Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 – Read the Mood

This is a dojo. A place where you can have mock battles. So, I could just try him out as normal.

However, my remarks clearly got the people inside of this dojo abuzz.

“Hey, hey… this guy, what is he saying all of a sudden?”

“As Machio’s… s, sparring partner?”

“I, idiot? You wanna get wrecked?”

“Hahaha, you’re kidding, right? What a naive kid.”

Since coming to this country, I received culture shock in various ways, but I’m reminded that these reactions are universal.

I didn’t mean us trying to “kill each other”, but it’s quite grandiose.

“Spar with you?”


And, I guess up to this point the person in question, Machio, had been far too strong for this kind of invitation.

Well, someone said earlier how, “They don’t have anyone he can spar with “.

So he looked puzzled.

At the same time, although I made the invitation, I also felt that I should really do it.

“Spar… Hmm…”

That would be “concern” for me.

Although it’s a spar, I’m sure he’s wondering what he’d do if I got hurt or something… this kind-looking man was pondering… yet he doesn’t even know what I’m capable of.

“Hey, Mr. Machio. You’re a lot bigger and much older than I am, and it might sound naive to you, but… it’s okay, right? You don’t have to fuss about it.”


“There are some men in this world who are more hurt by concern for being weak than they are by concern for being hurt.”

I’m worried about my weakness.

I won’t forget that wound.

Right? Mr. Aka.

A close friend who cared for me and walked away from me for my sake because I was too weak.

I had never been so heartbroken.

That’s why……

“Sandbag, was it? This sandbag. Well, if you don’t have a partner or if you want to check your form, just punching this is effective enough… as a man, Tsue…”

I set up in front of a hanging sandbag right next to me. I’ve never hit it before, and at a glance it looked hard, and the contents were bulging.

“Great Demon Corkscrew Blow!!”


“Won’t you lend me your time?

I slammed my fist into the sandbag, twisting it like a screw, and my fist penetrated, and the contents violently blew through it.

“Wha!? Hey, eh, eeeh!?”

“Ba, ha? Th, the sandbag… was punched through!?”

“That, the first time I’ve seen it except from Mr. Machio!?”

Um…… as expected, I figured Machio could do this much, too.

But if I could do the same thing, then that’s something that no one else in this dojo but Machio and I can do…

“I see… you…… of the country… no, a guest from outside the island.”


“Unlike myself, to whom this island nation is everything in the world… what you are aiming for… what you’ve seen is fundamentally different… that’s why I feel a different vibe from the youths of this country.”

Oh I see… in this country, which was basically isolated, there was no interaction with the outside world, so they don’t get involved with guys from the outside world.

That’s why, Jamdi’el, who wasn’t actually human, may fool around with things as a High Priestess…

“It’s a very rare experience to work with such a man. I’d be happy to oblige.”

“Hey, okay. Well, no need to hold back…”

Machio agreed. The surroundings were still buzzing about the decision.

“Master, are you sure?”

“Ah! Do as thou would please.”

Only Jamdi’el didn’t interfere with our exchange, but rather just observed it with interest.

“Let’s go to the third floor. There’s a ‘ring’ there.”


So, without stopping the spar itself, we moved to the third floor to spar.

“Wa, wait a minute, are you really going to do it?”

“Seriously… well, I’ll go check it out!”

“Me too!”

“Oh, I’m really anxious!”

“Hey, why don’t we call the city guys!”

“That Machio, even though it’s just a spar, he hasn’t been in the ring in a long time!”

“Ku~, the hype! We get to see Machio’s show again!”

Then all the guys who were training until then stopped, and followed us up to the third floor.

Show? What are you talking about? It’s sparring. A mock battle even.

While wondering in my mind, we went up to the third floor. And what I saw was a square shaped space of a certain width, surrounded by ropes wrapped around four pillars, set up in the center of the room.

“Wh, what is this?”

“This is the ring. On this, we spar in this limited space.”

