Forbidden Master – Part 4/Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – Intermission (The Maid) ③

I can’t catch up to him at full speed.

As a child, when I played tag with Little man, I would lead Little man around by his nose, whether I was the one chasing him or the one being chased.

But now, even though I chase after him with all my might, I can’t catch up with that Little man’s back.

I felt frustrated, regretful, and pathetic, but on the other hand, I think that it is unscrupulous to have such feelings under these circumstances.

“The power in that match was still real… Little man… without me knowing…. without realizing it while I was by your side… in a really big way…. and finally getting stronger…”

I don’t know why Little man used the skill of the Great Demon King, and I thought that it might have been some mistake.

But this is the only truth that shouldn’t be twisted.

Little man really, really grew strong.

For me, the Little man I’ve always thought would never change since he was little…. has become independent….

“All right, everyone, today we’re going to play imperial house with me today as rehearsal for the future!”

I’m suddenly reminded of the old days.

Princess Phianse in her childhood proposed a cute game in the palace garden.

In response to the proposal, Little man, Fu, and Rebal, were embarrassed and had delicate looks on their faces.

“I, naturally, am the Empress! Well, of course! And Rebal is the Commander of the Imperial Knights and the Prime Imperial Warrior!”

“Me? Such an amazing role?”

“Yes. And Fu is the Strongest Mage in the Empire!”

“Mm-hmm! All right, I’ll do it!”

They were positions that these children had a lot of potential for in the future, and it was really a rehearsal exercise.

They were still very small, 5-year-old child prodigies.

I was nine years old at the time, and I spent my days learning etiquette and manners from the palace maids, as well as taking Little man to and from the palace.

The scene of such a nostalgic day.

And, Little man seemed dissatisfied with the princess’ proposal.

“…… As for me? eh, why!? Why is Rebal a knight commander and a warrior prime? Isn’t it me?”

“Eh? U~umm, yeah, uh, that’s right, I, I forgot the role of Earth, so careless, u~umm.”

It was a lie.

The princess shows an obvious ‘careless’ state whenever she is totally lying.

And the princess while looking quite shy…

“O-Okay, apologies, well, yes, let Earth play the role of Emperor! Oh, my King! You must be happy!”

“Eh~~, Emperor~?”

Little man had a disgruntled face. Master Rebal was also sulking a little.

Yes, the role, after all, when the lid was lifted, the Emperor and Empress …

“Then, start! Oh, Your Majesty, no, no, when we’re alone, oh, you… would you like to have dinner? Take a bath? O, or, m, me?” 11 

It had nothing to do with the Emperor or Empress any more.

No, somehow, Master Rebal and Master Fu were pitifully being excluded from playing house.

But the one I felt most sorry for was…

“Hmm, as expected, playing house is boring, let’s play something else.”

“Eh? Uhhhhh…. No, it’s an order! Earth is the Emperor! That’s why!”

“Wrong, I’m going to be a hero, like dad, so that’s better!”

He doesn’t understand her behavior which was so easy to comprehend, or rather I don’t think he’s interested… the princess was the one I felt most sorry for, but….

“Oh, Sadiz, hey, Sadiz let’s play!!”

Little man runs up to me, who is supposed to be able to play with him at any time of day in a sense. The princess became sullen at such a figure…


The princess caught Little man and pulled his hand. Then the princess glared at me…

“We’re going to play by ourselves! We don’t need some aunty!”


And I couldn’t help crying out.

“Sadiz is not my aunt!”

“No, she’s an old lady, Earth! Because Sadiz is nine! That’s almost ten years old! Well, that’s what the maids said, oh, new something…. So, Sadiz is a new recruit!”

“Not true! Sadiz is a… fai… fair maiden.”

He said so in an embarrassingly bewildered manner, Little man at that time was too damned cute, I was already…

“Nooooo! She’s fa, she’s fa, fa!”

“Oh, hey, Phianse! Stop pulling!”

“Ancient Monster Sadiz Go Away! Bleh!”

The princess angrily took Little man by force, and made a rude facial gesture at me. 2 

To be honest, I’ve known the princess since she was a baby, and for me, it wasn’t without some little sisterly feelings.

