Serra – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – ‘The Avenger’ Hazel Radford

──── How long has it been since then?

A day? A week? A month? A year?

I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Something.

Serra was thinking as she walked through the deserted streets.

“I have to live…”


Her body swayed back and forth and left and right, Serra whispered.

The gait was uncertain and the eyes were unfocused. She’s like a toy with a broken spring. No, the current Serra was literally ‘broken’ and could have gone out at any moment.

Her emotions had long since disappeared. She had already forgotten even the pleasures of murder and simply started killing mechanically.

She had forgotten her own name. If someone called her name, she would never realize it’s hers. The response she returned was a simple thrust of her sword.

She had no memories. She no longer knew how she was born and raised and who she interacted with anymore. However, she could remember that she was forgetting something important.

Something important.

“I promised … I have to live. I have to kill.”

Without talking to anyone, Serra continued to talk to herself.

At the very least, don’t forget the important ‘something’.

──── Because if you lose sight of your purpose, it’ll really be over.

“I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill. I have to live. I have to kill.”

Again and again.

Serra continued to ruminate those words.

Suddenly, she stopped walking.

One person in front of her. A girl with blond hair and reddish brown eyes wearing a black coat.

She was also heading towards her with unsteady steps.

However, what was different from Serra was her eyes.

A strong gaze full of hatred

“………… I’ll kill you.”

Suddenly, the girl in front opened her mouth.

The ‘Avenger’ approached Serra, with flames appearing from both hands and trembling in anger.

Serra also pulled out her sword out of the sheath and prepared for battle.

──── Serra doesn’t remember who this girl was at all. However, she quickly realized that she was an Undying like herself, an enemy to be defeated.

The girl said she would kill Serra. But it’s the same for Serra. Their existence was incompatible.


“I will kill you here.”

Said Serra.

She swung her sword down at the girl.


──── Hate.

──── Hate hate.

──── Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate!!!!

Hazel exclaimed in her mind with a hateful voice that burned even herself.

It was her ‘Dominion’, her ‘Industrial Fire’. In response to Hazel’s hatred, the flames she wore spread, creating burnt corpses all around her.

There was nothing but hatred for her now. All other emotions had disappeared long ago. As she broke through the ‘Critical Point’, she literally threw away everything but her vengeance. Originally, it started with a grudge for her murdered family, but even that family was forgotten. On the contrary, Hazel couldn’t even remember her own name anymore.

However, there was only one name on her heart that will never be forgotten.

“Cecilia Waitley…”

Hazel muttered with hatred the name of a ‘Fanatic’ who was no longer in the world.

Just by uttering her name in her mouth, she could remember her face, her voice, her smell, and her warmth. By recalling each of her aspects, a hot flame dwelled in her mind and burned her heart. Originally, these emotions would be called ‘love’ but they were painted with hatred and engrave her existence in a strong way.

Cecilia was long dead. Therefore, there was no meaning in this vengeance. Even though she was aware of this, Hazel will never stop.

Even if Cecilia was dead, she would kill her. She was aware of the contradictory theory, but if she didn’t do so, her spirit would be burned out by her own hatred.

And in front of her was a girl with white hair and cloudy sky-blue eyes.

With a glance at the figure with a sword and entire body dyed with blood splatter, Hazel was convinced she was the one.

──── This is the one who killed Cecilia Waitley.

“………… kill.”

One word.

Hazel uttered so and raised her right hand, which was engulfed in flames.

Her whole body was boiling hot. The heat burned the eyes and even the field of vision is distorted. Regardless of that, Hazel roared at Serra with high emotions.

“I’ll kill you!!”

However, at the same time, Serra was also moving.

She swung down her sword and the right wrist, which was about to strangle her, was cut off.

A huge amount of blood spurted from the cross section, and the right arm cut through the sky. However, Hazel did not groan in pain.

She, too, had lost her sense of pain by breaking through the ‘critical point’.

She grabbed Serra’s right shoulder with her free left hand and they fell to the ground together.

Before she knew it, she grabbed Serra’s blade with her right hand, and began to squeeze Serra’s neck with her left.

“Huh … huh …! Your fault, Cecilia is… Ceciliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh…”

Suddenly, hit with a severe headache, Hazel held her temples and suffered.

At that moment, Serra pulled the sword away, splitting Hazel’s palm, and this time, she cut her chest and adjusted her posture.

She flipped Hazel over, held her sword firmly with both hands, and pinned her to the ground.

While her body was held down, Hazel glared at Serra while moaning in pain.

“Unfor, givable… tsu! Because of you, I ha, Ceciliah ha, guu, kill, kill you! Absolutely, Gaaaahh!? Unfo, unfor, able!!!!”

Hatred continued to amplify even after exceeding the ‘critical point’.

