Serra – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – The End of a Woman

──── Alice Westblood was born with a different set of values than others.

To her, both organic and inorganic matter were ‘things’, and breaking them gave her an irresistible pleasure.

Therefore, the stuffed animal she cherished, the little rabbits she always saw in the forest, and even her parents. They were Alice’s ‘things’, and she had been watching them every day since she could remember, looking forward to when she would break them.

However, one day.

“I’m Celestia. I’m Celestia Valentine. Nice to meet you.”

A little girl who said so and held out her hand.

Her bright white hair was glittering, her sky blue eyes were sparkling, and Alice was fascinated by her.

For the first time, she sincerely thought something was beautiful. She thought it was beautiful. She didn’t want to break it.

──── I wanted everything Celestia Valentine had to offer.

The two young people were happy to meet each other while shaking hands.

Only one, Alice, had a childish desire.

Her evil thoughts were hidden behind a pure smile, and no one took notice of it.


“I like you.”

She was 12 years old.

At last Alice mustered up her courage and confessed to Serra.

“Eh… wh, w-w-w-w-what do you mean?”

After hearing Alice’s words, her thoughts stopped, and after a few seconds, Serra understood the situation, blushed and trembled.

…… Alice was also aware of how strange it was for a girl to confess to another girl.

Usually, it was the opposite sex that a person would favor, and it was not “normal” to fall in love with a person of the same sex. The same was true for her ‘desires’.

But at the same time Alice was certain of it.

──── I’m sure Sera will accept me.

“………… Yes, it’s ok.”

She finally broke, and Serra accepted her, as Alice hoped.

Right. No matter how selfish Alice may be, Serra would forgive her, because she was in love with her.

Serra liked Alice, too. Because Serra was Alice’s ‘thing’.

This event, which later changed the relationship between Serra and Alice, greatly distorted Alice’s inner self.

It was all just a coincidence that Serra fell in love with Alice. Alice came to believe that Serra would accept everything she had and that she was her ‘thing’.

“…… What’s wrong?”

“No, thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I think it’s okay to treat me as usual. It’s just a special relationship.”

“…… Well, I can’t coolly say that sort of thing. But I like that part of you.”

“Alice is kind, too.”

“Nihihi, I don’t know. I may be bad, right?”

──── Yes, I’m a bad girl.

A bad child who loves to break ‘things’. But as she grew up, she learned that it was wrong.

But even so, she sometimes felt that her own darker impulses would overwhelm her. She wanted to take care of Serra, but she wanted to take all of it and break it.

She hid the thought in her heart.

“Let’s go, Serra.”


She turned her smile to Serra, who knew nothing.


Then, when he left Serra and arrived at her room.

“You seem quite head over heels in love, right?”

“Eh!? Who!?”

She heard the girl’s voice from behind, and Alice looked back, surprised.

There stood a girl with fiery red hair and blood red-black eyes.

Alice was surprised at the figure of the girl who suddenly appeared without a sound, and she was overwhelmed.

The girl who saw such a state laughed, mocking her.

“Greetings. My name is Sakura. I am the God of this world.”

“Huh …?”

Alice was confused by the unreal words of the girl.

The girl who called herself Sakura nodded as if to say ‘it was natural’.

When she thought she was sitting on Alice’s bed as she pleased, no sooner she was whirling around her and talked while playing with her hair.

“Actually, I’m looking for a collaborator to help me out. If you apply splendidly, I’ll give you special powers.”

“Colaborator… special power.”

“Yes. All you have to do is listen to what Sakura says. That special power, I know… for example, can you do whatever you want with Celestia Valentine?”


The name of her ‘Lover’ came out of Sakura’s mouth and Alice’s heartbeat jumped.

Why did she know Serra’s name, who she should never have met her?

While being cautious, Alice asked Sakura.

“……What do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything, I just want a collaborator. And since you can do whatever you want with Serra, don’t you think it’s in your best interest to do so?”


You can do whatever you want with Serra.

Gulping at the words, Alice felt her mind waver.

She certainly wanted it. Better yet, she wanted to break her as she liked.

But that’s wrong. Humans must live morally. Even if it would crush them to death.

That’s when she tried to retort Sakura.

Before she knew it, Sakura was standing right next to Alice.

As it is, she put her lips on her ear and whispered while exhaling her warm breath.

“Fufu, it’s okay… Serra will accept you, right?


Sweet temptation.

That’s right, Serra proved it a while ago. She responded to her feelings, didn’t she?

If so, she might be able to accept her desires.

Alice interpreted it in such a convenient way. The Serra that she held was distorted.

Sakura, who was staring at her from the corner, smiled wryly. This was what Sakura was aiming for, but what a fool she was. That’s why Sakura took notice of her though.

“Well, if you’re in doubt. First of all, start with the ones you think are in the way and break them.”

Sakura was still whispering.

Things that were in the way.

──── If I can break Serra’s precious ‘things’, she’ll only look at me.

Seriously, Alice was beginning to think of such a thing.

“It’s settled ✩ I have plenty of time, so first practice how to use power.”

After tapping on Alice’s shoulder, Sakura disappeared without a trace.

Alice was left with an eerie smile on her face.

“…… Ufufu”


“Oh, oh … I’m sorry. I’m sorry …”

Two years later.

Serra was frantic when she saw the bodies of her murdered parents and ran to Alice, who killed Serra’s parents.

And Alice told her the truth. She got rid of the obstacles that were in the way. Surely, Serra would praise her. She truly believed so without a doubt. Alice’s decent sensibilities had long been broken.

