Forbidden Master – Part 5/Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 – ●●●

『Ready? At this point, in order to carry out the final strategy, Jamdi’el must be guided to believe “I have gained the upper hand” and “The child has no more moves”. For that … you must endure pain. Do you understand? No matter what happens, your “right arm” alone must be defended to the last.』

Tre’ainar gives me an earful to carry out the final strategy.

I nodded that I understood.

In order to do so, we first need to bring it to the point where Jamdi’el “broke my Earth Misdirection Shuffle”.

“Let’s go, bluffing woman! If you can catch me, try catching me!”

I’m pretty sure my technique can be broken.

If Tre’ainar said so, there is no doubt.

But even so, I activated the technique again with a slight hope that ‘it can still work’.

“It’s not often that the absence of the Heraldic eye is more refreshing, it was a valuable experience in a sense, but … it’s over!”

Unlike the state of being upset like before, Jamdi’el smiled fearlessly.


“Simple enough. Thou should have guessed as thou moved from the unstable sand field.”

“Heh, what are you doing?”

“Water spell―――”

“…… ah…”

“Haha, I said my magick will be preserved… but I didn’t say I wouldn’t use it, did I?”

Jamdi’el put her hands on the ground and releases magical power.

At that moment, I braced myself, but the magic wasn’t meant to attack me.

It’s just a spell to sprinkle water around me.

If you can add a little more magical power, you could probably use it as a water pistol to attack, but Jamdi’el, who is conserving her magic power, did something much easier.

However, this is actually enough.


A large amount of water was sprayed around, and the ground became slippery and muddy.

As a result, my footing was messed up.

“Yes, it was such an easy thing. After all, thy footwork can only be used on well-supported ground. In fields with sand, mud, water, and so on, thy footwork is useless.”

“Shit…. my footing…”

“But to be honest, I don’t want to get muddied in such a filthy environment either… but it’s not like I’m inexperienced. Well, I did admit that I was much too careless!”

The next moment, Jamdi’el tore the skirt off her shredded High Priestess long robe down to her thighs. To avoid the skirt getting soaked and making it harder to move.

“Now… it’s time for thy punishment!”

And the next moment, she came towards me with a sharp, pointed smile like a crescent moon.

“Tch, 【Great Demon Flicker】!”

“Oh dear? A strong punch is struck by stepping hard on the ground… but with such poor footing… it’s too slow, isn’t it?”


Jamdi’el, who had been at my mercy until a while ago, lightly flicked away the flicker I released with one hand.

“It seems thy usual move is to create a rhythm with the lead left jab and freely control thy opponent, but the jab itself doesn’t work for me anymore!”

“【Great Demon Smash】!”

“Even though thou threw a fierce blow, it’s a single shot with no rhythm.”

She was able to shrug a jab off and jumped into my bosom at once, so I threw a smash, but it was easily avoided.

And the moment I pushed my fist up with a big swing…

“By the way, it was I who taught Bro how to kick.”


“【Arcane True Zenith Knee Kick】…”

She reached out to hug me, then jumped and kicked my defenseless stomach with a powerful knee.

All my gastric juices were refluxing! I’m in agony!

“Oh, ah…”

A blow that easily penetrated the physical strengthening of the breakthrough!

“Ku, nu, ah… ooooooooh!”

I was determined not to crawl away from here, so I tried my left again…

“Enough, I grow tired of this.”


Because I could be handled easily with one hand, it was easy for Jamdi’el to catch my punch with her palm.

I was grabbed, and then turned to the side…

“I will destroy thee a little.”

With my left hand grabbed with one hand, Jamdi’el thrust her fist upwards like an uppercut towards my elbow.

At that moment, my elbow was stretched out…

“Gu, agaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!??”


“And… this will also hurt, right?”

“Fu, gaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!?”

With his left hand grabbed, she pulled back… and it popped off! My shoulders! My left shoulder is off!

“With this, thou won’t hit that bothersome jab anymore.”

“tsu, gu… you…”

The pain is so intense that I feel nauseous. Not only the arm but also my head resonated. Hot burning pain.

Tre’ainar’s instructions were to protect only the right arm and endure all other pain… this is tough!

This isn’t just acting.

“And now I know more about thee. Thou… is unfamiliar with joint techniques, right?”


“And thy right arm…”

“I won’t let you! 【Great Magic Spi――――!”

Enduring the pain, I tried to activate the maelstrom of the Great Magic Spiral to blow Jamdi’el away… but……

“And if I carelessly cling to thy right arm, I would be repelled by the Great Demon Spiral, so let’s do it this way.”


The moment I made the Great Magic Spiral appear, Jamdi’el took advantage of the opening, went around behind me and landed a powerful foot sweep.

