Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 113

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Chapter 113 – God’s Feelings

“What is your name?”

A woman who suddenly slaps a person’s crotch to determine their gender.

“Earth. That’s my name.’

“…… Earth…… Earth, the boy! Yes, I will remember it!”

“No, it’s not like being a boy is some kind of alias… well, that’s fine…”

There was no hostility, but she’s still a weirdo.

With minimal vigilance, I gave an answer for the time being.

And then, whereas I gave my name, the other party gave a smile.

“I am called Kron. Please treat me well, Earth.”

“…… Kron?”


The girl who gave her own name… Kron.

We’ve only introduced ourselves. But that doesn’t resolve any doubts.

“Are you … a demon?”


First of all, why are there demons here? It might not be so unusual since a half-demon like Bro entered the dojo in this country.

However, I was surprised that there were other demons, because I had only seen humans in this country except for Jamdi’el.

And then……

“Masochist? Are you…… similar to Machio?”

“…… ha? Mr. Machio? Mr. Machio is human, isn’t he?”

“Eh? But before, Karui said with a laugh. People like Machio, who are always training hard, are a race called ‘masochist’. However, since I have never done anything rigorously, I don’t think I’m a masochist.”

“……… that Karui……”

“But even so, Karui said that she respects Machio because he is stronger, kinder and more masculine than anyone else.”

Not good. Her imagination is beyond bothersome, isn’t it? Moreover, that idiot is the cause, isn’t she?

“…… Ah… what can I say… Well, Karui’s name has been coming up for a while now that you mentioned it, you… do you live in the church?”

“Yes. I live on the top floor of the church.”

The top floor of the church. It was a big church, and there must have been rooms up top.

That said, there must be rooms for the other sisters who didn’t have any relatives, and I would not wander around the church indiscriminately.

Therefore, I did not think there would be such a woman in the church, much less a demon.

『…… Kron…… th… this one… by no means… no….. however…… could it be? Such an occurrence…』

And, unusually, Tre’ainar was more surprised than I am.

Until now, Tre’ainar never so much as stuttered even after seeing Mr. Aka, Bro, or Toulowe, but this time, with this girl named Kron before him, he seemed tremendously displeased.

“Umm~… all things considered… you…”

“dah?? Hey, wha!? H, hey, whoa! What’s with that all of a sudden?”

The moment I took my eyes off her, Kron was looking into my face from below with an innocent expression. Moreover, she was so close.

So I take a step back in surprise at the unexpected sense of distance.

But when he saw me, Kron looked somewhat pleased…

“Fufufu, you… are the second one!”

“…… What?”

“So far, everyone I’ve met has spoken with extremely polite speech … but you don’t. You’re the second man I’ve met who does that!”

Apparently, casual talk, moreover from the opposite sex was unusual to her.

She was happy about that, such a weird girl.


“Not since Bro!”


“Oh! Do you know of Bro?”

“Ah, well, I know him…”

Of all people, I had the same treatment or attitude as him… but…… she’s never heard anything other than honorific language, who was she really…

“Lady Kron, is thou here?”


“Eh, geh!?”

Just then, a jet-black winged being appeared in the still-dark sky.

“Oh, Jamdi’el. Very good morning.”

“If thou would take a walk, please give word…”

It was Jamdi’el, and I was truly astonished at the interaction between the two.

Because Kron, who seemed to have ‘never heard anything other than honorific speech used by people’, was also having honorifics used very much from Jamdi’el to my surprise.

And Jamdi’el herself seemed to respect Kron.

How unlikely that was.

Jamdi’el was not some High Priestess of a secluded nation. Her true identity was a Six Supremacy and Great General of the Demon King Army.

One of them used honorifics with a girl who didn’t seem to be much older than me, and the moment she descended to the ground, she got down on one knee and bowed like a Knight of the Kingsguard.

A legendary existence like the Six Supremacy bowed her head. That’s exactly what…


Unless the other party was the Great Demon King…

“…… Fufufufu… even though… no way, thou is here as well. Earth Lagann.”


“As far as I can see, thou was working on Magical Road Work, and happened to meet Lady Kron? Nay, this is no coincidence, it’s inevitable, is it fate?”

“…… Ha, huh?”

And while I was surprised and dumbfounded, Jamdi’el, who was bowing her head, talked to me with an eerie laugh.

“Ara? Is Jamdi’el also an acquaintance of Earth?”

“Indeed… currently, he resides in the church due to certain circumstances. I hoped his greeting to Lady Kron would be at the next congregation, excuse the delay.”

“Well, is that right? Then, Earth knows Machio, Karui, Bro, and Jamdi’el! How wonderful! So the world is at peace today and everyone is getting along!”

