Serra – Character Introduction with Illustrations (at the end of Arc 3)

Note! This contains spoilers up to the end of Arc 3!

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Celestia Valentine

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Birthday: October 23
  • Hair/Eyes: White Ponytail/ Sky Blue Eyes

The main character of this work. His nickname is Serta. The Immortal ‘Killer’.

After her parents were killed by Alice three years ago, she developed a desire to kill her. Then Sakura took advantage of her and she became an Undying. She is now on a journey to kill the other Undying. Her true purpose is to commit suicide, but she has not told anyone.

She has high physical ability due to her military training. Although as her main weapon is a sword, she is also proficient at handling guns.

She is yet to exercise the special ability ‘Dominion’ that only the Undying can handle. Her murderous impulse seems to be stronger than it was three years ago.

During the battle with Alice, she lost her sense of color due to the influence of approaching the Critical Point, and some emotions are missing. However, only her feelings for Riko have remained the same as before.

By confiding their secrets with each other, her bond with Riko has deepened and she made a new decision to “live”. In addition, by remembering Riko, the murderous impulse began to ease, and she was gradually regaining her sanity.

However, she lost Riko at the end of Arc 3…

Riko Akasaki(Kosaki)

  • Age: 15
  • Height: 154cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/Eyes: Indigo Shortcut/ Red Eyes

The heroine of this work.

She met Serra a year ago and now they are lovers.

She is well versed in the culture of the eastern country and often likes Japanese food, but her cooking is hopelessly inept.

Having been trained under the military with Serra, she is an excellent marksman. Unfortunately, she is not good at bizarre things, and when she sees blood, she vomits and faints when it’s too gruesome.

She trusts Serra with all her heart, and accompanies her on the journey to kill the Undying, but was unaware of Serra’s true purpose. However, she seemed to suspect something at heart.

Her true identity is a homunculus created by Sakura. The red eyes are a characteristic of Homunculus.

The name “Riko Akasaki” was given to her by Rinka, and it was originally spelled “Akasaki Rinkokoro”. Because she couldn’t write kanji well, Rinka considered it and put it in katakana notation as “Riko”.

When Riko and Sera shared their secrets with each other, the bond between them deepened, and their spirits grew up to a great extent. The growth is enough to enable them to stand up to Sakura who had been a source of trauma.

At the end of Arc 3, she was caught in Sakura’s trap and died when an embedded bomb was detonated.

Karen Dashwood

  • Age:27
  • Height:172cm
  • Weight:68kg
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Birthday: July 16
  • Hair/Eyes: Brown Semi-Short/Black Eyes

A woman who is feared as a “loyal dog” of the Elmerado National Army. The rank is a Major General. Serra’s boss.

She has been in charge of surveilling Serra since protecting her three years ago.

Basically, she has a strict and serious personality. She has pledged absolute allegiance to the military and will not condone traitors.

However, she has a rather unassuming and caring nature. She has a bad drinking habit, and changes into a rather troublesome personality when she gets drunk. However, she recovers after sleeping without a hangover. She was a smoker until three years ago.

Moreover, she also has a bad womanizing habit, and it seems to be fond of hitting on girls she comes across.

She met Iris at military training school and came to like her and started working with her. When she was still a lowly infantry soldier, she lost his right eye while protecting Iris on the battlefield. She never fell in love with Iris, but they have a physical relationship and often spend the night together.

After the battle with Hildle, Elena parasitized her and stole her body, but she was able to maintain her ego and fell into a symbiotic relationship with her.

Iris’s death and the knowledge that the cause was directly linked to her nearly destroyed her mental balance and ego, but in reminiscing, she remembered how Serra and Iris had supported her.

Iris Harvard

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Blood type: A type
  • Birthday: November 25
  • Hair/Eyes: Long Hair of Ash Gray/ Eyes of the Same Color

Karen’s aide. She belongs to the Health department of the Elmerado Army and is currently a Captain.

He has the best medical skills in the Health Department and is in charge of treating the seriously injured Serra. Because she is a sharp tongued realist, she is often criticized by others.

She has known Karen since their school days, and harbors feelings for her in particular (and it’s obvious). Although her love feelings have not been reciprocated, they have a physical relationship.

