Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – What’s to Come

Even though it was called early morning tea time, I didn’t feel like I could have a refreshing morning now.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave her to run away. Would I leave it to Jamdi’el, who once showed hostility towards Sadiz?

I’m still not rotten enough to do that, regardless of my doubts towards Sadiz.

“Well. So, Earth.”

“…… ah.”

“This person’s name is Sadiz, isn’t it?”

I sat down at the table in the dining hall, along with Kron, Jamdi’el, Elder Sis Tsukshi, Old lady Eisha, and several sisters. We were all served tea as we talked and held a discussion.

I took a sip of my tea and nodded a little grudgingly to Kron , who started the conversation.

“Yes. This is Sadiz. 19 years old. In my country… she was working at my home… as a maid…….”


“…… she does housework… and helps make the meals.”

“I see! So Sadiz is good at housework and cooking, is she?”

Kron nodded with interest while smiling, and the others responded with “Heh~”.

The relationship between me and Sadiz wasn’t really just that.

Master and maid. It must have been different. The days we’ve spent together were different.

But on the other hand, having abandoned it, I felt that it would be wrong to rephrase it now, and as a result, I was saying something bland about the relationship between me and Sadiz.

“I served …… you, didn’t I?”

“…… I mean… to be precise, my father and mother… but you… well, took care of me…”

For a moment, I almost said, “you cherished me like a brother.” But, I endured somehow.

To be honest, I felt like I might say something if I wasn’t careful.

“I see. Then, how about Sadiz live here for a while when she settles down, cleaning the church, doing the laundry, cooking meals and helping everyone?”

“””””………… eh?”””””

“Ara? What’s wrong? Everyone. Let’s have a cup of tea and start off the day! Tsukshi, please teach Sadiz a lot of things.”

When I thought that I had to be careful, Kron’s unexpected remark caught me and the others off guard.

I was surprised to hear that, because normally I thought she would be inquiring about me, since I had only given him a little information about Sadiz.

In fact, I thought the doctor, Elder Sis Tsukshi, and other sisters, who did not know much about my background in the first place like, were “prepared to ask and inquire” with that intention.

And yet, Kron wasn’t talking about our past, but about how Sadiz, who woke up and lost her memory, would live her life.

“N, no, Goddess… first of all, we should learn more about Sadiz… in the first place, I would rather we take the opportunity to learn more about Mr. Earth…”

“Eh? But we can always ask Earth about that at any time, so I think it’s important to talk about Sadiz’s life first.”

“Hah… erm, well, that’s right~…? No, but, look, Earth and Sadiz… somehow… you can call it a relationship under special circumstances… by Earth’s reaction…”

Elder Sis Tsukshi asked Kron in bewilderment.

After all, Elder Sis Tsukshi seemed to think that “normally we should look into their past more” as I thought.

However, Kron had a vacant expression.

“But the most important thing is not what you have done in the past, but what you will do from now on, right?”

No…… she’s not wrong… yeah, it’s correct, but…

“And it seems Earth doesn’t want to talk about it, does he?”


“That’s why he didn’t give too much detail, right?”

Eh? No, um. That’s not wrong either. That’s why I chose my words with care.

But could this carefree, sheltered, natural-airheaded lady know that?

“I understand. I think there was a painful past for both Earth and Sadiz. I think it was very hard for them.”

“Hold on, w, wait. Don’t make your own assumptions even though you don’t know much about it…”

It’s as if she could see through everything and judged me without my permission, which I didn’t like.

I couldn’t help but give Kron some harsh words.

“Then, you have no painful memories, only pleasant ones? Is that something you can say?”

“W, who! Why do I have to tell someone who has nothing to do with it?”

“Is that so? Then, isn’t that what we are discussing here and now, what we are going to do from now on?”

“No… that’s true, but…”

Eh? Am I? Is it me who’s wrong? Me?

“I’m sure Sadiz is having a hard time and would like to know what happened in the past, and I’d love to hear from Earth if he can tell me. But I felt now wasn’t the right time.”

