Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 119

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Chapter 119 – The Past

The room assigned to me.

It had minimal furniture, a desk, and shelves with small and difficult books, such as the Bible.

In the morning, I did some road work, took a bath, had breakfast, and had tea time, so the bed sheets and change of clothes were still cluttered.

But I couldn’t bring myself to sort it out just yet, so I sat on the messy bed and sighed.

“Sadiz… eh… the matter with me and her…”

I didn’t think about it, I just naturally muttered to myself.

In the end, no matter how hard it hits, I would still be concerned about her.

And what’s more, she will be living together with me in this church from today.

Naturally, we will meet face to face many times.

Even if she doesn’t remember me, it’ll be awkward.

『On that matter child… I was much too careless… I should have cautioned you…』


『…… you should not have mentioned that maid’s ruined birthplace…』

That being said, I recall the conversation at tea time.

Certainly, I told that story to Jamdi’el.

But what does that have to do with anything?

“Ah… you mean Sadiz’s hometown that was already destroyed?”

『By my hands.』

“…… y, yeah… now that you mentioned it…… that’s right. Somehow, it completely slipped my mind…”

『No, no, no, the cause lies with you… well, be that as it may.』

I used the Great Magic Spiral in my match. However, it was actually the technique that Tre’ainar used when he destroyed Sadiz’s hometown.

Sadiz, who was there at the time, recalled those childhood memories, went crazy, and blurted everything out.

Certainly, that was a cause.

That said, I don’t blame Sadiz for reacting that way. In fact, I would be traumatized if my family and neighbors were killed right in front of me.

So, I wouldn’t go so far as to blame it on that, even if it was the cause.

After all, it was just the trigger.

The feud between me, my father and my mother has been accumulating for a while. It just exploded in that moment.

In fact, Tre’ainar was also concerned about the Great Magic Spiral and Sadiz, but I didn’t particularly care.  And when I was running away from home and crying, it was a problem that me and Tre’ainar had discussed and solved already.

So I didn’t really care about that anymore.

So, why now?

『Jamdi’el is now aware… that maid… is the survivor of Shiznautmy.』

“…………? …… what does it mean?”

『Ah… Jamdi’el… at that time…… she also was there.』

“Eh!? Seriously?”

『Uh huh. And she is one of the few in the Demon King’s Army…. to know the truth about Shiznautmy.』

An earnest expression. A heavy tone. That Tre’ainar looked more serious than ever.

That alone made me feel that I was in a pretty troubling situation, I’m just not aware of it.

“…… Shiznautmy… that much…… em…… was it an important place? I’ve only ever known Sadiz’s hometown as a magical city…”

『A city dedicated to mage research institutes and scholars… as such, it was a place of some renown, but … in general that is.』

Tre’ainar purposely emphasized “in general”.


“Then… was it different for you?”

『…… I… and a few of my Six Supremacy were aware of the truth… and among them was…』


Sadiz’s hometown. I’ve never heard of it from Sadiz herself.

My father and mother never talk about it, it was before I was born, and Sadiz didn’t seem to be dwelling on the past.

However, I had only heard that it was the “Demon King Army” that destroyed Sadiz’s hometown. In reality, it seemed that it was the “Great Demon King” himself.

However, as I had already run away from home, I didn’t do anything to dig deeper into the matter.

There was a war between the Surface World and the entire Demon Realm. Then, it wouldn’t be strange even if villages, cities, or whole countries perished in such a war.

Even though it was Sadiz’s hometown, I felt “what’s the point of asking now?”. That’s how it was.

But it seems that this is not the case.

“…… what was it? Shiznautmy… what happened there?”

So I had to hear the truth.

『Tis not so much the people of the Sorcery City, Shiznautmy … tis the land… deep beneath the land… there lies the legacy of all beginnings… the people of Shiznautmy who happened to live there… discovered the legacy and set out to exploit it…』

It was a story that seemed so grand and yet so unfamiliar.

『The legacy is not something that can be so easily analyzed by scholars in the City of Sorcery, much less utilized, tis so complex that it would take thousands of years for humans with shorter lifespan than the demon race, so enormous and tremendous… yet…… with their half-baked knowledge, technical skills, and magic, they tried to reach for such an outrageous taboo…』


『The Legacy of All Beginnings… among them is… the power to revert everything zero…』

At this point, I couldn’t think of what to respond with or what questions to ask.

To be honest, I didn’t think that a story of such a large scale could be related to Sadiz’s hometown.


『Nevertheless, the city was destroyed. And by my hands…… by my Six-Gate eyes, the legacy was stringently sealed. The seal remains even after my demise. No longer could anyone reach the Legacy. Tis fortunate that the people of Shiznautmy did not share their research information with the entire human race. Perhaps the truth of Shiznautmy was incomprehensible even to Hiro and the Seven Heroes. The only one who might have gained an inkling was … perhaps Mikado…』

Yes, it was a city that was already gone, and Tre’ainar seems to have dealt with that legacy, before the fall of the city.

