Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – I Can’t Remember

Let’s get out of here soon…

“My father was an aristocrat of the old regime. He was captured during the civil war, and is now imprisoned and his house has fallen into ruin. Until then, I too was surrounded by a lot of girls… and got a little full of myself before that…. I wonder, am I being punished? After my father was imprisoned, the girls around me did an about-face and started speaking ill of me and snickering at my expense… at one point, I had a political marriage arranged with the daughter of an old acquaintance of my father that involved the reestablishment of my family, and I’m only 15, but when the wedding ceremony was being held a few months ago and I was about give a kiss for my vows… the man who is in the schoolyard now showed up and said, ‘This sort of marriage is wrong’. Then stole the bride, and that girl even cried, ‘Take me!’. It was too much, so much that I couldn’t keep up…”

…… I thought, but I found myself sitting there.

“Hey, wait a minute!!”

From the beginning, I was listening to his story, but I suddenly yelled out.

“What the hell, that bitch! Who runs away in the middle of their wedding? That damned annoying woman!? I mean, who had to pay for the ceremony?”

“From what little assets I had left in the house…”

“No, no, no, no, it’s not the marriage that’s wrong, it’s the THOT! Talk about troubling others… so, where is that woman now?”

“Look, out in the schoolyard…”

When Mortriage pointed to the schoolyard from the back of the school building, among the girls flocking the black-haired guy…

“Where did that pervert go? I’ll definitely get him!”

“I’ve incurred divine punishment, haven’t I? Yesterday, we didn’t tell anyone, but… we were on a date, right?”

“Oh, I heard that too! So unfair! I will not allow one person to monopolize that cool guy!”

“Have you forgotten our love alliance? Apart from that, you can’t judge a boy just by his looks… though he is certainly smart looking, but…”

“Senior, is that true? You two were on a date… that’s cheating!”

Somehow, well, I guess it’s one of those… I wonder… I’ve never spoken to them before, but I thought it would be nice if everyone exploded.

“Mortriage is still fine! Me … I found a girl who was lost in the city and when I tried to help find her parents together, I was arrested because they thought it was a kidnapping of a little girl. And the girl seemed to have a sister in my class, and the next day all the girls in the class treated me as a criminal… u, uuugh!”

“Well, that’s beyond the level of pity… who the heck is that girl?”

“She’s in there, too…”

When Budeo pointed to the schoolyard while crying, well, yes… she’s among that group of girls.

“Keke, what about me? The first day a transfer student moved into the school, I called out to him, thinking I’d be friendly, and he said, ‘Shut up!’ then ‘Bang!’ I hit him and sent him flying over the desk as it is. But, the girls in the class praised me going ‘so strong~’ and so on… what the hell is that? And yet, the girl sitting next to me looked down on me saying I’m a savage and the transfer student was a smart honor student…”

“That’s the transfer student’s fault no matter what you think, right?”

“Me… nothing in particular… if I dare say, a childhood friend who lived next door is … in there…”


I wonder. Everyone was living a very sad student life.

But for some reason, I don’t feel like a stranger.

By no means, but I don’t feel like leaving with “Well, it’s none of my business”.

『…… effort, talent, circumstances, and various other factors… lead to the existence, of those sorts, too.』

Tre’ainar, sitting with me next to me, also had a subtle expression on his face.

“W, well, that’s fine, isn’t it? As far as I can tell, they’re all bitches, right? They hate me so much… or rather, here in this place, and with all these bastards present, why don’t you all just parade around and have a good time together?”


It’s just not the same anymore. This atmosphere made any words of encouragement seem to ring hollow.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

“…… geez… I got roped into something weird …”

I couldn’t help but swoon, wondering what was going on.

And then……

“There you are, you suspicious bastard!”

“I found him!”

Oh, here they come…

“Hey? What’s going on? That’s…”

“Wait! It’s not safe for you to be out here!”

“That’s right~, there are a lot of scary boys over there…”

“Don’t worry, if they try to do something, then I’ll knock them down!”

The schoolyard bitches pulled the black-haired guy along, and then showed up to the back of the school building.

Moreover, with a lot of hostility.

“Oh … in a place like this … why, were you with these guys?”


As for the boys behind the school building, they were all backing away, looking a little frightened of the black-haired guy and the girls, as if their hearts were completely broken.


“Well, you can’t run anymore, can you? I’m not interested in those who sneak away, and I don’t want to pick on the weak, but I won’t tolerate those who make girls sad and run away.”

The black-haired guy who caught up stared at me with a glaring eye and talked confidently.

“……What? Girl…What?”

Made a girl sad… Who’s running away?

“… you … eh …”

What? Floating through my mind… Sadiz’s voice calling my name. Mother too. The Princess…… doesn’t matter.