However, when I was still young, I was not good at controlling my desire to monopolize Little man.

“…… I won’t give Little man to anyone….”


“I won’t let you take him anywhere. Also? Who is the ancient monster? Hmm?”

In an instant, moved around and cut in front of the princess.

The princess’s face was drawn with fear. And the princess….

“Gu, oh, I’ll protect Phianse!”

“Rebal~, it’s no good, you can’t beat Sadiz…”

Really, Master Rebal, who was afraid of me, held a tree branch to protect her as if he were a knight.

Master Fu was hiding scared in Rebal’s shadow.

And I…

“Fuu~… everyone gets a little spanking… except Little man‘.


“I’ve been given permission from all your parents to do so.”

The Declaration of Punishment with Pressure.

Then, the young masters, who were even younger than I was at the time, shuddered and trembled.

“U, U~… everyone, run away from the monster Sadiz!”

“Eh, we’re playing tag? But, all right, I’m going to beat Sadiz today!”

“Gu, re, remember, I’ll win someday!”

“We…… We can’t win.”

Anyway, the princess shouted for everyone to run away from me.

Little man is very determined to play tag.

Rebal looked frustrated.

Fu was being faint-hearted.

They were four such child prodigies, but….

“Do you want to run away? It’s okay, right. Then, I’ll count from ten…. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Ready? Even if you’re not, here I come… or to be more precise.”


“I’ve already caught everyone…”

It began in ten seconds, and within five seconds, all four of them were held on either sides of me and in nooses.

“Th, that’s… t, too fast.

“D, Damn it … I thought I was going to escape for just five seconds today!

“This is… Sadiz, the rising star of the new era…. my father admitted it, too….

“That’s why I said we can’t win…”

Yes, there was such a difference in power at that time.

“Hahaha … amazing, Sadiz…. if those four are like Sadiz, they’ll realize that they still have to work hard.”

“Ah. As I thought, maybe Sadiz doesn’t have to wait until she’s twelve years old to be admitted to the academy with special treatment by skipping grades.”

While smiling at us as they took a break from work, the Emperor and my Master, sometimes the Empress and the Madam, would be there.

“But the child Mamu protected in ‘the Former city of Sorcery, Shiznautmy’ was such a genius…”

“Ah. At that time… she didn’t really open up to me, but…. but now she really is Earth’s Big Sister.”

“It’s been five years since the demise of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar… and above all I’m glad to see that her heartbreak is healing…. as it is, I hope that she’ll continue to be a sister and a familiar target for Phianse, too.”

“…… Well, it’s not like everything’s over…. there’s still a big “mystery” about that city…. even the former member of the Six Supremacy, La’iphant, doesn’t know about the matter either…. And the only person who seems to know about the mystery is that Jamdi’el, the one who was with Tre’ainar when he destroyed the city.”

“La’iphant said that it’s likely that Jamdi’el is in hiding on the Surface World, not on the Demon Realm… if he’s right…… for example, she would be lurking in the Isolationist Nation, Cacretale which was uninvolved in the war with the Demons.”

“I can’t carelessly get involved… seriously…. even though we defeated Tre’ainar and thought we were making progress in our relationship with the demons little by little, I can’t help but worry… and… what worries me the most is…’Hakuki’.”

“That’s right. In addition, Tre’ainar’s influence is still deep-rooted both in the Demon Realm and among the demon races. There are religious groups claiming God, Tre’ainar, will be reborn. Search for the Reincarnation, God’s Second Coming. and hunters whose eyes change at the legend of Buried treasure left by the Great Demon King Tre’ainar being circulated.”

For several years after the war, His Majesty and the Master were constantly struggling with all the hard work, but their eyes, which watched over the princess and the young masters, were still gentle, and their troubles were full of the will to work harder for the children of the coming era.

That’s why I’ve always decided from an early age that I should protect Little man and raise him properly for my benevolent Master and Madam.

“Come, Little man. Let’s go home.”

“Sadiz, it’s embarrassing, so don’t pick me up.”

“No, he’s still a child, so he’ll be in my arms. Also, you played outside and got filthy, so I’ll give you a bath and get you cleaned up.”

