」

『I suppose. After all, even with Kron present, tis not enough…』

「Hey hey!」

『Tis fine. Keep asking. This is within expectations. Continue asking, and the tide will turn.』

「But… uh…」

『Express yourself, gain his interest.』

And Tre’ainar, with a serious expression, told me to keep asking.

The fact that Tre’ainar, who has had a long relationship with this Dragon King, said so, must mean something.

Anyway, we just have to believe in Tre’ainar and keep asking.

“Th that’s right…. I beg of you.”

“Please! You’re the only one we can rely on right now!”

“It’s so annoying~. At least, I have no obligation to help with that.”

That said, Vasalar grew a little bored and absent-minded, rather than unconcerned.

It’s as if he’s sleepy after a meal.

We can’t go on like this.

I have to get him interested somehow.

“Oh, you … are you like a comrade of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar?”


“I’m human, but believe it or not… I’m the last disciple of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar. And Kron here is the same as the Great Demon King Tre’ainar――――”

Oh, I mentioned being Tre’ainar’s disciple in front of Kron… I’ll get her to keep quiet on it afterwards.

Well, but at least now we can talk about it a little…

“So what?”

“…… Eh?”

I tried to appeal to him with Tre’ainar’s name, but I got a different response than I had expected.

Huh? Isn’t he Tre’ainar’s familiar?

Somehow, weren’t you close… Tre’ainar? What’s going on?

“Fuwa~~ ah… that reminds me, th’ old days had such wee ones in vast numbers. My father is rich~, he’s great~, he’s a nobleman~ just prattling as such on and on, incompetents that can’t do anything else.”

“…… Eh?”

“Times change. I’m not sure what happened, but even if a human is Tre’ainar’s disciple, that’s just th’ way of th’ era, and I don’t take them lightly just because they’re human. I know very well how spirited humans can get. I’m just saying…… laddie. What’s the point of being Tre’ainar’s disciple? What if he and th’ young lassie are similar? How trifling.”

The moment I saw those eyes, my body got hot. How embarrassing.

It sounded like he was saying that I was no different from those “idiot sons of nobles”.

No, maybe that’s actually what he just said.

The other party is the Dragon King of Hades, but I’m Tre’ainar’s disciple, so I thought he would listen to me.

I looked like a small fry to this guy.

That’s why he looked at me with such a bored expression.

“Is this all right? At my most passionate peak … everyone was expressing themselves, regardless of whether they were human or demon. I, Tre’ainar, Hakuki, Kaguya, and many other greats devoted ourselves to battle, putting our lives and th’ world on th’ line! I lived through such an age and now live a lazy life where my blood and soul wither and grow, why would I lend any help or interest to some immature wee bastard who can’t even talk to me without help from th’ dead Demon King?”

Legend of the Past… he felt like one of those who were always proud of things like “In those days we were…”, it’s no wonder I look like a small fry saying “I’m a disciple of the Great Demon King”.

“Such is th’ circumstance, you oaf. If you’re going to ask for my help, do so when you can get my interest without help from anyone.”

“Th, that’s… how it is…”

Yeah, is that so… I get it now… Tre’ainar…… you and this guy…

『Such is the way it is…』

You knew, didn’t you? From the start.

The Dragon King of Hades was not someone who will listen to you if you ask him for a “favor”.

You to me…

“So you’re saying… if I can get you interested, then it’s okay?”

『Quite so.』

“………… hnn?”


Geez, this master! I’m up against the legendary Dragon King of Hades, right?

With that in mind, you didn’t tell me to do this from the beginning… because you thought I’d be intimidated?

『No, I knew you would reach this answer soon enough.』

How do you get someone interested in you when they’ve spent all their life fighting?

It’s that simple.

No, very difficult, huh?


“Oh~… how nostalgic.”

In other words, I should show you “my power”, right? Against the Dragon King of Hades.

Against such a monster that seemed to be stronger than anyone I’ve ever fought… stronger than Jamdi’el.

『Even if they wither away… those eyes have yet to rot, have they? See? Vasalar. His power is still immature, but… the child has enough to hold your interest, does he not?』

But Tre’ainar believed, “I can do it”.

It was the most reliable foundation in the world.

“Vasalar, the Dragon King of Hades… once again…… allow me to introduce myself! I am―――”

“Don’t want it!”

I was about to introduce myself to Vasalar again as me, without the title of being a disciple of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar attached to my head, but Vasalar interrupted me.

But it’s not just because he wasn’t interested in me…

“As a man… give your name with your body and soul. Then, as an after meal dessert, I will take a look at your existence.”

Perhaps he was interested in me for a moment, Vasalar smiled with a grin and slowly moved his gigantic body to confront me.

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