August 2021 Short

Otherworld Reincarnation as the Peerless Exiled Villainess Sage Demon Lord Fail-skill Cheat Harem SSS Rank – Adding All the Trends Makes You the Strongest, But the Other World is Already Slow~

Author: Mr. Penpengusa

I worked hard to write this.

I was reincarnated into a different world.

Yes, the recent other world reincarnation trend…… no, I thought the trend was over.

Whether it is popular or not, the fact remains the same. I was reincarnated in this other world… as a villainess in an Otome Game, “Kill the Villainess”.

First of all, we have to talk about the “Kill the Villainess” game. As the name suggests, you control the main character, a commoner girl, as she schemes to kill every villainess who gets in her way. There are a wide variety of ways to kill them, and successful killings lead to events with the handsome men who are capture targets. I was playing this game for one of the handsome men, Ikeda Menta’s sister, Ikeda Imoko, when I had a heart attack and died in the middle of the game.

There are five targets for capture. Ikeda Menta, Zamas, Nikushimi Masuo, Shotagao Bishonen, and the last boss, World annihilator Masuyo. Each of these five is favored by a different villainess, but at the same time there is a villainess who is trying to welcome them all into a reverse harem. That’s who I am now, Aqyak Ray-Joe. Also known as Rei.

There are many ways to kill Rei. Of course, she can be pushed off the cliff in an apparent accident, poisoning, running over, strangling, choking, burning, crushing, butchering, stabbing, slaughtering, bombing… you name it. My future now depends on the main character, Roine.

“Shit! Why am I in this mess! If this is happening…!”

When I was reincarnated into this world, I was endowed with three powers from God.

One, all-purpose smartphone & laptop PC. In addition to connecting to the modern internet, it has 512 YB of data capacity, 128 EB of memory, and a CPU with many cores (65536 cores), the 10000th generation int●l CORE i99 (canst). The smartphone and PC that have been brought to me from the future have processing speeds that exceed my reaction time and are beyond crispy.

Two, the strongest cheat magic. There is magic in this world, but I can freely manipulate every magic attribute. In addition, my MP is infinite ∞ (although it says so, it’s actually 922,372,368,547,758,070 points with an automatic recovery of 2,147,483,647 points per second). My occupation is Sage. There is no one who can beat me.

And three, this is the most important. Strongest and greatest luck. However, it is uneven, so if your luck goes in the wrong direction, it will be the worst. But too bad, because it always pays off and only the absolute best future awaits. It means you readers can read on with peace of mind.

These are my powers. I have no choice but to use this power to avert the future death of the villainess.

“–You’re fired!”

It was the day after I renewed my determination. Zamas, the hero, said such a thing to me, the villainess.

Zamas, the hero, was a hero. He was a hero who was working hard to defeat the Demon Lord, but he was a hero who was disliked by his party members because of his roughness.

And I’m a member of the party.

“You’re a wizard, but you’re a sage, and your attribute is white! If it’s white, it means there’s nothing there!”

“Good Grief… white is a mixture of all colors.”

I retorted in disgust, but this was a different world. Such smart logic couldn’t work.

By the way, I was a good student with excellent grades in all subjects, all SSS. Before I died.

“Anyway, you’re fired! Don’t get your knickers in a twist just because you’re a villainess! Useless people like you are fired! Useless, useless people like you!”

“Good Grief… is that okay? I was buffing everyone’s status tenfold with cheat magic. When I’m gone, the buffs will wear off and your power will drop to 1/10.”

The tone of voice that is typical of a villainess is something that is ingrained in this world. It’s like a habit.

“You’re always talking nonsense like that! You’re fired! You useless piece of shit! You’re fired! You’re useless! This villainess!”

“Good Grief…it can’t be helped.”

There’s no choice. I’m out. The moment I left, the power of all the party members dropped to 1/10 and they were defeated by gravity.

“Gu… guwaaaaaaaa!!!! The sword… It’s heavyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!”

“Good Grief… I told you so. It’s rough.”

“Gravity is heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

As Zamas was crying, Roine, the original protagonist, appeared.

“Hmm, how dreadful! I’ll lighten that sword with my gravity magic, Gravity Magic!”

“What is this!?”

I was the one who was surprised. Yes, I’ve seen this scene before. It was a fateful scene in which Roine met Zamas.

Thank you, lovely lady.”

“Gravity Magic!”

“Thank you”

Zamas’s sword lightened and floated in the air. And then, it took Zamas to the sky as it was, and disappeared.

