Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – The Last Distinction

While Bro, who had been stubborn and refused to yield until now, gave in after losing the fight, and on the other hand, with a rather relieved expression, he rebelled against Chitsue.

“I as of now… accept the discharge from being your personal dog…”

“Bro, y-you, you! After all I’ve done for you, and this is how you repay me!”

“Uh huh, and for that reason I apologize.”


The pig turned red with rage. Chitsue.

And Bro looked back at the stunned Skevern…

“And… let these guys go too.”

“Wh… at!?”

“If you ask me, I think their punishments aren’t really fair… rather, it would be worse for you if it’s found out that you were trying to fatten up your pocket by using these guys, right? Well, my guess is that these crimes aren’t officially and fairly judged, and that you’re the one who’s been pulling the strings with all sorts of behind-the-scenes trickery to entrap them.”

“D-Don’t be ridiculous! What a convenient thing to say in the midst of such a sloppy mess! How dare you, who are also the trash of the Empire, give this opinion?!”

Of course, Chitsue found such a thing unacceptable.

“Listen, why do you think the world is at peace now, no! Hey, Earth, is it thanks to your father, you think? This is the same as a plain jailbreak in an era without war… yes, in an era without war, it is we politicians who keep the world of peace without war! That you’re enjoying the peace that I have made, and instead of returning the favor to me, you ingrates dare to have an opinion, you do.”

“I guess so… I don’t really understand noble work…. I’ll follow the distinction properly. You and me.”

Chitsue furiously criticized Bro’s defiant state.

I see…I heard that he was only taking a nap in Congress, but he was working hard.

Well, no matter which one… or rather, distinction?

“Hey, Bro, you’re still…”

And then……

“Kikikikiki, ki, Gii… Gii!!”


The door of the back room opened, and a small shadow popped out from inside in fright.

It was the goblin that had disappeared before I knew it.

“Yasashi! What are you doing?”

Skevern also asked in surprise, and the goblin appeared with a jerk, and behind it…


“Kyupi? Kyu? Kyu”

They were monsters such as demonic wolves and insects who were fighting in Duel Monsters.

“H, hey, you bastard, what are you doing? They’re all mine, and some of them were bought at tonight’s auction!”


“Ugly goblins, what are you letting out of their cages, there!”

The goblin that was frightened by Chitsue’s yelling.

But even so, it didn’t seem to run away, and…

“Gigigi… Gigigiiigi (Mutsagouro)…”

『…… Huh? …… Hoh~……can it ‘use’ that?』

Somehow, it cast a spell on itself.

For a moment, we opened our eyes, but the next moment… the goblin headed for Bro ….

“I beg of you. Please help these children too.”


The goblin spoke!

Goblins are intelligent, have villages, tribes, and cultures, and understand human language.

However, even if they understood the language, I have read in the picture book that they do not speak human words….

“What, ho, how…”

“I listened. I heard the story of these children. They were caught suddenly in the woods even when they had done nothing. So they say. I felt sorry for them. Please help.”

“Wh, wha… Whaaaaat!?”

The goblin who uttered human words spoke of the feelings of monsters on their behalf.

“They have family. They say. They say they want to go home. They say they don’t want to fight.”

“…… Ka~…… Are you serious?”

Such a goblin…. at Yasashi’s words, Bro held his head down and made a complicated expression.

“I thought monsters were the same as animals… there are dogfights, bullfights, cockfights in the surface world, and if it’s so…Oh, dear…”

Because animals and monsters don’t speak human language, it may be that my heart didn’t hurt too much.

Even human beings can eat cows and pigs without a thought because they don’t say a word.

But if you hear their words like this…

“Ha, hahahaha, this is good, good! A goblin that speaks human language. I didn’t know you were such a rarity! It will likely make money at the freak show or an auction, that it will!”

However, it seems that such a goblin’s heart-wrenching words did not reach Chitsue.

Somehow, when it came this far, it’s kind of hard to believe that he is a guy who doesn’t even blink.


“Geez, we’ve finally gotten in, right?”