I was shown something quite unusual, and at the same time I felt “small”.

Up until now, I’ve been fighting in fairly wide spaces, in the academy, during the match, and in actual battle.

I myself used a close combat fighter, but I used the environment extensively to disrupt the opponent with my footwork.

So this limited space… like a steel cage, it was the first time I had ever been so confined.

『The ring… in here, the fighting tactics in itself changes, there is no escape, so you cannot hide in the middle… fail to constantly move your feet, and you shall immediately be caught and done in, will you not?』

“That so… Well, I’ll test out a lot of things.”

Immediately, I went up to the ring and got in. Checking the feel of my feet on the floor and the size of the area.

In this limited space, using footwork to toss your opponent… it’s going to be pretty difficult… you would need fine movements of your feet, not just goose steps and such.

“So, shall we?”

And, Machio also came up. Only taking off his jacket, his upper body became naked.

I was involuntarily taken aback by this giant man, his muscles were so bloated and well-trained that they were stunning.

Fighting this person in such a small place… although…… if it’s just the height, Mr. Aka and Toulowe were bigger. I don’t need to be scared.


That’s why I decided to fully indulge myself.

“Ready, both sides. Ring the bell… begin!”

And the next moment, Jamdi’el rang the bell. That would be the signal for the spar.

The moment the bell rang, I first tried to run around the ring to see how well my feet would work in this space. But……

“… Come… Come on”


As soon as we started, Mr. Machio set up in the center of the ring, low on his haunches, with me in front of him, and the form of his hands, as if he were trying to grab me with both hands.

『Hoh~…’Four Hands’…』

Words I heard from the mouth of Tre’ainar, who was watching from the corner of the ring. Four hands? What does that mean?

No, that’s not the point…

“What’s wrong…?”

Machio had not moved even a single step, he was holding the center.

And yet, I felt some kind of pressure as if being squeezed somehow.

And the problem was those two hands.

I wasn’t sure what it was, but…… my instinct was telling me that those hands were abnormally “dangerous”. Don’t get caught.



I haven’t done anything yet, and I was about to be overwhelmed.

So I started by calming myself down.

Normally, you would be left defenseless by doing this in the middle of a fight, but since Machio didn’t seem to be making a move on me, I was able to do it without problems.

“… Breathing …”

Jamdi’el under the ring murmured, looking at me with interest.

Apparently, she knew the effect of this.

But anyway, I calmed down a little … Come on …

“Fu~ … right, let’s do it!”

“……… Come on.”

First of all, I run at high speed around the opponent in the center of the ring, so he can’t catch me.

He was at the mercy of speed.

“Whoa, oh! That kid…”

“So fast!”

“Not just power at that age, but speed!”

Run around at high speed, and then, and from here, start hitting left consecutive shots.

“…… Hou”

“First, one shot!”

Machio couldn’t avoid it. My left hit Machio’s shoulder… Huh…

“Wh… h, how!?”

Machio didn’t seem to care about my left shot, and on the contrary, it hurt my hand.

It felt like steel, which made me wonder if it was really human muscle.


It’s not that agitating, although I clicked my tongue unintentionally.

Rather, it’s important that my left hit suddenly.

I somehow understood that he was wearing heavy armor of muscle. Machio couldn’t keep up with my speed.

“Great Demon Flicker!”


Then, I steadily hit with consecutive strikes of my whip-like left.

I didn’t stop, and from the front, back, left and right without a break, I hit Machio.

“Oh… those movements… better than in the previous match I saw… in just a few days, it seems he has become even stronger… more and more…… I’m looking forward to it.”

Jamdi’el was saying something, but my fists struck Machio’s skin and was drowned out by the dry sound like a whip.

“Oraaaa! My hands won’t stop!”

“…… Hmm…”

A dry sound continued to resonate. All my attacks hit Machio.

Far from dodging, he’s not even defending? Is his reaction too sluggish?


“He’s not just cheeky.”

“Oh, I can’t see any of his punches!”

