Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – The Dragon King of Hades

“Kron, are you okay?”

“Yes, It’s just a little prickly, nothing’s wrong. If I say it hurts because of this, everyone will laugh at me!”

“I see.”

“And … um…… what did you call this? It was my first time being pricked… yes, this was my defloweri――――”

“That’s totally different! So, please don’t say such a thing to anyone, you’ll cause a misunderstanding!”

Kron nodded with a hearty smile that said there’s no need to worry about anything. She had a little bandage on her finger, which I had carried for the Magical Vantage.

Kron’s blood was needed for the summoning.

I dropped it on the magic circle, and now we’re ready.

「Good Grief… right, Tre’ainar… 」

『Hmm. Then I will teach you the chant. Also, be prepared. To forcibly summon such a dragon, it will consume enough magic power for the Great Demon Spiral all at once… well, as you can use Magical Breathing now, it should prove no problem… 』


I’ve heard that you usually don’t need so much magic power just to summon a creature that has made a contract with you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to summon them so casually.

But what I’m about to do is ancient magic like Tre’ainar’s secret technique, and what I will summon is a legendary monster.

In a way, I’m starting to get very nervous.

What if it suddenly attacks or goes on a rampage?

“Come on, Earth! Let’s summon Vasalar!”

On the other hand, Kron was snorting “Hun, Hun” with a sense of excitement.

This girl doesn’t seem to have any idea of the anxiety I’m feeling over here.

Is this really okay?

If it comes down to it, I’ll have to protect her.

『Rest assured, he is not one to suddenly rampage indiscriminately.』

For now, Tre’ainar said we didn’t have to worry, so let’s be prepared.

“Alright! Let’s do this!”



We “three” got into the spirit. And I listened to Tre’ainar with all my magic power.

『The chant goes… Ama~ažo~o ŗaķuŧeń’ńu ŷaħoďeŧŝu ħańŝağa ŵaŷamaŧo ħaiŧaŧŝu! Forced Summon Magic, 【Sokjeetz】!』

“Ama~ažo~o ŗaķuŧeń’ńu ŷaħoďeŧŝu ħańŝağa ŵaŷamaŧo ħaiŧaŧŝu! Forced Summon Magic, 【Sokjeetz】!”

The whole magic circle lit up at once, starting from the spot where Kron’s blood was dropped.

I also felt as if all the magic power was being drained from my body.

This is……

“Amazing! It’s glowing!”


The magic circle emitted a more intense light than I have ever seen before, and at the same time the space cracked like glass, and finally shattered into pieces to reveal the darkest darkness…

“It’s coming!!”


Something huge emerged from the darkness beyond the space that was ruptured by the light.

At that moment, I felt an intense chill run through my body.

“Ah … uh … ah…”

What’s this feeling? Fear? I don’t know.

I don’t know why, but …… even though I’m just here, my whole life was flashing before my eyes… the faces of my father, mother, and Sadiz suddenly came to my mind… what the hell is that?

A shivering cold.

And yet, I was sweating like a waterfall.

And finally…

“…… huh? Heh?”

The dragon appeared… or so I thought. But it wasn’t a dragon that came out of the darkness, but a huge horned cow that I have never seen…? No, a beast I’ve never seen before.

The huge beast with a huge body and fur was…

“Why? Who dares forcibly summon me during my meal? Where is th’ oaf?” 1 


An even bigger monster was grabbing the corpse of the giant beast that I had never seen before… no, the dragon finally put its whole body in front of us with a grumpy voice.

『Fuh~… making meal of a ferocious carnivore such as a behemoth… as usual.』

Be, behemoth? Somehow, it’s the same name as the outrageous monster that appeared in so many novels and picture books!?

However, the problem was not that, it was the even bigger monster that appeared with such a monster grasped in one hand.

“This is…”


Its whole body was covered with vermilion scales, with sharp three-pronged horns, fangs that chewed everything up, and claws that could tear through anything.

There were a good number of wild dragons in this world, but it’s probably nothing like any of them.

We can’t lump them all together under the term “dragon”.

It’s just a monster, that’s all I can say.

“Hmm~? … What? Blue sky? Th’ Sun? Is this th’ Surface world? …… hmm…… some strange clouds, but… hmm…”

The next moment, my eyes met with the monster that was looking down at us. That alone made my knees tremble and I almost fell on my behind.

It was different from any creature I’ve ever encountered.

Huge…… it wasn’t just about the physique… a sense of intimidation? An aura? Anyway, everything was too big for me to make sense of anything.

Even Jamdi’el as an opponent didn’t evoke this feeling…

“Th’ only person who could summon me is th’ deceased Tre’ainar… did you use ancient magic? Humhum…”

The monster looked at us both as if it were inspecting us.

I couldn’t speak.

You never know what could end up being your last words. If you offend this entity even a little, you could instantly be…?

Tre’ainar…… are you really sure…… this is okay?

“Hello, how do you do. My name is Kron. Nice to meet you, Great Vasalar, Dragon King of Hades?”

“ts Heeeeey!? Kron!?”

And yet, Kron, unaware of my feelings, gave a greeting by picking up both ends of her skirt.

Hey hey hey hey! I mean, why? Kron, aren’t you scared? Are you smiling?

I can say with confidence that…… this here…… in a sense, is a big shot?

“Hoh~, I thought it would be a rude one to summon me so suddenly, but you’re a sweet young lassie. Yesh, it’s nice to meet you … well … you look familiar.”

However, I thought that it would get angry at her for speaking without permission, but rather the monster showed a pleasant reaction.

Then the monster nodded…

“So? I’m called Vasalar, after all, but are you th’ one who summoned me? Milady?”

Vasalar! After all, this is the Dragon King of Hades… obviously. If this wasn’t the Dragon King of Hades, who would it be?

This…… this is……

“No. I only cooperated and it was Earth here that summoned you.”

“…… Hoh~…… a human?”

And the Dragon King of Hades shifted his eyes to me.

What? What are you trying to do? What are you looking at?

“So? Will th’ laddie of th’ pair…… not give his greeting?”

“I’m Earth! Earth Lagann! Nice to meet you!”

That was close! Also, what would have happened if I had been even a moment late with my greeting? No matter what happened, it wouldn’t be strange, so I was truly panicked now.

Hmm? What do you mean…… pair?

“Ah, no, and I’m not… we’re not paired.”

“Paired? What’s a pair? Earth?”

“That’s, like a married couple…”

“Ah! Yes, Earth and I aren’t married yet! We’re planning to start off as friends.”

“That’s not the issue, but…come on, you should be a little more nervous!”

Tsu, what are we talking about, I mean, what? I’m too panicked to think straight, and I couldn’t understand a thing.

And then Vasalar…

“What~, so sickly-sweet~”

Somehow, it reacted like a strange neighborhood uncle that habitually bantered.

But still, I would soon find out.


This monster with a strong presence…

“About me… what d’you intend of me?”


Sure enough, this was the legendary Dragon King of Hades.

 [S1]We have a Giant talking dragon (who might still transform into a human shaped loli), and the first thing that came to mind was the Movie Dragonheart, where Sean Connery voiced the Dragon. Hence I tried implying a Scottish Accent in Vasalar’s Dialogue (which might be ruined if the loli thing actually happens). Also Vasalar is my play on the name Basara (バサラ), which means acting without restraint, self-indulgence, or being pretentious.

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  1. Oh, Dragonheart… Been ages since I saw that one.
    Also, what the hell… Don’t tell someone that they should be more nervous… That, why would that help? xD


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