Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 – Blood

Summoning magic. It’s a fairly popular magic for mages.

Magic that can call contracted creatures anytime, anywhere by the hands of a mage.

It’s not magic that is taught in the academy, but because of their family, Fu and the princess were able to use it and had their own summons.

By the way, my father and mother couldn’t use it, and neither can I.

However, as long as you can make a contract, the magic is not that difficult.

So, as long as the concept was known and I had a contracted creature, I should be able to learn it.

The problem is…

“Hadeeeees… Dragooon?”

“Yes? Earth, what is it? What is this, Drag on.”

The genuinely confused Kron was staring blankly at the unknown name.

That said, I don’t know it either. I’ve only heard of it.

It’s from a picture book, a fairy tale, a biography, and so on.

In other words, he is famous, but he is a legendary being who may or may not have existed.

Tre’ainar once mentioned something about it, but it was true.

『The Dragon King of Hades… long ago, the king of the dragon tribe who continually fought me for the supremacy of the Demon Realm. After several defeats it became my familiar, but surely its power is the strongest class.』

No, no, no, that’s not what I meant…

『Although he became a familiar, well, there were various circumstances … your father… he was never summoned to battle against Hiro and that generation, hence his name was only a legend that took on a life of its own… but you may still summon him…』

「Before that, you were the one who contracted with the dragon, so I’m not going to be able to summon it!」

『Tis fine. So long as he is someone’s familiar, there is a trick to forcibly summon a familiar without a contract if you recite its true name, and use a special magic circle, and ancient chant. In a sense, it can be called a Forced Transition.』

「Hah!? Just, what?」

『However, as you say, he does not have a contract with you, so I am not sure he will listen to you even if you summon him…』

「No, that’s no good. We might be talking about the Dragon King here! There’s no way he’ll listen to a human! I mean, didn’t he want to destroy the world!?」

『Normally. However, he is not interested in the domination or destruction of the world. Tis another reason why he and I were in conflict. That one is a little unusual, so the possibility that it will unexpectedly end well is not non-existent… and this time Kron will be there.』


『That one, possesses a strong sense of duty. Because Kron is not unrelated to me… and even more so, you are the one who inherited my skills… if you show your firm, unwavering conviction… that one admires such things.』

I see. I roughly understand what kind of guy he is, but that’s why Kron also came along for the time being.

But, all of this has too much of a “maybe” element of luck to it.

It was a proposal that appealed to people’s emotions, which was unusual for Tre’ainar.

“Earth. How can I help you?”

“Oh~, as I understand it… I’m going to summon a dragon and have him take us to the top of the clouds, and I’d like your help in taming it… that’s what…”

“Dragon!? Is that like the dragon that often appears in picture books!?”

Dragon. She liked the sound of that. Kron’s eyes sparkled.

In fact, I would have been like that, too.

Riding a dragon. Defeating a dragon. As a man, I still admire those kinds of things.

When I heard that Rebal had defeated a dragon while studying abroad, I was quite jealous.

You see, Dragon Slayer, that’s a very cool title.

But this time, it’s not a normal dragon.

“That dragon, it’s… the Dragon King of Hades… well, its name is …”

“Hades dragon…… eh!? I’ve read about it in a picture book! The legendary dragon called “Vasalar, the Dragon King of Hades!”.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. Hey, you’ve read the same picture book as me.”


Oh, a surprising sense of comradery. Well, it’s famous…

“The female hero, Kaguya the brave, fought it for the fate of the world, and under the influence of their battle, they created a huge desert area where no grass could grow on the western continent… I thought it had a slightly bad aftertaste for a story to conclude when the conflict never creates anything.”

“Yes, it was a traumatic picture book that I read when I was a kid. By the way, did you know? The female hero, Kaguya, might have existed a long time ago, and was the source of the desert area that appeared in the picture book is actually located in the western continent.”

“Oh, is it true!? I, thought for sure it was only in picture books… was that right?”

“It seems. Well, I thought that the Dragon King was a myth…”

『Indeed, child. Tis a little different, is it not? Tis not on this world, but on the moon that Kaguya and Vasalar fought. Tis nostalgic… with the Dragon King of Hades and Kaguya with the Moonlight Eye, one of the three great magic eyes… and in fact, at that time, Shiznautmy―――― 』

I haven’t heard you, what are you saying?! Moon? Somehow, didn’t you say something outrageous right now!? Eh, what? What do you mean? Tre’ainar? But I’m scared, so I won’t ask anymore.

“Ahem! Well, let’s leave the story of the picture book for now. First, we summon that dragon king.”

“Yes! I will cooperate with anything! Please tell me, Earth!”

For now, let’s pretend I didn’t hear what you just said…… I mean, is it safe? Calling such a monster.