“But… that’s…”

My fist was hitting, but it wasn’t resonating with Mr. Machio’s core.

Far from dodging, I felt like he dared to take it all because defending was troublesome.

Yes, it seemed there was no damage. It felt like it was meaningless no matter how many attacks landed.

If so…… it’s a little risky, but… I’ll dive in!

“Going in!”

Jump into his pocket. From here, slam my firmly clenched fist at his open jaw.

“Great Demon Smash!!”

A powerful strike-up blow above the opponent’s neck resounded dully… no way……

“…… wh… at?”

My smash caught Machio’s jaw. However, Machio’s neck didn’t budge, and I couldn’t swing my fist off either.

Yes, Machio withstood my smash with just the strength of his neck.

“A splendid blow…”


“Hitting my body this hard, an average man would break his knuckles… the fact that you are safe is proof that you have been trained intensively.”

Machio praised me while receiving my smash on his chin as if nothing had happened.

No, no, no, I thought he could take a hit, but… this is……

“Then, I’ll go too? You will be able to endure it. Arcane True Zenith ―――― “



The next moment, looking at me in his pocket, Machio made a huge force bump on his arm and swung it around without any tricks to attack me.

However, the attack was so big that I could bend over and avoid it… but the moment the attack passed overhead, my spine froze.

What if I’d gotten hit in the face with that one?



The glass of the third floor windows cracked, and a huge crack ran through the wall, too.

“How … wha … aat?”

“Phew… Oh, no….. I couldn’t take that into consideration because it’s been a while… after all, I am still immature. I can’t control my own power…”

He swung his arm so forcefully, its wind pressure alone destroyed the wall.

That alone was as dangerous as magic.

As expected, I was stunned too… even though I was in the middle of a spar….

『Fool! Do not remain vacant!』

“Eh? Ah…”

“Well, I got you.”

By the time I realized it, it was too late.

While I was flabbergasted, Machio put both his hands around my torso and held me tight.

“Shit, gu, nu, wha, tch”

Even if I try to wriggle my way out, it wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t get it off!

“…… loosen your back form. Stretch out your hands, but prepare to take the fall.”


Next thing I knew, both of my feet were floating off the ring.

The scenery turned upside down. Machio arched his back wide and lifted me up overhead… hey, wh, what!??

『Child! Wh, this is… the Lariat mentioned earlier…. eh, this one! Jamdi’el, I never! She actually taught this man…!?』

That Tre’ainar was very upset. What is it? What the…? From this position… only one thing comes to mind.

If you lifted me up over your head, then you’ll slam me vigorously…

“Arcane True Zenith, Power Bomb!” 1


“””””It’s here. Ma, Machio’s Deathly Power Bomb!”””””

『Power Bomb!? T, tis unbearable! Child, stand up! Get up, child!』

I was slammed on my back, my breathing… no, no good, what’s this? I’ve been punched, kicked, slashed, and hit by magic many times, but it’s the first time I’ve been slammed on my back… my body went numb… what a power move it was!!

Somehow, Tre’ainar… rather than worrying … is he excited?

“Well … generous young man. Would you like to try another one?”

“Gu, gah wh, at?”

Looking down at me, Machio turned his back to me and moved to the corner of the ring.

I thought he was going straight out of the ring, but he wasn’t.

“”””It’s here! Machio’s Deathly Full Course!!””””

He climbed on top of the pillar standing in the corner.


『Noo, this most certainly is!? Tis perilous, child! Stand up! On your feet, child! Find your vigor! Cheer up, child! With enough spirit, you can do anything! Show me your burning spirit!』

Machio, who climbed the pillar, looked down at me from a high position as I was lying down. What? No, no way! Eh, he certainly won’t, from there…?

Or, Tre’ainar! What’s wrong with you? No, more than that, Mr. Machio!

“Now, let’s go.”

No way, from there… you’re joking, right?

