Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 – Hungry Spirit

The church’s dining hall was large, and there were dozens of sisters present…. we were in such a place.

“Now, Earth, I want you to eat more and more! Eat up, strengthen yourself, and do well at the tournament no matter what… I hope you do your best!”

A number of dishes were brought to the table one after another.

Fish, noodles, meat, and so on with some seasoning that was different from we have in the Empire, but I had no problems eating any at all.

Or perhaps I should say, it was appetizing.

“Look, not just you, Earth, I also want your friends to eat without hesitation.”

Taking pride in her skills, which were just as she claimed, Elder Sis Tsukshi served us the meal while wearing an apron over her sister uniform, and ‘we’ devoured it greedily.

“Thank you. It’s really tasty… and warm… I wonder if this is what home cooking is all about…”

“Ora, this meat is mine!”

“Wa, something new… wa, this here, too.”

“Now, my tears can’t stop! This and that are so good!”

In the church’s dining hall, where only the sisters were allowed to step in, I and Mortriage’s group were treated to dinner with the other sisters.

At first, Mortriage and the others tried to refrain from eating in the unfamiliar maiden’s garden, but were unable to overcome their hunger, and lined up to eat.

The other sisters, who were about our age, were glancing at us from a distance, as if they didn’t usually have much contact with young men.

However, they didn’t talk to each other, and the sisters didn’t look at them with contempt like bitches at the magic school, therefore it was peaceful.

And I…

“Whoa~! Seriously! Inya~ I wanted to see ~, Big Brother and Mr. Machio sparring!”

“Un. It was amazing.”

In front of me, Karui was excitedly fussing after hearing about the incident with Machio earlier in the day…

“Un. Bite, Aaah!”

Sticking meat on a little fork for kids and holding it out to me… Amae was sitting on my lap.

“Well~, Amae. ‘Bite’, is it? Shouldn’t you say, ‘Here, Eat, Earth big brother’ properly?”


The moment I sat in a chair to eat at the dining hall, Amae ran and silently jumped up on my lap and occupied it with a “Mufuu”.

At first she was told off for misbehaving, but she wouldn’t move anywhere else, and it was too troublesome as she made a fuss and cried, so I gave up and allowed it.

However, since the way she talked could continue to influence her in the future, Elder Sis Tsukshi warned Amae to pay attention to her speech.

Then, with a start, Amae overreacted to the light sermon for some reason.

“…… Uuu~…”.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

For some reason, Amae suddenly looked down and was mumbling. I, Elder Sis Tsukshi, and Karui tilt our heads at her state.

“…… b… other…”

Hah? What was that?

“…… bi… br… ther…”

…… eh!?!

Soon, I felt like my whole body was struck by lightning… what was that?

I tried asking Amae, who was mumbling on my lap with her face blushed red.

But before I could ask, Amae jumped off my lap, as if she couldn’t bear it anymore.

And, without looking back, she ran to the dining hall exit.

“Amae, what was that… just now? Hey, I’m not deaf, but I couldn’t understand that much!”

“…… I don’t know!!”

No, I got what she wanted to say! I understood it, but I wanted to encourage her to say it, so I impulsively pretended not to hear, but Amae did not look back and screamed as she left the cafeteria.

“Haha … ah~, she’s embarrassed…. but that child, apparently, seems to like you a lot. Right, Earth?”

“You two played together. I haven’t seen Amae this attached to a man since Mr. Machio.”

Tsukshi, Karui, and other sisters had a wry smile.

Under such warm gazes and atmosphere, I cringed a little, but at the same time, my heart felt somewhat warm and fuzzy.

“For some reason… even if the tournament started now, I feel like I could win the championship.”

“”So straightforward !!??””

『Oi oi, child…』

I was really excited, or I was a little pleased… that’s why, I soon felt a little shy and wanted to work harder.

“Inya~, but Amae seems to be having fun, and is big sister feeling nervous? Well, it’s always a quiet, silent dining hall, so things are little pitter-patter today.”

“Is that right?”

Karui had a cackling laugh as she described the current atmosphere of the dining room.

“See, it’s usually just us girls, and except for me, who goes to school, and big sister, who trains at the dojo, the others have nothing to do with young men.”

“Erm… but it can’t be helped. In the first place, we have devoted our bodies and hearts to God…”

“I know~. That’s why big sister keeps her feelings for Mr. Machio in her heart――――”

“B-b-b, but I’m sure God will forgive me because he’s so generous! Hmm~! So, hmm, I think it’s okay!”

The Sisters were dedicated to God. I suppose it’s the same for this secluded country.

However, the god they worship was different.

“It’s all right, Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Feh? Ah, Earth?”

“God is very good natured, caring, and he loves people who make an effort, so I’m sure he’ll support Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Huag!? E, even if, Earth, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make fun of your Big Sis!”

I wasn’t teasing.

Because I could talk directly to the god they worship.

「Don’t you agree? You would forgive them with an open mind, right? You’ll give your support, right? Oh Great God?」

『…… Silence…… dullard…』

With a wry smile at Tre’ainar, who couldn’t stand being treated as a god without consent, I backed up Elder Sis Tsukshi, who was flustered with her face flushed red.