Then there’s no point in digging up that story now, is there? …… I thought so for a moment, but then Tre’ainar wouldn’t speak about it with such a serious expression.


『Although inferior to my Six-Gate eye… if tis her Heraldic eye… if tis only to lift part of the seal…』


『I had severely admonished that one… my conviction was clear, and yet…』

I knew it. Then, no wonder Tre’ainar looked so serious.

“Then Jamdi’el could zero out everything…”

Then, Jamdi’el has that ridiculous magic…

『No, tis not that. What Jamdi’el took out and used… tis probably a different legacy.』

“Eh? Different?”

I was panicked for a moment, but I was told that it was different and I couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

『Indeed. The legacy that Jamdi’el used is…』

“Earth, do you have a minute? I’m coming in!”


I was too focused on the conversation. A voice was calling me with a knock from the other side of the door.

It was Elder Sis Tsukshi.

“Oh, what? Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Yes, I think I’ll help you clean up for a minute.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi came in saying so, wrapped in an apron, rolled up her arms, and…

“…… Excuse me…”

“Eh… Sadiz.”

Sadiz, with a bucket and broom, appeared from behind Elder Sis Tsukshi.

“Earth, it’s like you said, right? Miss Sadiz was doing housework and things like that.”

“Oh, yes… well…”

“But Miss Sadiz has lost her memory, so I thought I’d try to see if she could do it properly… is Earth’s room, okay?”

“Oh, sure… what…… that’s… well then…… should I leave?”

“Yes. Would you mind killing some time? Visit the dojo or play with Amae?”

Until just before, I was talking about the history of the world, so I was shocked when they suddenly came in.

『Oi, come. Shall we continue the conversation at the sea?』

「That would be good.」

With my heart still racing, I walked past Elder Sis Tsukshi and Sadiz, trying not to make eye contact.

“…… Excuse me…”

Sadiz said something to me.

I kept my back turned, I didn’t reply and I didn’t stop.

It wasn’t that I was ignoring her out of spite.

It’s just hard coming face-to-face with Sadiz or exchanging words right now.

And then…

“Well, I’ll start cleaning.”

“tte, Miss Sadiz!? Why are you suddenly crawling on all fours and peeking under the bed?”

“Eh…? Certainly…”


“Erm… why I wonder? It’s just that, the moment I tried to clean it, I had to check under the bed first…”

“tte, you say that, but why did you go to the bookshelf next?”

“Eh? …… that? I’m not sure why… I feel like something was hidden by camouflaging the spine of such difficult books…”

“So, now you opened the desk drawer… why? What could possibly be at the bottom of the drawer!?”

“Ah… eh? I don’t know. However, I thought the drawer might have a double bottom…”

“While saying, why in the ceiling!? What sort of procedure is that!?” 11 

The voices I heard from the room made me stop in the middle of the hallway.


『…… Child…』

“Don’t say it…”

Right away, what I learned from Sadiz today is that even if you don’t remember the past, your body will move naturally due to your ingrained habits.

Feeling that way, Tre’ainar and I went to the sea again.

Author’s Note

500,000 characters are achieved. I am not updating it every day, and the story that started in mid-May has so many characters at the moment, I’m the one who worked hard. Well, rather than trying hard, it means that the author has that much free time… I don’t plan to go out with anyone on holiday…

It will be difficult to make 100 by the end of this year, but I would like to continue, so I look forward to working with you in the future.

 [S1] Give it up Sadiz! You’ll never find his Stash now!! Thank you 【Canonicon】!!!

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    1. Judging by hints in Jam’Diel’s pov chapter, something related to cloning or genetic engineering. The hints were a lock of hair she got while fighting Treynar the first time, and some legacy/technique that would allow her to arrange (in her distraught mind anyway) the possible rebirth of her beloved Treynar.

      There’s a very good reason she’s holding that tournament everyone is training for. If you go back a little ways in the story, it should make sense.

      I haven’t read ahead or seen any spoilers, so this is all just my personal theory about the situation.

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  1. This chapter really tells me how incompetent this guy really is.
    “Shit happened in the past so what’s the point knowing about it?”
    People who study history will slap the incel out of you.
    Not to mention his idiocy. He used DK power in front of everyone but never thought it would be recognised. Gone through so much shit yet still recklessly spews shit which will get him and others in trouble
    Lo and behold it did get others in trouble.
    There is already trouble brewing like what would happen is sadiz saw the statue of the god she is toldto clean?

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  2. Oh come one Earth, how can you treat her so coldly? I mean… Think about her feelings for once. No memories, unfamiliar faces, no knowing what the hell is going on… Bad Earth, bad, very bad. Bad demon king for not saying anything at all about it as well


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