She died when her head exploded from the inside due to Rinka’s “Dominion”.

Gillian Stranger

  • Age: 15
  • Height:156cm
  • Weight:51kg
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthday: February 12
  • Hair/Eyes: Pink Short Bob/Pink Eyes

Serra’s direct junior.

Innocent, friendly and lively personality. She often speaks in a broken tone at the end of her sentences.

She trusts Serra deeply and accepts that she is Undying. She is on good terms with Riko, who is close to her age, and they make fun of Serra together.

He is a new recruit from a small western district of the Capital, and the reason she enlisted in the army is a simple one, ‘Because the pay is high’. Therefore, her loyalty to the country was low, and was treated as a problem child by those around her. Granted, she was never aware of it, though.

The combat ability is also average, and although she lacks courage, her innocence makes her a mood-maker who can help break the tension of a place.

After being attacked by Serra, who was consumed by her murderous impulse, he became unconsciously afraid and suspicious of her. Even after Iris died, her doubts for Serra, who had given priority to Riko, swelled, and inspired by Rinka’s “Dominion” she fell into madness for a time. Afterwards, she regained her senses through Cecilia’s intervention, and helped put a stop to her.

She was afraid of Serra, who was about to fall into the Killer, but when she remembered Riko and regained her senses, she decided to trust her.

Olivia Midnight

  • Age:26
  • Height:168cm
  • Weight:64kg
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Birthday: December 9
  • Hair/Eyes: Long Hair Black Hair/Black Eyes

A private who mainly specializes in sniping.

She is a calm and collected, but a little natural character. She doesn’t change her expression very much, but actually likes cute things.

Sakura threatened her into shooting Elena. However, she was shocked and terrified by the fact that Elena is an Undying, and tried to escape.

After that, she joined Serra and others. Since their interests are aligned, they decide to work together for the time being.

She admires Karen, and felt disappointed at her desperation when she lost Iris. But she was struck by the sight of Karen, who had defeated her own madness, and decided to trust her again.

…… Actually, she’s curious about Gillian.

Hazel Radford

  • Age: 14
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthday: June 20
  • Hair/eyes: Curled blonde/blue eyes

Immortal “Avenger”

After Cecilia drove the people in her mansion crazy and caused the terrible deaths of her family members, she developed a strong hatred for her.

She followed Serra and tried to confront Cecilia without regard for danger, but her extraordinary obsession drew the attention of Sakura and was sweet-talked into becoming Undying.

Her hatred for Cecilia has grown to an extraordinary degree, and she intends to mercilessly kill Serra, the person who saved her life, if she stands in the way of her vengeance.

Cecilia’s death turned the object of her hatred into anything in sight. Due to the helplessness and amplified hatred from not being able to kill Cecilia with his own hands, she lost all emotions other than hatred and broke through the ‘critical point’.

The “Dominion” she possesses is “Industrial Fire” which unconditionally ignites flames from her body.

Cessilia Waitley

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 57kg
  • Blood type: Type A
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/Eyes: Long green hair/ Glistening purple eyes

The Immortal ‘Fanatic’.

A lunatic with the neat appearance of a nun, but at the same time, also has brutality. She is characterized by the sound of her laughter, “Kuhihi”.

She believes in God, and the word of “God” is absolute to her. No matter how contradictory or broken the logic, she does what she’s told without hesitation.

One day, she fell in love with Hazel at first sight, but couldn’t realize it and decided that she was a ‘Saint chosen by God’. Then tried to contact her to dedicate her to ‘God’.

For some reason, she is so frightened by Sakura that the word of ‘God’ doesn’t apply to her.

Originally a good sister, she was such a pure girl who believed in her mother’s words, “Faith is ‘love'”. However, she is unreasonably attacked such as bullying at school, the debt and the dishonor on her father, and to top it all off, her family is killed and her church, which was her spiritual home, is burned down. Finally, her heart couldn’t bear it, and began to blindly believe in the hallucinations of the voice of God’, and was taken in by Sakura and became an Undying.

