Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Moving on

“Who the hell is this geezer, ha? Bro, Earth, who do you think I am? This, insolence, see! Quickly get the geezer too!”

Chitsue, who was more conscious of the words the Old man directed at him rather than who he was, ordered the goons to capture him.

Then the Old man sighed.

“Fufu… Solja has it hard, too… I’m much obliged to the Pauhala family’s predecessors and owe a debt of gratitude, eternally…. well, I saved that one many times as well.”

Hmm? Hey, now, Old man, are you referring to “His Majesty” in that manner?

And, the moment the adults took out their weapons one after another and were ready to attack, two men appeared out of nowhere beside the Old man.

“O-roukou, I have a report!”

“Ah… But before that, these ones… shall we …?”

Those two are the men that the Old man brought with him.


“Hmm, for the time being, as it has come to this, it can’t be helped. Ashisotu-san, Kesu-san…… please stand down you two. I’ll discipline them personally.”

“” Ha~ … again … “”

After telling them not to interfere, the next moment, the Old man took off his mask.

From under it, I thought the Old man was as thin as a dead branch, but the light of eyes and his belligerent smile were very different from the gentle image I had when I first met him.

Huh? That Old man… Somewhere…… if I remember correctly…. at the Academy… something…

『Tis said that human life expectancy is short…. Surely… to think he was still alive…』

Tre’ainar chuckled, somewhat dumbfounded.


“Now, shall we—”

“Calm doooooownn! Ah, excuse my sudden large voice. We’ve something to declare.”

“Tha, o, n-nu!? To…. Ashisotu-san!?”

“No, you should have done this from the beginning. You’re of old age, therefore please refrain from scuffles.”

As the Old man was about to run, the man called Ashisotu took out an accessory, something like a medal with some symbol on it and held it up.

As the Old man tried to run forward, he immediately slipped down.

But more than that…

“Ah… That mark is…”

Me, too.

“Eeh, wh, wh … wha, huh!?”

“”””…… ah……””””

Both Chitsue and the adults became speechless when they saw the symbol and the revealed true face of the Old man.

Yes, I’ve seen it, too.

And I finally remembered why the Old man looked familiar.

That’s right, it’s a textbook! In a history textbook…. huh? Textbook…… tte, wha!?

“He once fought deadly battles with the Demon King’s army… Former Deputy Commander of the ‘Ground Allied Forces’ established to bring together the justice of all mankind, including the Empire and Japone…. He’s Lord ‘Mikado'”


“So don’t resist. Even if you resist, everyone here…. this one might kill you in less than ten seconds…. no…… some…… eradication…”

I’m extremely aware of that name…. or rather…. I should say legend…. he is also a war hero, Mikado!

“L, L… Lord Mikado…. wh, why… why, as for this, discourtesy… I… wh, why, in a place like this…”

And, as expected, Chitsue found it unbearable, and immediately fell on both knees and hung his head on the spot.

“Fufufufu, you don’t have to humble yourself, Minister Shtsui. I’ve already stepped down from my position…. what’s more, I am a vassal of Emperor Solja of the Dipercha Empire, not particularly another subordinate …. although…… as an advisor of the Union, I am permitted to survey member states….”

“Gu, u… ha, no, th-that is… that….”

“Well, I don’t have the authority to judge you… therefore, I must only report the facts as they are. Including Bro Glenn’s testimony. On top of that, we will conduct a fair and equitable investigation, and if as a result, you are found violating the common international laws of the Union… you can expect harsher words from the Imperial and Allied forces.”

“Tha, no, such a… I, I… I just…just…”

He has already retired from active duty. However, his voice and influence still held great power in the Surface World.

The hero who had been fighting the Demon Realm and the Demon King’s Army long before my parents were born, I heard that even the Seven Heroes were no match for him.

“Bro Glenn… is that alright with you?”

“Ha~, haha… already… I can’t tell… what is what…. but…… it’s an honour to meet you, Old man… uh, Lo-Lord Mikado?”

“Fufufufu, I don’t mind, right now I’m a mere Old timer.”

At this unexpected tempest, Bro was laughing as if he was amazed.

However, there was no objection at all to Bro, the Old man…. no, I nodded to Mikado.

“Hey, Bro… you…… is that alright with you? Even if you testify, you’re… either way, you’ll be implicated as well, right?”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m… like I used to be… like you now…. Also, I have to be able to walk on my own feet…. so that’s okay…. everyone in the Kamikaze Gang…. it’s already… I’ll have you walk on your own feet.”

I don’t know how much crime Bro is guilty of, but he’s at least innocent, if not blameless ….

Perhaps, it is possible that he would be sent to prison as it is.


