Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 – Overall Victory

『Magical Biotechnology! My cells! And the power of the Great Demon necessary for the vessel! In other words, Jamdi’el’s goal was to bring you and Kron together to have a child, and to make the conceived child the God of the next generation!』

“Wha… What the hell!?”

The true purpose of the former Six Supremacy, which is unknown to the Allied Forces, the Empire, and the Seven Heroes.

The shocking truth that Tre’ainar deduced is…

“But I can’t understand if it’s too sudden! The explanation so far is too unclear, and I can’t swallow the conclusion!”

『…… I suppose…… I thought so half way through. Even if given a simplified explanation, it will not be transmitted, and nevertheless I will have to give a drawn out explanation…』

“Especially… what was it? Genetic information? Creating someone with similar cells? Is that Kron? …… not good, I’m hearing so many unknown words for the first time.”

Tre’ainar talked about the past while looking at the sea.

“It’s so grandiose that I can’t really keep up with it. What the hell was that Shiznautmy?”

『I said it, did I not? Tis not about Shiznautmy, but the legacy that existed beneath the land of Shiznautmy. Tis no skill or magic that the Shiznautmy settlers had created.』

After explaining at length, Tre’ainar finally told me with a terrible expression, but most of what was said was something that even I, who should be reasonably smart, could not understand.

“And what bothers me is… that…”


“It was explained at length in a lot of words, but… really…… Kron… isn’t your biological child… is she?”

『No! I have been single my entire life!』

“But there’s a blood connection, right?”

『Rather, she is a being with the same gene.』

No good. I can’t understand. But, I can say that Kron isn’t just a demon.

Well, that Jamdi’el is over-protective, calling her “goddess”.

And although Kron is apparently not Tre’ainar’s biological daughter, she is the same as Tre’ainar. This didn’t make any sense.

“Hmm~, if you look closely… she doesn’t resemble you… does she? Hmm…… I just met her this morning, and I didn’t really look at her face.”

『Well, the environment in which I grew up, what I learned, my experiences, tis all different…』

It’s not that Tre’ainar doesn’t recognize her or anything like that, it’s that Kron isn’t really his real daughter.

So, does that mean Tre’ainar has been single all his life?

“Well, I still don’t really understand the legacy that sleeps under Shiznautmy…  for the time being, let’s leave it… here’s the problem.”


“Why is Jamdi’el trying to marry me and Kron?”

Yes, that’s the number one problem. I just didn’t understand the reason.

『Tis not about marriage. Tis about conceiving a child.』

“It’s the same! You have to get married to have children! A man and a woman who are tied together in love… um…… exchange diaries, dates… becoming intimate and so on… you need enough income to have a family.”

『Why is that? You are pure hearted only on such matters…』

“Wh, why sigh there!? What am I doing wrong now!?”

『No… tis fine. You were raised as such.』

Tre’ainar nodded to me with a tremendously warm look. I wonder if I’m being ridiculed or treated as a child…

But still, my question itself shouldn’t be wrong.

Why would I have a child with Kron?

『Tis simple. A person with the same gene as me… mates with someone who has inherited the skills and soul of the Great Demon… an existence with said gene and soul would be born… exactly, I would be. That is likely what Jamdi’el desires.』

What she wants is not Kron, but a child born by Kron? Moreover, a child fathered by someone able to inherit Tre’ainar’s techniques and stuff?

『The current being named Kron is a form created so a soul may be installed into… tis so. No matter the extent to which the created organism possesses the same genes as me from my cells… tis not the same as me… or something to that effect, that is what Jamdi’el is thinking, is it not?』

“Well, seriously? How does that make sense?”

『Perhaps, the winner of the tournament in three months time will become the target, and Machio was a prime candidate. However, Machio cannot use the Great Demon Spiral or my other exemplary Great Demon techniques. Then, Jamdi’el discovered that you could use the Great Demon Spiral. Perhaps Jamdi’el thought, rather than Machio, you were more suitable to have a child with Kron.』

“No, but I’m human, doesn’t that bother her? Also I’m the son of the man who defeated her God, right? More or less.”

『You can use the Great Demon Spiral… tis a trivial matter in the face of that fact.』

To be honest, all we have talked about until now were only Tre’ainar’s own predictions. It remains to be seen whether Jamdi’el’s true purpose was really as Tre’ainar says.

But if that’s the case, even with Jamdi’el’s messed up thinking…

“No way… Elder Sis Tsukshi likes Machio, but she asked me to take the championship…”

『Should Machio win, Kron and…  would be the outcome, I suppose she did not approve.』

Not good… somehow… I felt like the topic was starting to come together.