“Whoa, they all look messed up, right? Pathetic.”

“Hey, Minister, are you safe?”

“Oh, but look at it. Somehow, the monsters and the damned Bro brat are also tattered, aren’t they?”

“Isn’t it our shift?”

And that was the time.

“tsu, you’re late, see! What were you doing, look here! Even though I’m paying, where were you? Very nearly, I might have died. You see! “

“My bad, minister. The entrance was so crowded that we couldn’t get in.”

“No excuses, alright! Get rid of these rubbish, do it now!”

This time, dozens of adult men slithered in from the entrance of the gambling den in a crowd.

None gave the impression of any disposition, and they had the same vibe as Chitsue’s guards now lying on this floor.

“Hey, hey… who the hell are they… hey, these guys!”

And, Bro’s expression changed when he saw the adults.

“I see, the ones laying around here… I thought I’ve seen them somewhere… the Bockmati Family!?”

The Bockmati Family? It should have been crushed….

“Fufufufu, that’s right, it is. It’s impossible for the executives, but these guys, who were the lower-ranking members, only got a short prison term.”

“Wh, at!?”

“Recently, I’ve had a hard time hiring official warriors for escorts, and above all, they monitor activities behind the scenes, and it’s inconvenient because serious and inflexible ones would try to report to His Majesty and Hiro right away. In that respect, these guys will do anything as long as they’re paid, so it’s convenient.”

He hired short-term prison thugs to form a private escort group, and then used it to act behind the scenes.

It’s as if this person was more like the Mafia than a Minister.

“Heh, leave it to me, Minister. Bro used to make me drink boiling water.”

“The monsters are to be caught alive, and the rest shredded, no problem?”

“Hmm? That other kid…. huh? Where have I seen him before…”

And the adults who appeared in a swarm smiled and tried to surround us.

It clearly created a violent atmosphere.

So, here we are, Bro’s body was in no condition to fight anymore, and the others…

“Honey… this is our first collaboration”

“No, no… Oh, you…”

Next to me, Shinobu was very motivated. Apparently, she will be going on a rampage with me.

Well, that’s fine…

“No choice, well then――――”

I was about to rout all the adults away, wondering if I could do as I pleased. But……

“That’s enough… you.”


With that said, Bro dragged her broken legs to Chitsue.


“The hoodlum Bro is… out of business as of today!”


Bro used his fist, which he had never shown in his previous battles.


Bro had only used kicks in the fights with me.

He had an obsession with his feet.

Even though the man’s legs were hurt, he beat Chitsue with his fist as he declared his retirement.

“Pue, Pa, ah… you puuuuuunk!”

His cheeks were swollen, his nose bled, and his eyes were in tears as he wriggled about the floor.

Neither I nor the adults could immediately react to the scene.

In such a situation, Bro looked back at Skevern…

“I don’t think it’ll end with this, but… you’ll be able to lessen your grudges with this, yeh?”

“Y, you…”

“And… everything else… I’ll leave in the hands of the Empire.”

With a determined expression on his face, Bro grabbed the fluttering Chitsue’s chest and forcibly pulled it.

This guy…

“Hey, Bro! What are you trying to….”

“I’ll drag him along like this, and turn myself in to the Imperial City.”

“Ha… Haah!?”

“Events and transactions using monsters in this gambling den… I will testify to everything, including any connection with the Anti-Imperialists.”

Bro’s distinction when he said he would graduate from delinquency.

However, the moment he said that, the adults naturally got angry.

“Nah, this fucking crap!”

“No way, our moneyman… the Minister…… and are you going to shut down this gambling den?”

“From now on, when we’re just about to make a big profit to revive the family…”

“tch, like hell we’ll let that happen! Hey, boys, let’s do it!”

“Oh, this fucker, I’m going to kill you!”

That’s right. In the first place, there’s no way they’re going to allow that.

And most importantly…

“Pu, Gyaha… Guwahahaha, m-moron, and you … just, who do you think I am, you trash.”