“Oh, I did it, heh!”

“A failure… I’m saved.”

In this encounter event, there is a 90% chance that the magic will fail and Zamas will die. If Zamas survives, I’ll enter Zamas’s revenge event and be killed. That was a close one.

“Oh? Who are you? I haven’t seen you around before, have I?”

Roine turned her gaze to me. That’s right, when Zamas dies, it becomes an event where she meets the villainess, Rei. And the story was that Rei would hit Roine, which would make Roine want to kill him.

“My name is Rei. Nice to meet you.”

“You’re a funny girl. My regards, Rei.”

I was a genius. If you get along with the main character, there is no way that they will have any intention to kill you. We firmly shook hands and we ended up forming a party.

First, we’ll have to head to the Adventurers Guild to apply for a new party. So we named our party the “Monster Slaying Team”.

“Gehehehehe! Two girls as adventurers!? You make me laugh, Oi! You go home and be a farmer, little girl!”

A large man spoke to me. This man looks familiar. It’s Shoutagao Bishonen.

“Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit! Get the fuck out of here!”

Roine glared at Shoutagao with a terrified face. Then, Shoutagao began to cry.

“Gugu… you’re making fun of me! I’m the S-class adventurer, Shoutagao Bishonen! You can’t talk to me like that!”

“Try it, ah!?”

“Hi, Hie~~~~eehh”

Roine grabbed Shoutagao’s chest and lifted him up. As expected, the protagonist of a game about killing villainesses. There is no one better at killing. Shoutagao died of fear.

“Hmph, impudent scum. Did you really think you could beat me at that level?”

“Way to go, Roine.”

We came to a nearby forest to complete our first request.

In that forest, strong monsters rarely appear and only small fry, Limeman (a lime monster, weak). The quest is to collect 10 medicinal herbs in the forest.

“Za, looks like there’s no …… lime man. Good.”

“You’re too scared. I’ll get rid of that limeman, the small fry.”

“Thank you, Rei! I can count on you!”

Roine’s smile is dazzling. As a former guy, I’m weak when it comes to girls’ smiles.

“Oh, that’s…! A darkness dragon that rarely appears around here!”

Roine points forward. Beyond that was a darkness dragon, a dark magic dragon, attacking another party of adventurers.

“I can’t believe a Darkness Dragon appeared in the beginner’s forest! We have to get out of here!”

“Eh? I’ve already beaten it.”

Darkness dragons are vulnerable to light. I used a laser of light converging sunlight to burn off the head of the Darkness Dragon and kill it.

“Amazing! Rei is amazing! Zamas who banished Rei was crazy and scummy! I’m glad he’s dead!”

“Quite so, Roine.”

This is how we became very rich, by selling the horns stripped from the darkness dragon’s corpse. Then, the guild raised me from Z rank to SSS rank as a special case.

“It’s good to see another SSS rank besides me.”

“Who are you!?”

“My name is Nikushimi Masuo. People call me the slow life man of justice”

“Nikushimi Masuo!?”

Nikushimi Masuo is one of the capture targets. He appears when the Roine becomes SSS rank, and he becomes possible to capture. He usually lives a slow life in a remote area, and is famous for giving a slow life ending when he is captured.

Masuo lifted his glasses and brushed his hair.

“Fu… Those who reach this heights… won’t care about anything else. Why don’t you live a slow life with me?”

“Slow life, not bad.”

“Yes, it is!”

This is how we ended up spending time in a remote area, Slow Village.

However, the land was already ruled by the Demon Lord.

“I am Masuyo, the destroyer of worlds! I will destroy the world!”

“Oh, that’s the Demon Lord, World annihilator Masuyo!”

Masuo opens his eyes in astonishment, turns pale and trembles.

“First of all, I will destroy this village!”

“No, he’s going to use the annihilation beam! We’ll be annihilated at this rate!”

It’s a skill I’ve seen many times in the game. World annihilator Masuyo’s annihilation beam burns everything away. Only Roine and Masuyo remain.

“I won’t let you! Light magic, Occupation Drain!”

“What the hell!? My occupation, “Demon Lord”, was stolen!? This means I can’t shoot the annihilation beam!”

The Demon Lord is no longer the Demon Lord. This saved the world from ruin. But the cost was great.

“I… I’ve become the Demon Lord!”

Just being a villainess is a massive flag of doom, but I will be subdued if I become a Demon Lord.