“Originally… the place made by the adults …. I and Minister Ushitsui took over…. responsibility…. no, we’re going to have to pull the curtain back…. Hoodlums…. we’re moving on.”

Bro laughed that he was prepared for it all.

“tch, even though you’re delinquent from beginning to end… so you intend to be stylish… even though you’re a worthless hoodlum to the world!”

“Oh, that’s cool, isn’t it? So, even if something happens in the future… don’t be like me. If your heart rots and you’re about to lose your way, remember this stupid hoodlum and try not to do the same, right? Brother.”

“That’s why I don’t need a stupid brother like you… I already said that. “


So I couldn’t say much more.


“Fufufufufu…  be that as it may… you are Earth, aren’t you?”


“I saw you only once as a baby…. I didn’t notice it at first because you don’t look like Hiro, but…. why are you here? I was listening to your conversation with Ushitsui, and it seems you’ve done something wrong…”

Do you know who I am? No, maybe that’s the case.

Because, this Old man… he’s not only a comrade of my father and my mother…. but their master in the war…

Well, rather than that, why am I here?

That is……

“If you don’t mind, will you tell me what happened? Both Hiro and Mamu are comrades who shed blood and raised the same justice and cause, even if our countries were different, they’re like grandchildren to me…. which makes you, like my great-grandson.”


“And more than anything else… I’ve been watching your fight, and it made my heart leap… if I can help you, I want to help you.”

Saying that, Mikado asked me in the same kind and gentle air as when I first met him.

If I can’t say anything about that question….

“Ah yes, O-roukou. This is a report I couldn’t say earlier, but…”

“Hmm? What is it, Ashisotu-san?”

“I was informed by a merchant who was among the fleeing guests earlier… Princess Phianse, daughter of Emperor Solja… and Mamu seem to be heading for this town, and he’s already right under our noses.”

“…… What!? Is that true?”

…… Huh?

“Wh… at…?”

Mother? The princess? Why? How?

Do you have anything to do in this town?

No, now… it can’t be…for me? But then why the princess?

But anyway, my mother is heading to this town….

“Broooo! Leadeeeeer…. Bro? H, hey, this is… wh-what’s going on… the minister, too…. I mean, Bro, what’s with the injuries?”

“Ah, well, I’ll talk about it later. So, what happened?”

At that time, the baguette head had  a sudden change in his expression.

“N, now at the entrance of the town… th, the princess… the princess of this country, and Mamu of the Seven Heroes, came along with a few others! The guests and merchants were already in a big panic, and Mamu and the others said, ‘What the hell is this all about?’ I mean, I’m already out there panicking… hey, what do you want me to do?”

I mean, seriously…

“Kakkaka… Oh, come to think of it, I heard they were coming soon…. no way, I didn’t think they would be here today…. did they come to this town in such a hurry… ah…… well personally, it saves me a lot of trouble. It’s just…”

In that situation, Bro sighed, and at the same time put his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s inconvenient for you.”


Bro smiled at me as if he were sensing something.

“Bro… no way, you…. about me.”

“About that? I don’t know you. You’re a good buddy. That’s all I know. So….. you may be able to go home, but… if you still don’t want to go home… if that’s the path you’re on, then you should go now. Just, I’ll say it over and over again, but don’t be like me, yeh?”

And then he hit me on the back with his hand and pushed me out.

He’s telling me to, “Go.”

“Huh, at first I was wondering what to do, but… But…… maybe you…”


“Master’s twisted ambition and ideology… that fellow’s situation…. nuh-uh.”

“Master? Fellow? What are you talking about?”

“Whaaaat, if you happen to meet my Master, who is also my first love and see themselves as my Sister, someday…”

I didn’t really understand what Bro was saying.

Master? Sister? What does anything have to do with it?

In the end, Bro eventually looked up without telling me what he meant.

“Come on, later then!”

Saying that, he slapped me on the back again, saying words reminiscent of a life’s farewell.

In response to those words, I…

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.”

That’s right, I returned it.

“What? What are you doing, Earth? Now that Mamu is here, we need to talk….”


“…… Huh?”

“Goodbye, Elder!”


The Old man showed me kindness to help me in many ways, however I’m sorry, but I’ve already put my “blunder” in the past and moved on.

Now that I didn’t want to go back, I activated a breakthrough and ran out of the place in an instant.

I jumped out of the gambling den, the stairs, and the town….

“Heeeeeey, everyone, be quiet! They’re not all blacklisted merchants!”

For some reason, mother was holding sluggish merchants on both sides….

