Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 112

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Chapter 112 – Crotch

Magical Yoga. A new training that Tre’ainar showed me.

It was a combination of breathing, posture, and meditation to control the flow of energy in the body.

The effects are… hmm, well…… various, it seems, and by taking poses I normally don’t, I stimulate and activate muscles and joints in areas that are not often used in everyday life… hmm, but that pose…

「Magical Happy Baby Pose! Keep this up for a minute.」

Lying on the back, hold the knees with both hands.

Slightly pull the chin back and straighten the back.

With the knees open, pull the thighs to the side, grasp the soles of the feet with the hands, and pull them downwards.

This…… there was such a pose in the treasured book I had hidden in my room.

What was it called?

It was like changing a baby’s diaper….

「Stretch the hips and spine. This soothes the mind and alleviates stress and fatigue.」

This training is serious. Therefore, Tre’ainar took poses like “Happy Baby” and such with a straight face.

I was glad we were in the world of Vier. No matter what happens, it’s all a dream.

I endured, clenched my lips so hard I might bite it off…

「High difficulty pose. Magical Demon Saint Pose!」

What’s going on now?

Crawling on all fours, he hung his left leg over his left shoulder and extended his knees straight.

Floating with the right foot straight behind him, and supported his whole body with only the hands to maintain the posture… what a limber body… amazing…… and yet, not good!

「This strengthens the triceps, abdominal muscles, hips, and core, and also improves concentration and balance.」

That’s enough. Now, I’m… listening, don’t…

「And this, cur, is my favorite Great Demon Spiral… materialization in both hands … 【Great Demon Twin Spiral • Devil Spiral Breakstream】!!!」


And this was the promised situation.

A Great Magic Spiral in both hands, I have never seen that before. Two surging spirals create a huge swirl, causing a catastrophe in the Vier world.

Even though I didn’t laugh out loud, the smiling Tre’ainar looked very angry.

I didn’t laugh… I endured… Forgive me…

…… And then I woke up.

“Hah, hah… ah~… so much night sweats…”

The room in which I was allocated at the church.

My sleepwear, as I got up from the bed, was drenched with sweat.

Even though I diligently took a bath when I finished training.

“Fuh~… even though it’s a dream, being killed is exhausting… not a good way to wake up…”

『Tis your own fault… laughing over and over again at my expense…』

“B, because…”

Tre’ainar, who killed me in the dream world, was angry at my bedside.

『Are you prepared? That yoga is not merely for learning Magical Breathing, is it? Concentration, meditation… they will surely lead to gaining ‘another’ power.』


No, I understand. Seriously. And Tre’ainar was serious too.

However, the more serious he was, the bigger the impact.

In particular, that ‘happy baby’ was bad.

Happy baby with a serious Tre’ainar.



『Nah!? Y, you cuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!!』

“Eep, s, sorry! I, I’ll remember…”

『Indeed, you wretch! Enough! Tis a little early for dawn, but go out for road work!』

“Ah~, geez… well, whatever…”

He wouldn’t let me sleep again.

As punishment, I was forced out of bed by Tre’ainar who shouted at the bedside to run.

“Well, it’s like a morning walk.”

『No, you shall make a dash.』


『Promptly move out!』

“Yes yes… alright, master.”

『Hmm, calling me master only when tis convenient, no longer shall I be deceived!』

It was still dark outside, and the morning sun hasn’t risen.

Of course, no sister had awoken yet.

Looking out of the window, there was no one walking in the streets.

『Road work. Yoga. Jumping rope. Shadows. Muscle training. And sparring in Vier. The menu for the next three months will mostly be so. And in these three months, I shall make you … several times stronger than you are now…  so, run with the resolve for death!! Tis about the strengthening of the lower body!』

“O, Osu!!”

『Quickly now, get moving!』

In the midst of such a calm atmosphere, the fervent energy of the Great Demon King still kicked in, and I was immediately driven to run with only light stretching.

The town was dim all over, but the fresh air soaked in and I felt refreshed.

“Hah~, still, I feel weird.”

