Serra – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – The Lost Ones

“Ufufufufufufu ✩ “

While humming and skipping, Sakura reached for the door of the humanoid torture device, the Iron Maiden, in good spirits.

There was a hole in the area around the eye, and Sakura projected a video of Serra and Cecilia fighting and let the person inside watch.

A fierce scream echoed from inside Iron Maiden. A scream filled with so much hatred that the metaphorical expression of a ferocious beast would not fit.

As soon as Sakura opened the door, a girl wrapped in flames jumped out.

As soon as she pushed Sakura down, I immediately reached for her neck and strangled her with all her might.

She bellowed with hatred and murderous intent, tears spilling from her eyes.

“Uoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!! Yoooouuuu, because of yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!”

Cecilia was Hazel’s only purpose in life.

The reason for hating her was no longer important in the least. All she had to do was kill Cecilia. She hated Cecilia for no reason.

Her emotions other than hatred were filtered out, and for her who had become a literal ‘revenge demon’ that only single-mindedly hated Cecilia, the fact that Cecilia’s life was taken by someone other than herself was the equivalent of losing the meaning of life…

That’s why she hated. She hated Sakura, who was being strangled before her eyes. She hated Serra, who stole Cecilia’s life. She hated Gillian, who was complicit in her murder. She hated Riko, who was supporting that Serra. She hated herself, for being skewered without killing Cecilia. She hated the world where nothing has changed despite being treated like this.

She lost the object of her hatred, the spearhead of the fury that exploded in her changed everything in front of her.

Seeing Hazel like that, Sakura left the stranglehold as is.

“………… Aha”

She had an ecstatic expression on her face.


It was neither the empty smirk she had been wearing up until now, nor the scornful laughter.

Just a commonplace smile, the kind of smile that girls everywhere have on their faces.

Happy, joyful, and pleasant look.


“Ahaha, fufuh, eheheh. That face of yours is the best! Up till now, none of the girls I’ve destroyed showed that sort of face! You hate me, you want to kill me. I can see that I’m facing 100% hatred without any other emotions! Hmm, it’s finally complete, I’ve succeeded, the pieces I need to achieve my “plan”!!”

At the last minute, the force on the stranglehold was strengthened, and Sakura’s face, which was deprived of breathing, was distorted in pain.

Sakura was groaning in pain.

However, in the expression of agony, it seemed a sensual expression would be reached at any moment, and she stretched out her arms and put her hands around Hazel’s neck.

“Fufuh, hey, you can do it. You can kill me. I can end me. I can leave this boring and pointless world! A realm that even “Sakura” couldn’t reach, the greatest honor of killing the Undying! Haha, hahahahahaha!!! I like Hazel even more! You’re going to show me more results than I expected.”

“Shut up, die, die right now, just die!” 

Frolicking like a child, Hazel glared at Sakura with terrifying eyes and spit curses.

The Undying who exceed the “critical point” eventually become pure insanity, to the point where they eat themselves to death. However, all the Undying who have crossed the “critical point” so far have regained their senses at the very end.

What Sakura was looking for was a true lunatic who cut off all feelings other than madness. If she continued to be trapped in the insanity, her own soul would surely be unable to withstand it, and even though she was aware of this, she needed a madman who would be able to surrender to the madness.

And now Hazel has reached that realm. Will she kill everything in sight first, or will her own madness kill her first? In any case, her fate is only violence and ruin.

Therefore, it is natural to try to kill, who was standing in front of her, for starters. She who created the cause of Cecilia’s death would be the most hated existence to Hazel now.

And Sakura’s breathing had already stopped halfway. In a little more time, she’ll die. The end of her own life, which she had hoped for so much, is finally coming. Sakura finally made it after a long struggle―――― it was impossible but, the extent of such an idea required putting in a lot of effort.

So, she brought her lips close to Hazel’s ear.

She whispered softly while throwing her hot breath.

“But you can’t kill me yet.”


Hazel’s eyes widen at Sakura’s words.

Seeing her face, Sakura smiled bewitchingly and smoothly released Hazel’s arm.

“I’m sorry. It’s not time yet. There’s still Serra and Kirino left, right? Not yet, until the Undying are wiped out.”

“Don’t be silly, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you right now!” 

“Yes, quite unfortunate ~ ✩.”

Pachin and Sakura snapped her fingers.

Immediately after, Hazel disappeared from the place.

In the quiet room, Sakura lay on her back, slowly weakening her limbs and exhaling a long breath.