Chitsue, as he was pulled by Bro, smiled with ridicule, even though he was in tears.

“I’m a minister, you see! Or, if you were to take me to the Imperial City and hand me over to the Imperial Knights, who would believe the testimony of scum like you?”


“Naive, and this fool, me! And you’re the mastermind behind this riot, and above all, to think you would hit me, the greatest minister in the world, and get away with it, nuh-uh! You’ll definitely get the death penalty, see!”

That’s right. Even if the other party is rotten, he was a minister.

In the first place, he used the hoodlums for labor at the gambling den so that they could be cut off whenever something went wrong.

The testimony of the savage delinquents or the words of the Minister of the Imperial Capital. Which one would the world believe?

As for me? But now I’m …

“Fufufufu, the resemblance to that extent.”


Goblins, adults, and who the hell is it this time?

As I was about to scream “Not again!?” to the new people, I was surprised to see that person.

“The brilliance of the passionate youth… I just couldn’t help gazing at it. Therefore, any further redundancy……. I’ll varnish away.”

That Old man was there.

“The young half-breed… that your testimony is accurate, this one will be a witness. If you will take responsibility and reveal everything… I will communicate the remarks directly to Emperor Solja so that this one can protect and judge fairly and impartially.”

It was the Old man who helped me get in.

“……… Ah … no … no way?”

“…… Shinobu. What is it?”

“…… Honey…… I’ll see you later. I love you ♡ poof.”

“H, hey!?”

The moment she saw the Old man, Shinobu, who was by my side, screamed and backed away, finally said something embarrassing to me, and while throwing a kiss, disappeared in a puff of smoke.

No, why!? Do you know him? Oh no, this Old man was from Japone, but…

“Hey, what now, all the guests and hoodlums should have gone out!”

“Who are you, shitty old timer!”

“Hey, what’s that? Are you a customer? I don’t know who you are, but it’s an internal mess, so it’s dangerous, could you leave?”

“Yes. This is just a matter within the Empire. I don’t know which country you are from, but you shouldn’t go deeper ~?”

“Ora, get the hell out of here or I’ll sink you!”

Adults mercilessly swore at the Old Man saying, “You’re unrelated so leave.”

Yes, no matter where the Old Man is from, he’s probably a foreigner.

And since this is a “matter within the Empire”, he was warned not to interfere.


“Do be silent! As long as the matter involves transcendental issues of Demons, borders are irrelevant as people living on the same world! If there is any suspicion of violation of international law stipulated as common to mankind, it is not a problem for only the Empire! And Minister Chitsue… We can’t overlook the perverse deeds, the abuse, and the excessive use of power by the politician.”

The Old man raised his voice for the first time.

“Minister Chitsue. I’ve had the opportunity to investigate this gambling den in a number of ways. In fact, most of the merchants that you have brought in through your mediation are actually Anti-Imperialists…… and all the people involved are Anti-Coalition forces.”

“Nu… Wha, nu…”

“Earlier, I heard that a young man made a deal without mediating you, and it seemed to be a problem as he was an Anti-Imperialist, but all of that was set up by you, wasn’t it? The objective is to make it easier for young ones to accept the revision of the gambling den rules.”

“Ugu!? Hey … that’s …”

“While being a politician of the Allied Forces, to ignore the rights of Demons and provide this space which is also a source of funds for Anti-Imperialists and Anti-Coalition organizations. Neither Otentou-sama nor I will ever forgive you!”

After all, this Old man is not a regular person. And …

『Ah… this fellow, I never!? So … that is how it is…』

It looked like Tre’ainar noticed something, too.

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  1. Seems like he’s a guy who advocates Demon rights. `Old man` is from the demon world?
    How much you wanna bet that his name is really `Jeesan`?

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    1. I did mention in a previous TL note, the minister tends to add weird annotations in the middle and end of his sentences. Stuff like だねえ, だね, よ, which seem to just be thrown in without much context.

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  2. @Ashikaider Not only that he literally used the Mito Koumon “disguise” of A crepe seller named Mitsuemon. It was super obvious.


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