Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 100

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Chapter 100 – The Weight of the Great Demon King

Training in the Vier World with Tre’ainar.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, and also it’ll be a new menu, so I was excited to activate the magic…

「Now then, I shall perform the Magical Jumping Rope!」

「…… Oh.」

Holding a rope in his hand, and I materialize the same thing as Tre’ainar.

For now, Tre’ainar will first demonstrate it, but before that…

「By the way, Tre’ainar… what’s with that outfit?」

「I am in the mood.」

Tre’ainar had changed his outfit. Somehow, he was wearing hooded clothing.

Moreover, clothes were somewhat kind of dull, but…

「This is Magical Parka… the clothing is called Magical Sweatshirt…. tis proper etiquette to wear such attire… when jumping rope.」

「Eh? R, really? Well but…… it’s kind of a stylish…」

「Do you not agree? Uh huh. Tis is hooded clothing called a trainer. Tis comfortable to move in or laze around in your own room, and I developed it.」

「Heh, it’s cool… a trainer…. I like this kind of thing, you know?」

「Uh huh, you have quite the discerning eye…. hn? …… hnn?」

「What’s wrong?」

「Nothing, yes… well…… umm? What?」

「What? So I like this hoodie and…. trainer thing.」

「……Oh, oh……」

「What the hell, you turn away and hide your face!」

「No, no, tis nothing… Kohon… So let us get started.」

After Tre’ainar somewhat deceptively coughed, he started the special training again.

「Then tis a jump rope, but… before putting it into practice, I shall first explain the effects of jumping rope.」


「First of all, rope jumping is a training that can be done anywhere so long as there is a rope and a small space. In addition, tis possible to train the muscles of the entire body in a well-balanced manner with numerous variations, number of repetitions and duration. For example, ‘Rhythm and Step’, ‘Wrist and Whole Arm’, ‘Stamina’, and so on.」

First of all, as with the ladder, we start with the explanation of the effect as before.

I straightened my posture and nodded obediently as I listened.

「Rhythm and steps. This is important for those like you who use quick footwork by constantly moving their feet in small increments.」

I fully understand that. I always move my legs to keep track of the timing to avoid the opponent’s attack and to hit my own attack.

「Of course, you can learn steps and rhythms with the ladders, but unlike ladders, if you do not jump with the proper rhythm and timing, your feet will get caught in the rope …. like so…… Basic 【Great Demon・Front Leap】!」1

It’s started! It’s finally happening!

Don’t laugh・Great Demon King!!

Tre’ainar looked serious, spun the rope on the spot, and jumped nimbly on both feet with a constant rhythm.

「Fufu Osu!」

「And simply spin the jump rope like so, but while keeping the wrist at a constant height, and repeating with the same rhythm…. sometimes moving the wrists and gain momentum depending on the technique. … 【Great Demon・Back Leap】.」

Tre’ainar continued to jump, spinning the rope in reverse rotation, and still without getting his feet caught.

「If you do this for a long period of time, it will be a reasonable load, and your wrists and arms will be strengthened… And at the same time, by using the arm in rhythm well, the arm also learns the rhythm… of course, there is also the leg you are jumping on… 【Great Demon・One-legged Jump】… Twice right, twice left, alternating left and right…」

There it is! T, Tre’ainar… on one leg, is hopping! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it with the ladder!

But once I saw it… no, the technique doesn’t work on me! Endure this too!

「In addition, once you get used to it…… 【Great Demon・Running Leap】, watch that your feet do not get on the rope or …… 【Great Demon・Weaving Leap】… … Cross your arms!」

「Oh, oh… Huh, that’s just plain awesome! Hey, it might be a little cool…」

「Furthermore, variations that move your feet … 【Great Demon・Cross Foot 】」

「With both feet open left and right, cross your legs while jumping… Ufu-ah!?」

「Increase the difficulty level, 【Great Demon・Hopscotch】! 【Great Demon・Split Hop】!」

「Oh, s, see here!」

From here on out, I’m not sure what to do. Jumping with both feet and stretching back and forth, crouching, landing with heels with toes raised and jumping again, no… yeah…… it’s amazing, but… depending on how you look at it, it’s usually cool… b, but, somehow, m, make things well up…

「Furthermore, to rotate the rope twice in a single jump, 【Great Demon • Double Jump】! Triple! Quadruple! Stack it fivefold, and this also naturally raises stamina by doing it for a long period in a constant rhythm so as not to become unnatural! And in order to keep jumping for a long time, you also need to concentrate, tis naturally a part of the training!」

Tre’ainar jumped silently while wearing the hood, and the vigorously spinning rope made a whistling sound. It was so fast that I couldn’t see the rope anymore.

