Serra – Chapter 36

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Episode 36 – She was Taught that Faith is ‘Love’

―――― The Waitley family was once a wealthy family with tremendous assets.

Albert Waitey, the eldest son, took over his father’s company, and his management was a great success, and he quickly became a millionaire.

With a lot of money and prestige, he gradually succumbed to his vices, and eventually became dabbled in alcohol, women, gambling and all kinds of snobbery.

Every night, he drinks until he loses his memory, embraces the women he meets in turn, and spends all his money on gambling, believing he would turn the tables. No matter how successful he was, it was clear to everyone that if he continued to live such a corrupt and rotten life, he would fall to the bottom.

As a matter of course, all the high-quality alcohol poured into the glass changed into a cheap beer bottle, and the warmth of the woman who was in the arm changed to a cold and stormy wind, and all the large sums which were sure not to run out turned into a large debt.

The company, of course, went bankrupt, he was abandoned by all his subordinates, even lost the house where there should have been a good meal and a bed to give him peace of mind, and he was lost in despair and after a long period of regret and sorrow, he turned a new leaf.

Then he went to church to confess his mistakes and restart his life. There, he met a nun.

Patricia McBain. She was a beautiful woman with flaxen hair and clear blue eyes.

By chance, the two began to get to know each other, and before long Albert confessed his errors to her. Upon hearing that, Patricia did not get angry but forgave him and they tried to start over together.

Then they got attracted to each other, vowed eternal love, and raised a daughter.

May God bless her, too. With that hope, Patricia gave a name to the baby sleeping in her big, bulging belly.

Cecilia Waitley.


Cecilia grew up as a compassionate and religious girl, just like her mother.

She attends church every day, reads the Bible intently, and prays to God. Obedient and caring, she became popular with those around her.

It was her mother’s words that made her become so faithful.

“This world is full of hardships and pains. But God sees it all. So believe in God. Pray. If you do, God will surely help you someday. Believe in God. That is our ‘love’.”

Patricia’s words were still complicated for the young Cecilia, but she listened with a twinkle in her eyes.

The word ‘love’ was one she often heard in picture books and in the Bible. As a child, it was, of course, an emotion she had never had before, but she had a strong longing for that wonderful sounding emotion. If you continue to believe in God, you will awaken to love and be saved. How wonderful it would be!

Cecilia’s face was full of hope. As her mother said, if she believed, love and salvation will surely come to her. Surely this situation will change.

Believing that without doubt, Cecilia became more religious than anyone else in the church.

When Albert married and started a family, the scars that were inflicted on him would not disappear so easily.

Life was poor, he was still in debt, and he was branded a fallen man.

Naturally, the damage extends to his family.

The most painful time of the day for Cecilia.

It was when she went to school.

She was showered with unrelenting abuse from her classmates, her belongings were taken, soiled and destroyed, and sometimes she was subjected to violence. The teachers, instead of ignoring her, knowing that she was being bullied, just gave cold looks as if she deserved it.

Even if her parents asked for help from all sides, they are not heard, and on the contrary, they are oppressed together.

She’ll never forget the debt collectors who came to their home, angry at the fact that they had not been repaid.

Her father was beaten to death and her mother was raped and killed. Cecilia could only watch the scene as they beat her. She cried many times. Screaming. Painful. Distress. Scary. Horrible.

Then, when it was over and she was thrown away like a rag with bruises and wounds all over her body, Cecilia went unsteady to the church and was sheltered.

This incident led Cecilia to become more religious. Whether she was eating or attending classes at school, she continued to pray. That was all she could do. That was all she knew. If you pray, you will surely be saved. Believe that faith is ‘love’ for God.

Her classmates at school hated her, and the bullying became more intense. Her church congregation also began to alienate her. Some people heard rumors and were amused by the fact that Albert’s daughter was going crazy.

Every time she was hurt, her heart was screaming. Every time she prayed to God, she began to question it. Every time she was laughed at, she wanted to die. She was miserable and ashamed to be alive.

Still, she continued to pray. She would surely be saved. Miracles happen. That was all she had left.

Those days continued, and when she turned 15.

The church she attended was burned to the ground and lost without a trace.

