Serra – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – ‘The Killer’ Celestia Valentine ②

―――― On the balcony at the Elmerado National Army headquarters.


Round and round.

Sakura kept spinning while spreading her arms and taking nimble steps.

“The die has been cast. The game has already begun. All that remains is to watch and see who survives to the end.”

Suddenly, she stopped moving with a coup de grace.

Sakura made five cards appear on the spot from out of nowhere and arranged them side by side.

Each card depicted a killer with a knife, an avenger wearing a coat, a vampire with bat wings on its back, a female soldier in extacy, and a goddess.

“The remaining Undying are Serra, little Kirino, Dear Hazel, Ms. Karen and Sakura. Alice, well, let’s exclude her because Sakura will kill her. A・NY・WAY! Now it’s only a little while before Sakura’s “plan” is completed.”

Sakura murmured happily from the bottom of her heart, while writhing with both hands on her cheeks.

“Fufufu. Now, who will kill Sakura at the end? …… Well, ultimately, it doesn’t matter who comes, the ending won’t change.”


Serra left the room with a sword in her right hand.

The sky blue eyes had become cloudy, and she began to walk aimlessly with a slow gait.

―――― First of all, who should you kill?

With the sword tip dangling and her eyes hastily turning to and fro, Serra looked for the figure.

…… then.


The voice of the girl humming a song was heard.

It came from outside. Looking towards it, the front door was open, and there was Gillian folding the laundry.

“…… Fufu”

A smile overflowed.

Serra slowly and steadily approached her, even though she could feel her heart racing.

And Gillian, perhaps also felt a presence, looked back and stared.


Gillian was delighted to see Serra for the first time in two weeks, even had tears in her eyes, and ran up to her.

―――― At this time, no one could have blamed Gillian for not being alert for a moment.

Why does Serra have a sword, and what’s with her daring smile? She didn’t have time to wonder about such things.

Certainly, she had almost been killed twice. However, neither of them was the intention of the person in question, and she had been seen suppressing her insanity several times recently.

Hence, she had come to trust Serra.

“Oh, senior, I’m glad! I’ve been worried about senior! Anyway, once everyone —”



Interrupting Gillian’s words, Serra stared at her.

Her eyes are clouded and she has an eerie smile on her face.

At last, Gillian sensed the strange atmosphere and tried to back away.

“Ah, um, senior, what’s wrong …? You’re acting strange————”



Serra thrust her sword into Gillian’s left chest.

“Ah ………, uh ………?”

She couldn’t understand what had happened, Gillian expression said as much.

She looked at her chest and Serra’s face alternately, confused that she doesn’t seem to be feeling pain.

However, Sera was inwardly frustrated.

She had missed her vitals. She’s still alive.

———— Quickly. I have to kill her quickly.

Perhaps the strength of her body was gone, but when she pulled out the sword, Gillian easily fell on her back.

Collapsed to the ground.

Serra quickly sat atop her and readied the sword to kill Gillian.

At last, Gillian’s face was seized with fear as she understood the situation.

“Hi!? No, oh, way. No…! Don’t, se, noi, please, stop!!”

“Don’t struggle. You’ll only suffer more, won’t you?”

“No, no, no!!” I’m sorry, no, no, don’t kill me, help!!”

Fear of looming death, Gillian tried desperately to resist while screaming.

―――― Even though it hurts to do so.

Pinning Gillian’s body with her left arm and holding her sword vertically with her right.

And without hesitation, she stabbed Gillian’s chest again and again.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! Gah, fuh, ooooooooohhh…………..!!”

Gillian screamd, sprinkling a plethora of blood.

However, the strength in the grip on Serra’s arm weakened, and her voice proportionally became quieter.

And after a few stabs.


Suddenly, Serra stopped.

Gillian was motionless.

Her body was stained red, her eyes reflected nothing, and her body heat couldn’t even be felt.

And, Serra was also bathed with blood, her body dyed red.


She killed Gillian.

At last, she put her companion down with her own hand. It was her greatest contraindication. She was desperately trying to keep from crossing that line, but she was able to cross it by her own hands so easily.

Snap, the sound of something breaking in Serra.

Finally, Serra “broke”.

”Hahahahahahahahaha! Heehee, ehehe, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

She couldn’t hold her excitement. The feeling of taking a life was so pleasant.

Serra laughed, remembering the sense of that repressed impulse being set free and the “Celestia Valentine” that had been formed up until then collapsing.

No, this is not the collapse of the ego. It is sublimation.