“But there would have been no other way to save the world. Don’t worry. You saved the world…”

Roine encourages me. And Masuyo also spoke to me kindly.

“If you want to stop me from ruining the world, fight me! Ku…… to take my profession and become a Demon Lord yourself!? You were the one who was destined for me, weren’t you? Thank you for releasing me from this cursed fate. Kukuku… what an interesting woman. I never thought I’d say that to you.”

“Oh no! Because I resolved the event at once, Masuyo’s lines got jammed up and I’m in big trouble!”

Masuyo quickly digested the lines of various events in rapid succession, and finally, as if to add, he said…

“I’m happy to say everything I want to say. Thank you, stranger.”

Then Masuyo, who was the last boss, walked off somewhere.

However, the slow village for slow life was already destroyed, so Masuo and the villainess who lived here were hit by the destruction beam and died. The only handsome guy left is Ikeda Menta.

“Hey, is that okay? You didn’t kill the former Demon Lord. He could be our enemy if left alive, right?”

Roine says anxiously, but I’ve already decided.

“Of course I’m gonna kill him.”

“Is that right!?”

I’ve already installed a time bomb in Masuyo. After a certain distance, he can die instantly at the push of a button.

“Well, it’s horrible! You’re going to kill him with a bomb! I brought a machete. What a waste.”

“But if you use a machete, you’re the one who gets dirty. I don’t want you to get your hands dirty.”

I pressed the button, appeasing the trembling Roine. I heard an explosion in the distance, and my peace of mind was promised once again.

After that, I became unrivaled as an SSS rank adventurer.

I was feared by the people around me since I became the Demon Lord, but since the hero Zamas is already dead, I did whatever I wanted to my heart’s content.

First, kill everyone I don’t like. All the women I liked were kidnapped and added to my harem. In the process, I became a prominent figure among the adventurers. Good Grief, I don’t want to stand out.

Today I tried to take a quest in the guild for the first time in a long time.

“It’s a subjugation request! If you kill the former villainess, Demon Lord Aqyak Ray-Joe, I will pay a lot of money!”

What was that!?

I was so surprised that I almost fell over.

“Hey, how much is that!?”

“I’ll pay you more than you can ever spend.”

“All right, I’ll do it! There’s no quest that is beyond me!”

Well, I don’t work, though. I let the women of my Harem do my work, while I’m eating sweets leisurely in my room. As a young lady, I’m picky about my tastes.

Immediately, I threw the quest to my servants and went to bed.

——But this was a guild trap.

The beautiful girls in Harlem attacked me as I was sleeping.

“Wh, what the hell is going on!?”

“Kukkukku… since your orders were to carry out the request, we will kill you!”


When I read the request again, the target of the subjugation was me. What the hell!

Guild members brainwashed the minds of my dear friends into attacking me by making me a target for subjugation because I was doing so well!

“Kill you, we’ll get a lot of money and become independent, die quietly!”

“Everyone! Wake up!”

“No questions asked!”

My companions who are manipulated by a lot of money attack me. But I can’t attack my precious girls.

“Ku… what should I do!?”

I had no choice but to kill them all. I guess I can make another harem.

A year has passed since then, and Roine and I have grown up.

And so, I ended up attending the Magic Academy, where I met the final target.

“My name is Ikeda Menta. Nice to meet you!”

“I’m Roine.”

“I’m Rei.”

“Thanks. Let’s get along!”

Menta is a ju●kie who speaks a language that seems to be Kansai dialect but doesn’t make sense. The 100% imaginary texts by Menta caused a firestorm among extreme Kansai people, and as a result, the setting was settled on Menta being “crazy and unable to speak properly “.

“Rei and Roine, I hope you’ll keep in good company.”

“I’m counting on you, please.”

That being said, my goal is Menta’s sister, Imoko. Imoko is a transcendent beautiful girl who is popular among men even though she was a character of an otome game, to the point where they think I and the main character are scum.

“I’m glad I came to this world to meet you, Imoko-chan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “

I cried that in my heart. However, Imoko is also a villainess. If I’m not careful, she will be killed by Roine. I have to protect her.

Three days later, we were at the magic test site.

Here we show each magic and get classified according to our power.


With the light magic of my whole body, I burned the distant target in an instant. But no one could figure out what had happened, so I ended up in E-class (the lowest class. The highest is S, of course).

On the other hand, Roine burned the target with flame magic and made it to the S class. Menta is also quite excellent, and is one class below that.