“Well, that’s right… there are a lot of young people in this church, and other sisters seem to be the same age as us, but why is only Karui attending the magic school?”

“Eh, ah… ah~, that’s…”

I casually asked a question while eating my meal.

However, Karui smiled a little apologetically, as if they were reasonably special circumstances involved.

Then, Elder Sis Tsukshi…

“Well, that… we’re, almost all of us, war orphans… our livelihood comes from church donations, but it’s not like we can afford that much luxury… of course, not everyone’s tuition can be paid… so, at least if only for the future of Karui, who is the second youngest, and Amae, who is the youngest… that’s the way it is.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi gently stroked Karui’s head while smiling.

Karui let herself be fawned over by entrusting her body to Elder Sis Tsukshi while being stroked.

Well, the tuition for a magic school was quite high.

So, what about the Imperial Academy?

No….. it would be expensive. It’s definitely high. In the first place, aristocrats and even the princess attended it.

I went through the academy without any questions or any gratitude, but… the reality is that my parents paid my tuition… and, I ran away from home and dropped out….

I had some mixed feelings.

“Ah, that’s it! Today, for the sake of the sisters, why don’t we have a get-together party instead of just eating separately and glancing at each other? With Senior Mortriage and his friends!”


“Hey, Karui! What are you talking about!?”

“Okay, big sister has Mr. Machio, but other sisters don’t have many opportunities like this.”

“B, but…”

To Karui’s sudden suggestion, the guy’s shoulders clearly shook with a start… and the sisters looked like their hearts were pounding.

Although they were only peeking at each other, they seemed keenly interested.

Even though Mortriage and the others were relegated to the corner of the magic school, that did not matter here.

But I thought a little about Karui’s proposal for a moment, and then…

“Hmm… no, not yet! I’m done eating!”


“Ooouuuh, Mortriage! You guys, eat up, and get some after-meal exercise! We’re still haven’t sparred yet!”

I immediately finished my own meal, and shouted to the boys.


“Hey, still in the middle of my meal … and that …”

“All of a sudden…? That, friendship…”

“What’s wrong? We can talk with the sisters, right?”

Sure enough, they seemed a little puzzled by my sudden remarks.

The sisters were also a little freaked out.

But I deliberately said it.

“Aaahh You guys, don’t be so care-free! We’re going to make them pay for what they’ve done! Or is this what you guys wanted to do? You want to get to know the girls? Are you satisfied with just that? Is that what changing yourself is all about? That’s wrong! It’s about getting back at those who mocked us! To that end, leave the fun party for later, or you’ll lose the hungry spirit that sprouted up with great effort!”


There are those who want to go to magic school but can’t, and others who quit on their own, but these guys are still attending magic school.

However, they were just going through the motions, doing nothing in particular and rotting away. They’ve declared to me today that they want to change themselves.

In that case, I had to do it.

Then, surprisingly…

“Yes… that’s right…… yeah…… I was just thinking that I need to work harder and harder!”

“Ora, let’s do it!”

“Yes… Confidence…… Yes, I want to be able to have it.”

“But, I can’t just move so suddenly, I’m human.”

Except for one, they stood up with glaring eyes.

Apparently, they haven’t wilted yet, and I was a little impressed.

“That’s why, Karui. The social gathering… I’ll ask for it after they gain a little more confidence in themselves… as a reward when they become stronger.”

“Uha~, so passionate, big brother! Well, that might be fun ♪ if possible, it’s better to be stronger and cooler.”

Therefore, the fun party is postponed a little longer.

“Yes, that’s the spirit! Do your best! Boys!”


“Ha~, good grief, these guys…”

Elder Sis Tsukshi cheered for Mortriage’s group.

None of the other sisters mocked them like the bitches from today.

Rather, they were smiling with a gentle look.

To the cheers, Mortriage and the others became more enthusiastic.

『Hou~, tis a good decision, child. As expected, just as you gave your all in the previous match for the maid’s bosoms as a reward.』

「S, Shut up…」

I feel like I’ve been teased a bit, but well, Tre’ainar’s said it’s a good decision, so it’s fine.

Besides, I also do exercise after meals and before going to bed… because…… I’m sure there will be training in 【Vier】 while I’m asleep.


That’s right.

“Oh … which reminds me, I’ve been curious for a while, doesn’t Ja…… the High Priestess have her meals with you?”

While stretching lightly, I wondered why Jamdi’el wasn’t there during the meal and asked, and then Elder Sis Tsukshi…

“Oh, the High Priestess is probably… with the ‘Goddess’?”

And it’s been on my mind once or twice, but… “Goddess”.

Tre’ainar said it was useless to think about Jamdi’el, but I’m still curious.

Author’s Note

Thank you very much for your support. And first, my apology.

There is a wedding party this evening, so I can’t update it tomorrow morning.

Well, I don’t know if it will work out well… anyway, I’ll tell you in advance because it seems impossible tomorrow.

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