Celestia Valentine has now been reborn as a ‘killer’.

“―――― Serra?”

Behind her.

A woman’s voice reached her ear, and Serra looked back with a laugh.

Standing there, with eyes wide opened, were a one-eyed woman and a black-haired woman. Karen and Olivia.

With an expression that couldn’t believe the sight unfolding in front of her, Karen asked Serra with a trembling voice.

“Oh … Serra, what are you doing, why are you sleeping there …?”


Serra laughed at Karen’s question.

Sleeping? What a moron!

“Gillian’s dead. I killed her.”


“Oh!? You –!!”

The reactions of the two were different.

Karen raised a puzzled voice as she couldn’t believe her ears at Serra’s words.

Olivia, on the other hand, stared at Serra with anger in her face.

―――― Come to think of it, Olivia liked Gillian, didn’t she?

Thinking that far, Serra tried to incite her.

The sword was thrust into the chest of Gillian, who has become a corpse.


“That’s enough, don’t ――.”


Olivia was enraged at Serra’s cruel behavior.

She took two pistols out of the holster and pointed them at Serra without hesitation.

“Wait, Olivia! What are you doing? Serra is still …”

“Shut up! She killed Gillian. I can’t forgive her!! She is the only one, I—”

“Too slow.”

She was heard at a distance from the left ear.

Turning the eyes slightly, Serra was approaching by her side.

Serra’s ‘Dominion’. Karen and the others didn’t know about it in detail. From their point of view, Serra was just about to cut Olivia’s neck.

They were unable to react in any way.

Mercilessly, Serra swung down her sword.

Gusha, the sound of flesh being cut apart.

Karen pushed Olivia’s body and caught Serra’s sword with her right arm.


“Ms. Karen!!!?”

Plop, Karen’s right arm fell off.

From there dabadaba, a large amount of blood flowed out, too late for anyone to see.

With heavy breaths, Karen called out Olivia behind her.


“B, but!!”

“Get out of here!”

Karen screamed back to interrupt her.

Karen pulled the cutlass from her waist with her remaining left arm.

The full-blown injuries were obvious to anyone. Still, standing in front of Serra, she raised her voice.

“Anyway, my body will heal soon… I’ll take care of Serra, so you need to get away to safety quickly.”

“But then Ms. Karen!!”

“I’m also an Undying too, for what it’s worth, and I haven’t exceeded the ‘critical point’. So I won’t die easily.”

Then, with a huff, Karen turned to Olivia.


“Ah! Afterwards, let’s meet without fail …!”

With regret, Olivia said goodbye and turned around in the opposite direction to Karen and started running.

After feeling Olivia’s presence gone, Karen asked Serra.

“…… Why?”


One word, Serra only tilted her head to Karen whispering.

Seeing that gesture, Karen finally realized that she was no longer the Serra they knew, and her emotions exploded.

“Why did you kill Gillian! You weren’t fighting not to do this, weren’t you?”

“…… That’s right, I was determined, wasn’t I?”

Serra, on the other hand, answered without a single change in her expression.

With pure murderous intent in her eyes.

“I made a promise to Riko. To live. That’s why I decided to live my life the way I want to.”

“But Riko is gone! There’s no point in doing this!!”


Serra, on the other hand, only answered plainly.

Karen felt like she saw Sakura’s appearance on her face.

“Riko is no longer in this world. Then what I do is pointless, isn’t it? Riko can not blame me for going against her will anymore.”


With a sad expression on her face, Serra said.

“No… Riko is no longer in this world! But the world still laughs! Even if you lose the ones you loved most and cherished in the world, the world will remain the same! It’s as if Riko hadn’t been around since the beginning!!”


“That’s why I decided to kill them.”

From there.

The smile returned to Serra, who had lost her expression.

―――― There, the kind-hearted Serra from before was nowhere to be seen.

However, there was only the figure of the “killer” with a horrible, crazy smile.

“I will kill you here. I can’t believe Karen was Undying. Thanks to that, I have a reason to kill her without hesitation.”

“…… Damn it.”

Karen looked away from Serra and cursed.

Before she knew it, her right arm was regenerating.

With a sad face from the bottom of her heart, Karen pulled the cutlass out of the scabbard from her right waist, holding one in both hands, and said.

“You’ve really fallen, Serra.”

“Yes, that’s right. Let’s kill each other.”

Serra also set up her sword with a smile and turned to Karen.

They exchanged glances for a moment.

From either side, the tip of the sword was swung down and the battle began.

A meaningless lamentable battle where everyone was beyond redemption.

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