『What is wrong?』

“You see, since I ran away from home, I’ve been on the move most of the time, so I couldn’t settle down somewhere… could I?”


“That’s why… the fact that I won’t be going to the academy, I won’t take classes, and I can focus on training all day from now on… is either going to be fun, or hell…”

Without being bound by anything, I could just spend time purely on getting stronger.

There was also the new challenge of learning Magical Breathing, and I was looking forward to seeing how strong I could become in the future.


『Hou~, it seems your heart still has some leeway… quite dependable, are we?』

“Come on.”

I hadn’t realized at the time.

Invigorating, the days when I only wanted pure strength was about to begin. That’s what I thought.

But that was because I still didn’t know anything about Jamdi’el’s goal or true intentions.

What was Jamdi’el up to? The hint to that came abruptly and unexpectedly so early in the morning.


『…… muh?』

As I ran through the empty streets of the town, and reached the beach, Tre’ainar and I were surprised.

There was no one in the streets, so I thought there would be no one on the sandy beach, but it wasn’t so.

“… is someone there?”


There was a figure on the beach.

Not that there was anything strange about it.

As I am running outside like this, it wouldn’t be strange if someone woke up early and went for a walk on the beach.

Well, it was too early to call it a morning walk.

But as we ran closer to the person, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

“Wha … horn …?”


A large horn was growing out of the person’s head.

Devil-kin? Half-breed like Bro?


“…… a song?”

I heard a gentle, calm, and relaxing song like a lullaby.

A woman’s voice that sounded a little childish.

Who in the world…

“~~~~ ♪ Hmm… ara?”


『…… Eehh!!??』

And then the other party noticed me.

A mysterious woman standing on a still dim beach.

Petite, young, probably about my age or a little younger than me?

And her figure…

“Hmm~… in this case… umm, very good morning?”

“…… eh?”

“Yes! It’s still too early to say good morning, so I tried adding ‘very’ on it… is that correct?”


Pure white, slender limbs, a white dress and a lightly fluttering short skirt.

With long, fluffy white hair, a beauty… or rather, cute? Such a girl?

However, it was clear that the girl wasn’t human.

And what I found curious was the horn extending from her head.

Furthermore, the shape of the horn was…

「…… the same? Tre’ainar’s horn… also…… what is it…… this feeling…」

『……………………… this one……』

A demon horn. I was stunned at the sight of such a girl.

“Wh… who the heck are you…”

“Ara? You don’t know of me?”

“Eh…… Ah, ah huh…”

“It would seem! My goodness, well, nice to meet you!”

“Ah, hi, nice to meet you…”

A smile so pure that I couldn’t feel any hidden side to it at all.

“Fufufufu, this is my first time speaking to a stranger alone. I’m nervous.”

I don’t know who she is.

However, she’s not human… I wonder…… her overflowing aura… she was certainly not an ordinary person.

And then……

“It is said that, one should take the trouble, so allow me to ascertain it, okay?”

“No, eh? What…”.

“Then, excuse me.”




The next moment, I didn’t realize what she was doing for an instant.

“Hey, wha, hah!? H, hey, what are you doing!?”

The untainted girl in front of me smiled and touched my crotch as if checking for “You-Know-What” with her hand.

“There’s something between your legs that I lack… I see…… I understand! You’re a boy, aren’t you?”

“You can tell by looking at me!?”

“Eh? …… Is that so? I don’t usually meet anyone other than the girls in the church, I only see boys once in a while. So I don’t know.”

“Wh, what?”

My jaw dropped at the excessive lack of common sense uttered by this little girl, regardless of whether she was a demon or a human.

What the hell kind of sheltered young lady was she?

However, for now…

“Anyway, don’t suddenly touch the crotch of the man you met for the first time!”

“Eh!? But…… this is the most reliable way to check if the other person is a man or not…. Karui, who takes care of me, told me so …”

At any rate, when I get back to the church, I’ll give Karui a smack in the head.

Author’s Note

Thank you very much for your warm comments on the author’s unsuccessful marriage party. I think that I have one more story in my life, and I will make use of this failure for something sooner or later.

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