“What exactly do you mean? Moreover, according to what I’ve heard, Minister Chitsue is here. I’m not listening to anything! Hey, get out of the way and let us in!”

The princess raised her voice while showing her annoyance to panicked nobles and delinquents…

“Hey, I’m going to capture the merchants who are trying to escape, Coman, Fu. And we’ll hear what happened.”

“Fe, u, uh-hun, I understand, Rebal… em, wi, with my flute…. Right away, I’ll manipulate them all and make them confess. erm, no matter what they’re hiding, they’ll spit it all out….”

“…… Coman… it’s been a long time, but… to be honest, I mean…. that’s scary, isn’t it?”

So, even them?

Rebal. Coman. And even Fu.

The purpose is… no, don’t think about it.

“Eeh, Little man!”


By the time that voice was heard, it was too late.

If even one step behind in my breakthrough state, no one can catch up anymore.

In addition……

“Hey, Earth! Hey, wait! Wait, Earth!”

“Little man… please… please talk to me!”

“Earth, where are you going? It’s me. I’m right here, Earth! Stop, st, stay there!”

“Earth, what are you doing? Wait, won’t you say anything to us, I won’t let you leave again!”

“That’s… uh, my flute…. uh, no good, out of range.”

“Wait, Earth!”

Just made it, fortunately the entrance of the gambling den was in turmoil.

Even if everyone noticed me, they couldn’t kick ordinary people out of the way, so they weren’t able to chase after me right away.

Don’t look back, I’m…

“I told you to wait, hey, Earth!”

“Little man!”

“Can’t you hear me telling you to stop!”

No, there are only three of them…

“I’m sorry, Rebal, Fu, Coman! This is ――――”

“Leave it to us! Hey, Earth!”

Only three people scraped through the crowd, jumped out, and chased after me.

But more than that….

“…… tch…”

Of all people, those three. Darn……

『…… Hou~, Mamu is a matter of course, that the other two are capable…. even if they cannot catch up with you in the breakthrough state, they will never be so far away that they lose sight you…』


『When your time expires… they might be able to catch up, will they not?』

Once the breakthrough is lifted, you can catch up. I agreed with what Tre’ainar told me.

I mean of course. Even at the best of times, I’m pretty tired.

And there were three of them.

“Now that you mention it, I… hide and seek, tag or anything else… I’ve never won against Sadiz…. I’ve never beaten the princess…. not to mention, my mother is a Hero…”

As it is, once the breakthrough expires, they will catch up.

Then, regardless of my intention, for now… they will take me home?

“Don’t bullshit me. You don’t come here, loiter in the past you’ve cut off and get in the way of my journey.”

With a click of my tongue, I just ran, ran, and kept on running.

While we were in such a chase, none of us had noticed yet.


A shadow was overlooking us against the backdrop of the moon shining in the dark night.

“Could it be… to think I would find it this soon… I was to have Bro cooperate with me in the search for it, but… Fufufufu…… my one and only God…. about 498340000 seconds since I lost thee… for the first time in many years this heart of mine races… what that thing means to thee I know not, but… whoever has inherited the power of the Great Demon King shall be in my hands!”

The shadow flapped its jet-black wings and shed tears while smiling….

“That been said, all those swarming flies shall be erased…… THAT・ONE・BE・LONGS・TO・ME”

The madness of the goddess, clad in the armor of a Dark Valkyrie, was closing in on me.

――― Part 3 End ―――

Author’s Note

Ladies and gentlemen, I am always indebted to you.

It’s been quite a long time, but I think I’ll separate the arcs with this.

Thank you very much for reading so far.

For the time being, it’s hot, so I’ll take it a little slower. Please take care of your health.

And now!

Translator’s Note

And that ends Part 3, but not Volume 2 of the Light Novel. The LN actually goes on to compile the next 3 chapters into an Epilogue. That’s not all that’s different. The fight between Earth and Bro seemed more fleshed and in the Gambling Den Scene before Earth runs off, Shinobu actually hung around which gave us this illustration showing Bro in all his Demonic Glory.

This Part has once again been a hell of a ride, and things don’t seem like they’ll slow down anytime soon. Well with all the ladies chasing our MC how would they? Stick around so we see how things go. I’ll take a short break and be back VERY soon. Patrons may enjoy an Extra Chapter from the LN. And I may actually go about revising earlier chapters like I keep telling my self I would.

Hope y’all doing well and I’ll see you next time.

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    Also, Sadiz is the woman he loves, he was heartbroken when she looked at him with fear, but she obviously still cares, since she came chasing him. He does not need to come crawling back, they came to him. Perfect chance to talk it over with her as well, even if plot armor prevents her from confessing her feelings in a way he understands for now.

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