Serra – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – Accelerating Madness

──── Three months have passed since then.

Almost every day, a series of terrorist attacks erupted in different parts of the country, the population decreased significantly and the country was in a state of semi-destruction.

Only three girls were responsible for the acts of terrorism. All of them had a mysterious power, and they were forced to give permission to shoot and kill, but for some reason the girls did not die and went around killing the citizens indiscriminately. Eventually, weapons were brought out, but the girls could not be stopped, and the cycle of negativity continued to create even greater casualties among the citizens.


“Hum, hum, hum♪”

This is Warden, the Capital of the Elmerado Military State.

Alice, while humming a tune, arrived at an abandoned house in a corner of the now uninhabited residential area, with a nimble gait.

A large number of paper bags were held in both hands. It’s tonight’s ingredients.

Roughly kicking open the front door, Alice opened her mouth in a good mood.

“I’m home~”

Entering the living room as it is, and into the dim living room with the curtains closed.

At the center was a lone woman chained with handcuffs.

“…… Welcome back.”

There was Olivia glaring at Alice with hatred in her eyes.


──── The encounter goes back three months.

News of the death of Karen Dashwood. Olivia learned of it five days after they split up.

An article was published in a large newspaper. According to it, a body believed to be Karen was found in the garden of an empty house in a corner of Rogen. There was evidence of a fight against the culprit due to several stab wounds on her body and a sword missing from her waist sheath, and the army treated it as a ‘martyrdom’ and promoted her to the rank of General in her honor.

Shortly after reading the entire article, Olivia tore the newspaper and threw it away, screaming. She wasn’t Karen’s direct subordinate, but she had watched her back often. She had always admired her. And she knew of her fragility.

She wanted to be supportive. She wanted to be able to stand next to her and stand shoulder to shoulder. Karen had been very depressed after losing Iris, but she had tried her best to reach out to her, and they had even developed a relationship where she could chat with her naturally. She was getting closer with Gillian who she cared for. All of that was taken away by Serra.


A grudge was buried in Olivia’s murmur. Recalling her appearance, she turned her gaze of hatred. In that form, the people around her avoid her, but the person in question does not notice, and she moved forward thinking about how she would kill her.

“You said Serra’s name just now, didn’t you?”


From behind.

A girl’s voice reached her ear, and Olivia looked back as she wondered.

Immediately after that, the sound of continuous shots being fired was heard.

A blonde girl with a creepy stuffed animal was in front of her.

In her right hand, she held a Sub-Machine Gun(S.M.G.).

And Olivia looked at her lower abdomen.

There were a number of holes.

“U, Bu…”

A feeling of vomiting rose up. When she spat it out uncontrollably, it was not yellow vomit but a red-black sticky mass that came out.

Intense dizziness. Strange tremors in the legs. At the same time as feeling the sensation of losing power from her body, Olivia’s lost her center of gravity and collapsed. Drowning in her own blood.

“Uh … eh, gufu ………”

Olivia’s consciousness was already clouded by intense pain and heat. Her mouth was bubbling with blood, and her body was convulsing in small increments. However, she firmly felt the blood flowing from her stomach, and her body temperature lowered as if she had been exposed to cold water, although she was supposed to be burning with severe pain and heat.

“Rest assured. I’ve avoided the vitals, and I’ll fix it to a degree that it won’t break.”

The girl smiled as she stepped around Olivia.

She stared lovingly at Olivia with her eyes full of purity and madness as if she had found a new toy.

“Tell me a story later, sister.”


When Olivia woke up, there was a girl’s face in front of her.

“Huh!? I, ah, what happened to me …!?”

“Oh, you shouldn’t move too much. It will open your wounds.”

“Eh, ah? …… oh, aaaaaaaahhh!!!???”

“I told you so.”

Olivia remembered the situation just before she lost consciousness at the girl’s words, and at the same time, severe pain ran from her lower abdomen.

There were a number of sewn marks where the holes were, and blood was oozing from them. No mistake. This girl just sewed up the wound with a common sewing tool.

The girl opened her mouth, smiling at Olivia, who moaned in pain.

“My name is Alice. Alice Westblood I’m Serra’s ex-girlfriend. I’d love to hear the stories you know about Serra.”

Thus, the two, who should have had no contact, ended up living together.


“Here you go.”

With a smile on her face, Alice gave Olivia a homemade sandwich.

Olivia glared at Alice with resentment, but it’s true that she was hungry, and one hand was restrained by handcuffs, so she had no choice but to take it and chew.

Most of the city should have been deserted, yet the vegetables were fresh, and the dough was plump, and the taste itself was perfect for filling the stomach. But, the essential dining table was the worst. Because she was always nervous, she couldn’t acknowledge the taste and it didn’t pass through her throat well.