『Machio climbed into the corner! What will he do there? A simple drop kick!? Diving Elbow!? Could it be, flying body slam!? Either way, the child is in a pinch! From here on out, is it Machio’s time!? Tis inevitable!?』

“”””” Go, Machio!”””””

“Uncle, fight on!”

Hey, why Tre’ainar… do you look so happy? Why are you so excited!

“God… in order to brighten up the citizens of the Demon Realm who were scarred by the war and gloomy dark clouds, created a “show to cheer up the people” rather than “fight”… this is a technique and a culture that God loved. Hence, I imparted it to Machio was most predisposed and physically fit for it…”

Jamdi’el was gloating…

“Humans will inherit the skills and culture of God… and God, up in the Divine Realm, will be pleased with this new history.”

『Machio turned his back!? Well, I see! Tis a moonsault!』

No, God is already pleased at the ring corner, let alone the Divine Realm!

Or rather, Tre’ainar, you’re cheering for Machio instead of me?

No, I won’t play along, this way.

“Arcane True Zenith Moonsault!” 2

Dangerous. While Machio was spinning in the air, he dived directly above me. Move…… Move!

But…… Somehow, I had a lot of time, and my numbness had settled a bit, so…

“Nooooooooooh!! Tryaaaah!”


Forcing my numb body to move, I managed to roll over the ring, avoiding Machio’s dive.

“Puha~ … missed … Goho, Geho …”

Machio crashed into the ring.

The power was enough to shake the entire dojo and to make it seem like he would eventually go through the floor.

No, maybe if he did it seriously, the technique now… even more……

“Whew, you scared the shit out of me… I stopped breathing… I’m still on my back …”

“Although, you can move now? That’s some great resilience.”

“Ah. I’ll never get caught again. What was that useless move you just made? Why are you wasting your time when you could just hit or stomp like normal!? You can usually avoid that!”

Anyway, I couldn’t let Machio catch me anymore.

On the other hand, I complained about why Machio did such antics when he had a great chance.

And at the same time, the destructive power of Machio’s attack was certainly amazing, and although it was a flashy move, the motion was huge.

If you have the nerve, you can properly avoid it――――

『…… Child…… you…… dullard!』

“Eh!? ……?”

At that time, I was yelled at by Tre’ainar. Eh? Why? Was I too careless?


『You… why did you avoid that attack?』 3


『You should have the spirit to accept and endure it! Are you still my disciple?? Where is the grit you showed when you stopped and exchanged blows with Aka!』


Tre’ainar’s sermon was totally unexpected.

He was angry that I avoided the attack.

No, why? Why are you angry at me avoiding attacks?

It made no sense to me, and I was generally flabbergasted…

“…… boring.”


“Boo, so boring.”

Amae, who was watching our sparring under the ring, muttered as if disappointed.

And it’s…

“Hah~, well, that’s right…”

“Come now, I know how it feels.”

“I’d run away too…”

The other guys also expressed their sympathetic opinions, but they all looked as if they were a little let down as well.

No, why? Why am I disappointed?

“Eeeh, shut up! Or you’re just battering on?”

Anyway, I decided to concentrate on this spar without being influenced by selfish and unclear opinions.

No left-handed pokes or single smashes will work.

Well, still if I just try out various other things, I move my feet on the ring again.

At that time…

“Dear me, I was suddenly invited, but …! Him… “

“Hmm? Hey, Motriage… Mobner… Budeo…… it’s that guy…”

“U, un!”

“We met him at school, it’s him!”

Normally, Machio was too strong to spar with, so when they saw a chance to watch him spar, the people in the dojo got excited and spread the word to the town.

Hearing the rumors, the people in the town stepped into this place one after another, and before you know it, even the boys of the magic school had rushed there.

“Anyway, it’s my turn next! I’m gearing up!”

In such a situation, I enchanted him to the fullest.

[S1] Holy SH!@

[S2] What the F@#$

[S3] Are you f@#$ing kidding me? Any sane person would!!!

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