Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Relationship

“It will ease the anxiety of the lost lamb a little! Let’s go, Earth!”

“Why me, too…”

An amnesia patient.

In the first place, I didn’t know what it meant to lose your memory.

「Tre’ainar. Is there magic that can bring back memories?」

If the person had amnesia, I asked if it was possible to make them get their memories back.

And then……

『Magic to erase memories. Magic to regain memories erased by magic. Magic to read a subject’s past memories. Such things exist. However, tis impossible to restore the memory of a person who lost their memory, for example, due to an accident or a strong impact on his head.』

「Heh… is that so?」

Then, is it impossible to restore the patient who was brought in this time by magic?

In which case, there wasn’t a way to easily solve this problem with convenient magic.

『The brain is very delicate organ. If memory is lost due to an accident, it may remain in that state for life, or it may suddenly return at a moment’s notice. Do not get too involved and leave it to the doctor and time.』

Tre’ainar was right.

It seemed the pure and innocent Kron was trying to encourage or help such unfortunate patients, but it’s not something I should be too involved in.

“We’re here!”


Maybe I can help her a little bit, but I also have work to do.

I’m not going to waste my time on a stranger or ―――――

“Oh, it’s you guys. Sorry for your morning. See, this girl… oh, even the goddess!?”

“Ufufufu, how do you do!”

The moment I entered the auditorium, I was frozen the next instant.

“Good morning~. Dr. Eisha. So, is that her?”

“Good day to you too!”

An old woman in a white coat was in the auditorium… I think she’s a doctor, but it wasn’t the old woman, she’s next to her…

“Hey… Doctor…”

“What’s wrong?”

“This person… who is it~……?”

“Hmm? That I don’t know, so what I’m going to do is…”

“You can tell just by seeing normally… this person… is quite strong~…?”

Elder sis Tsukshi, whose cheeks sweated slightly, evaluated the woman who was there.

It’s a mistake, right?

After all, she’s there…

“Good morning… that…… I’m sorry for inconveniencing you in the morning.”

A woman I’m familiar with, who has been with me since I was born.


There she was, Sadiz who I didn’t expect to see in the first place.



“What? Are you acquainted?”

Eh? Why? Why is Sadiz? Acquainted? Not just an acquaintance… eh?

That? I, had to run away, but, oh, memory?

“Are you…?”

And my chest was so tight that I couldn’t believe it.

I remembered.

“Ah… ah… you’re… ah…”

Yes, amnesia. Oh, amnesia… because, it’s impossible… when she saw my face, Sadiz suddenly…

“Eh, uo, ah, eeeh, ah, aaaaaaahhh!?”

“Eh…? Sa, Sadiz!?”

While I couldn’t sort my head out at all, Sadiz immediately held her head down and began to suffer.

“Wh, what’s wrong?”

“C, calm down, are you all right?”

“Eh? Oh, huh? What should I do…”

They are panicked by Sadiz, who was crying and in pain.

But I couldn’t move right away and remained stunned…

『That one… got her involved as well…』

What do you mean, Tre’ainar? Why? Why is Sadiz here?

“You… do, you know who I am?”

“…… eh?”

Then, while still holding her head with a heartbreaking expression and tears in her eyes, Sadiz turned to me and asked.

Do I know you? I’m not sure.

You’re my… my…… what?

Sadiz… right now is…… my what?

“I’m… sorry…”


“I don’t understand… but…… I’m sorry…”

Before I could get an answer, Sadiz slowly stood up and wobbled over to me.

She was so violently trembling, but her eyes were still staring at me.

I’ve never seen Sadiz look like this before.

“I just don’t understand… I’m sure I did something to you…… I’ve done something to you… I really want to apologize… and…”


And Sadiz hugged me slowly… firmly…… and wouldn’t let go… this warmth… this fragrance… oh, no, I… already cut off the past… I decided not to look back…

“Why? I just, can’t let you… never let go again.”



I didn’t want to hear any apologies.

I can’t accept it anymore.

That’s why I left the Imperial Capital.

It’s not about whether to forgive or not.

It wasn’t possible anymore.


――― Don’t! Father! Mother! Demon King killed, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, everyone! Killed by the Great Demon King!!

Because I did that much to Sadiz… I made Sadiz that sad…

“Erm~, do you know Earth?”

“What do you mean? Earth.”

What can I say about my relationship with Sadiz now … what … but … but!

“If you…… don’t… remember…”


“Such a selfish… thing to say… bye.”

I cried enough. I got up. I made a vow. And yet, something like this happened!


“Earth? What’s wrong?”

My heart was shaken. My eyes were burning. They were overflowing more and more.

I couldn’t stop it anymore…

“If you don’t remember, don’t apologize so easily!!”

“…… Ah…”

I twisted and pulled away from Sadiz, who was hugging me.

My vision was so clouded that I couldn’t tell what was right in front of me…. so unbecoming… shamelessly, I ranted and raved.