However, she remained a pure girl who could only believe in someone as her madness led her to worship Sakira when she broke through the “critical point” of faith, and she begged Serra not to inflict pain on her in her last moments. In the end, she died after Serra pierced her heart.

The ‘Dominion’ she possesses is the ‘Divine Punishment’ that gives pain from all over the world.


  • Age: About 7 years old by appearance
  • Height:137cm
  • Weight:29kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/eyes: Straight black hair/red eyes with bangs

The Immortal Vampire.

A child with a polite demeanor that wears a red kimono.

She looks down on people and makes fun of them, but has a human side such as compassion and resentment for her companion who was killed.

She has a strong blood-sucking urge, and according to her, “That girl’s living blood is the most delicious”.

She seems to have secretly favored Meena, whose favorite food was close to hers.

After Meena’s death, she became mentally unstable. When Sakura saw the situation, she gave her her own blood, causing her to go insane, and break through the ‘critical point’. Her ego collapsed completely, and she cannot even control her ability properly, and went into a frenzy for the blood of everyone she sees. However, she remembers the taste of the blood of Serra and Sakura, who she described as “the best,” and unconsciously seeks them out.

Her ‘Dominion’ is “blood clots” which allows her to solidify and freely form the blood she consumes for two minutes. After the breaking through of the “critical point”, the ability goes out of control, always exposed from her back, and changing into a grotesque figure that continuously changes shape. She came to have the miserable nature in that as if there was consciousness in the blood itself, it attacks immediately when supplementing a target and then, a short time after the target is lost, it begins to attack itself.

Meena Grendel

  • Age:8
  • Height:138cm
  • Weight:30kg
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthday: June 2
  • Hair/Eyes: Medium Short Blonde/Blue Eyes

The Immortal “Cannibal”.

Her personality, words and actions are exactly the same as an innocent girl of her age. Therefore, she does not realize that being a “cannibal” is an unethical act, and it is only a part of the meal to her.

She is constantly suffering from hunger, and in some cases, gets so insane that she even devours her own body. Serra speculates that this may have sprung up to dispel the trauma that is rooted in her past.

She was already very close to the ‘critical point’, and her thoughts had completely collapsed and she lost her sense of pain. This “pain-free” strategy will later have a strong influence on Serra (though unconsciously).

Her Dominion is “poison fangs” that numb the body of the subject with the poison secreted by protruding teeth. The effect of the poison itself is weak, and its potency is lost in about one to two minutes. However, because the poison acts very quickly, it is a threat at the moment of the bite.

During the battle with Serra, she broke through the critical point, lost her immortality, and died.

Elena Tuberose

  • Age:13
  • Height:156cm
  • Weight:50kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/Eyes: Gray Hair/Red Eyes

The Immortal “Pleasurer”.

Commander of the Elmerado Army. A de facto head of state.

She is disabled, constantly confined to a wheelchair on top of being blind.

She has shown an uncanny obsession to pleasure, and even her own ruin can be a pleasure for her.

Her Dominion is Parasitic. It steals the body of a target, and overwrites the soul. However, parasitic requires oral contact.

She parasitized Karen’s body, but her strong mental strength made her unable to take her body and it became a coexisting relationship. After that, she would appear as a mirror image of Karen.

When Karen’s spirit collapsed, their egos merged and she tried to take over her body, but she was held back again by the resurrected Karen.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Height:142cm
  • Weight:37kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/Eyes: Blonde Semi-Long/Red Eyes

The Immortal “Battle Crazy”.

A strangely dressed girl who covers her face with a gas mask and wraps herself in robes. She wears a gas mask, which is not supposed to have been developed in this era, because, according to Sakura, “When I tried and tested a cool mask to put on, I came up with that design”.

She uses a unique first person phrase ‘I(This one)‘.

Sakura told her that she didn’t have any feelings, and she didn’t doubt it, but she was actually just ignorant of her emotions, and she believed that her power was absolute, and feared the fact that emotion sometimes made humans stronger.

She is capable of adjusting the arrival to the “critical point” on her own, at 0% her constitution is very weak. Even direct sunlight becomes a threat, so she wears a gas mask and robe. Further, the gas mask allows her to completely control her breathing.