In an already precarious place, my feet were completely wiped off, and my whole body was slammed into a puddle…

“Gah … huh … “

“Well, I could break both legs here and convulse the whole body, but … it’s too much trouble, so let’s just strangle thee down, shall we?”


Jamdi’el sat on my back as I fell prone.

“tsu… damn you…”

So strong. If I let my opponent calm down a bit and put me at a slight disadvantage, is this what I get?

From this position, I will die no matter what I do.

But Jamdi’el, who is trying not to kill me, has only one way to incapacitate me.

“I’ll tell thee. For an amateur who is not familiar with joint techniques, this technique can never be reversed.”

『Here, child. Jamdi’el will strangle you from behind with an open hold… a choke-sleeper! It will be decided here!』

And it really happened… so far…… I never thought Tre’ainar had read her this far.

All of this was a scenario to bring Jamdi’el to this position.

If anything went wrong, I wouldn’t have been able to bring it this far.

But can you usually read that Jamdi’el would break my left arm?

If I show the Great Magic Spiral first, can you even read that Jamdi’el wouldn’t carelessly try to bypass it and attack my right arm?

You can see into the future, can’t you?

Yes, I knew.

I can’t even hit Jamdi’el properly with my strongest technique, the Great Magic Spiral.


But still subtly…

『All right, child, even if you are reluctant, this is an actual battle. Your opponent is Jamdi’el. This is not an opponent with whom you should be concerned about how you win. I acknowledge the value of a fair fight, but you must learn this much in this fight. You may be weaker now, but still, depending on how you do it, you can incapacitate a Six Supremacy.』

Tre’ainar spoke to me next to me at the right time, as if I had sensed my delicate feelings.

It’s no wonder, since we’re still connected to each other…

I know.

Unlike the time with Wacha and Mr. Machio, this is my level at the moment.

You can’t choose how to win against Jamdi’el.

The most important thing now is to win.

I know that.

So, once we’ve come this far, all we have to do is execute the strategy.


「Hey, Tre’ainar.」


Oh…… why am I…

「I’ll carry out the strategy, but… can you give me a little more time?」


「I know it’s stupid, but… but…」

We’ve set this up so well… even though Trina led me here… why am I being so selfish ……?

「Just one thing…」

『……’I have something I want to try’… is that not right?』

「…… Eh?」

『Try it then.』


But Tre’ainar nodded assertively at my words…

『As you are now…… I guessed you would say that… I read it.』


『Fuhahahaha, for me who has been reading Jamdi’el so far, you are much easier to anticipate.』


『The terms are limited to the extent that they do not interfere with the final strategy. I will stop you there. Until then…… do give it a try! Though your left arm is broken, your heart is not broken yet!』

This master really… really…… jeez, thoroughly got me.


『So, first of all, how do we escape from this situation?』

「Oh, oh, that’s right!」

I was being straddled on my back, so I couldn’t move.

She’s supposed to have a woman’s lightweight, but I couldn’t shake Jamdi’el off.

Is this a simple technique of Jamdi’el?

What should I do? How? In this situation, I can’t do anything even if I kick my legs or stretch my arm.

The only thing that can reach is… voice…… a voice.

『Um…… no choice…… just once…』


『Only once… you can get through to Jamdi’el… with words.』

At that time, Tre’ainar had a tremendously subtle expression of reluctance…

『A, All right? Child … Jamdi’el… erm … she has a pretty intense personality, and also speaks foul-mouthed and obscene words… actually … tis just … because…』


The moment I heard those words, I thought I would be killed… but there was nothing else I could do, and above all, they were my master’s words, so I decided to scream.



“Don’t you notice? You… you’ve got…●●● coming out a bit!!”

“…… Hoa?”

『Chiiiiild Do not say that muuuuuuuuch,!!』

After Tre’ainar’s angry roar, things quieted down for a moment and Jamdi’el also stopped.

She didn’t get what I was talking about for a moment, but Jamdi’el finally understood the meaning of my words…

“Hiy!? Kyaa. Eh? Wh, wh, wh wha, whaaaaa, eh?”

She jumped off my back in a hurry and stared at her own crotch with her face bright red.

Hey hey, that worked.

I see. This person…… after all, she is still … a pure maiden, so it’s okay for her to say it with her own mouth, but does she have no immunity to people pointing these things out to her?

“There’s nothing! Thou lie … ah…”

And Jamdi’el yelled at me after confirming that there is no problem in her delicate place, but she finally understood what had happened there.

“Ah, thou fooled me!!??

For a moment, I unexpectedly thought she was cute, but I can try it with this. What I came up with…

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