Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – Intermission (Dark Valkyrie)

“Kuh, kill me!”

I remember it still.

Down to the last second, how long since we first met, and how long my servitude to him?

At that first encounter, I was but a foolish little girl, yet to know of naught.

The great sinner that looked up to the incompetent Odin, who never showed voice or visage as a Deity, and raised arms to the true God, foolish of me.

It was I, as a Valkyrie in the Heavens.

“Never will I yield to demons!”

‘The Kingdom of the Clouds, Angela Kingdom’ has existed since times of old, a realm inhabited only by our tribe, the Seraphs. They, in essence, did not interfere with the Surface world.

Legends. Fairy tale. A paradise of beautiful goddesses, their wings flapping. Many are the tales spread on the Surface, but such a world truly exists.

Born on the clouds, raised on the clouds, taught on the clouds, conceive on the clouds, live on the clouds, and die on the clouds. That was us, the Seraphs.

However, that the war between the demons and the Surface world would intensify, and its influence reverberate to the heavens was cause for concern. Hence I believed the war ought to end soonest, and stormed the Demon Realm for the head of the Demon King.

Why assail the Demon Realm? Because “The Demon King is evil” was the breadth of my wisdom.

Therefore, it was the evil demons who wage war, invade the Surface World and spread their malice. As the purveyor of such acts, defeating the Demon King would place me on the side of Justice. My role, I believed, was to be God’s instrument.

And, after vanquishing hundreds of thousands of soldiers, the Demon King himself appeared before me, and against his overwhelming power, I, for the first time in my life, suffered defeat.

“Hoh~… did you cut a strand of my hair… tis an accomplishment in itself. As expected, you have a ‘good eye’.”

A single strand of hair. I prided myself as the strongest, yet for all my power, I could only inflict that much on the Great Demon King, and nothing more.

The world mightiest, I believe myself to be, an apostle of God, hence my pride laid shattered and I await death’s summon.

However, that One said to me as I crawled on the ground.

“Hmm, a little Seraph girl as a Valkyrie… intellect beyond human wisdom, still young and beautiful, the power to fully rout the Demon King Army… tis regrettable…. such great promise, may eventually influence the fate of the Demon King army and the Demon Realm as well, but I am to crush such a possibility…”

Shocking were the words to me as I thought I was to die, but determined not to plead for my life at least.

“Beautiful” and “regrettable” the Demon King said. Any clear-headed person would understand.

Yes, transcending the world, his race, and all the barriers, he fell in love with me, The Demon King did.

Curious I once was about the Demon King’s true gender, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

However, in his position as the Demon King and mine as his enemy, he cannot show mercy.

What love tragedy!

Even back home, my only interest was improving myself, so to be clear, I had no experience with romance.

Women longingly gaze at me though of same gender and call me “Elder sister”, and the rancid filthy men approached me, but I paid them no mind.

In the first place, I couldn’t imagine associating with those weaker than I.

However, different it was with the Demon King. Stronger than I am. Nay, the very first being I’ve come across in my life that was stronger than me.

Moreover, for such an existence to fall in love with one such as I. How could such be so lamentable?

But I cannot accept those feelings.

Because I’m a Valkyrie. This body and soul are dedicated to Father Odin, the Great God.

“Odin… if you are to die some unseen figure, so be it.”

Jealousy of Odin! My dedication to Odin has brought forth jealousy in The Demon King.

At that moment, this heart of mine throbbed. And concurrently, my thoughts were swayed.

Why did I devote myself and my heart to Odin in the first place? In my home, Odin is our God.

However, never have I met him, never have I seen him, never have I heard his voice. However, because my parents and kin worshiped him as “God” and I was educated so, it was only natural that I did the same.

But, upon consideration, never has Odin done anything for me.

What meaning is there in such an existence? In Odin? Is it not a parasite that, despite being an incompetent that contributes nothing, continues to deceive by brainwashing education from times of our ancestors and attempts to settle in our hearts and minds?

On the other hand, here before me stands one who is stronger than me and has affection for me.

However, he struggles with all manner of obstacles and situations, and tries to conceal his heart as he fights the world for his companions, races, and the Demon Realm.

Realizing the too precious nature of such a figure, I was moved.

Be at ease. Thou… Thou need not suffer so much.

Thou need not be jealous of that froth Odin.

However, the Demon King would not be able to take me away with his own hands and make me his woman.

Then, the only way to be with him was to stand by his side.

“…… I won’t plead for life…. but…… Great Demon King… allow me to be thy right arm.”

“…… Heh.”

My proposal surprised even the Demon King. Well, in the end I was accepted, after various encounters with fastidious aging veterans.

Naturally, in the Demon King’s Army, I started as lowly infantry.

However, I did away with my rivals and rose to the rank of General in but a few years.

In the midst of the war, still enthralled by dross Odin’s deceit, my former kin tried to steal me back, but they were all routed. Such bitter and sorrowful voices from ones I’ve shared much with, my former comrade, underlings, elders, brothers and sisters, and… my own parents, but particularly, I felt no hurt in my heart.