But as soon as she heard the truth, Serra began to strangle Alice with the intention of killing her. With the realization of her imminent death by suffocation and the fear of being killed by her lover, Alice released an ‘outburst’ at Serra in the spur of the moment.

As a result, an explosion occurred from inside Serra, and half of her body was blown away.

Seeing the unbearable figure of Serra, whose entrails were scattered about, Alice continued to cry.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…. ah, oh, forgive me …”

It’s all her fault.

However, Alice did not notice it and wept. Suddenly, Alice felt a strange sense of incongruity.

When she lowered the palm that covered her eyes, Serra, who should have been in front of her, was nowhere to be seen.

“Huh!? Serra?”

Alice panicked because there was only bloodstains left, and she called Serra’s name many times. But then Alice grasped the situation.

Why did Sakura know Serra’s name? Why did she come into contact with Alice, who would be the closest to her?

It was all to get Serra in her hands.

“…Don’t be silly.”

Simmering, anger rose in Alice.

She was robbed of Serra. Her ‘thing’ was taken.

Surely, Sakura will make Serra immortal. That would certainly save Serra. But at the same time, madness will dwell in her.

In other words.

The ‘thing’ that Alice should have destroyed will be destroyed by Sakura’s hand.

“Don’t be silly!! I’ll break it, I’ll break it! First of all, start with Sakura. I’ll break your heart thoroughly before I kill you!!”

Alice raised her determination in the empty room.

If you’re going to steal away her identity, she’ll give you the retribution you deserve. She’ll make that woman pay for what she did. She’ll thoroughly wound her spirit. Break her.

Torture her and then kill her.

“See you soon, Serra”

Absentmindedly, Alice stood up and took the stuffed toy which was lying in the corner of the shelf.

The stuffed animal that had repeatedly been used as an outlet for her desires and has become full of stitches. Surely, this will protect her.

Embracing such twisted thoughts, Alice muttered with a crazy smile.

“Serra is my ‘thing’. She’ll definitely come back to me.”


That’s why.


…… Time returns to the present.

In the midst of the devastated city, Alice stood dumbfounded.

“What, this…”

All she could see in her sights were corpses.

There was no living person. They were all dead with slash marks and dripping a horrendous amount of blood. Everywhere she went, her nose was almost crushed by the smell of blood and dead people.

It was definitely Serra who caused it. Alice was aware of that, but her heart tried to deny it with all her might.

Because if that’s really the case.

It means that Serra had been broken before Alice could touch her.

Thinking so.

Supan, there was a sound.

It was the sound of Alice’s limbs being cut off.

“──── Ah?”

Not knowing why, Alice fell on her back.

At the same time, bleeding from the cut section, Alice finally felt pain.


“Yahho. You can see the beautiful blue sky, Alice.”

Sakura, who appeared before she knew it, looked into Alice’s face.

Although she was about to faint from the shock of severe pain and blood loss, she held out, and Alice stared at Sakura while gritting her teeth.


“Oh, scary, scary. Why do you resent me so much?”

“You, you’re the only one I’ll never forgive! Return Serra, give me back Serra!!”

Hold on.

Interrupting Alice’s words, Sakura spoke to Alice with no expression.

“You have one misunderstanding. It seems that you’re obsessed with hurting Sakura mentally, and I wonder if you thought that if you could stop Sakura’s ‘plan’ and kill me, I would be frustrated?”

“What do you mean…”

“You see. In the first place, my ‘plan’ is for me to die. Frankly, I’m very much obliged.”


Alice looked incredulous, or rather unwilling to understand.

Sakura nodded with satisfaction at the appearance.

“Certainly, I was working with the priority of destroying the world. But you know. Think calmly. It’s me, isn’t it? Normally, you don’t even have to bother raising Undying to destroy the world when you on your own are enough. Why do you think I am carrying out such a roundabout way?”


“The world was destroyed by a single, unremarkable girl. That’s because it’s the most tasteless revenge against the world, of course. Not by a creature like me, whose existence itself is taboo, and whose values are different from those of humans. By one born as a baby like you, received the same education and upbringing as a normal human being, had the same thoughts and loved one person…. Such a bland girl destroyed the world. That’s the best scenario, isn’t it?”


The sacrifice was Serra.

In other words, Alice was simply a pawn prepared to raise Serra from the beginning.

All her plans and efforts were nothing more than an act to please Sakura.

What a pointless and foolish struggle it was!

To Alice who shed such tears of despair.

Sakura gently touched her cheeks.

“Fufu, I’m sorry ~ ✩ your end is here. Your life will scatter unseemingly and in an instant, without even a glance at Serra’s face.”

“Screw you, Serra, I’ll protect you, I’ll protect you and break you. That’s right, Serra always chooses me. So don’t get in the way!”

“…… Hah.”

Involuntarily, Sakura held her forehead and sighed at Alice’s silly words.

This woman seriously believed that Serra still loved her. What a shallow, stupid, selfish and flithy desire.

──── It’s repulsive to think that someone like this took Sakura away from me.

So, even if the words were emotionally driven.

Sakura, no, Arte had to say it out loud.

“You. You’re seriously creepy.”

Immediately afterwards, Arte made a stake appear out of nowhere, and pierced Alice’s forehead through her brain.

At last, she looked at Alice, who was silent, Arte exhaled, “Fu~,”.

“Ah, that was refreshing.”

Kicking Alice’s unmoving corpse, Arte stood up.

The sky was surprisingly clear blue.

The color coincided with the color of Serra’s eyes.

“Fufu, wait for me, Serra. Let’s kill each other and love each other to the fullest.”

Her blood red-black eyes shining brightly.

Sakura left the scene.

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