Maiden Game Hard Mode – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Stock Investment with the Maiden Game’s Knowledge

Hart and his colleagues advanced to the second grade and were granted permission to go out.

Most students returned to their parents’ home, but Hart has two appointments.

One is to visit Marquis Carneus’ residence in the Royal Capital, and the other is to purchase unlisted stocks based on his overarching knowledge of the Game’s Play through.

Cadets in the Monarchy of Diete are prohibited from working part-time or trading short-term stocks.

However, long-term investments that are not sold for more than three years are recognized as property rights.

Hart, whose allowance as a cadet is [100,000 + magic power x 200 = 18.33 million Rhode] a month, earned 219.96 million Rhodes in one year.

Even high magic power individuals who operate battleships normally earn about 14.4 million annually, which is an unexpected amount for the military.

However, it was not reduced as they understood that the fortress could be operated in the future.

Based on his funds and overarching knowledge of the Maiden Game, he planned to purchase stocks that would absolutely be profitable.

The stock to be purchased is that of a company that sells “Spirit Crystals”.

Although the company has already developed the product and established a production system, it has been stalled because it did not calculate a high registration license tax for selling products related to information terminals, which are essential to people’s lives.

In the True End, the heroine meets the chairman of the company and provides funds from her parents’ Baron household. And in exchange for buying unlisted stocks from the chairman, she covers the registration license tax.

The spirit crystal of this company has four very distinctive features.

The first is by connecting the Spirit crystal to the information terminal that people wear, one can manifest a Spirit. The manifested spirit perceives the “five senses” and the “sixth sense”, which is the flow of magic and dark matter, and voluntarily takes actions that are desirable to the wearer.

Second, the spirit itself possesses magic power and can exercise it in sync with the wearer. In other words, the wearer can add magic power.

Third, the energy source uses almost infinite magical element. Therefore, although the output and service life of the crystal are limited, maintenance costs and labor are not required.

Fourth, the manufacturing process only involves the condensation of the magic with the cooperation of the high-ranking spirits, almost no raw material is required, and developers can easily mass-produce spirit crystals at low cost.

Technically, it has leaped technology over a thousand years forward.

The first point is spirit assist, which is when connected to a ship’s magical element engine, the conventional ship maneuvering via androids or humans will be replaced by the optimal behavior through the assistance of a spirit that can perceive the sixth sense. The ship’s maneuvering efficiency can be increased many times, and the calculation time of the warp can be significantly reduced.

The second point is a feature that everyone wants, such as the addition of magic power of the wearer. Although there is a limit to the wearer’s magic power to synchronize, 40 billion people still want it.

The third point, which does not require cost or effort, strongly supports the purchase.

The fourth point is that mass production is easy, but only developers can do it.

It is an indispensable event to reach the true end in hard mode.

In the final battle, a spirit fleet, made up of troops equipped with spirit crystals, will become meteors and rush into the huge fortress ridden by Digitalis.

It’s just a matter of connecting to the information terminals that everyone has at present, and most of the information terminals of the Diete Monarchy’s 40 billion people will connect to spirit crystals in about 10 years.

In the meantime, the unlisted private stock of Second System Co., Ltd. will divide 1 million Rhodes worth of stock by 100,000 to have 100,000 shares at 10 Rhodes per share, before confidently listing on the market at 1 million Rhodes per share.

However, the stock sold well, and even if one stock was divided into 100 shares, the stock price was maintained at 1 million Rhodes.

In other words, the first stock will be worth 10 million shares.

This time, Hart acquired 200 shares, or 40% of the shares, with 200 million Rhodes. In 10 years, it’s value is expected to reach 2,000 trillion Rhodes.

“Well, thanks to you, we’re on track to get the capital to start selling.”

“No, the Spirit is a revolutionary invention, it will definitely succeed.”

Dr. Joseph Kerman, the president of the company that developed the spirit, asked Hart for a handshake with a friendly expression.

Hart also responded with a smile, praising the young genius.

“I earn about 18.33 million Rhodes every month, so please let me continue to buy 18 million Rhodes worth of shares a month from now on. It will be expensive for a while, but if we own more than two-thirds of the stock, we can exercise our sole voting rights and we won’t be interfered with.”

“I don’t mind, but I think we have enough funds.”

“You’ll need money to pay the trade when you put it into distribution. It’s better to have a little extra money saved.”

Dr. Kerman’s biggest drawback is his lack of economic sense.

If he doesn’t keep at least half of the stock, the company will eventually get taken over.

And the company will be sued in court over the development of the spirit, which will not lead to the true true end.

But because of his naivety, Hart will be able buy up more than 50 percent of the company’s stock without going public, even if the device sells explosively.

