Serra – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Despair Scattered about Everywhere

“What is this…”

Riko muttered with a quivering voice.

The image projected in front of her. There was Gillian, looking distraught, as she mounted and strangled Serra, who was screaming and looking desperate.

Riko couldn’t hide her bewilderment at the two as their friendship suddenly began to fall apart as if they had changed.

Her beloved was being hurt by her dear friend. It was an unbearable sight.

“What did you do to them!?”

“Hmm, are you surprised? This is dear Rinka’s power, so to speak, it seems that she has ‘acquired’ the power to drive people insane.”

Sakura hugged Riko from behind and whispered sweet sighs while gently stroking her hair.

“It seems the distrust Gillian once had for Serra has escalated even further. Serra, on the other hand, seems to be having a hallucination of her own murderous intent.”


“Hmm, I wonder if this situation is bad. They can’t see each other. And because Gillian is trying to take Serra’s consciousness, Serra’s murderous urge will gradually emerge. Haha, Gillian might be killed at this rate ✩ “

“Why did you do that!”

“Don’t complain to Sakura, it was Rinka who did it.”

“But you’re the one who made Sister go crazy! It’s happening because of you!”

Riko screamed as she glared at Sakura.

Immediately after hearing her scream, Sakura let go then grabbed her neck with all her strength.

“I, giah…..”

“Hey, watch that tone. It’s not ‘you’, it’smother’.”

With a blank look in her eyes, Sakura strengthened the grip on her neck without changing her expression.

Perhaps Sakura’s mood got a little better after she saw Riko’s face in agony, Sakura smiled softly and, however without loosening her hand, spoke eloquently while depriving her of breath.

“Hey, did you forget? When you were attacked by Kirino, you died at Sakura’s hand, right? Life is like that, you can kill it with just one hand ✩”

“hi, ieh, gia….”

At Sakura’s words, Riko shed tears, her body trembled and her face turned pale.

The fear of hostility from Sakura, the fear of her life being held, and the fear of losing her life in the past were revived and atrophied.

She was certainly the ‘mother’ who created Riko, and to oppose her lead directly to death. It’s engraved in the soul sooner than it is understood by the mind.

Therefore, it was natural that Riko’s heart, which had rebelled even a little, would break.

…… it was supposed to be.

“Geho … I… know … ka, that, ah ………ka”


“Kill, not, Agu, killer… yo, you… Serra, forgive…. much, Goho…. already, Sakura!”


Although she was afraid, she glared at Sakura, and Sakura smiled at Riko, who was expressing her resentment.

After all, her spirit has grown significantly since she has confided with Serra. At this rate, it might be possible to really cure Serra’s madness.

Putting it in another way, the two of them are now so deeply codependent. In fact, Serra is easily trapped in hallucinations just because she is separated from Riko, and Riko was only worried about Serra without considering her close friend, Gillian.

The new determination they had the night before. Do they realize that determination is the ‘curse’ that binds them?

“…… all the same, Sakura feels sympathy too.”

“Wha, gaha… Wh, at?”

“Hmmm. Well, as a ‘mother’, I’m happy because my ‘daughter’ has reached her rebellious phase.”

Suddenly, Sakura released her hand from Riko’s neck.

The airway finally released, Riko inhaled as much as she could while coughing.

“There’s no way I’m going to kill my cute ‘daughter’. I’m hoping for the time you’ll become Serra’s spouse. So don’t die easily ✩”


At Riko’s spitting words, Sakura waved her hand meekly and left.

Riko, who is still being restrained, could only watch the video unfolding in front of her.

“…… tsu!? Serra, Gillian.”

And Riko’s face turned pale while watching Serra and her friend.

She’s the only one who can correct Serra’s path. So she had to go to her as soon as possible.

However, unfortunately, Riko’s body is bound by chains and couldn’t move.

It wasn’t the inexplicable power of Sakura, she was not permitted to go to Serra’s side with such a simple tool.

It was unbearable and frustrating.

“Ku…! Move, move, stupid me!!”

Tears welled up in frustration.

Why can’t she always protect Sera?

Always crying and useless.

Just driven by remorse and regret, and couldn’t do anything. Just despairing at her helplessness.

And then.

A sudden clang, a metallic sound is heard.

At the same time, the chain that restrained her entire body was released, and the body became lighter.

Before Riko could ask who did it, she turned around.

“―――― Oh, oh, sister !?”

“Riko, are you all right?”

It was Rinka who was standing there.

