Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 – The Dojo

Leaving the church, I went outside and saw the paved road in front of me.

Each square cut stone was evenly embedded in the ground, and buildings were lined up on either side of the large, spacious road.

Because it was a secluded nation, I thought it would feel more like a developing country, but it seemed I took them lightly.

“Come on, it’s close by.”

As I was fascinated by the state of the city, the High Priestess called to me.

There was a large three-story building directly opposite the huge and artistic church.

That’s the Arcane True Zenith or something Dojo.

Honestly, I set foot in the dojo with little interest, wondering why I was quietly following her.

And then……

“Oh, Master…”

“Hey there Master…”


The moment I opened the door and went inside, a sudden gust of heat came upon my face.

The heat was completely different inside than outside, probably because of the steam.

And there…


Men? These guys also say that… such men.

Some were about my age, and others old and bearded.

Everyone was covered in sweat, had well-trained bodies, and had a very strong impression.

“Hmm, don’t strain thyself.”

The High Priestess responded to all of them with such a cool face……Hmm? Master?

『Nu!? Th-This is… as for that…』

And beside me, while I was fascinated by the people in the dojo, Tre’ainar was more focused on the equipment on the ground floor of the dojo.

What was it? I’ve never seen that before.

Somehow, rings were attached to the left and right of a long stick, and it was lifted up while clenching teeth with a very serious face. Was it heavy?

There are such similar tools everywhere, and some people are flying around with ropes.

What’s more, there are huge mirrors all over the walls… Hey, it’s even bigger than the mirror I saw in the princess’s room when I was a kid?

『…… Magical Bench Press… Magical Jumping Rope… Oh, Magical Squats… Magical Pull Ups… moreover the mirror… Hoh~』1 

For some reason… Tre’ainar’s eyes were sparkling… somehow, he’s squirming….

“Hmm? Hey, wait a minute, what’s that?”

“Hmm? Oh, oh … that is …”

A person was sitting on a device with wheels on the front and back, moving his legs to turn the wheels. However, the wheels do not go forward because they are fixed to the floor.

What is the point of the thing?

“Hmm, is it thy first time seeing this? That… is called a Magical Bike.”

“B, Bike?”

“Simply put, thy legs can be trained by exercising for a long time.”

“Is, is that how it works?”

Well, seriously? Those names sound like something Tre’ainar would have given….

“The ground floor is a Magical Training Room, it is open to the public for free. There are also rooms that train Visual acuity and a swimming pool in the backyard. It would benefit thee to come at any time and train with as many instruments as thou would like. Ask them how to use it. They’ll show thee how in a refreshing manner.”

I had to admit, I’m quite interested in it.

All of them are equipment that I’ve never seen before.

And, everyone training their body by using them all have moderately good girth.

“He~… su.”

I still don’t know why I’m in this situation.

But I’m starting to enjoy it a little more.

Until just a while ago, I was worried about my mother and Sadiz…

『…… My Goodness…… tis inadequate.』


At that time, however, Tre’ainar, who was very lively, stood with his arms folded and a scowl.

『Tis certainly training in its own way… However, I have never used such equipment! The people here do not know how to really train efficiently! Goodness, to bench press, properly bend the elbows and place it on the chest. Nu, over there, that should be raised with momentum to lower recoil…. the hips float too much, as well! Those squats are not in a proper posture, either…. In such case, he will simply tire out and hurt his back!』

No, he had a scowl, but it’s a scowl that’s made when you’re getting all excited…. 2 

『If one originally lacking muscle strength exercises, muscle strength will be gained at first. But! To train to a certain level and beyond, naturally the right training regimen is needed! In this case, all that can be trained is your guts! Do not adopt this… she is called Master, but ‘that one’ does not understand. After all, they are simply imitating my form and spreading it as knowledge… Even though such an environment exists with great care, the treasure is rotten… Fufufufu, as such, I will have to drill the child with the proper training from scratch… And three months until the tournament…. tis just right. It still requires three months for the results of strength training and other effects to emerge…. Fufufufu, I am itching to begin!』

Apparently, although I approve of this environment, Tre’ainar seemed dissatisfied with the way they actually trained here, and that’s why I am very grateful and motivated to train with this fellow in the right way.

“Come on, let’s go! That’s it, spread your legs wide, and one, two, go!”

“””””One, two, one, two!”””””

And, the voice of a cheerful woman and a lot of women were heard rhythmically from a different room.

Eh? What? What are you going to do with your legs spread out? Eh? I should probably check things out in there… Well, when I thought about that kind of thing, I’m amazed again by Tre’ainar….

“In that room, they’re doing Magical Aerobics to get in some exercise, rather than training. The sisters under my tutelage lead the sessions, and it is very popular with housewives and young women.”

『What? You even perform Magical Aerobics?!』

Oh, Tre’ainar, who’s in high spirits, doesn’t care what’s on my mind right now.

