Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – The Strongest Man in the Dojo

After a round of image training and punishment, we returned to reality.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a mirror in front of me.

Until now, it seemed that I was meditating before training on the first floor of the dojo, so no one had bothered to talk to me.

Then, when I got up and picked up the rope jump, those who were training in the dojo and Amae, who was reading a book beside me, looked up to watch me.

“Fuh… 【Great Demon・Front Leap】…”

The basic jumping method I was doing in the world of Vier.

It was my first time doing the real thing, but as I imagined, I could jump without difficulty.

『Ready? Do not jump by the inertia without a set frequency or duration. Decide on a break. At first, I guess…Three minutes. Then, with an interval in between, another three minutes to jump in a different manner.』

However, don’t just jump like an idiot, also set a limit and concentrate.

In addition, check your posture and form as you jump by looking at your whole body with a big mirror.

“【Great Demon • Double Jump】”


No one particularly reacted when I was just jumping normally, but when I showed off various techniques such as double jumping, they started to sound impressed.

“That newcomer, isn’t this his first time with a Magical Jumping Rope …?”

“Yeah, but how to use it and how to jump … even the double jumping is done properly …”

“Such reflexes, he’s pretty good.”

I’m being praised for many things, but this much was fine because I’ve done several image training sessions.

Moreover, I was instructed by the Great Demon King the entire time….

“Un~… un, un, un!”

At that moment, when she saw me jumping, maybe she wanted to do it too, Amae took out a small jump rope that seemed to be for children, and started jumping hard next to me.

“Heh, you’re good at that, aren’t you?”

“Unfmm~ ♪”

Amae smiled in good spirits when complimented. While I’m relieved by such an interaction, I was warming up my body by including variations such as running foot jumps and one-legged jumps.

Sure, it was easy at first, but as time went by, the load gradually increased throughout the body.

No wonder it’s so effective if done as a daily warm-up.

In addition, it doesn’t need a certain amount of room like a ladder, so it was very convenient that you can do it anywhere as long as you have enough space to spin this jump rope.

“Unfmm~, skip skip skippy~ skip ♪”

“Oh, is it a game? But I’m more amazing!”


And best of all, children can play with it. In other words, training that anyone could do.

Watching Amae do the front leap and the back leap as she hummed, I felt once again how great this training was.

That’s how we trained in front of a mirror, the two of us…

“Hoh~. So the shy Amae has taken to thee already. Thou is quite the caring sort, it seems.”


The High Priestess smiled pleasantly as she approached us during the training and called out to us.

Then I remembered once again that this High Priestess was Jamdi’el, one of the Six Supremacy and a Great Demon General.

“Does thou like children?”

“Not, particularly that way…”

“Hmmhmm, aren’t children adorable? If so, what does thou think of having a child of thy own? To be precise, would thou have a child as soon as thou finds a partner, does thou want thy own children?”

“No, no no no, huh?”

What the heck? I was so glad that Amae and I got along a little better, then Jamdi’el with eyes wide open came close to me and asked that.

No, no, do I want to have a child? Do I want children? What is this fellow saying all of a sudden?

Why would me just getting along with Amae tell her that I like children and want to have children myself?

Come to think of it, that’s what Tre’ainar was saying.

Even Tre’ainar didn’t understand her thought process.

Is this what he meant?

“No, not particularly… to begin with, I don’t even have a girlfriend…. well…… even if I did, that would still be a long way off, right?”

I told Jamdi’el that as I was jumping without losing my concentration, keeping the rhythm of the rope jumping from being disrupted.

Yes, having a child …. means you’re going to do that, right? I mean, that kind of thing is only given after getting to know each other better… and getting married… in the first place, me as a parent….

―― Earth!

Suddenly, my father’s face came to my mind.

Yes, I didn’t get along with my parents myself. There was no way I could be a great parent, and I felt sorry for such a child.

Well, but if I get married to Shinobu, she would put a lot of effort into our children’s education… what am I thinking?

“Not yet… the future? Well, what do you mean the future? If you say the future, how far in the future? How many seconds in the future? How many more revolutions will this world turn before then? No one knows what the future holds. People can die at any time. Thou may die just by missing a step and falling down the stairs. But, before? Why not do it while thou still can?”

But, Jamdi’el didn’t like my answer…

“Does thou believe the future is always guaranteed?”

Some words of weight and sense were thrown at me.

And as I listened to those words, I looked at Tre’ainar next to me.

Maybe Jamdi’el uttered these words because of this Tre’ainar.

Yes, even the Great Demon King dies. That’s why no one is guaranteed a tomorrow or a future.

Can I put it off? Shouldn’t I do it while I can? And, surprisingly, those words gave me a lot to think about.

However, such heavy words……

“Or could it be thou… is not yet familiar with coitus?”

“I did that a long time ago!!”

This woman easily made me mess up.

Then, yelling, I inadvertently my leg missed the jump rope and caused a blunder.

“What is coitus?”

“You don’t need to know that!”

And, Amae tilted her head a little with a scowl on her face.

In addition……

“By no means, at that age… to not――――”

“I’m full of energy every morning!”

“…… But even so… eh? Well I never, thou has a taste for ages similar to Amae…. scoundrel, Per――――” 1

“Hold it, bitch I love sexy bodies!!”

I denied it out loud to Jamdi’el, who was giving me a newfound suspicion. Somehow, I feel like I shouted something that I slightly regret, but…

“Nu… Sexy body… I see, if that’s the case… For example, so would it be better to have larger breasts, for example?”

“Whoa, wait, wait, what are you even talking about?”

“…… Breasts… ‘that one’ is still developing… yet, I still have hope… besides, it’s not so much about size, rather the shape is….”