At least, after a little more time… after calming down… it’s like it putting off… the answer or the problem.

But at least now I could sort out my mind enough to answer the questions that are being asked.

In the first place, the fact that Sadiz was here and she lost her memory.

Furthermore, in any case, Sadiz will be here for a while…

“That’s why I’m only going to talk about what’s to come. And I think Sadiz should work here for a while, resting her mind and body. Wouldn’t it be fine with Jamdi’el and Tsukshi?”

“Eh? No, but that…”

“I think that’s fine~…?”

It seemed, by the flow of the conversation, Sadiz will be staying in this country for a while, and in fact, in this church.

It’s not something I can oppose or express my opinion on, I was a freeloader yesterday.

“Thank you for your consideration. But… that…”

“Yes. And Earth?”

But she’s also asking for my opinion.

Sadiz asked, “Is it really fine when there are people who don’t like me?” with concern.

Kron’s genuine question.

I felt strange.

It’s as if I’m being tested to see what I’m made of.

But do I disagree?

Or do I leave?

But can I allow Sadiz and Jamdi’el to live together beyond my reach?

“I…I don’t have any objections…”

In the end, I could only say such throwaway words in a daze.

“Well, Sadiz. I’m sure you’re going through a lot, but we’re here to help you as much as we can, so please take care of us from now on.”

“Th, thank you… for your… help.”

In the end, no one could complain and Kron quickly rounded up the conversation.

Elder Sis Tsukshi also had a strained smile, but she nodded immediately and was ready to welcome her.

As for me, all I could do was hold my head and wonder how it all came to this.

“Even so, for such a beautiful woman serve Earth~”


“As the goddess says, I didn’t listen to everything right now… but…… Earth seems a bit naughty, and I’m sure Sadiz had a tough time with you, didn’t she?”

Elder Sis Tsukshi threw a little jeer at me.

I’m not sure what to say about that. I’m sure it was hard for her.

“Ah, but then… I know Sadiz worked at Earth’s house, but… what about Sadiz’s family?”


“Because Sadiz’s family doesn’t know that she’s here, right? I’m sure they’re worried…”

“Well, they would be worried… even if it’s… my father and mother….”


When I answered Elder Sis Tsukshi’s question, everyone had a stunned expression for a moment.


“Eh? By any chance…”


“Earth and Sadiz… are siblings? That? But she worked at Earth’s house…”

“Ah, no it’s wrong. Um…… ah~, Sadiz’s parents are… already… well… so she’s like an adopted child in my family…”

It’s not simply that I don’t want to talk about it, it’s a past that’s hard to talk about.

In addition, it was not easy to tell Sadiz, who has lost her memory, that “her real parents are long dead”.

And it seemed that Elder Sis Tsukshi had guessed it by my current attitude, so she nodded and didn’t ask any more.

However, one person was a little interested in it.

“Huh… in other words, thy parents took the girl in…”

“Hmm? Oh.”

It was Jamdi’el. Jamdi’el, who knew about my father and mother, seemed a little surprised that she was adopted.

“An orphan… but why would they do that? Such a thing would have been commonplace… why would thy parents, only take this girl?”

“Let’s see. It was my mother’s decision… I think. A long time ago, it was destroyed… where was it? I’m sure it was called Shiznautmy…”


That was then.


Tre’ainar, who had been silent all this time, panicked and shouted to stop me, and Jamdi’el…

“…… I see… huh… I see… then…… is that right…”

Jamdi’el said nothing more in particular. However, she quickly stood up and turned away.


“Y, yes.”

“Teach the lady on various matters. Do tell the others as well.”

“Oh, yes… I understand.”

“Then I shall go to the basement as I have a little work to do. I ask of thou to handle the rest.”

What? Jamdi’el suddenly stood up and quickly left the room.

And, on her mouth, she had a curiously hoarse, chilling smile.

What is it? What did Jamdi’el just react to?

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