“You don’t even know what you did wrong! You can’t even remember! And right away, you’re sorry? Drop the bullshit! Don’t throw that out so easily! It was really painful… it was hard… my heart… it hurt… but…… I….. I cut it off and moved on! Everything…… I threw away everything I ever had… that’s how I got back up!”

Kron… Elder Sis Tsukshi… the sisters… the doctor were puzzled.

But I didn’t have the presence of mind to worry about it anymore.

“If…… you don’t… even… remember… then, don’t throw it out! Why, why are you getting in my way?”

“…… I’m so…… sorry…”

“Eh, I told you not to apologize! I don’t want to hear those words… I ran away, but…. why do you ignore my feelings and say that? Why…… why…… wh….. y….. is it…”

What do you think I am? But I know. But I know, there’s no way I could ask Sadiz that question right now.

Because the current Sadiz doesn’t remember anything about me.

So, even if I say this to Sadiz, who was currently unstable, it would only confuse her. It would just hurt my heart.

To those around us, it could only be seen like I was cursing a weak woman.

But…… this is…… it was too much.

“Hoh~… never would I have expected this.”

At that moment, the voice mixed with darkness echoed in the auditorium with an intimidating chill.

Looking back, the person standing there was Jamdi’el.

“Oh? Jamdi’el…”

“Oh, it’s the High Priestess.”

“I say… ah, this girl is the unidentified lady…”

Jamdi’el walked past Kron, Elder Sis Tsukshi and the doctor, and came up to me and Sadiz.

Sadiz, who had no idea what was going on, was just flustered.

“Hmm… I feel obliged to give God an apology… the magic I imperfectly learned… it would seem that even those who I didn’t want involved were brought along. I never realized the coordinates were out of alignment. Moreover, the spell is quite troublesome to operate…”

I finally understood with those words.

I see, the magic that brought me here. Sadiz was also swept away by that.

However, Jamdi’el herself hadn’t noticed it.

Does the memory loss have anything to do with it? Was she sent to a different place than I was? Did she get hit in the head?

I don’t understand. There was only one thing I did know.

“In any case, Earth Lagann has me. And in three months… Fufufufu… our goddess… Fufu! Well, that’s why. Be gone without delay.”

I understood. It’s hostility. That Jamdi’el was hostile towards Sadiz.

“Ah… Ah… Ah… eh?”

“Has thou no memory? In that case, it may have been fortunate to save us the trouble of eliminating thee.”

Thereupon, I wondered.

Until now, I had been struggling to find the right words to describe the relationship between me and Sadiz, my heart and mind were messed up with emotions of anger and sadness, but at this moment I was not lost.

“Now… we’re in the middle of…”


“Do not interfere.”

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of Jamdi’el.

On the beach, I was so terrified by the overwhelming difference in strength that I couldn’t move. But now, I moved without thinking.

“Hoh~… thou can give such a sinister gaze.”

“Ah… well, I’m just so irritated… I can’t hit the person I really want to hit… it’s too much…”

“…… brat…”

The next moment, a crushing sense of intimidation came over me, as if my cheeky attitude got on her nerves.

Naturally, a tense atmosphere flowed through the auditorium, and Elder Sis Tsukshi and the others were also at a loss for words.


“Noo~…… you’re in front of a patient! Don’t!”


“Hmm~… don’t!”

“Huh… tsu, La, Lady Kron…”

Without reading the mood, as if unafraid, Kron, swelling her cheeks, lightly put her hand on my and Jamdi’el’s heads.

“hey…you, what do you think you’re doing!!”

“…… Earth…”

“You heard me! Like I said, I’m in the middle of something right now!”

The unexpected interruption… was Kron, unable to read the atmosphere with a carefree tone…… I got even more irritated and shouted.

“Hold on, ah, Earth!? Wh, what did you say to the goddess!?”

“Wh, wh, what… th, this young man…”

“Oi… Earth Lagann… thou is being impolite to Lady Kron…”

Is the other party a goddess? A woman? Kron? I am well aware.

“It has nothing to do with her, leave…”


The sheltered girl, who knew nothing, I almost shouted at her to shut up and leave. However, I choked on my words.

“Earth… calm down.”



“That’s, because…”


“Ugh… uo…”

Certainly, I got annoyed with Kron’s nonchalant words.

But I felt Kron’s eyes, as she was calling my name, staring straight at me without looking away. They somehow had a strong will.

When she looked at me with those eyes, I strangely felt like an effeminate and miserable person.

“Well then! To calm down… let’s all have an early morning tea time!”

Kron made a proposal with a smile, as she clapped her hands together.

I didn’t know what I was going to do or what I wanted to do, and before I realized it, I was stuck on the spot.

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  1. I think its too early for Earth to meet his old companions, i think it would bring complications in his training and his growth, i don’t know what good it will bring. i think its my personal opinion but i am still mad at Sadiz for her doings so far (teasing him rotten, taking his treasure ero books and telling the princess about them and finally breaking at the match and ruining his efforts/win) i dony know her being here what good it brings, mostly her sorry will only cool down the burn in Earths heart.
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