「And jumping rope is a whole body exercise! You can do this too! How to jump to train your upper body other than spinning the rope … first, sit on the ground!」

That’s when it hit me.

Tre’ainar sat on the spot with his legs straightened out.

「Jump while sitting. You cannot use your legs, so of course you must use the recoil of your upper body to jump!」

Oh, no, I have a bad feeling about this!

What the? Tre’ainar suddenly turned the rope over his head as if it were a lasso…!??

「In this way, the rope that had been spun vertically is now spun horizontally… tis taken from top to bottom like so… I jump while sitting on the ground … its name is …」

No good! Don’t do it, Tre’ainar!

The world’s latest Great Demon King who once shook the world, leaving his name in both history and mythology.

The Great Demon King of terror who stood at the top of many races, led armies of tens of thousands, and reaped the lives of tens of thousands in battles.

On his shoulders, with incalculable fame and infamy, he must have carried the lives of tens of millions of souls, both friend and foe alike.

That’s right, Tre’ainar. I can understand! Even I, a kid who has never been to war, can understand.

The existence of the Great Demon King was not just his own. In the title of The Great Demon King dwelled the feelings of countless people.

That’s why the Great Demon King carried a certain “weight” in its existence and name.

That’s why the Great Demon King shouldn’t do that!

「【Great Demon・Butt Jump!! 】」2

「Bwaaaaahahahahahahaha, dowaaahahahahahahaha!! Giyaaaaahahahahahahaha!!」

To reward Tre’ainar’s feelings for seriously giving me guidance…. most importantly, all of the training methods that Tre’ainar taught were excellent… so it’s all the right stuff… that’s why I shouldn’t laugh… it’s rude to laugh… But……

「Daaahahahahaha! And, Tre’ainar jumped with his butt on the ground… oh, can I jump ass? Gyahahahahaha!!」


But…… isn’t this impossible?

Maybe even if I was told that the world would disappear if I laughed, I would definitely laugh.

The rope which was rotated at high speed and he jumped with the butt. It was so fast that you can hear the banging of the Tre’ainar’s ass going Don Don on the ground.

I’ve already laughed and rolled around on the spot, and finally I’m even in tears.

「…… 【Super Great Demon Spiral】…」

「Hi, ha, haha, haha……heh?」

Suddenly, with the vacant voice of Tre’ainar, a huge shadow enveloped me as I was lying down.

When I looked up, I saw… a humongous spiral… the size of a mountain…

「Ah, umm, ma, master…」

「The world of Vier is convenient… while you may feel pain… no matter my efforts, you will never perish…」

Even though he was smiling very much, he doesn’t evoke a speck of kindness, just a scary smile.

「No, no, wait, Tre’ainar! Oh, I did my best! Well, I endured it!? Besides, the butt jump is a foul! It shouldn’t count. No- count -no- count -no- count!」

「… tis already out at that point … foolish disciple of mine…」

I did my best to endure laughing in my own way. But is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t laugh at the Great Demon King’s butt jump? So please forgive me for jumping ass.

But it seemed Tre’ainar wouldn’t be satisfied unless he completely annihilated me once, every last pound of flesh…

「Ma, master was cool! Really! Super amazing! Cool! I love it, really awesome!」

「Nu … i, is that so…?」

「Oh, I really respect you! I’m glad I met my master! Really, I’m really happy to be a disciple of my master!」

「U, uh huh… t, tis so… d, dear me, this hopeless disciple… t, that being the case… you imbeciiiiiile!」

And before I started training, I had become dust for a long time.

Author’s Note

Ladies and gentlemen, as always I am indebted to you.

This work has finally achieved “100 chapters”. Thank you for always reading.

Yesterday was 99 chapters, but due to the prologue, there was a person who gave “Congratulations” a little early, I am deeply grateful again and I am totally naked and driving!

It’s been three months since I started this story… I didn’t think I could get this response or drill from many spiral friends. It was my first experience with a spiral force of 80,000, so I’m always excited. For the past three months, I was wondering if I could somehow respond to everyone, and I had a lot of trial and error, I was about to catch a cold, and I was looking back at my hair again.

However, I haven’t run out of things I want to write, even after 100 chapters, so I look forward to working with my good friends and teachers, thank you in the future!

Anikki Burazza

[S1] Might as well drop this here as a visual aide!

[S2] Hey you try imagining the world’s most feared and infamous villain doing THIS without laughing.

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