Compared to the charm of the Demon King, they were but dregs. On the contrary, my despair was in the opposite sense.

Was time spent with such incompetents wasted, I wondered.

And, after all, the scum called Odin never appeared despite all that was done to the Seraphs.

Truly, an insignificant society and race.


“The Seraphs… are no apostles of God… long ago, white-winged avian harpies and other beasts ‘mixed’ among the humans, and evolved…. however, the fellowship was persecuted by the people of the past, and those capable of powerful magic used clouds and created a world, a paradise for only the winged people… and handed down lore claiming to be Apostles of the God Odin to comfort themselves …. that is all.”

Revealed the truth was one day, one that even I didn’t know.

Imposters, they were all along.

“I… so, until I met you… was but a pretender… ha, haha… what wasteful days…”

Learning the truth, though I had no longing for my family or home, I felt despair.

However, he said to me.

“If you think that everything was meant to shape who you are today… the days that seemed useless will not be in vain…”

And I understood.

“Without a doubt, anyone can do it if they simply believe. However, tis not easy to fight and risk your life with such feelings. As a result, if your existence fostered strength, not all of it would be in vain.”

“Great Demon King…”

“And… depending on your situation, there will be various opinions about whether or not your actions were right. However, now that you have come to our side, the number of demons and soldiers who would be casualties of war has been decreased significantly… the lives of many demons were saved and protected… I have no choice but to admit that tis an undeniable fact.”

Those were the words that saved my heart.

A truly free love. An infinite vessel.

And I understood.

Nay. It’s no longer love, it’s nothing so low anymore.

Convinced I was that he is “God”.

This is the ‘God’ worthy of dedication and servitude.

It was no longer worship.

I fight for God and die for Him with my all.

My entire existence is for God.

At the same time however, there was also anxiety.

God is the unique being. But what then if something were to befall God?

God does not beget children like the horses and monkeys around him.

God has been an absolute existence for a thousand and ten thousand years, and I will continue to protect Him from all threats.

However, one in one billion. One in one trillion. The possibility cannot be dispelled.

Above all, God may have a lifespan.

If so, the world will lose God.

That alone is unacceptable.

So I advised.

The Next God ・ Creation Project.

But God said, “Nonsense”, and refused my counsel.

The word of God is absolute. Therefore, if God says so, it is natural to obey.

But there I choose not to follow.

Because I worship God, I didn’t think my plan was folly.

But if God was not to have a child, I must devise another way.

And the required material was already present to me.

Ancient Forbidden Magik from the destroyed city of Sorcery, Shiznautmy.

Both my eye’s ‘Heraldic Eye’.

Residing in my talisman, the ‘Hair’ from my first encounter with ‘God’.

Using it I ――――

“I wondered if the hero, Hiro’s foolish act of destroying God would stain the world with despair, but… after all, my scheme was right…”

15 years have passed since God’s destruction.

During that time, to avoid the eyes of the Allied Forces, the Seven Heroes, and the Demons who turned on us, ‘We’ remained in hiding, but the time has finally come.

That’s why all that was needed was the ‘Final Key’.

However, finding one worthy of being that Final Key proved most difficult.

But fate smiled upon us.

Not only the Heroes, but the children of the Seven Heroes, will eventually pose a threat to ‘us’. To confirm their power, the previous match held in the Imperial City was monitored through magic crystal, but I never expected the ‘Final Key’ would be there.

In order to make the Final Key, I even trained a talented young lad, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Even though he wasn’t under my tutelage, lo and behold a ‘man’ wielding the power of the ‘Demon King’ appeared.

How that man was able to use the power of the Great Demon King, I do not know. However, such a thing should be examined at a later time. It’s a small matter in front of the fact that the power of the Great Demon King was used. No matter who the man is related to.

Whatever may happen, it will be in my possession.

“Well, in any case, Earth is… Mine!”

“That’s right. Either way, Honey is… Mine!”

All obstacles that flock will be scattered.


“”Eh… eehh!!??””

“Know thy place… Little Human Lasses”

And….. that is ours.

“Well… these little girls do not matter… the problem is… Mamu…”

By no means, fate added Mamu to the proceedings. This may prove troubling.

It can be settled here, but I cannot afford to allow the key’s escape in the meantime.

Besides, the magik of the Breakthrough runs low.

Apparently, that doesn’t seem to be able to use ‘Magic Breathing’. Or does he not know of it?

In any case, they will soon catch up.

No choice……

“If that’s the case… the consumption of magik is vast, but… to secure the key… must I ‘warp’?”

Key and Mamu, soon I’ll catch up.

The ancient magik used since times when ‘we’ were once on the run from our pursuers…

“ᛇᛂᛇᚺᚢᚾᛃᚺᚫᛐᛍᚺᛁᛈᛐᚭᛇᛁᚾᚴᚫᚾᛇᛂᚾ… Long-distance Transfer Magik, 【JǢRU】”

And, with the key unaware, I absorbed him into space-time of my creation.

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