As soon as she finished eating somehow, Olivia quietly opened up the conversation.

“…… it’s in bad taste, that doll.”

“Hmm? Did you see what’s inside little Beatrix?”

The doll that Alice always carried around with her, as if it were her most prized possession.

It was full of seams and cotton popping out all over, and what’s more, the right eye was hollowed out, and the left eye had a human-like eyeball embedded in it, the doll looked creepy.

The doll was named Beatrix, but according to Alice, she borrowed her mother’s name. Olivia had been wondering why she named it after her parent until now, but after examining the doll Alice had left behind while she was out, she finally found the answer.

There was a large seam mark on the back, and the fabric was easily torn just by pulling it to the sides as expected. So it’s likely that she was hiding something there. Out of curiosity, Olivia peeped through the cotton and regretted it.

It had two human fingers within, which have turned red-black and rotten.

“You really are crazy. They’re your parents, aren’tthey?”

Alice answered Olivia’s point with a smile rather than being offended.

“Yes, that’s right. I have dad and mom in there.”

With that calm manner Olivia glared at Alice even harder and became enraged.

“What…! What are you!? I keep hearing about your selfish love all the time, you continue to ask about us persistently, and at the end, you killed your parents? I don’t know what it means!!”

“Hmm, even if you say so. My dad and mom are my most precious ‘things’, so I just broke all the unnecessary parts and made them small so that I could carry them around with me.”

“I feel sick…!!”

In particular, Olivia expressed her aversion to Alice’s words, which she answered indifferently without any emotion or doubt.

Ignoring Olivia’s situation, Alice clapped her hands together and approached Olivia with a full smile.

“Serra is coming here soon.”


Celestia Valentine, the woman she had hated for three months.

Finally, the day will come when she can kill her.

“I have a few more things to do, so I’m leaving here, but what are you going to do?”

“It’s decided! Let’s meet Celestia soon!!”

“Then it’s settled.”

With a smile, Alice releases the restraints on Olivia, whose hue changed and she closed in on her.

As soon as the handcuffs came off, Olivia immediately rushed out of the room.

“Goodness… you really wanted to meet Serra. I’m sure she’s got a lot of enemies on many fronts.”

Muttered Alice, who was left alone.

Immediately after, she clenched her fists and erased her expression. Alice, holding the doll and Sub-Machine Gun(S.M.G.), spat out in a low, dull voice.

“You can’t even stand on the main stage, so this mob shouldn’t challenge me. Go get killed by Serra, will you.”


“Hey, ‘Riko’. There’s a child crying over there. I’ll kill them now.”

“Look ‘Riko’! Those two have been fighting for a while now. I have to kill them.”

“Oh, ‘Riko’ did you see that!? He bumped into me, but he didn’t apologize! I can’t forgive that, I have to kill him quickly.”

“Ahahahaha!! It’s fun, Riko! Let’s kill more and more!!”

Serra, whose clothes were dyed red with blood splatter and her sky blue eyes clouded, laughed as she carried her sword.

She continued to kill while laughing.

There was no right or wrong there. Just by seeing a person in her sight, they become a subject to slaughter.

By this time, Serra was no longer eating and sleeping. And she could no longer remember the events before and after. Her emotions were almost gone. Thoughts also lost their context and turned into childish ones. Now she had nothing but the urge to murder, the pleasures of slaughter, and Riko in her mind.

“Hey, Serra. Do you remember? We had a date there, didn’t we? 』

Riko” standing next toher, talked to her.

In her words, Sera answered, “Um.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember much. More than that, I want to kill more.”

“Huh, that’s right. You have to kill more. After all, Serra is ■■■.

The words of “Riko” as she responded with a smile was overrun with noise.

Occasionally, “Riko” sometimes had such noise in various parts of her words. At first, Serra felt uneasy, but gradually she stopped caring.

…… After all, “Riko” was only a hallucination that was born by Serra’s rejection of reality. But Serra didn’t realize it and didn’t care. The words of “Riko” were disrupted because Serra’s memory was fading, but to her, the world has already ended, so memory loss became only a trivial problem.

So, she kills. Build a mountain of corpses. Dye the world with a sea of ​​blood. That is the scene that Serra longed for from the bottom of her heart.

──── And so, with each step, Serra was breaking down.

In addition, the city became quieter, and people were collapsed all over the area. It was just after creating such a familiar scene.


A voice echoed from behind.

It was the cry of Olivia Midnight.

Oh, there is another prey. It will quench my thirst.

“──── Aha”

She showed a broken smile and had madness in her eyes. The Killer(Serra) looked back.

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