Serra – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – ‘The Vampire’ Kirino

──── A month and a half have passed since then.


Serra suddenly burst into laughter in an empty city.

And what she thought, as she pointed the sword at her chest and stabbed it over and over again.

“Haha, Hihihi, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!”

A single thrust was enough to cause a horrible spurt of blood.

But there was no pain, no heat. Just a warm, wet sensation.

Serra continued to stab her heart without a care in the world.

“Ehehe, hihihi, ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! No moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrree!!!!”

Laughing madly, Serra frantically thrust her sword into the air, but when she thought she had thrown it away, she scratched her head and screamed as she cowered in place.

“Why!? Why why!? Why don’t I die!!!???”

She shrunk to tears, and Serra screamed in a frenzy.

As soon as she woke up from the hallucinations, Serra’s mind was at its limit. The days of being overwhelmed by the sense of loss and loneliness caused by Riko’s death continued, and the pain was masked by the pleasures obtained from the killings.

“I can’t do this anymore! More and more, I can’t remember Riko! If I keep living any longer, I’ll forget all about Riko! I can’t stand this!!”

Reaching the ‘critical point’. The intense madness that eroded the mind was finally about to erase Serra’s most cherished deep memories.

Memories with Riko. Her face, voice, smell and feel. All of that has been forgotten, her name and the bracelet on her arm barely linked to her existence.

However, it would only be a matter of time before that connection is severed.

That’s why Serra was about to give up.

She wanted to throw everything away and just die before she forgot about her.

…and yet.

──── Live.

“…… tsu!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!”

The Promise with Riko. Her wish bound and restrained Serra completely.

Death was not allowed. It was Rico who saved her from trying to commit suicide in the first place. If she gave up everything here and now, it would be a betrayal.

Serra strongly cursed such fate. Serra continued to hate how far she was not allowed to escape and would continue to suffer for as long as possible.

Still, she never regretted her promise to Riko. She couldn’t resent Riko. It was all for Riko. That’s all Serra could stand up for.

“…… I’m sorry for being so distraught, Riko. I have to live, right? It’s too early to give up, isn’t it? I’ll try my best.”

Sera stood up again, wiping her tears and holding her sword.

There was no expression on her face.

“…… That’s why, I must kill.

Quietly determined.

Just as she stepped forward.


Five red spears pierced Serra’s torso.


Gujiri, a red spear wriggled inside Serra’s body.

It was sucking up blood from Serra’s flesh as if it has a will of its own.

Wondering who stabbed her, Serra slowly turned around.

“──── I goooot~ it”

A little girl with black hair, red eyes, and a red kimono.

Kirino the “Vampire” was standing there.


“Fufu! A ‘Vampire’ with red spear wings on its back. You’re becoming a lot more like yourself, aren’t you little Kirino?”

Not that there was anyone to tell.

Sakura, who stood in the center of a pool of blood that spread out like a pond, murmured.

Looking into the red-black water surface, a girl with the same color of hair and eyes looked back at her.

“In madness, the lead would go to Serra but in combat ability, Kirino is the strongest class. I wonder who will win.”

As he spun around, Sakura took out the cards of the killer and the vampire.

She stopped suddenly, scooped up a drop from the pool of blood and put it in her mouth.

When the finger was pulled out, the saliva drew the thread, and the finger was illuminated glossyly.

“Fufu, as a ‘mother’, I’m rooting for both of you ✩ Please kill each other to your heart’s content.”


“Ah… Oh! This is it, Ufufu, this taste. I’ve been wanting you for a long time, Celestia…”

Kirino drew blood from Serra’s body and took it directly into her body, savoring the taste of Serra.

As her blood seeped into her body one drop at a time, her face became enchanted.

Throbbing, a sensual current rushed all over her body, hugging her limbs, and Kirino writhed.

“Kufu, Kufufufufu. Really sweet taste…. Hey, may I have more?”

Kirino slowly stretched her arms toward Serra and moved her index finger slightly.

Immediately after, a blood spear popped out of her back and flew toward Serra.


Serra, silently staring at the scene, set up her sword and blocked it from the front.

Apparently, the effects of ‘blood clot’ was greater than before, and the blood spear was as sturdy as steel. Because it flew at high speed, though she managed to parry it, Serra lost her posture.

This time, one from the side. When Serra decided that a passive evasion will not make it in time, she forcefully exercised ‘Black Shadow’ while off balance and closed the distance in front of her.

Holding the sword, which was likely to slip out, with both hands, she swung down towards Kirino by force. A reckless blow. However, Kirino seemed to be able to react immediately, creating four new spears from her back, which instantly unfolded to envelop her and the sword was flicked off.