I don’t know if she thinks anything about what I said, she’s mumbling something…. so, it’s weird… what is she thinking?

Tre’ainar said she was not good at thinking, but somehow—

“Phew… Osu. I’m back now.”

At that moment, the door to the dojo opened…


『…… Hoh~ …』

The person who came in….. the man caught my attention, and Tre’ainar’s, too.

“Thou has returned?”

“…… Master…… Are you inspecting today?”

“I suppose. What of Tsukshi?”

“She said she’ll do some shopping and then come back.”

The moment the man came in, I felt the room temperature in the dojo increase.


I sweated from the whole body, steam rose, and I felt like the other people who were training at the dojo firmed up.


“Ha~llo~… Uncle!”

“Amae… don’t run around in the dojo too much… you’ll get hurt.”


“And you shouldn’t touch me right away. I’m covered in sweat.”

Amae also threw the jump rope and happily ran to the man.

Seeing that, I understood.

No, even if I didn’t see anything like that, I already knew the moment the man walked into the dojo.

The atmosphere was clearly different.

A physique that if a hundred people were asked, a hundred people would say it was huge. However, to be honest, if it was only height, there might be bigger guys, and in terms of race, Mr. Aka would be bigger. But this guy was not only big, but his density is amazing.

Well-developed muscles that could be seen even from the top of clothes. The arms, the neck, the legs, and everything were thick like a log, and yet, at a glance, had a hardness and craftiness to them. 2

『Hoh~… a fine physique… the face is appealing as well.』

With a finely-chiseled, dark face and short hair, the moment he entered the dojo, his eyes had radiated an uncanny spirit, but as soon as Amae came running up to him, his eyes softened warmly and he smiled at her with a fatherly atmosphere.



Then our eyes met.

“…You’re a stranger… is this a newcomer?”

“Oh, that’s right. I brought him in.”

“You did, Master? …… is that right… you’re young…”

“Oh. He is about two years younger than Tsukshi…. how does thou see him?”

The muscular man was staring at me while talking to Jamdi’el.

Maybe this guy is…

“I’m amazed. At this young age… this body…. a thick core from head to toe …. I also feel the flexibility of his muscles… he has both power and speed… what’s more… a style that has been through a number of battles… where did you find such a gem?”

He looked at me with a straight face and praised me normally.

“Fufufufu, well, not easily. I intend to have him compete in the tournament three months from now.”

“…… Is that right…”

And the moment he heard I was participating in the tournament, the man’s eyebrows moved slightly.

“…… Uncle… he’s a little strong and a little fast.”

“I see…”

“So it was a bit interesting. It was fun.”

“Well, I’m glad, that’s good. Did you say thank you properly?”

“Un~? …un…un,”

Amae tugged at the man’s trousers and told him so… a little bit… well, I’d like to say thank you.


“You? You are the strongest, Machio?”

For the time being, I intuitively knew that this was a rumored Machio.

Therefore, I asked him, and the man laughed a little bitterly.

“The strongest… I’m not that smug, but… I’m sure I’m Machio.”


“… Huh …”


“No. I said I wasn’t smug, but for a man to come face to face with me like this and look at me with such warlike eyes… it’s the second time… since Bro…”

“…… Bro? Heh~…… is that right…”

“It seems to me that you have courage and guts… as expected of someone brought in by the Master.”

Somehow … this was a completely different type from the strongest José of the Wizarding School.

“You, too… you look pretty tough.”

“…… Is that right?”

I could see from his appearance that power to the extent that you felt it overflowing from his whole body, but he doesn’t let himself get carried away by the power, it’s not humility, he just does not neglect to improve himself, a stoic eye.

Somehow, I don’t think this was the kind of guy to uselessly flatter his opponents.

That’s why I was a little embarrassed when such a man praised me so much.


『Oi, do not let the poisonous air out of you… this is the one to defeat, is he not?』

As soon as I began to think, ‘Isn’t this Machio a nice guy?’, the voice of Tre’ainar called out a warning to me.

That’s right. Apart from that José guy, I have to fight this man.

Although, I know he’s strong, but at the moment I don’t know how strong he is.

“Hey, you…”


If that’s the case … this is … a dojo ….

“Sorry for troubling you but, could you spar with me?”

“…… What?”


I just have to check out his skill head on.

This man was totally different from the magic school boys.

I didn’t hesitate to ask.

My proposal raised a voice of surprise all at once from within the dojo.

[S1] Oi! Don’t just call the FBI on our boy over that! Such slander!!

[S2] Until we get an illustration, I’m imagining Brock Lesnar’s Ring Entrance… soon!!!

Happy New Year Everyone, also F@#$ 2020. Hopefully 2021 will be the promised year and the Mayan’s weren’t Dyslexic…. in which case we’re f@#$ed.

Got some news here. In light of my other TL Project, So, I will Kill You Here! a.k.a. Serra, being rounding up and a new one, Living a Maiden Game in Hard Mode, about to commence soon, I decided to to ramp up releases for Forbidden Master in the month of January. So instead of the usual 6, I’ll try to throw out at least 9 chapters this month. This should be a good start to 2021. So look forward to more from our duo this month and 2021. Hope you all continue to enjoy my stuff and support me through this year as well. Thank you…

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  3. I rly wish that his goals after 3 months of this perfect training environment would be to beat the valkyre. Like beat 1 of the generals, then aim for heroes and then the heroes+general demons and then god level threats and at the end try to surpass your own master. It would be the perfect path imo cuz otherwise it just feels like dragging and he keeps getting op powers but some nobodies out of nowhere come and beat him down…Feels like either hes not leveling up or the world is a joke and the op guys were all hidding even after a continental war…


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