Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Intermission (Princess) ②

For how long, I wonder….

I might have been underestimating Earth, who was always on equal footing with me, no, who was pulling everyone as our leader when I was young.

Among us childhood friends, Earth did not have unrivaled growth rate or special talent like Rebal and Fu.

Earth himself seemed to be aware of that when he entered the Academy, he didn’t talk about his dreams like he used to, and was somewhat sulky.

I was strict with Earth, telling him that “This is not good enough for the man who will become my husband and the next Emperor of this country ” and “Make Earth a better man”, trying to fulfill my duty as a “fiancé”.

In fact, I wanted to go on dates like couples of my age do without worrying about the public eye, but I had to restrain myself and endure it until Earth became man enough to not complain to anyone.

Occasionally, there might have been girls trying to woo Earth, but erm, well, that was, umm.

At the very least, until I graduated from the Academy… that’s what I thought. But Earth was also a boy. The information from Sadiz also confirmed that he was in possession of a smutty book. If Earth couldn’t bear it, well, I was prepared to go anytime, but in the end Earth never came on to me.

That’s why I sometimes felt anxious.

Doesn’t Earth want to make progress with me? Huh?

Because of that anxiety, when I learned that Earth was trying to beat me and win the match and confess to something, I was so happy that I could ascend to heaven.

And when Earth wielded enough power to overwhelm Rebal, I was astonished, but at the same time thrilled.

The charm of Earth as a man exceeded my tolerance, and I was so aroused that I wanted him to embrace me immediately.

However, Earth ran away from me who was in such a dreamy state.

I have no idea why. He hit Lord Hiro, despaired over something, and, according to hearsay, wielded the power of the once-destroyed Great Demon King.

I was always with him at the academy and had many a mock battle with Earth.

I know the power of Earth better than anyone else in the world, even better than Sadiz. Even I didn’t know the power that Earth wielded.

It was clear that something was happening to Earth without my knowledge.

However, no matter how much I think about it, I couldn’t understand it.

That’s why I’m on the chase for him.

No matter what kind of wife I become, I will not be a woman who just sits still.

“Phianse… No….. Princess. Leave it up to us to track Earth down.”

“What did you say, Lady Mamu? As a wife, would you leave your husband if he ran from home?”

“That… yeah…… me, Hiro and His Majesty… if it really did happen someday. We were talking about our dreams…. but…… that was our wish…. and we were ignoring Earth’s feelings. And we…”


“To you… I’m really sorry… we’ve done something that gave you strange expectations….”

Really. I’ve even made my future mother this concerned for me.

In other words, in the current situation where Earth has done various things and has been cursed by the people of the Imperial City, it would be difficult for Earth to become my husband, and it was rather difficult to let me do this out of concern for the trouble he would cause me…

“You needn’t say a word, Lady Mamu.”


“Certainly… I didn’t know about Earth… my life’s greatest failure as far as I’m concerned.”

Why did Earth do this? What happened to Earth?

However, even if I worry about it, I won’t get an answer by dwelling on it, so it’s no use thinking about it now.

“But if I didn’t know… I’ll learn from now on. Then, no matter what he did, no matter what the world thinks of Earth, I will not abandon Earth. I will not give up on Earth.”

That’s right. Our mutual love is precious…. we can already be called couple with no objections, and as a couple, we have no intention of separating, in order words, we’re basically husband and wife. 1 

“No, it doesn’t seem that… Earth… about the princess… umm…… as a woman…”

“Yes, I understand. Then, I’ll make him fall in love again after catching him. That’s fine with you, right?”


“Hmm, you think I’ll back down from just that? Obstacles are inherent in love, and it will only they burn brighter when they are overcome. Then, let’s go capture Earth!”

Too much, Mamu was so concerned about me that she said something like “Earth doesn’t love me anymore …”. She said such a “lie” to keep me away from this matter it seems, but I’m not childish enough to fall for such tricks.

Earth and me. Our connection cannot be severed or overturned by anyone.

From “that time” when we first came across my Earth ….

“That’s why I told you to wait, hey… Earth!”

However, to make a woman chase after you, a considerable amount of punishment is needed later.

And I’m giving my best effort to catch up to him.

But no matter how much I run, I wonder how far…

“Why did he rush out and suddenly flee… who are you … I don’t understand the circumstances, but…”


Who? The voice of a young woman. And a presence.

The moment the three of us stopped at the same time, three small knives fell from above and stabbed to the ground before us.

“Who’s there? You’re being impolite to us!”

“This is… Kunai? Ninja Warrior!”

“…… Who are you?”

When I looked up, a woman was on the branch of a tree.

“I mean no disrespect. But, you see, to give priority to Honey’s feelings I’m going to be an inconvenience and stop you here.”

“What… huh?”

A mysterious black-haired woman. She seemed to be standing in front of us in order to impede our pursuit for the fleeing Earth… what kind of relationship does she have with Earth?

“Ho… honey?”

“Yes, that’s right. I….. met him the other day, and he showed me such charm as a man that I… fell madly in love with him.”


“But I’ve only just met him. I don’t want to be thought of as a clingy flirt following him around on his journey to live freely in the moment. So all I can do now is support and help him from the shadows as a shinobi… that’s why, I will not let you go any further.”

Honey? Ha, h-h-honiii? Th, this person, th, this woman.