Somehow, there seem to be a lot going on… and then there’s Tre’ainar and the High Priestess, who seemed to know each other… she’s dressed as a human being, but after all this woman is ….

“Now, upstairs. The second floor is… a place to teach His Work…”

“Oh, ooh…”

I was expecting that, but once again I was fascinated by the space I saw for the first time on another floor.

“Kia! Hit it Kia!”


“Hit! Hit! Keep hitting the Magical Sandbag 100 rounds!”

“Oh, u, uoh!”

“Hit a low kick, even if it breaks your leg!”


It was full of enthusiasm that was different from the first floor.

Unlike the refreshing air of the first floor, each person practices punching and kicking, and hits and kicks bags hung from the ceiling.

“This is where we teach the Arcane True Zenith Style… Punching, kicking, throwing, grappling, and various physical techniques are taught to each student trying to learn… the ones teaching here are the disciples I personally trained during the past civil war.”

“… Hmm? Your disciples?”

“That’s right. Once, I had received teachings of God, and I descended here with the Goddess and taught the Arcane True Zenith Style to those selected of the Revolutionary Army. Some fled due to its excessive harshness…”

Not only a High Priestess, but she also took apprentices and trained them herself…. somehow… she really is…

『… The form always needs improvement… Surely, it looks like it’s done in its own way, but it lacks the power to resonate with the opponent’s core… Hmm, well, my hands are full with just the child, so I need not deal with them! …… Hmm? Hoh~, some of them are drinking raw eggs in a cup… Fuhahahahaha.』

Then, after taking another glance at this space, Tre’ainar made a smug face, saying, “I could train more disciples if I wanted”.

Or, I noticed by Tre’ainar’s words, but a guy taking a break had a raw egg… Oh, hey. What are you thinking, drinking raw eggs directly? 3 

『As usual… that one… is still naive…. yet to release the tiger’s eye…. still a long way to call it a tiger den.』

In what way…. Tre’ainar, I was confused when I saw the statue a while ago, but now there’s something else…. what’s a tiger’s eye or a tiger den?

“Incidentally, the third floor is the Magical Sparring Ground, where thou can engage in a mock battle. Thou could try thy skills with other disciples, sometimes with thy teachers……. Fufufu, how about it?”

Then she told me about the facilities and asked, “What do you think?” The High Priestess asked for my impressions.

To be honest, it was a dojo completely different from what I had imagined. In a good way.

And, although the size is smaller than the training ground at the academy, there are a lot of unknown equipment, so it seemed somewhat interesting.

Apart from the tournament, it might be interesting to train here…

“Yes… train here…surpass ‘Machio’…… win the tournament… as the one who inherited the power of the Great Demon King… thou would be a worthy companion for ‘Lady Kron’…… fuh~, as for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Machio, but although she is human, to have ‘Tsukshi’s’ maiden love end with a broken heart… it would pain me little.” 4 

Hmm? Somehow, the High Priestess was mumbling something, but … I couldn’t hear it well…

『Magical Sandbag… hmm, yes… the child who had only trained in shadow and phantom sparring could further improve the quality of the punches here… now, what sort of schedule shall I craft? Hmm, what to do? What shall we do?』

Tre’ainar also didn’t seem have heard it at all.

Now that you’re here, you’re so cute.

Somehow, I’m so excited, will I train here for a while?

Author’s Note

Recently, I searched for a hair removal salon just in case…. well, I’m not going.

 [S1] Okay, do they just put ‘Magical’ in front of everything. It’s like old sci-fi stuff putting ‘Space’ in front just because, well…!!!

 [S2] Yeah, Tre’ainar is in his element.

 [S3] Probably a reference to that one scene from the Rock movies

 [S4] Holupaminit, is all this an intricate, over-complicated hookup scheme?

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  1. …Somehow I did not expect it to turn into a gym-arc, though maybe I should’ve seen it coming considering the mc was literally taught boxing.

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  2. Virgin Pre-Tre’ainar Earth
    – No formal master.
    – No real friends.
    – No extracurricular hobbies.
    – Fourth place in school rankings.
    – No influence anywhere.
    – Sadiz won’t let him fuck her.
    – Beta simp to the princess.

    Chad Post-Tre’ainar Earth
    – Disciple of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar.
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    – Honeyborough Go champion.
    – Beat Rebal’s ass so hard that he prompted an investigation.
    – Literally made a squad of ninjas apologize to their assassination target.
    – Won’t let Sadiz fuck HIM.
    – Understands that he isn’t ready for a relationship.

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  3. It’s a good read although the MC is a Dullard spoiled brat and the demon king is also as dense as him. Although there’s a sense of realism in his character in some other times, it don’t. Welp, this is it for me I guess I feel regretful for wasting time following this kind of series where the MC is an inconsiderate brat because of a selfish blind cause. In the end he’s still relying on the ghost of the demon king, I see no character development instead he’s getting worst. Except from time to time where he empathize with the ostracism and biased fallacy from individuality.


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