“And I’ll pay another 10 million Rhodes, so please sell me spirit crystals.”

“The planned selling price is 100,000 for F-class, 200,000 for E-class, and 300,000 for D-class. C-class is a little expensive though.”

“I think it’s okay to raise that too. Let me see, F-class for the general public, E-class for knights, D-class for Barons, and C-class for aristocrats, right?”

“I only explained it once, but you remembered it well.”

Although he was often impressed, Hart does not have a good memory, only an overarching knowledge of events.

There are 7 ranks of spirit crystals from S-class to F-class.

S-class CrystalSpirit GodMagic Power UnknownDr. Kerman ‘s Exclusive Use
A-class CrystalSpirit King6250For the largest Shareholder (for Yuna).
B-class CrystalSenior Spirit2560For Employees
C-class CrystalIntermediate Spirit (Top)810For Aristocrats
D-class CrystalIntermediate Spirit (Bottom)160For Quasi-Aristocrats
E-class CrystalLower Spirit (Top)40For Knights & Superior Customers
F-class CrystalLower Spirit (Bottom)10For General Public

The abilities of the spirits vary greatly depending on the class.

“I’ll pay 10 million Rhodes, so can I ask for an A-class? I’ll also leave the shareholders’ carte blanche.”

“If I could seal some of the abilities, that would be fine, but anything above B-class gives a troubling performance, and I have no intention of putting them out to the public. Since you are military, I would ask that you keep your performance under control and only unleash them in crisis situations.”

“Very well. Thank you.”

Hart nodded, trying hard not to let his inner joy show on his face.

“Please allow me to buy some C-class or lower for acquaintances. They’ll be scarce soon anyway.”

“We’ve even built a production plant, but we couldn’t get them into circulation, so our inventory is overflowing.”

“Once it gets on the market, it’ll sell by word of mouth right away. Even if someone wants to buy stocks from there on, please do not sell. If you’re going public, it’s better to divide one stock into 100,000 shares or more before selling.”

Hart made an immediate payment using an information terminal and got an A-class crystal.

Thanks to that, despite going to the Marquis Carneus’ residence the next day, his mood remained at its best. As a result, Philine was so skeptical about Hart’s unusual attitude.

The territory governed by the Marquis Carneus, a senior aristocrat, is in the Apollo system.

The Apollo system is 310 light-years from Earth towards Anthares in the Scorpio Constellation.

From Diros, the Capital planet of the Monarchy of Diete, it is about 150 light-years away, and even in modern times, with the improvement of travel technology, it takes less than two months for a one way trip there.

Philine’s grandfather, the Marquis Carneus, usually governs the territory in the Apollo system.

However, Philine had contacted him five months ago to present her partner, which was the condition of the succession for the three sisters, at their mansion in the royal capital, so he had come all the way from the Apollo system.

Thus, Hart was shot by the keen eye of a dignified, gray-haired, elderly man.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your Excellence, Marquis Carneus. I am the youngest son of the Baron Hiragi family, and my name is Hart Hiragi. I am currently a second year cadet at the Diete Monarchy Military Academy. I am 16 years old. The same age as Miss Philine.”

And Hart swallowed the words, “May I go home?”

No matter how intimidating he may be, to the Marquis who came from the Apollo star system, that manner of speaking may be beyond him.

“I am Bastian Carneus. A Marquis of the Monarchy.”

Originally, Hart was not in a position to answer directly to the Marquis, but the Marquis responded nonetheless.

And while being intimidated, he is invited into the residence.

Hart’s paternal grandfather was Baron Hiragi, and his maternal grandfather was Baron Melendez.

His father was the second son of a Baron family, and his mother was the eldest daughter of a baron family. Hart is a second son, but he is of the blue blood that the aristocrats care about, that is, the bloodline of the high magic powered people from the past.

Philine, one of the three sisters fighting for succession, brought him here, so he was barely recognized as a formal visitor.

What is most noteworthy about Hart is his anchored magic power value of 91,150. A figure so outrageous that a Police Squad flew in from the Military to investigate.

The magic power value is currently classified a state secret.

The details can only be disclosed to parents and a potential spouse’s aristocratic family.

Others only knew that he surpassed the Royal grandson due the system of publishing the result rankings of the Academy of Magic.

If he had been born on the chaotic Earth side after the War of Independence, he would have been strapped to a machine and lived as a breeding horse until he was depleted.

Since the destruction of Earth, magical individuals have been treated as an indispensable part for operating ships by those who claim the right to live over there.

As a result, the population continued to be forcibly increased, and the magic power holders of the Coalition of Humanity have surpassed the Monarchy of Diete in both quality and quantity.