The black-haired man may not have said it with a ‘that sort of intention’, but… surprisingly… to think he would touch that wound with pinpoint accuracy…

『…… Child….』

「……? 」

『…… restrain yourself…… do not be so dejected… tis unbecoming, is it not? Besides, these ones… pose no threat.』

As my irritation was growing and wondering what I was going to do about it, Tre’ainar said that at just the right time.

「…… What do you mean?」

『Comprehend my words. I do not give instruction to help you torment the ignorant youths of a developing country…』

「That’s… true.」

『I said so in Cantidan as well, did I not? Even if you over-overwhelm a small fry and get on top, on the other hand, it makes you look small… as well.』

「…… Haha……」

The fist that went out… but…… I just grasped it and endured it.

「Yes… that’s right.」

I know. I raised my fists, which I almost swung, and…

“…… I’m sorry.”


“Actually, I’m just here to deliver some things a girl named Karui’s forgot, along with this child, Amae, on my back…”


“… Ah! That child… from the church… and Karui, surely, wasn’t there a student like that in the freshman class?”

It wouldn’t have been a hassle if I had done this from the beginning. If I had apologized honestly…

“So ―――― please give me a break. Forgive me.”


Tre’ainar was grinning beside me as if he was testing me.

That’s fine, isn’t it?

“Hey, hey… he’s already… apologizing so much, so please forgive him.”

“B… big brother Mobner… cough… Senior…… humph…… still as jittery and timid as ever, a real softy. Despite that…… I can’t stand it.”

Then, before I bowed my head, Mobner intervened.

At the sight, the strange woman with a head for swinging a sword clicked her tongue.

Ah, this is the childhood friend who lived next door that he was talking about.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened, but he’s being the adult and really apologizing with his head down… let it go… consider his feelings.”

“Oratski… you’re still the same… man or woman, in the first place, the most important thing in an apology is the heart, isn’t it?”

A girl with glasses and a punctual impression. She felt like an honor student or a chairperson…

“Oh, calm down! Th, this is a peaceful place!”

“Geh!? Budeo!? Hey, I feel sick, why this criminal perv… ugh, the worst …”

Somehow, she’s kind of vulgar. Wearing make-up and the uniform to make an appeal like ‘I’m cute, right?’, it seemed.

“Well, you don’t have to say that… even if Budeo is… such a bad guy…”

“…… Stay away from him… I heard he was a kidnapper…… after all, bad people cover for bad people… Mortriage…”

She seemed like the most mature, and the most harmless at first glance, even though she looked like a small animal, she said the ugliest things.

Ah… I see… the guys looking out for me and the specific girls reacting to it… ah, with a combination like this…

“Ha~, all right, that’s enough. It looks like I’m messing around with him… but you’re a real coward, to apologize all of a sudden after being scared. The other boys too. You should all learn a little from José.”

And when I found the general correlation, orange panties said in an elaborate manner.

And now I heard a black-haired guy’s name.

“Well, I don’t want to stand out fighting in a place like this… ‘Chiyo’… is that okay? 」

“Yes. But I don’t want to wear these panties anymore… boso… Ehehe, I wonder if José should pick out some new ones for me to wear ~”

“Eh? What?”


…… I hope you explode… ah, but it’s been solved for the time being, right?

“Ah~, um, that’s really my bad. Well then I’ll be going. Oh, thank you guys, thanks for covering for me. Then, come on, Amae.”


That solved the problem… So…… I silently passed by….

“Um~… ah~…. um, it might seem meddlesome, but… you boys there.”


It’s not my problem anymore. I know, but somehow I can’t leave as it is, so I looked back….

“It may be none of your business, but… don’t just linger there. Try to do something else. In three months’ time, there’s that Arcane True Zenith tournament, right? So, like, as a man, go ―――――.”


But before I could finish saying everything, the girls’ unpleasant laughter echoed.

“Oh, I’m surprised… the Arcane True Zenith tournament… that’s the battle between the hero of the revolution, Machio, and José, isn’t it? Well, the winner will be José though!”

“Don’t laugh, Chiyo. Fufufu, but… there were boys other than José in the tournament? I never even thought about it.”

“There’s no way these ugly bastards are going to compete in a tournament like that!”

“And even if you do, you’re no match for José…”

“Yes, it’s true. We don’t know much about the strength of the hero Machio, but either way, José’s victory will remain unshaken.”

And, seeing their reaction, I’m reminded of that, too.

No, the High Priestess … I mean, Jamdi’el also said something like that.

Since it was almost certain that Machio would win the championship if only the Arcane True Zenith style was involved, she also allowed the students of the School to participate so as to increase the number of contestants.

“Dear oh dear, don’t flatter me too much. I’m just a former villager who has nothing to do with the Revolutionary Army guys or the wizards.”