On the other hand, the closer she gets to the critical point, the higher her fighting power, and the more her aforementioned weak constitution improves. However, the closer she gets to the critical point, the more ingrained her fighting instincts and the more likely she is to go off the rails, so it’s usually suppressed.

The Dominion she possesses draws out “monstrous power” that can also be adjusted to the “critical point” at the same time.

Strictly speaking she is not an Undying, but a Homunculus given only the ability to regenerate. If she was truly made immortal, it would be difficult to defeat her, and because she was not a proper fit for Sakura’s plan, she was only prepared as a pawn to encourage Serra’s growth.

Alice Westblood

  • Age: 17
  • Height:162cm
  • Weight:63kg
  • Blood type: Type B
  • Birthday: November 25
  • Hair/Eyes: Blonde Two-Side Uptail/Light Blue Eyes

The Immortal “Vandal”.

She is Serra’s childhood friend and former lover.

She holds a horrible looking stuffed animal in her left arm and a submachine gun in her right.

Until three years ago, she was a good friend of Serra, and they played together almost every day. However, he suddenly became insane and murdered Sera’s parents, causing her to become warped.

She has an unusual love for Serra and mercilessly hurts the people she cherishes. She also treats Serra as if she were her own property, calling her “my property”.

On the other hand, when Serra tried to kill her, she showed a rational side, such as being frightened or apologizing in tears.

The Dominion she possesses is “outburst” that causes a compressed explosion from within.

After the battle with Serra, Sakura stripped her of immortality and she disappeared.

She then broke into the basement of Elmerado’s headquarters and destroyed Sakura’s body.

Rinka(Rika) Akasaki

  • Age: 19
  • Height:171cm
  • Weight:67kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Birthday:March 7
  • Hair/Eyes: Bossy Short Bob Black Hair/Black Eyes

Immortal ‘Death Eater’.

After all, her personality is broken, and she speaks in an inconsistent tone. She uses a unique first person expression for “I”

Her skin is blue like a zombie, and rotten in some places. This is due to the necrosis caused by multiple body parts that were forcibly attached being rejected.

Originally, she was a kind-hearted girl from the Eastern Country. Humans in the eastern country are cheaply trafficked and she was one of the slaves who were taken in by Sakura as experimental materials.

Three years ago, she began to live under Riko’s care and she came to treat her as a “sister” because she was young and had a good heart. However, when Sakura found out that a bond had developed between them, she took her in just to hurt Riko, and after being tortured by her, she went mad, lost her memory, and became Undying.

The Dominion she possesses is the ‘acquisition’ of random abilities by attaching the body parts of different people. While limited to humans without peculiarity, she acquired the power to explode the heads of random people from the inside, the power to take away the opponent’s consciousness, and make others hallucinate and fall into madness.

In fact, she does not have the ability to regenerate and is cursed not to die unless “loss of consciousness or suspension of physical function” occurs. In addition, she had no fighting ability and her “Dominion” was mostly ineffective against Serra and Riko, but this was all set up soo “Rinka can easily be killed”. It was Sakura’s bad taste that forced Rinka to be killed by Serra and Riko’s own hands.

Sakura(Sara) / Arte

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight:55kg
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Hair/Eyes: Crimson Semi-Long/Bloody Red-Black Eyes

Immortal. Created Serra and the other Undying.

Her personality is completely bankrupt, and always acts to make fun of the others with high tension. At the same time, there is a calmness to her.

Often refers to herself in the third person as “Sakura”.

Her true identity is a Homunculus, and her original name is Arte. It’s derived from the name of the goddess of madness and ruin.

Sakura was the name of the researcher who created her, and she was the only complete Homunculus with no mental illness.

Originally, she was a pure innocent girl herself, but as a Homunculus made for personal interest, a lot of girls of the same age were sacrificed for her creation, and the source was also slaves. This was leaked to the army, and Sakura died. She began her research on Homunculus in an effort to revive her, but after 200 years, she came to the conclusion that once a soul dies, it will never return, and finally went insane, unable to bear the loneliness.

The Dominion she possesses is Magic, which allows her to use all kinds of unusual abilities.

She is now ‘planning’ to take revenge on the world and eventually commit suicide.


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