Her unusually blue skin was covered with scars and stitches, but the smile undoubtedly belonged to Rinka, Riko’s precious older sister.

She gently hugged Riko, who was unconstrained and trembling.

She picked up the chain and tightened her fists, which were gingerly clenched in anger.

“I was tied up until I got marks like this… I won’t allow it.”

“Sister, you remembered!?”

“Yes. Riko Akasaki. The name I gave you. My precious ‘sister’, I remember well.”

“Elder sister……!”

Riko was relieved to see Rinka looking the same as she did in the past, and she wept.

She doesn’t know why the memories returned, but she can’t let go of this miracle. If Rinka regained her former personality and memory, there was no reason to fight her anymore.

They can escape from here as soon as possible and join Serra and the others.

Jingling, Rinka raised the chain she picked up high.

Without realizing this, Riko embraced Rinka and felt strongly that she had returned to her, although she does not feel the temperature.

“Aah, that’s good. Hey, Elder Sister. Let’s quickly escape from here. And I’ll explain it to Serra, and together they defeat the Undyin—”

“Such a convenient thing can’t possibly happen, dummy!”


Riko raised a bewildered voice to Rinka’s words and stared back at her.

The smile was not warm, but an evil one that freezes those who see it.

With such a sudden change, Riko’s thoughts couldn’t keep up and she gave up on understanding.

No, she couldn’t recognize her as an ‘enemy’.

“Elder, sis――――”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you.”

Immediately after.

The chain was mercilessly slammed into Riko’s cheek.


“What the hell is this…”

Alice’s voice trembled at the devastation unfolding in front of her.

People collapsed, shedding a tremendous amount of blood.

In particular, the ratio of girls was overwhelmingly high, and it was clearly not just the work of an indiscriminate killer.

Unfortunately, Alice had an idea of ​​ who could pull off such a trick. They didn’t interfere with each other, but someone who was much younger than her with somewhat similar thoughts.


Suddenly, Alice hid in the shadows as soon as she felt a killing atmosphere and presence that made her body tense.

Soon after, ‘she’ came.


Alice, who was hiding and watching the scene, felt uncomfortable.

The child who walked while swinging a sword which spilled blood from its cutting edge was definitely an immortal ‘vampire’, Kirino. She has the fastest physical ability among the Undying, and possesses a troublesome ‘Dominion’ called ‘Coagulation’, which freely manipulates and solidifies the blood of the whole body.

However, something seemed wrong with Kirino.

It’s not just that she was unsteady on her feet, her eyes were vacant, as if she couldn’t fully see reality.

At first, it seemed like she was patrolling the area, but apparently she had come here at her own discretion as far as could be seen.

What in the world did she come here for?

In order not to be noticed, she gently leaned forward and listened.

“Give up Se, ra, ah….”


She almost screamed at her childhood friend’s name, which she had not anticipated, but held her mouth down and held it hard.

But if she’s looking for Serra, why was she here? Now, Serra and others should have arrived at ‘Rogen’. It would take a day by train from here to get there.

And while thinking, her footsteps and signs were completely gone. Although she did not know the purpose, she was relieved to see that she was not involved, and she ran out.

“Finally… I’ve finally arrived.”

So Alice whispered and looked at the building in front of her.

General Headquarters of the Elmerado Armed Forces.

This place was the destination Alice was aiming for.

“Something” that could be damaging Sakura should be hidden here.

Just as Serra was fighting without forgiving the Undying, Alice also fought alone without forgiving Sakura.

Any means can be used as long as it is for revenge on Sakura. Even if Serra, her childhood friend, is turned into the enemy, she couldn’t possibly leave Sakura alone.

That’s why she fights even though she was stripped of her immortality and her innards were actually ravaged. Even though she wasn’t as crazy as Serra, her obsession and affection were certainly distorted and selfish.

She’ll surely meet a horrible end and go to hell.

She was prepared to receive such a great retribution. If so, she will struggle to the best of her ability and retaliate that bitch Sakura with a shot.

With such a thought in her heart, Alice, with a Sub-Machine Gun(S.M.G.) in one hand and holding a stuffed toy full of patchwork in the other, went inside.

Thinking about it, this stuffed animal was a precious treasure given to her by Serra.

Therefore, even if it became full of scratches and cotton spilled out, even if it is bathed in blood splatter and it gets soiled, only the shape is kept and she continued to cherish it.

―――― If I do that, Serra will surely be pleased to see me.

With such an intrusive self-centered affection, Alice pulled the trigger.

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