The Monarchy of Diete has a sense of crisis, and magic power is valued by each aristocratic family.

Dinner was already prepared, and Philine’s parents, sisters and younger brother were also present in the residence.

The Marquis himself took the initiative in the conversation, and after a light introduction of the family, the meal was served while Hart exchanged greetings with them.

Psychologically, Hart was in no mood to eat.

He swallowed “May I go home?” for the second time, and turned his gaze toward Philine.

Then Philine gave a very charming smile.

To Hart, it was a devil’s smile.

At the end of the simple test on attitude and table manners, Marquis Carneus finally got into the main subject.

“Now, Cadet Hiragi. I understand that you have heard a little about the circumstances of my Marquis Carneus from Philine.”

In response to the review process of Marquis Carneus, Hart discussed the battle for succession of the three sisters, which he had confirmed with Philine, and the terms of their victory.

“Miss Philine has 25,733 magic power and Miss Dorothea has about 27,040 magic power. The required difference in the magic power value with the partner is about 4,000. In other words, Miss Philine wins if she presents a candidate with more than 4,000 magic power than Miss Dorothea’s.”

“That’s right. I did some research on you. The man with the most magic power, over 30,000, surpassing His Majesty the Sovereign’s Grandson. When I was told that Philine had enrolled in the military academy, I doubted my ears, but if this is the result, I see no problem with it.”

The Marquis turned slightly toward Philine with the keen gaze he had been giving Hart.

“Thank you. Grandfather.”

Philine does not interrupt the conversation, and just gives a light bow.

“If you say just over 30,000, Dorothea’s candidate has more than 26,000. Even though you may not be a part of the senior aristocracy.”

“No, Your Excellency. The magic power I possess is not about 30,000. Please confirm my personal data. This is a figure that has been vetted by the Royal Army.”

In addition to his magic power value of 91,150, Hart sent a formula calculating the magic power to be inherited by their child when multiplied by Philine’s magic power.

Magic power of the first child, 21,044-84,175. The expected value is 37,879.

Magic power of the second child, 20,079-80,315. The expected value is 36,142.

Magic power of the third child, 19,210-76,841. The expected value is 34,578.

In addition, he also transmitted a formula using the hypothetical magic power of Sovereign’s Grandchild, the highest peak in the system, and Dorothea.

Magic power of the first child, 13,890-55,560. The expected value is 25,002.

Magic power of the second child, 12,876-51,504. The expected value is 23,177.

Magic power of the third child, 11,963-47,854. The expected value is 21,534.

“The magic power value required to inherit the Marquis title is 17,280. Miss Dorothea poses a risk if the magical power transfer is low. But Miss Philine has no risk at all.”

The entire Marquis family hardened like the stone statue, and looked back at the data over and over again.

After confirming that the gazes had shifted to the numbers, Hart had a slightly relieved expression.

Philine, on the other hand, snuggled up to Hart and pretended to be a good companion and lover in order to put the finishing touches on the shocked Dorothea.

Dorothea opened her eyes wide and turned her gaze to the two, with an expression that said she would curse them to death with hatred.

Hart’s expression hardened at once when he was struck head on by the murderous gaze, but Philine, who was accustomed to Dorothea, spoke without any regard to it.

“Are you unconvinced?”

“That’s right, I haven’t brought in my candidate yet. Sister probably didn’t know of Mr. Hiragi until his magic power was anchored. Since there is such a precedent, even if it is unilaterally decided, it is unreasonable, unfair and I cannot consent.”

Dorothea made a strong case and turned her gaze toward her grandfather, who had the power to decide.

“Very well. We will wait until three years after Dorothea graduates from the Academy of Magic to confirm the successor to the title.”

“I understand.”

It was put on hold for the time being, but the match seemed to be as good as decided.

At least Marquis Carneus and the Marquis decree had expressions that considered it to have already come to a conclusion. Moreover, Philine also had an expression of composure as if she were the successor to the Marquis family.

Hart’s magic power is worth making a decision.

But don’t underestimate Dorothea.

If overly agitated, she may look to plunder the partner Philine brought with her.

In that case, she would entangle the other party by offering much better conditions than choosing her elder sister. Prepare her elder sister’s condemnation to justify the choice, and drive her sister away.

In short, the actions of the Villainess in the Maiden Game.

And, if judged to be a nuisance, the plundered party is mercilessly subdued by the number of conspiracies, and exiled or in some cases eliminated.

Hart desperately tried not to look at Philine, who incited her sister with an expression of triumph, and Dorothea, who clearly had her eyes on a plan.

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