However, my focus, Imoko, was not good at magic. The magic that she silently released was weak in power, and she was made into F class.

“It’s a shame. Imoko’s magic is weak, but she’s smart, so she’ll be fine!”

Menta encouraged her while tapping the shoulder of the Imoko, but it had the opposite effect on him, who had a complex with his brother. She punched Menta in the face and ran away.

“Just! What did that woman do to Menta! Let’s kill her!”

The Roine has been flagged. I have to suppress it.

“Well, wait. That’s just a sibling quarrel. It’s not our place to interfere.”

“You have a point, but… that clumsy big brother. If he’s not good, it’ll get even worse. You can’t just leave him out there, can you?”

Roine’s harsh opinion. I nodded.

“That’s right. But killing him is too much. Let’s talk to Menta.”

“Hmm… fine.”

Then, I went to talk to Menta about his relationship with his sister. Menta answered with a smile.

“Imoko has been quiet for a long time and it’s hard to understand what she’s thinking. That’s why I’m at the very least talking to her and waiting for the time when she decides to talk to me.”

Menta answered with a serious face while picking his nose.

“Is that so… I thought you didn’t have any idea what she was going through.”

“It can’t be helped if you think so.”

“I’m glad I was able to clear up the misunderstanding.”

“That’s right.”

“But I can’t leave it alone.”

Thus, the Roine killing Menta flag was avoided. However, Imoko’s problem had not been solved.

“Oi!!!!! Imoko!!!!! Buy me some bread!!!!!”


Imoko was in trouble because she was about to be made a patsy by the villainess of the F class classroom.

“It’s bad. We have to help.”

“No… it’s not good to spoil her like that. Watch me.”

I stopped Menta who tried to help and I stepped forward.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop it! I’m an SSS rank adventurer!!!”

When I approached the villainess while casually appealing to be an SSS adventurer (the highest honor in the world. Even the king would bow down to me), the villainess cried.

“Hi~~~~~~hie-!!! I’m sorry!!!!!! Spare my life.”

“I forgive you for now, but if you ever do it again, I’ll kill you.”

“I won’t do it anymore!!!!”

Thus, Imoko was saved.

“You think you’re helping me…… with your power? Are you pitying me?”

“What!? You, Ms. Rei took the time to help you…!”

The villainess who joined my harem is trying to corner Imoko, but I stopped her with a smug smile.

“I’m just trying to solve a problem at the school. It’s not for your sake.”

“That’s right.”

Imoko turned on her heel and walked away. How dare she! Without even a single thank you! What the hell! I want to see the face of her parents.

“Imoko and I don’t have other siblings. I was a substitute for our parents.”

“Hmm. She’s not educated enough.”

I was annoyed so I hit Menta. Then the people around me praised me for my right actions. Good grief, I don’t want to stand out.

Also, I was an E-class, so I was ridiculed by the surroundings, but I was crazy smart and I could use magic freely, so my messed up results were good. By the time I was in my second year, I had received a lot of support from all the teachers and was able to move my class up by one.

However, I am still in F class. It was just the same classroom as Imoko.

And, a tournament event thing happened, where they had to compete against other schools, and Imoko and I were paired up.

“Hahahahaha! Two women and F rank!? You can’t beat this R-class me.”

“Lick it…… asshole!”

It’s okay to make fun of me, but I couldn’t allow Imoko to be ridiculed. Not to mention the guy is in R class, one place below the S class. I see, he is a talented person.

“Die! Death Flame Thunder!”

Before the start of the match, the R-class boy unleashed water magic. But it had no effect on me.


“It’s useless. I’m immune to all forms of magic.”

As explained, I was too strong for the magic to work. And in return, I release SSS class wind magic.

“Aqua Meteor Granma!”


It is a death spell with the blessings of the Wind Spirit. The moment you see this light, your opponent dies.

“Tsu… Too strong!? Is that really F class?”

“It’s a fluke…!”

The auditorium is buzzing. And the second match.

“Wahaha! Don’t get all arrogant just because you defeated a small fry R class with your fluke magic, diminutive F class! After being amazed by my legendary water magic, you can watch me fight with my death-defying sword. I’ll drink up your tears!!”

“Hah… such a boring threat. Who wrote it? That script.”

I’m not one to tremble at a threat of this degree. However, the opponent wore armor with the letter “S” written all over his body.

“I’m S rank! I’m gonna kill you all, okay!?”

“If you can, try it!”

An S-class man pulls out his sword. It was a longsword, likely about 100 centimeters.