“Hey… what are you saying… I don’t know what happened between you and Earth, but don’t scamper around my husband… Earth and I have been friends since we were little! Newcomers who came out later should back off!”

She gives me the creeps. My guts are boiling over. A thieving cat was trying to put a wedge between me and Earth…

“Husband? Since you were little…. oh, I see… that’s what you mean…”

“What is it?”

“You’re his first love, the one who’s still on his mind.”

“Hmm? That’s right!” 2 

“Fufufu, I see… that’s what you mean.”

Then the thieving cat looked at me and nodded as if she was satisfied with something, and snickered as if to ridicule me.

“No matter how much I’ve fallen for him, I still just met him. If there’s a woman he’s had long-standing feelings for and can’t forget… if that woman would make him happier than me… I was thinking of silently stepping aside, but…”

“Wha? Wh-what the hell?”

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be very rude, but… surely, you are a beautiful woman, breasts are so-so… but, fufu, the thought that you could win at all.”

“…… What?”

At that moment, I understood.

Earth was getting farther away due to this strange pause.

However, even if I ignore this woman here, she will continue to stand in the way.

She’s an enemy that must be struck down right here and now.

“Earth became so popular… before I knew it …”

“Little man…”

To be honest, this is not the time to be involved with such a person.

However, my instinct as a woman are telling me.

“It can’t be helped. Mother…… I’ll stay.”

“Oh well… about the first love stuff and all that, seems there’s been some weird misunderstandings…”

I can’t run away from this woman.

And it’s neither Lady Mamu nor Sadiz who should defeat her.

It’s me.

“The two of you, chase after Earth. I will take care of this.”

“”No!? Princess!?””

They are hesitant to go ahead without me, but they can’t say so.

“This is an order! We can’t afford to lose sight of Earth! That’s why you have to go ahead and catch him! I’ll punish this cat and catch up soon!”

“Ku, Princess, but…”

“Who do you think I am! If we let him get away, it’s all for nothing!”

“Then, at least I’ll stay… whatever the circumstances, we can’t have leave the princess on her own.”

“I’ll do it! No, I have to do it! Quickly, go! You’re going to lose sight of him! This is a battle of pride not as a princess, but as a woman!”

“Ah, gah… U, understood, princess, but be careful! Don’t overdo it!”

So I emphasized that this was an order and let the two of them go.

“Hold it, no one’s going ―――”

“That’s right. You will never go near Earth again.”


“【Imperial Spear • Agrestic Spearhead!! 】”

I let fly a thrust of my spear, similar to wind pressure, and she avoided my attack.

I see, it seemed she’s a little capable, this woman.

“Wind Art!”


“【Unveiled Hidden Romance Jutsu! 】”

Moreover, to attack while evading? Magic? No, I don’t feel much magic power.


However, it was only a light breeze being blown at my feet… eh?

“Ah, s-skirt… ku, what the hell are you doing?”

My skirt was rolled up a little.

Well, since the opponent was a woman, it doesn’t matter if she sees my underwear in the least….

“Oh… not white…… for the most part, his taste is restrained.”

“Nu!? Wh, what?”

“What’s more, high-quality silk… I wonder if she’s a proper lady. They said she was a princess, but, not entirely….”

“No, hey, wait a minute! Why all of the sudden…”

Earth’s taste? Wh, what do you mean?

“Do you not know? His favorite underwear is white…. by the way, the other day, he had a look at mine.”

Earth, panties!? N-no, ma-maybe he has seen mine, without me realizing they could be seen…. but yeah, does Earth like white…. I, I just happened to wear black today, but… no no, more importantly, Earth and this woman, wha, what’s with looking at panties other than mine!

Punishment is necessary after all.

But on the other hand, me and Earth were too platonic. Or rather, I do not show such openings so much, so maybe that’s why Earth is messing with smutty books.

Well, then, I don’t mind showing you my panties, if that’s the case.

Nununu, panties … as it is, Earth may get a nosebleed and ravish me… but if it happened, it would…. mfufu. 3 

Now, rather than that, I should focus on the indecent woman in front of me.

“Hmm. A woman with dreams beyond her station… you’ll learn to the depths of your pores just whose man you’re trying to make a move on.”

“Fall to obscurity as soon as possible. I’ll put to rest the ghosts of the past that torment him.”

We can’t compromise with each other. We who collided with such feelings……

“I’ll at least ask your name first. What’s your name?”

“Shinobu Stoke.”

“Is that so. I’m ――――”

“I know. You’re…… the woman in his thoughts, Sadiz.” 4 

“…… huh?”

Eh…… huh?



No, why did she mistake me for Sadiz?


And, why are you so surprised with that vacant look?

Or rather, what a ridiculous misunderstanding?

“Well, in any case, Earth is…”

“That’s right. Either way, Honey is…”

We immediately regained our composure and prepared for each other.


And, mutually refusing to concede, we clashed with each other… it was then.


“”Eh… eehh!!??””

“Know thy place… Little Human Lasses”

And I lost consciousness at that point.

Author’s Note

It’s hot. I can’t stand Cool Biz, Super Cool Biz, or my usual naked Biz.

It’s so hot that the head does not work. Therefore, it was because of the heat that I had forgotten the princess’s name.



 [S3]Yeah, Shinobu’s right! Nothing Princess-like here…

 [S4]Again, WRONG!!!

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