Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – A Hair-Raising Experience

“Let’s go”

“Is it really okay for me to go in, too?”

Even though I came to deliver the uniform, can I enter the school?

“…… let’s go”

“So …”

“…… Un.”

“Ah~, fine, I get it.”

A little bit, Amae patted me on the head as I was wondering if I should go in or not.

Well, I stepped through the school gates, thinking I might as well.

“Now, where’s Karui? There are quite a few people in the schoolyard and I don’t want to be seen too much… ga…… un?”

Right now, the schoolyard was full of people… huh? I mean…

“… I wonder…… this school… there are only girls here, right? Is it an all-girls’ school …?”

A sweet scent was drifting from all over the school premise. There were a lot of girls in the schoolyard… no…

『Wrong, child, there are males as well…… surrounded by little females…』

“…… I see.”

Ah. I noticed it, too. There certainly was a male student.

And he was surrounded by girls.

“Well, that’s how this school teaches it… in passing…… look, if you do it this way, you’ll be able to cast magic more efficiently.”

“””””Oh, I see. I hadn’t thought of that idea… Amazing!”””””

The boy explained some theory to a lot of female students, as if he were in a blue sky classroom.

A black-haired male of medium build.

“Here, transfer student! No chanting, cast a test spell. So… why, what’s with the power of this magic!?”

“Oh, I was told to do it normally, so I did it normally, but… I didn’t expect you to be so surprised … was it a little too weak?”

“No, no… no, I mean, it’s enough!”

“”””Amazing! What power!?””””

A group of students were lined up in a row. They were trying to hit a straw doll with magic released from their hands, but only one of them was very powerful.

And that line.

“He’s just like Fu. There are guys like that everywhere.”

I muttered unintentionally.

“I give up… even though I didn’t want to stand out…”

“””””What are you talking about even though it’s so amazing?”””””

“Amazing? I have no magical talent, so all I can use is Bit Fire …”

“””””Bit Fire with that power!?”””””

Amazingly, there are many female students around the few male students I could see.

However, aren’t there far fewer male students?

Isn’t the gender balance weird?

Or, except for the teachers, is there only one boy?


“But, well… it’s impressive. Good performance. Developing countries are…not as I expected…”

『…… Well…… Tis so.』

However, the magic level of that boy is quite high.

Reminiscent of Fu, who was said to be a child prodigy, he is likely to be a top-class student at the Imperial Academy.

Will this guy participate in the tournament in three months’ time?

It’s not quite as shocking as that Machio’s numbers or Karui’s running, but it’s quite exciting.

“Hey, Amae. Is he famous, too?”


“Don’t you know?”



By the way, Amae doesn’t seem to know much. She tilted her head and didn’t seem particularly interested.

“Hey, transfer student. Certainly, the power of that magic was ok, but it’s all too self-styled… how to knead magic and posture… see, you need to focus on these fundamentals…”

After witnessing the boy’s magic, a man who seemed to be a teacher was giving advice on “how he better do it like so”.

That would have been a very common sight.


“Who decided that the way the teacher described was right? I think that kind of conventional teaching leads to the destruction of each individual’s personality. Students need guidance that further develops the individuality…”

“Nuh-uh, wh, what?”

“In order to do that, we have to respect the students’ autonomy and let them do what they want to do… because students are not puppets of their teachers. If you don’t, you won’t think for yourself and you won’t be able to grow in life.”

That’s quite the dispute.

“Ah, the troublesome type… I feel sorry for the teacher. Come on, let’s go while we can.”

『Troublesome… you are actually saying that?』

No, I’m very obedient and charming, aren’t I? While thinking so, I ignored the situation in the school yard, and looked around with Amae searching for Karui…

“But… I don’t see that girl.”


I don’t think she’s in the schoolyard, so I guess she’s in the school building …

“I mean, I shouldn’t have come this far and just had someone call her at the school gate from the beginning…”

“… Ah …”

“You’re just realizing that now?”

I thought we were both acting careless, so I chuckled a little….

“Hey, what are you doing there!”


Damn, I’ve been discovered.

A schoolgirl, probably younger than me, found me and shouted in a loud voice

And, fiercely glaring at me, the girl carried a sword on her waist…

“I’ve never seen this guy before… You, stranger! I will cut you down, suspicious bastard!”


Flabbergasted. A real sword was pulled out.

At this moment I realized the seriousness of entering a school in another country without permission.

But why would a student normally carry a sword around during class?

“… Ah, I’m sorry! I’m not a suspicious guy, so I’ll stand down now! A student of this school forgot their things, you see, this little girl —”

『Hmm? Oi, child … from the sky …』


The sky. Tre’ainar told me to look up.

“Late, late, wh, kyaaa!”

A girl’s voice from the sky. Looking up I saw… the sunset?

Wow! I don’t know why a girl fell from the sky, but… anyway, it’s dangerous, so let’s avoid it.


“…… Huh?”

“Ah, my bread!?”

Somehow, a girl who flew in the sky with a broom appeared while holding bread in her mouth, which fell straight down.

Late? Are you just arriving at the school?

When does this person come to school with a piece of bread in her mouth while brushing her teeth? What a vulgar fellow.

“…… Kya, my skirt!? …… Hey, did you see it? No, no!”

And, she got angry for some reason. She fell, and the legs were spread wide open, revealing what should be hidden… orange of the sun at sunset…. no, it’s morning now…

Well, it’s obviously an accidental pantsu, right?

And I didn’t use a Canonicon!

“You… Shame on you! Die!”


Eh? Now…… am I really in the wrong?

Instruct me, almighty master.

