Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – The Target in Three Months

At the end of sparring, I got off the ring while wiping my sweat.

Well, it was more like a self-introduction than a sparring session.

Because there wasn’t much damage to each other.

The pain on my back wasn’t lingering, and my numbness was gradually subsiding.

However, if I’d been hit with all his might, it would not have ended well.

“Even though, he was seriously muscular… is he really human?”

『Indeed, he is human without a doubt.』

Seeing Mr. Machio wiping sweat with a hand towel, I thought for a moment, “Just like Bro, Machio is actually also…”, which Tre’ainar denied.

『He possesses higher limits of physique, skeletal structure, and muscle mass than most humans… In some sense…… tis likely he possesses what is close to the limits of the muscle mass humans can obtain by “purely” training… without being conceited about his gifted talent… I suppose he gained such through my blood-soaked training.』

“Talent… Is it?”

Talent. Tre’ainar also said that after my Max measurement.

No matter how hard I train, I can’t catch up with Machio’s power.

Certainly, despite being the same human, those thick muscles are out of the standard, a crystallization of his talent and effort.

In three months, that power will be unleashed at full throttle.

It was both interesting and quite troubling.

“…… A… amazing…”


That’s when I noticed dozens of people around me as I stepped out of the ring.

Apparently, everyone was buzzing, as if they had acknowledged me.


“You were … so … so amazing.”

“Who the hell are you, bastard!”

“Why…. can you do that…. that much?”

“Are you a genius, too?”

The guys from the magic school were surprised and puzzled by me, and had somewhat complicated expressions.

Perhaps, because I was seen as someone in the same situation as they were or the fact that I’m “one of many other guys other than José”.

“Ah, thank you. But there’s still more to go.”

“Still more!? Even though he’s so strong… such courage… yet there’s still a long way to go…”

“Ah. Because my goal now is to win the tournament in three months… but that’s not my ultimate goal.”

“…… Eh?”

Right. Higher and stronger.

A feat that surpasses my father’s achievement of defeating Tre’ainar… to achieve that, there is no thing as “this is enough” strength to accomplish it.

『Although they call it my defeat, it was through cowardly means.』

And even though Tre’ainar was the one whispering me an earful, but still…

I’ve sparred with him many times, so I knew.

For me, who still can’t even land a blow on Tre’ainar, my father who defeated him, even if it was through cowardly means, was still ahead of me.

Huh? That? But, in that sense…

“I think thou will do more than I imagined. And I will buy that haughty ambition.”

Jamdi’el came over to show her appreciation to me after finishing the spar.

That’s right. My father and the seven heroes who once saved the world.

Jamdi’el was among the Six Supremacy who can be said to be almost the same level as the Seven Heroes.

If I fight her, I’ll have a rough idea of the distance…

『Cease at once. tis still too soon for “that”…』

And Tre’ainar, who usually says, “Go, child!”, drew the line at that idea.

In other words, the difference was still vast…

“Hah~, hah~, excuse me, could you step aside a little! J, just now, I heard it was a victory, but really, is it true!?”

Then it was then.

The sound of running up the stairs vigorously.

The voice of a woman raising her voice while gasping for breath.

A woman appeared scraping through the crowd.

“Huh~, huh~, huh~… Hey? Is it true that Mr. Machio sparred? Besides, it was a great spar… and he’s surely aiming to win the tournament!?”

As soon as she arrived, she was spouting words.

She was lightly dressed in a short sleeved top and shorts, held full shopping bags in both hands, and sported a ponytail with her long black hair pulled back into a single bun behind her head.

She wore a band around her forehead to keep the bangs out of the eyes.

And that body… although she was a woman, she was quite well-trained.

A firmly toned body. It was reminiscent of a Shinobu.

However, the only difference from Shinobu is… she had melons for breasts and they were swinging and swaying….

“Tsukshi, are you just returning?”

“Big Sister”

“Mr. Machio!? Is it true that you sparred?! Moreover, a good match against Mr. Machio…”

Oh I see… she is Amae and Karui’s… even so, I thought she would be younger because she was those two’s older sister, but she didn’t seem much older than me… about one or two years?

“Yeah, he was strong. The tournament in three months… it’s like an unexpectedly strong opponent has emerged.”

“S, so much…?”

“Yes, that’s the guy there.”

The woman named Tsukshi, after being told by Mr. Machio, came to look me over.

I also gave her a light bow and quick hello.

Then, the woman named Tsukshi…

“Ah! Or he’s… the boy that the High Priestess brought to us…”

“Oh, seems that way.”

“Well, that’s right… he was strong enough for Mr. Machio to praise him so much. Then, if this is the case, Mr. Machio’s victory in the tournament… it’s becoming tougher~….”

Hmm? You think Machio’s victory might be in a pinch, but why do you look somewhat happy?

No, both Karui and Jamdi’el were like that… I’m finally getting worried.