Well, Tre’ainar……

『Uh huh, first draw a magic circle on the ground. A dodecagram(12-pointed star) to write on.』

“Ge… such a hassle… I’ve never drawn one of those.”


Up until now, when I learned ancient magic from Tre’ainar, or when I learned magic myself, it was with a pentagram or hexagram, which was quite popular.

That alone shows that the magic we will use this time has to draw a very special magic field that is different from the usual.

『Originally, this would be used to chant and force the invocation, but if the magic is not skilled enough, it will not succeed. As such, a drop on the magic circle is necessary… a drop of Kron’s blood.』

“…… Eh!? Blood?”


『Yes, Kron and I… have the same genetic information… therefore, even if you do not have a contract, the possibility of summoning it increases greatly…』

“No, I don’t really understand it, but… well, even if you’re right… Kron’s blood…”

“Um, Earth. What’s wrong?”

Kron tilted her head to my monologue.

Is it perverted to say “Give me your blood” to such an innocent girl?

I feel uncomfortable, but…

『Oi, do not be upset about something of that level. Summoning with blood is surprisingly common, is it not? Tis why Japone’s ninja warriors use similar techniques.』

「It’s just, rather than me, it’s Kron? You’re asking me to take blood from a girl who looks like she couldn’t kill a bug, who’s been overprotected and has never been hurt in her life…」

“Earth? Blood? Do you need any of my blood? If so, please go ahead.”

At that time, when I was a little puzzled by Tre’ainar’s instructions, Kron, though scowling, offered me her arm without any hesitation.

“P, please… Kron?”

“You need my blood, don’t you? If you have a needle or a blade… or should I bite my arm myself?”

“Wai, wait wait!?”

Usually, you wouldn’t want to be told “Give me blood”. If you fight and get injured, you shed blood, you could get hurt and shed blood even though you weren’t fighting… but Kron accepted it as if it were natural, without hesitation at all.

“Hey, Kron … is that okay?”

“Because we can’t summon it without it, right? I don’t know why you need my blood, but if Earth says so, I believe in Earth.”

“…… Kron…”

“And if this is what it takes to save Jamdi’el… please use as much of my blood as you want!”

At that moment, I realized that I was underestimating Kron a little.

I was angry when the Seraphs called Kron a “doll”, but for some reason I only saw Kron as a naive sheltered girl.

“I see… that’s right…”

“Yes, then please take what you need.”

“Don’t worry, it’s only a little bit…”

When I was more embarrassed by this, I smiled wryly for being rude to Kron, and I had the hidden needle that I used in the fight against Jamdi’el, but seeing Kron’s white, unblemished skin―――――

“Oh, but it might be painful… this…. is my first time… if you can, please be gentle.”

“Yeah. I’ll take care of it.”

“Yes… I’ll leave it to you, Earth.”

“It’ll only hurt at the beginning. So just ease your tension and relax…”

“L, like this? Well, I’m still a little tense … I know! Earth…… is it okay to… hold hands?”

“…… W, well… i, if that makes you feel better…”

“Thank you! Earth…… is big … and strong and warm…”

“Stop it. It’s embarrassing…

“I’m a little nervous, but…… I’m all right now. Earth…… quickly…… come.”

“Y, yes…”

“Oh, un…… eh!”


“Yes, it’s okay… now, Earth… please continue… do as you like…. hmm!?

“Hang in there. Still, just a bit of the tip――――”

Although I made up my mind, I also cooperated as much as possible to calm Kron who was a little nervous …

『You are merely to prick the needle in … tis all, you are endlessly sluggish! Tis frustrating to watch! Why do you not get on with it?』

At that time, Tre’ainar rushed in my ear with a very unpleasant face.

And, in a way, Kron’s body was violated.

Author’s Note

When I got up in the morning, the overall rating was 108,000 drills. Apart from that, I don’t have a thousand times more worldly desires than normal people. Because I am very elegant.

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  1. This series is so good
    I read till this point from about a day or two ago and enjoyed it a lot
    Only issue may be the way you translated bocchama into little man for Sadiz
    Bocchama is more along the lines of young master especially since Sadiz is a maid that was serving Earth’s parents
    It just felt weird to be reading little man imo
    But that is just me nitpicking so I loved everything else

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    1. Same here, I originally started reading the manga ver. and they used ‘little sir’ there so when I continued it on the wn, I was kinda not used to it. If I would give alternatives, I’ll choose ‘young sir’, young master’, or just leave it untranslated. But it will be up to Sads07 as he’s the translator and sometimes translators have their own habits on their translations.


    2. But she is calling him little man for a reason, not “young master” or something like that. Ah well, I don’t mean that his dong is little, but I guess that might actually be a part of it. She is a sadist after all


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