“Hmm? Hey, what’s going on… Hey, what are you doing? Who is that man?”

And, the commotion spread to the schoolyard in an instant, people began to gather, and a black-haired guy stepped forward.

The teacher… ah, not good, I’m in a lot of shock, my head was swooning.

Then, the girl who suddenly pulled out the sword and the woman in orange panties instantly ran up to the black-haired guy when they saw him.

“Se, senior! This guy, this shameless trespassing guy.”

“Listen, th-this person, saw my panties! Only you… sh, showed you… I didn’t… I’m t-tainted…”

The two girls moved to either side of a black-haired guy as if they were saying ‘my position’.

Ah I see…… that’s how it is… these girls, they’re his hanger-ons….


“I see… this is what you call culture shock. They are hair-raisingly annoying women…”

『…… Do not say too much…』

I guess I’m the one at fault… well, it can’t be helped, but…. it’s kind of annoying.

“What’s that? You…… I don’t know who you are…. breaking into this school… what you did to my friends.”

And, he looked angry about the follower’s panties being seen.

The black-haired guy was kind to the girls earlier, but he had murderous eyes for me.

It’s regrettable, unfortunate. I’ll explain the situation properly…….

“Ah! It was an accident…. to start with, I’m here because a student of this school forgot their things —”

“Annoying, shut up!”

“Eh, eeeeehh?”

Bam, the black-haired man trampled on the ground with anger.

Somehow… he didn’t listen to the situation….

“F, friend… Hah~…… friend~… this, dense”

“As usual, senior is so thick-headed. But I won’t give up. From the time I lost one-on-one to senior, I will have senior’s children ————”

And, what’s with your lewd faces? Ah~, really annoying.

“Both of you, step back. This is my…. eh? Come again? I didn’t hear you, but did you say something?”

“Again, thickheaded!”

“And don’t make me repeat myself. Don’t draw your sword easily. To swing a sword is to cut a person, to kill a person, to be cut yourself, and to accept the weight of the resolve to be killed as well ————.”

“Ah… Senior…… ♡”

This is bad…. I never thought I’d get this much culture shock…

“I wonder … this may be the first time I’ve ever felt like punching a man or woman…”

Honestly, I don’t care about his face or his name. Anyway, it’s too much and I don’t want to talk with him for even a second….

“I won’t forgive anyone in the world who messes with my friends! I won’t forgive you even if you apologize! Ba…… oh, hey, wait, where?”

I want to fight back, send him flying… but I will bear it.

“Really, if you don’t forgive me even after apologizing, why would I associate with you?”


Keeping in mind that this is the culture of this country…. for the time being, I ran away while carrying Amae.

“Or rather, I didn’t expect to be treated like that… well, I was the one who entered without permission, my bad.”


“I mean, you could have told me first, don’t go in without permission.”


“Seriously, well, you didn’t tell me… now, what do I do about this… at the school gate, some people are standing around and keeping watch.”

For now, I thought I would run away, but people were waiting at the entrance, probably to keep me from leaving.

What a pain.

“For now… do I run up the wall from the back?”


That’s why I went around to the back of the school building, not in front of the building… thereupon……

“…… Nu-!!??”


And thereupon, I had an encounter, damn it.



There were male students sitting in the corner behind the school building in a ridiculously gloomy atmosphere.

At first, I misunderstood that this school was an “all-girls’ school?”, but there were such male students.

“Ah, no, I’m sorry… oh, I’m not a suspicious guy.”

It was a little unexpected, so I tried to excuse myself quickly. But for some reason, all the boys there had eyes that seemed terribly dead or cursed by the world.

They looked right at me, and they knew I wasn’t someone from this school, but nobody seemed interested in me.



However, the awkward silence continued, and I couldn’t stand it….

“Daaah, I’m curious! You, just who are you? Ah?”

His unkempt hair, and his uniform out of sorts, this vulgar male student was picking a quarrel.

But soon…

“Hey hey, stop that, ‘Oratski’. That’s how you immediately pick a fight …”

“Shut it, ‘Mortriage’, you may be curious too! How long will you keep acting like an honor student, broke aristocrat!”

A blonde with well-ordered features. To all appearances, a wealthy noble son…… looks aside however, his uniform was riddled with dreadful patchwork, yet he tried to calm the boy who was looking to rile me up.

“Fight, th, that’s no good! Might be a transfer student, w-we don’t know!”

“Uh huh. Let’s get along like normal.”

“Geez, ‘Budeo’! ‘Mobner’! You guys…ah~, whatever, don’t care!”

And then the other boys stood up, too.

Somehow, an extremely chubby guy and … well, a normal and featureless fellow.

After being warned, the guy looking to fight clicked his tongue and sat on the spot.

“Yo, sorry about that. Are you a transfer student? Perhaps the whole school atmosphere was too much for you to bear and you came here too?”

“… Ah, no, uh …”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Mortriage. ‘Mortriage Revive’. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The boy introduced himself with a refreshing smile and offered his hand to shake.

And the other guys …

“Bo, Budeo… ‘Budeo Hamsan’, wh, what!”

“I’m Mobner. ‘Mobner Victor’. Thanks. Hey, Oratski, you too.

“Tch… ‘Oratski Friend’.

The guys introduced themselves one after another… as if to welcome a “new comrade”.

Thus, dozens of guys would introduce themselves to me.

To be honest, I really didn’t want to get involved with them, so I tried to get out of there as soon as possible.

But I didn’t know.

I didn’t realize that this encounter was the start of the revolution of the disadvantaged boys, the first since the country’s civil war ended.

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