“Really! Just a villager, even though you just transferred to another school and did a lot of things in a few days!”

However, Jamdi’el still said that Machio was the clear winner, but these guys believe differently.

『Well, I know not about that Machio yet, but… tis enough from the figures on the bench press and that Jamdi’el affirms him. And … this little José boy…. well, he seems fairly capable, but… rather, if this little boy by any chance… hmm…… just a villager… if not of a wizard’s lineage…he may be using ‘that’…』

As Tre’ainar said, between the opinion of these girls and that of a former Six Supremacy, which is more reliable, it goes without saying.

Besides, even from my point of view, this José is… well…… with his body build, the amount of magic I felt…. he’s not weak… that’s what I sense.

“Hey, maybe you’re going to be participating in the tournament too?”

The black-haired guy asked me. So, I…

“Oh. Forcibly, but still.”

“That’s right. Then I’ll pay you back for what you did to Chiyo today.”

Discipline … So accidental pantsu…… Well, there was a time when I never wanted Sadiz to show what’s under her skirt to any man but me, so I don’t know…

“Oh yeah~, for making your girlfriend cry.”

“Girlfriend? Who?”

…… I don’t want to wait three months, I want to bludgeon him now. This guy is not very smart, is he? Why don’t you understand the flow of the current conversation? He’s missing an important thought process as a person…

『For you of all people to say that…』

Hmm, what’s wrong with Tre’ainar? Why are you looking at me with pitiful eyes there?

“Oh yeah? Girlfriend? Oh, hey, we look like that! Even though he’s a pervert, he’s a good judge of character! Yes, and eventually… Hehe, I’m Chiyo! ‘Chiyo Lowing’.  I’ll be the wife of the strongest man in the country, so remember that!”

However, being so happy about my remark, the girl was suddenly smiling and huffing.

But even if you introduce yourself, I’m not going to remember it.

“Oh, no! This girl is delusional! Rather, I will be the wife of the coolest man in this country! Menk. ‘Menk Ishregal’, remember it!”

So, even though I didn’t ask the vulgar woman as she went all huffy, she introduced herself…

“Eh? I, is this an introduction tide? Fuh, hun? I am the wife of the most righteous man in the land… My name is Soud! ‘Soud Cranam’! Remember, you rascal! Next time you do anything else, I will cut you down with this sword of justice!”

And, even the weird girl with the head for swinging a sword around gave her name.

“Haha… Me too…… I shouldn’t miss out… right…… I hope to be married to the best honor student in this country… Glass… ‘Glass Waller’.”

“Oh, geez, guys, is that cheating?” Me! Yeah! Wow, I’m… the wife of the most faithful person in this country… Soak… it’s ‘Soak Naon’.”

I didn’t particularly want to hear anything about glasses and even the awful girl introduced herself…But…I can remember it!

“Heh, everyone already has an ideal image of the person they want to marry… I didn’t know.”

“”””Come on, really what the hell.””””

Okay…I’ve gotten used to this farce.

I don’t care about the names of the girls.

However, I’ll just remember this guy for the time being.

“So? You’re… José, was it?”

“Ah! José…… ‘José Drag’…”

“Hmm. Ok…… that’s it for me…”

Then, after listening to the name of my opponent, I left the place which had no further use to me.

Earlier, I tried to say “Let’s do our best” to the boys by talking about the tournament as a kind of encouragement, but it didn’t seem like the right kind of atmosphere, and if they didn’t have the will to fight, I knew I had no right to interfere, so I didn’t say anything else.

Forget about that, let’s get to training!

With that in mind, I decided to go.

So I didn’t realize that all the boys who remained there were clenching their fists and biting their lips.

Author’s Note

This time, because it was a magic school, 10 students were introduced at once as new characters… but in reality, they won’t actually get involved in the story much. It is just a parent’s mind that gave out the names. Only a few people are important in Part 4.

For reference, only the names are listed below.

Wizarding School Students with the exception of Karui


  • 「José Drag」
  • 「Mortriage Revive」
  • 「Oratski Friend」
  • 「Mobner Victor」
  • 「Budeo Hamsan」


  • 「Chiyo Lowing」
  • 「Soud Cranam」
  • 「Menk Ishregal」
  • 「Glass Waller」
  • 「Soak Naon」

Earth can’t remember it, so I can’t remember it. But I’ll do it. By the way, the hair removal salon costs about 5,000 to 10,000 each time, and it does not seem to end at one time. To become smooth, you have to go through it many times. That’s why I don’t want to go, so I’ll do my best in the novel.

TL Note

I would like to apologize to those who were weary of this having any NTR elements. In the beginning I said it didn’t… so far, but this chapter was all NTR. I guess this is what it’s like looking at a Harem Protagonist from the outside.


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