However, there was another doubt to be addressed there.

“But. Then, Jamdi’el should teach Kron the Arcane True Zenith. Don’t go out of your way to get her with an Arcane True Zenith practitioner and make them have a child. From that point of view, it’s not perfect, but isn’t that still faster?”

Jamdi’el went to the trouble of taking in disciples, training them, and teaching Tre’ainar’s skills, even if in a half-baked way.

And, the best user among them is made to take Kron and have a child, and the child is raised as the next God.

Rather than going through such a roundabout way, Jamdi’el should teach Kron directly from the start. That would be quicker.

Why doesn’t she?

『That… there is a reason… although I cannot be certain yet, but…』


With that said, Trainer became obscure on that point.

He had a slightly dispirited look on his face and didn’t say any more, seemed he was not yet at the stage where he could tell me.

In other words, Treina’s prediction was that one way or another, Kron will have a child with the winner of the tournament.

But, if that’s the case…

“Huh? Wait a minute. If the story so far is true… then if I…… win overall victory at the tournament… Kron and… d, do that, is it? Ah, that…”

『That would be Jamdi’el’s intention, would it not?』

“Wh, at…”

No, no, not at all,  how is it OK to do something so absurd?

Kron and having kids? Does that mean marrying Kron?

But can I be a parent to a child?

I thought of such things when I talked with Shinobu.

I mean, I haven’t given Shinobu my answer yet, yet I would have a child before answering her.

No, Kron may be pretty cute, but… that nude body of hers that I saw in the bathroom. Involuntarily Canonicon… if I’m told that could be mine, certainly… but then Shinobu is also beautiful… well, they both lose to Sadiz in bust size and…. eh?!


At that moment, I head-butted the sandy beach as hard as I could.

“Damn… why am I even thinking of Sadiz at this point~?”

No, I know why.

No matter the moment, Sadiz was my first love, my one-sided crush and the period of wild fantasies has been going on for a long time.

Love, marriage, child-making, and when it comes to such topics, she would eventually come up after all.

“I meant to win the championship, but… marriage and children?”

『Leave the matter of marriage aside… but on the subject of conception, what troubles me is… in three months time… even if you defeat Machio, I do not expect you would gain the strength required to resist Jamdi’el. You know what that means, do you not?』

Yes, even if I grow strong enough to win the championship, I won’t have the power to go against Jamdi’el.

In other words, when the time comes, I will be forced to do it.

『Cur… if Kron is to your liking as a woman, then there is no harm is such events, you may even consider it a perk.』

“No, no, no way! That… that’s something I just can’t… I would feel sorry for the child I’m born with.”

『O, oh, i, is that so… well, however… that said, should you lose the tournament… you, who are no longer of use, would incur the wrath of Jamdi’el…』

“That would be too unreasonable! Is she the devil!?”

『She is a fallen Seraph…』

There were various sudden devastating facts, situations, and information, and I was somewhat exhausted.

Just purely pursuing strength and winning the tournament.

That didn’t seem to be enough, but I didn’t know what to do, so I was staring at the sea with Tre’ainar for a while.

But in the end, all I knew was that I still had to get stronger either way.

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  1. Bueno la tiene difícil el pobre Earth.
    Pero ey Kron no esta nada mal, además de que sería como casarte con la hija de tu maestro.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Well it’s pretty much what I guessed. I wonder how he’ll get out of it? Jamdi’el seems the type to take Sadiz hostage and force him. Looking forward to more!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Hmmm baby making with what genetically is his master’s daughter. And since the result was female imma take a guess where the other half of the dna came from. Chick seems psycho enough for it. Also glad to see i got someone else hook on zero believers goddess. Breakthrough with the forbidden master, zero believers goddess, shinka no mi, caught in an otherworld summoning and lonely attack on a different world really need anime adaptations!

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  4. Thats kinda what Ive been saying. He has to beat the valkyre either way, machio isnt the endgame here, he needs to get strong enough in 3 months to 1v1 the valkyre period.


  5. Yes, it’s important to understand your situation, but among those questions, it seems like he missed one thing. Namely, why was Jamdi’el drooling over Sadiz after hearing of her home. Seems like a rather crucial matter.
    And yeah, she probably wants to teach baby instead of Kron, because Kron isn’t a male..


    1. Yeah, I don’t get him. He should be focused on her right now… I would feel bad and guilty over having her loose her memories after looking for you, and the only thing she remembers is her guilt. WHEN SHE DID NOTHING WRONG even, he himself said so several times, it’s just PTSD, and he knows that… I would think he would care more about her


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