The arsonist was her classmate.

The motive was mere harassment.


The sound of her breaking.

“No mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Cecilia screamed, kneeling and covering her face with her hands.

There was no salvation. Faith was not love, it was just escapism. There were no miracles. A well-intentioned person is only attacked by a malicious human being.

Everything she believed fell to the bottom of the earthquake, she was in such hopeless despair that her world would collapse in on itself.

“Why!? Why oh why oh why!? Why am I the only one!? What did I do!! Hey, I did something wrong!? I put up with all the pain, the suffering, the fear, and the hardship!! I’ve always believed in God!! Why do I have to go through this!! Why, why, why doesn’t anyone help me!!!!”


This treatment was just because she was born to a fallen man. There’s no way she can accept this. There’s no way this can be allowed.

That said, Cecilia couldn’t hate her parents either. Certainly her father made a big mistake in the past. Even so, he was trying to make amends even a little, and it was certain that he was loving to his family. The idea that her mother, who didn’t condemn him, would save him by her faith should not have been wrong.

How did this happen? Why did God not help?

In the midst of despair, Cecilia thought, and her ‘voice’ echoed in her head.

“………… Kuhi.

Oh, I see.

The ‘God’ I had believed in until now was a fake.

Of course, there is no power to perform miracles in a false god created by the hands of man. How foolish and humorous I was to have ever believed in it.

“Kuhi, Kuhihihihihihihi!!”

It’s funny, it’s so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

I had ‘God’ now. I could hear the voice of ‘God’. Oh, what a wonderful thing!

If so, I had to tell them right now. Now they have to listen to the voice of the real ‘God’. Reach out to the lost lambs with salvation from ‘God’.

Nonetheless, if there are heathens who believe in the false God and do not listen, I would deliver Devine Punishment.

“Kuhi, that’s right. First of all, let’s ask the students who were in school to hear the voice of ‘God’. Kuhi, they are humans, too. If I teach them well, they will believe me., Kuhihihihihihi!”

Thinking about the wonderful future that will come, Cecilia stood up.

“Yahho ✩ Looks like you’re in a good mood.”

And a girl with fiery red hair and blood red-black eyes stood before her eyes.


I stabbed Cecilia’s left chest with a single stroke.

There was a response. There was certainly that feeling as a life was taken and the soul was slipping from her body.

I beat her. I was able to kill her. My spine trembled and my cheeks quivered involuntarily.


Cecilia opened her mouth and laughed.


“Kuhi… That’s right. “God”, Lady Sakura…. I must deliver her voice…”

“Wha, still moving ――――!?”

She gripped my shoulder with both arms.

Damn it, it was too late by the time I thought so. I was agitated, I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t retrieve my sword.

While being trapped in a feeling of impatience to kill her, I met Cecilia’s eyes.

“…Help me,”

She was crying.

The crazy smile she had until then was nowhere to be found, and it was just a weak expression as a girl anywhere would have.

“I don’t want to hurt or suffer anymore. I’m tired. I’m tired of believing.”


“So please. Help me.”


Shaking her shoulders, she pleaded to me with a determined expression.

Maybe. Perhaps she was driven crazy like me, consumed by unwanted urges.

She may have suffered a number of wounds in her heart and couldn’t bear them, and something important inside her might have broken.

I stared at Cecilia, who felt painfully familiar.

I answered her plea.

“Yes, I understand.”

“…………! Thank y


A dry gunshot echoed.

Behind me, Gillian shoots through my head and pierces Cecilia’s forehead.

She looked as if the last stronghold she believed in has fallen down. Surely, her life had been a constant string of betrayal.

However, I didn’t have any particular feelings when I guessed so much. I don’t care about the death of anyone other than Riko.

I’m dissatisfied that I couldn’t finish her in the end with my own hands, but I feel refreshed because I was fed up with her persistence.

Cecilia’s mouth opened with a wide-eyed look of abandonment.

“We’re Kindred,―――― “

In fact, that was her final moment.

With a thud, Cecilia’s body collapsed.

Her body didn’t move anymore.

Unexpectedly, Cecilia Waitley finally died this day.

―――― Ultimately, Cecilia believed in someone to the very end.

That was all she could do.

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