Serra passively walked backwards, then pulled away with ‘Black Shadow’ and regained her fighting stance.

At that moment, all the spears on Kirino’s back were united, and crawled toward Serra as if sewing the ground.


With a light click of her tongue, Serra rolled sideways, avoiding the spear.

Immediately after, the spear exploded from the inside and created a huge pile of blood needles.

Some needles penetrated Serra. However, Serra stared at Kirino without taking any notice of it.

With her ‘blood clotting’ spear being integrated, Kirino was now defenseless. There was no choice but to deliver the final blow while showing an opening.


However, Kirino smiled as if she had read Serra’s thoughts.

Immediately, Serra’s body was engulfed in darkness as she tried to close the distance. However, at the same time, the blood spear returned to Kirino with terrifying momentum and protected her again. But so far, it was as expected. As soon as Serra appeared between Kirino’s eyes, she ran out and took her back. The base where the blood spear grows from. The strategy was to penetrate the heart through the slight gap there.


When Kirino noticed the intention, she disengaged her defense and released the spear backward without looking back.

But that was also within Serra’s expectations. This time, she appeared in front of Kirino again by ‘Black Shadow’, and swung the sword down towards her.

Serra splendid beheading of Kirino ──── wasn’t able to connect.

With a pop, Serra’s right arm fell to the ground.

At the same time, Sera’s body fell to the ground as blood spewed out of the cross-section and the center of gravity collapsed.

“Kufu, Kufufufufufu! Oh, it’s so late Celestia!!”

Kirino laughed gleefully.

When she looked up, Kirino was holding a sword in her right hand. The blade was covered in blood.

Amnesia. That’s what had caused the backfire. Serra had forgotten that the girl was a swordsman.

In spite of such a situation.

In her faded memory, Serra remembered the existence of a little girl, though only briefly.

Serra whispered while lying face down.

“…I’m hungry.”

Kirino’s movement stopped suddenly.

That statement and intonation were familiar.

With a wince, Kirino couldn’t help but ask Serra while denying it in her head.


Serra didn’t reply to Kirino’s words.

Immediately after, Serra was biting Kirino’s throat at an unstoppable speed.

Hamu, she bit off the flesh as it is.

“Ah, eh?”

Kirino was dumbfounded, bleeding, not knowing what had happened.

In her eyes, there was the figure of Serra chewing on Kirino’s flesh.

With a smile like a child, Serra opened her mouth.

Kirino shuddered at the madness which was drawn from her words.

“Hey. I’ve stabbed to death and strangled to death. But I’ve not yet devoured to death.

“Hi, no…… way.”

Can we try it?”

“No, let go!!”

Serra’s words cleared the haze that had been hanging over her head, and she regained her sanity for a brief moment.

But it was already too late, and Serra was biting at Kirino’s throat again.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!! Gah, geho, gugyaaah!!!!???? ────! !!”

Even though she was screaming in desperation, her vocal cords were crushed, and Kirino was unable to do anything but make her body flail about.

She was being eaten alive. It was as if her soul was being directly scraped away, and the pain was too unbearable.

Kirino’s heart became even more tormented by the ferocious, beast-like visage eating her flesh, which overlapped with her beloved Meena.

Despite the feeling of being eaten, shaved, and getting smaller, she couldn’t even scream and couldn’t even call anyone for help.

(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

Before long, even in her mind, only the ‘sound’ of the soul being severed, rather than the scream, was uttered.

Kirino was eaten.

She was eaten alive and died.


“Oof, it’s fine to wake up to cannibalism, but you shouldn’t force yourself to do anything that isn’t palatable, right?”

Sakura, who was quietly watching on the sidelines, opened her mouth.

“Well, this is the first and last time Serra will be chewing on a human. The other party was little Kirino. A natural S?”

While muttering happily, Sakura ignites the card she had.

The vampire card turned into ashes and was swept away by the wind.

“Fufu, all that remains is my favorite dear Hazel. I wonder what kind of killing they’re going to do to each other.”


For some reason, she was reminded of that child.

She couldn’t remember the name or face of that child. However, she remembered how she seemed to enjoy eating. She was curious, so she tried to imitate her.

“But I didn’t understand the taste well. When I noticed it, she was dead.”

Serra lifted her sword with that simple impression on her first cannibal.

Enraptured, she stroked her fingers on the sword.

“All the same, this isn’t it. I didn’t get the feeling of actually taking a life.”

Shaking off the blood, Serra stood up.

As far as she could see, there were no people anywhere in sight.

Still, Serra had to walk. She promised that she would live, she promised that girl.

“────  Who was that girl again?”

Serra muttered quietly as she dragged her sword behind her.

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