Hazel’s emotions finally began to exceed her tolerance after meeting the person she hated the most for killing Cecilia, the target of her revenge partner.

In other words, her spirit was about to be torn down by her madness.

As evidence, Hazel’s eyes were red and bloody tears seemed to be flowing out. Her heartbeat accelerated to an impossibly high degree, and sweat dripped steadily from her entire body.

The more you hate your opponent, the shorter your life will be. Despite falling into such a state, Hazel reached out with a trembling hand and clenched Serra’s neck.

“k, il… kill, kill you I’ll kill you!! Kuhi! Hate. I hate. I hate you! Kukuhi, Kuhihihihihi!!”

A strange sound began to mix in as Hazel raised her voice while strangling Serra. While choking her throat, Hazel was laughing at her, who she should hate.

“Hey, do you see!? Kuhi, for so long, ever since that time!! From the time I met her!! Kuhihihihihi, I couldn’t get Cecilia’s laughter out of my head, kuhi kuhihihihi Hihihihi!!!”


Serra silently stared back at Hazel, who finally started going crazy in earnest.

She thrust her sword into her heart over and over, trying to take her life without emotion.

”As if, it’s as if Cecilia has lived in me all this time! Kuhihi, I’m laughing, I’m talking to you, I’m staring at you! Oh, I hate you. I hate! I can’t forgive you even though I hate you. I want to kill you, but why, why did you kill Cecilia!!! “

With a twisted smile and a roar of anger, she shed tears in her grief.

Hazel questioned Serra.

And finally, Serra opened her mouth.

“………… Who is Cecilia?”

“──── Wh, at?”

With a look of disbelief, Hazel stared back at Serra.

However, Serra tilted her head and replied to Hazel once more.

“I don’t even know you. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, well ……… Eh ………”

Her eyes were wide open, her lips trembled with a wince.

Soon after, Hazel’s emotions exploded.


Puchi, and there was a breaking sound in her head.

No, it was the sound of the nerve of the eyeball being torn.

Her vision was dyed in the darkness. She couldn’t see the face that she hated so much.

Pop, there was a popping sound.

No, it was the sound of the eardrum rupturing.

Even her own voice couldn’t reach her ears. She couldn’t hear the laugh that she hated so much.

Thud, she felt her fingers hit something.

No, it was just her outstretched arm as she fell to the ground. The power to kill the one she hated so much was lost.

Still, she could vividly remember Cecilia Waitley’s face, her voice, and her touch.

Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Kuhihi. hate. Kuhihi. hate. hate. Kuhihi. Kuhihi. Kuhihihihi ────.


Oh, I can still hear her laughter. What hate! I can’t help but hate her. Kuhi. I hate her irresistibly. Kuhihi. As long as I don’t forget that hatred, I can be myself. Kuhihi. Even if I can’t remember my own name, I’m me. Kuhihi. I’m Cecilia Waitley’s only “Avenger”. Kuhihi. So I will continue to hate her until I stop this laugh. Kuhihihihihi.

Hazel vividly envisioned her with a broken mind, not even realizing that the laughter was coming from her throat.

──── And without realizing her own death, Hazel laughed and continued to hate Cecilia.


“Fu! That’s the last one.”

Sakura muttered to herself as she burned the card of the Avenger.

Her expression had a carefree smile appropriate for her apparent age.

“Now it’s time for me to step onto the stage. We’re almost there, Sakura.”

Sakura stood up from her chair and left the Elmerado Army headquarters.

There were a lot of corpses behind her.

There were only three people left in this world.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t show you the world you wanted, but I’ll bring plenty of souvenirs and stories to tell.”


Erasing her expression, Sakura quietly announced.

“… So, I just have to neutralize that one first.”


“I don’t want to live…”

Serra murmured.

Wandering through the deserted streets.

No matter where she looked, there were corpses, corpses, corpses. There were no living people anywhere.

That’s true, too.

──── Because this world was destroyed by only a few girls.

“………… That?”

Then, Serra noticed.

There was no life left in this world anymore.

But Serra had to live. In order to live, she had to kill.

But who does she kill?

“………………………………………… Fufu”


After a moment of thought, Serra smiled.

“I’ll kill you. Yes, kill him. Even if there’s no one to kill, I’ll kill you. Let’s kill. Let’s kill a lot. Even if the world ends and everyone else is gone, we’ll keep killing. Ahaha, I kill, kill, and keep on killing.”

A broken theory.

Serra started wandering around while thinking thoughts dyed in madness.

With a pure child-like smile, Serra cheerfully murmured.

“Because I promised”

Mental collapse. Insanity. An invalid.

Surely, looking at her now, anyone would have such an impression.

But, who would dare to point the finger.

Celestia Valentine.

──── Finally, she broke through the ‘Critical Point’.

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