Even if he tried to budge, I will forcibly hug Little man and show that, ‘He’s mine’.

The princess was groveling and gnashing her teeth after being spanked by me.

“Ugh~, Earth… ah, Sadiz. Earth is mine…”

Yes, eventually Little man will be the princess’…. I knew that they would lead this empire, the world, and humanity to a better place.

However, for me just a little bit longer… while holding such feelings, I’ve always embraced Little man…

“Who is still a child… I….. myself…… I thought I knew more than my Master, the Madam, and more than anyone else in the world …”

I resent my incompetence and narrow sightedness from the bottom of my heart.

“Damn, I’ll beat Sadiz someday! And become stronger than Sadiz…. Someday… Someday… Sadiz… m, my, pretty …bride…”

“…… Fufu…… give it your all, Little man.”

Why haven’t I even been able to praise the stronger Little man directly yet?

When Little man grows up and becomes stronger, it’s my duty to tell him “You’ve done great” before anyone else.

And yet, I can’t even speak to him now, he ignores me, I give chase and can’t catch up.

Looking at the back of the boy running through at the speed of light that I couldn’t catch up with, I bit my lips and desperately chased after him.

Author’s Note

Ladies and gentlemen, I am always indebted to you.

If you notice this work, the overall evaluation has exceeded 80,000 drills.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm.

I will still do my best to aim for the remaining 920,000 drills, so I look forward to working with you in the future.

 [S1]She was five at the time. How put that notion in her head already? I’m looking at you Mamu!!!

 [S2]In the raws, she’s making an Akanbe-(アカンベー). It’s a gesture where you pull an eyelid down as you stick your tongue out. Quite rude if you ask me…

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    1. For the parents,it isn’t like Earth didnt aware of their addiction, but because he knew how much they work, so he didnt bother anymore.
      The Princess is Tsundere… The worse type of girl. I think he didnt understand what she’s thinking, so he thought she hated his guts.
      Well for Maid… It was unfortunate circumstance. She made a trauma to her beloved one. At least she’s aware of her fault.

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    2. Though… he couldn’t. MC problems stem from the childhood. First and foremost you should undestand, he was almost left alone since he was a child, only him and Sadiz (who saw him as nothing more than her possesion and guided him on the road of the masochist instead of really educating him)

      Now, your arguments… I don’t really agree with them.

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  2. I dont quite understand why the translator translates “坊ちゃま” as “little man”, the japanese pronunciation is “bochama”, it is another noun for “young master” which is used by butler and maid to address the son of their master, like how the butler in “3-gatsu no lion” address the fat rich kid

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    1. It was a kinda happy accident. In my earlier days that was the best I could render it. Then after seeing Sadiz and her personality, I figured “yeah, she’d totally call him that”. So I decided to stick with it. If you noticed my translation of the first manga chapter, I went with “Young Sir” instead. But I’ll forever keep Little man when I’m translating the win my own personal Flava 😁

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  4. Wait a minute… I think people just make mistakes against each other… I think it’s actually Earth who did this all to himself.

    After this and the previous chapter, we learn that they really don’t want to be strong from the start. Earth is the only one who wants to become strong. He wanted to become Imperial Knight and Commander. He wanted to not stay asking, but as an ULTRA hero that stronger than his father. The problem is he needs to be stronger than the strongest person in the world, so their approach is… kinda bad, leading to Earth leave the Imperial.

    About how their teaching work, it’s an old Asian story. Mother A and B have kid C and D. Mother A says to kid C that the kid D is so good at math that he thought C is not worth for him. Mother B also says that to kid D of her. Result: both grow envious of each other, and become best at math. Now, this story is actually bad in practice, but it is still being used at this time. Yes, many Asian parents still teach their children that, I was one of those children as well in the past. Judging from the story, their plan works in this case: Earth only loses to his friend, under pressure so he always forces himself for more just to become better than his friends.

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    1. This is a japanese novel, and kids in these ones tend to grow up… Weirdly fast. Like, I know for a fact that there is one novel with a 12 or 13 ( was it 14?) year old that already retired from the frontlines. FRONTLINES. RETIRED VETERAN…. But romantic love at 5 is very young for sure


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