What’s really going to happen when you win? No way, it shouldn’t be some sort of sacrifice, right?

“What? Is Tsukshi worried that I might not win the tournament?”

“Eh!? No, no, that’s… no, I don’t think so~…. “

“Ha, ha, but, I myself am getting tensed and motivated with this. I have to work harder to win the tournament in three months’ time.”

“Ah, no, uh… Mr. Machio has been working hard enough… but maybe you don’t need to work so hard anymore~….”

However, the “good vibes” drifting between the two warmed the atmosphere of the room somewhat.

Are these two people in “that kind of relationship”?

“Eh… Hello~.”

“Hmm? Yes.”

“I’m Tsukshi. 17 years old. I’m living in a church like Karui and Amae and I’m here to support your livelihood, so pleased to meet you~.”

She said and greeted me… 17 years old!?

“Oh, you’re two years older than me?”

“Oh, so, are you 15 years old? Then, if you have any problems, leave it to big sister~♪.”

“Oh, b, but”

“You can call me Big Sis!”

Tsukshi smiled and tapped her chest… surely I’m not the only one who saw those swaying things.


“H, hey, Mr. Mahcio… How old are you?”

“Myself? I’m 27 years old, but…”

“T, twenty-seven years old!?”

I thought he was over 30, but surprisingly… No, still…

“But Mr. Machio and Tsukshi…”

“Big Sis!”

“…… Elder Sis Tsukshi…”

“Hmm… Well, maybe a compromise? So what about me and Mr. Machio?”

“No, you’re… a couple yet 10 years apart in age…”


Well, it may not be uncommon for a couple to have such difference in age, but it’s amazing that a teen is in love with someone ten years older than them.

Sadiz and I have a four-year age difference…. we didn’t go out though! I couldn’t go steady with her like that!

“Eh?! Eh, eh!? Eh?! Is, is that right? Eh!? Is, is that how it looks like to you!?”

And, Elder Sis Tsukshi suddenly blushed bright red and got flustered.

Hmm? That? Is it different, “not yet”?

“Hahaha, no, young man. Like Amae and Karui, Tsukshi has been around since she was very young, she’s like a daughter and a younger sister to me.”


Ah, Elder Sis Tsukshi groaned “Zuun” as she got blatantly depressed with a heavy thump in the air, at the words Mr. Machio said with a refreshing smile.

And the people in the dojo and from the town smiled wryly.

Ah, I see. That’s the way it is.

In other words, Mr. Machio’s line was correct in a sense, but the remark was too cruel… Moreover, the person himself has zero malice. Didn’t you notice?

Looking back, I didn’t want to be treated as a kid brother by Sadiz, either…

“…… hmm…… I get it.””

“Haha, right.”

“…… Ha~, is this how the men of this country are? Do you have hearing loss or are you insensitive to the human mind?”

“…… Huh? What do you mean?”

What do you know about a person’s feelings if you can’t notice the feelings of a woman with such a blatant attitude?

『Oi, child… are you, of all people, saying that?』

「Ah? That’s right. I’m not deaf, I’m not insensitive. I’ve heard Shinobu’s confession, and her feelings are painfully apparent, so I’ve been thinking a lot about it too…」

『…… Huh…』

「Wh, what is it?」

『No… just…… I just felt pity for the girl.』

「? 』

Somehow, Tre’ainar let out an exasperated sigh of dismay at me, but what do you mean?

“You… that…”.

At that time, the boys of the magic school were awkwardly in front of me.

As I recall, this guy was Mortriage…

“If you’re going to win the tournament in three months… do you mean you’re going to beat José?”

To be honest, I didn’t care about that man so much… well……

“That’s right. I’m going to knock them all down… whoever they are.”

I told him so I could be heard by those around me, and I dared Mr. Machio to hear me.

“…… Hoh~”

Mr. Machio also grinned.

He firmly accepted my challenge….

“I see. However, I will not lose. There’s a reason I can’t lose.””

“Yes, that’s right. But I’m not going to lose, either. I have no reason to lose.”

Somewhat refreshingly, but our sparks were properly flying.

The people around me started making a lot of fuss, and Elder Sis Tsukshi was muttering things like “I have hope…”. Yes, let’s find out what happens if we really go for the win.


“Oh, I have a request! Of you!”


Mortriage that seemed to have decided something to do with me…

“With you… can I train too? I also…… I want to be stronger!”

“No way”

I was asked to do something that didn’t make sense, but I refused, and I decided to restart my training for the next three months.

“O, Ora, wait a minute! I’ll ask you to! Me too… I was struck in the heart by your bravery to fight with the strongest Machio! I’m asking! Let me train with you, too!”

“…… Me as well…… I want to change myself! I want to be confident in myself!”

“Please! We can’t end it like this! We’re also… frustrated! We’re also human!”

Well, for the time being, let’s do some muscle training.

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