“This was forged in an environment of more than 300 Kelvin, with the power to withstand 1 million microamps and the highest electrical conductivity of 1 billion nanosiemens! The load on this sword, which weighs 1000 grams, is 9.8 Newtons! And eat the power of a trillion picovolts of electric magic!”

“Kuh… what a smart guy!”

Shortly after the explanation is over, the S-class man runs out. He ran at an amazing speed of one meter per second, and in a split second he was able to close the gap.

“I got you!”

He shouted, and then swung his 100cm sword over his head.

Not good. At this rate, I will be shocked by 1 trillion picovolts by electric shock magic granted to swords.

So I came up with an idea.

Yes, I have a friend, Imoko.

“Imoko! Please, unleash wind magic at me!”

“Eh!? But……!”

There is no rule that you should not cast magic on your allies. However, Imoko seems hesitant to attack her companions.

“It’s all right! I’m not going to die!”

“……! All right, wind magic window!”

With a whoosh of wind, my body is blown away. As a result, I succeed in avoiding the sword of the S class by a hair.

“Ridiculous!? You avoided my flashing lightning slash!?”

“That’s too bad. I have friends! Die!”

Death spell, Death Fire burned the S-class man to death.

We won the championship.

And so we were summoned by the king. We’ll get rewarded for winning!

“So you’re Rei? I’ll give you whatever you like as a reward.”

“Then… please give me this country. I’ve always wanted to be queen.”

The king laughed when I voiced a modest request.

“You’re greedy! All right. From now on, you are the king of this land!”

“I did it! Well, let’s execute the old king first!”


I gave the signal, and the soldiers surrounded the king and took him to the dungeon.

“Let go of me! You conspired against me, Rei! You conspired against meeeeeeeeee!”

“Kukkukku… This is what happens when you give up the throne. Rest assured, foolish king, I’ll make this country the best it can be.”

And, Roine and Imoko became my aides, and I gathered beautiful women from all over the country and became the harem king.

My knowledge cheats made the country so great that it became a great power that crushed the countries around it, and it became richer and richer. Well, I think it would be more interesting to read a story like this about a slime, so I’ll skip it.

Seven years have passed.


I couldn’t stop laughing so hard. Because all the people who made fun of me are kneeling in front of me, begging for forgiveness. I can’t stop laughing! Good grief. I’d like to live a quiet life, you know.

“Lady Rei. Please forgive us… we were stupid, dumb, small fish, dregs and scum.”

“Eh? I don’t care??? Hmm?? What??? I don’t care … Now what? What? I don’t care about it, but~~~~?? (Naro’s main character)”

Yes, I’m no longer concerned with the past. I just want to live in peace.

Because they can’t understand such things, these people will never grow.

Ah~~~ I feel so refreshed! It felt as good as when I defecated a big poop!

Hmmm, I’m really worried if this is leaking.

Um…? What the hell, something’s wrong?

I … what the heck …?

“…… Huh! Where am I!?”

In front of me was a TV monitor that turned off over time and a game console that was connected to it and left running.

When I turned on the TV, the main character, Roine, was lying in a pool of blood with the words GAME OVER displayed on the screen. It is the death screen of the game “Kill the Villainess”.

“…… was I asleep?

Not having the energy to press the continue button, I turn off the game.

Sitting down, I fell asleep, and pissed my pants.

The End.

How was it?

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    1. Yeah, it is. You can’t win them all but honestly, if I had the time, I would have chucked this full of memes and pulp culture references just to add laughs…. In fact let’s do it. Give me the best memes and references to plug into it…


  1. Da ones who strongly dislikes dis…uuh…piece of work surely no know how the absurd theater works.
    Its a silly bullshit dat doesnt makes sense and was made to be so.
    As to say – being bad was da reason is why dis story is made and it sure excels in it.

    Thanx for yar work translating dis…or get some pity for yar struggle.


  2. What an amazing piece…of shit. Bless you translator. You’re such an amazing guy for the fact that after seeing this messed up shit down the road, you still went and picked it up barehand just to rub it in our faces.
    Jk. Thank you never the less… please never again. Wkwksk


  3. This is simply a misunderstood masterpiece.

    The author used every single common trope among the current JP novels, with every single cliché… I’m 100% sure the author did it out of spite LMAO

    It wasn’t exactly a good novel, but it wasn’t that bad. It was… entertaining, yeah. Oddly enough, it was also kind of refreshing.


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