I was at a loss for a reaction “The world is at peace today and everyone is getting along”? It was too congratulatory, a rather chilly phrase.

However, for Kron to utter such a line as her true opinion from the depths of her heart.

That’s why I was at a loss for words.

“What’s wrong? Earth Lagann… Fufufufu, to stare so passionately at Lady Kron… well, thou must have fallen in love with Lady Kron!”

“…… ha?”

“Hmm, I understand without thou saying a thing. Lady Kron has the bloodline that fascinates all in this world. It’s no wonder that thou, still in adolescence, harbor such feelings and would want to conceive with her and have plenty of children.”

“Hey, no, no, wait a minute!? Oh, you’re saying something suddenly out of the blue!?”

“Fuhahaha, I see! After all, one who is closer in age would be beneficial. But unfortunately it’s still too early, Earth Lagann. That’s right, thou would have to wait at least 7,776,000 seconds.”

Somehow, Jamdi’el seemed frantic and scary as hell. Moreover, what she said was ridiculously insane.

The conversation was suddenly too far out of control.

A mysterious girl who even Jamdi’el worshiped. In front of her… erm…… co, conceive…

“Conceive? What is that?”

“Oh, Lady Kron. That’s how the child is given birth to, I taught thee the other day.”

“Ah! That’s right! Let me see, certainly…”

And maybe she didn’t understand the meaning of Jamdi’el’s words to me, Kron tilted her head…

“Yes! I remember now! A man gets excited and gets erec―――――”

“tte, that’s irresponsible of you! Hey, I can’t keep up with the situation!”

And I realized. This woman was preposterous by natural.

If I hadn’t shouted out, she would have said something outrageous with that innocent smile.

I don’t know what to make of this woman.

She’s really…



“Hmm? Is something wrong, Earth Lagann? Is thy face not pale?”

With my face hot, I think I yelled out. But the next moment, as I suddenly looked sideways, I got goosebumps all over my body at the sight of Tre’ainar’s figure.

『Is that how it is… curse you… Jamdi’el… to use ‘that’… the Ancient Techniques of the City of Sorcery, Shiznautmy…. however, tis highly unethical, I said never to use it… many times over…』

Jamdi’el and Kron seemed to care about my situation, but it was more than that, I was simply terrified.

I’ve experienced Tre’ainar’s bloodlust first hand in our spars many times.

He had even lectured me on my inadequacies many times.

At times, he gave me his dignified adult opinions.

However, it was the first time I’ve seen Tre’ainar like this.

『Never have I felt resentment at the absence of this body as I do now… were this body alive and well… even if she was one of my Six Supremacy, I would take that head at once….』

That was the expression of Tre’ainar, who was the Great Demon King during her lifetime, which I never knew.

And I’ve never seen Tre’ainar so angry.

“Hmm, what’s wrong? Is thou tired from running too hard? Would that not be troubling? Also, Lady Kron. Let us return soon.”

“Yes, I understand.”

However, no matter how much anger and bloodlust Tre’ainar exuded, it would never reach Jamdi’el.

Words, blades, and everything from Tre’ainar couldn’t reach the current Jamdi’el.

That’s why Jamdi’el didn’t know anything about the feelings of Tre’ainar himself, who she worshiped to the extent that she called him God.

As proof of that, Jamdi’el was completely ignorant of the spirit and anger of Tre’ainar who was right beside her.

“Fufufufu, Earth Lagann and Lady Kron… if it comes to be, much trouble will be saved… Fufufufu, all that’s left is the qualification of winning the tournament. José emerged a failure, Bro is gone, and I thought Machio would be adequate, but I feared Machio’s bulk would break the petite Lady Kron, so I wondered what to do… Fufufufu, hahahahaha…”

And although I couldn’t hear what she was saying, Jamdi’el muttered something in a very low voice, with a terrible smile.

“After all, fate is on our side! Surely, all is according to God’s divine guidance!”

Jamdi’el suddenly looked up and raised her voice to the sky.

So….. you really don’t understand God’s feelings…

“Ara? What’s going on? Jamdi’el.”

“Who knows…”

I held my head for a moment.

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      Run Earth, your chastity is in danger!

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    1. In the Jamdiel POV chapter, she spoke about using a technique from the city of sorcery and a lock of the Great Demon Lord’s hair that she managed to cut off before he defeated her. I figured that she was trying to clone him, hence the anger on Treynor’s part.

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      1. Its the same way earth stands for heart, but I bet many ppl didnt realize this since he has good affinity for earth magic and all.

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  2. Thanks for the Chapter.
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