“Haaaaaa~… Fufu, Kukukussu, Hahaha, Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

Holding her belly, she rolled, and even tears fell as Sakura laughed.

She thought she’d discarded her emotions long ago. She thought her heart was broken and would never function properly again.

But sure enough, the current Sakura was overflowing with the clear emotion of ‘fun’. For the first time in 200 years, she was laughing from the bottom of her heart.

―――― Or maybe it was the only way she could laugh anymore.

Sakura laughed and spoke out toward the empty ceiling.

“Hey, Sakura. I did it. I did something amazing. Soon the world will tremble at our power!”

Reaching out her hand, Sakura――― no, Arte gave a broad smile.

“We’re almost there, Sakara. Soon your wish will come true. Soon my wish will come true! You were willing to die to make it happen, and now it’s time for me to do my part! Hahahahaha!!!!”

Arte even felt a sense of happiness.

No matter how much of a finished product Arte is, she was a Homunculus. Her essence was to serve her master, Sakura.

If this “plan” is achieved, the world will change greatly. Changing the world is Sakura’s wish, and achieving this plan is the joy of Sakura.

If Sakura was happy, Arte was also happy. If Sakura was sad, Arte was sad as well. Sakura’s happiness was Arte’s happiness.

By the time it was irreparable, Arte depended on Sakura to sync and resonate.

Sakura’s breathing gradually calmed down. The feeling of exhilaration that was burning gradually reduced.

And, the smile disappeared from Sakura’s face, and she muttered with a voice that seemed would disappear at any moment.

“………… Is this okay? “

Even if she spoke of fulfilling Sakura’s wish, it was only an ego by Arte after all.

She certainly said she wanted to change the world. But Arte had no way of knowing what that meant.

Is it right to continue destroying girls and take vengeance on the world, or should we reign in the world’s sins and lead them to a better way?

“I don’t know…”

Arte said, her voice trembling as she covered her face with her hands.

Phew, and a single tear fell off her cheek.

“I won’t know unless you tell me, Sakura…”


Going back in time a bit.

By the time Serra woke up, Karen and Olivia were brought to a different room.

Shortly after Iris’s head popped, she lost consciousness, and when she woke up, the two of them were in this dim and spacious room.

Falling on her knees with a thud, Karen stood shock still and dumbfounded, while Olivia, on the other hand, was busily scurrying around, acting frightened and suspicious.

“Come on, Ms. Karen, let’s get going! First of all, need to meet up with Serra and the others!”


“Ms. Karen!!” 

She shook her body and loudly called out, but Karen didn’t respond.

She was just staring back at Olivia with empty eyes.

It was the first time for her, who was always relaxed and never broke, to show such a vulnerable appearance.

Olivia was confused by the situation, but she can’t stay here. Now that Karen was not a battle force, if she encounters an Undying, she is as good as dead.

Olivia held Karen, and she slyly dragged her and forcefully left the place.

At that time, Karen whispered in a thin voice.

In a voice so quiet that you have to listen carefully to hear it.

“…………………… I couldn’t do anything.”

“………… Ms. Karen.”

“Iris, killed in front of my eyes, and all I could do was watch.”

“…… that’s how it was for all of us. What’s the matter with you, for a while now you’ve not been yourself?”

“I, ris is… Iris was a decent person. Without her, I’m useless.”

“…… Don’t do that.”

Olivia raised a frustrated voice at Karen’s weakness.

Olivia was not Karen’s direct subordinate, but she had heard a lot about her. She’s a splendid soldier who raised everyone’s morale on the battlefield and an inspiration to her, tremendously capable, stern like a major general, but also caring.

In fact, Olivia certainly felt the dignity as rumored after acting together for the past few days.

But what about now? Isn’t she showing herself to be so pathetic after just by losing one companion?

She didn’t tag along to see her like this. She escaped from Elmerado with her to make sure they won.

So this was not the time to be dispirited. She had to get her back up at all cost.

As she was so deep in thought.

“It’s been a while, woman.”

Goh, a strong impact from the right.

Immediately after, Olivia’s right arm was bent in the opposite direction, causing her to let go of Karen’s body, as she was greatly blown away.

“Gah, aaaaaaah!!!???”

While screaming in pain, Olivia managed to stand up and saw the true identity of the culprit who launched the surprise attack.

A girl with blonde hair and a mask ―――― a girl wearing a gas mask.

‘Battle Crazy’ Hildle was standing there.

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