September 2020 Short

Is There Anyone Other Than Me Who Would Travel Back in Time Just To Eat ‘Pizza’?

Author: Tacos/Squid Meal

A/N: This is my first post on this site.

─── July 15, 2020 / 23:00 / Room ───

“─── back in time just to eat ‘pizza’?”

Such a voice, almost like an angry shout, hit her ears.

Perhaps because the window is opened, she could hear the sounds of crickets chirping on a summer night. Due to hearing the voice which came from somewhere(Where), the girl woke up.

That small stature(Cute), that just happened while lying on the bed, rose with sluggish(two parts) motions as she rubbed(Straining) her eyes with her hands.

Then she looked around, forcing her eyes open, as the curtain next to her was fluttering in the night wind. Looking up, you’ll see a white, slightly sunburned ceiling. The scenery in the room was no different from the usual.

“Mu, Muguuguu…”

When she finally sat up, the next sound that came into her ears was not the bugs. It was the grumbling(Ume) from her stomach.

“I’m hungry…”

She muttered, in a room where she was alone, and then slipped out of the futon.

The digital clock on the shelf shows exactly 11:00 p.m. She walked unsteadily down the small room and put her hand on the doorknob.

Gently turn the doorknob to open the door without making a sound.

The words she heard a little while ago. She’s not sure if it was a dream or not, but the words that somebody muttered still remain vivid in her ears.

─── they said “pizza”.

She’s not particularly fond of it, but anything is delicious when you’re hungry.

From now on, the goal is the refrigerator downstairs. That’s where the frozen pizza is.

She just wants to eat pizza. Thinking about it,  prowling(Loitering) the house at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night for that reason is ridiculous indeed.

However, the footsteps of the girl walking through the doorway into the corridor are somewhat lighter than before.

As she strode down the corridor toward the stairs that led to the first floor, rubbing her eyes once more, the girl’s face smiling.


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:02 / Stairway ───

(And carefully…)

While holding onto the railing, the girl is slowly advancing. Her steps changed completely from light footsteps of a while ago, and she was careful on the stairs which lead from the second floor to the first floor.

The reason lies in the stairs. This house, which had been built before the birth of the little girl, seems to have stood for 55 years. Perhaps because it should no longer be called an old house, the stairs are in tatters, let alone the floors.

If you try to walk normally, you’ll immediately hear a creaking sound. That’s loud enough to echo all over the house.

If such a sound was heard in the middle of the night, it will be obvious to the family that someone is trying to eat at night.

There may be households in the world that allow a nighttime meal, but this home house is not one of them.

Even though she wasn’t aiming to be a model, when she tries to get another meal, she gets told, “you eat too much!”.

When she buys sweets from a supermarket, her mother yells, “Why did you buy such sweets?”

If such a mother finds out that she was trying to eat at night, she’s not sure she could return to her room alive.

It wouldn’t be a problem if she lied to her like, “I was trying to go to the bathroom.”, but Unfortunatelly(Unfortunately) she’s not good at lying.

When she tries to tell a lie, her eyes have a habit of swimming right away. And her mother being unaware of the habit is unlikely(expected).

(Don’t hurry, take your time…)

Be sure to take it step by step. Try not to put the center of gravity on the feet as much as possible.

This girl, who was gingerly descending(passage) down the stairs had a cold sweat from her cheeks and all over her body due to the tension.

“I’ve got it… tsu!”

The joy of getting down safely and silently came out in her voice.

Promptly(Moment), she held her mouth down and desperately prayed that no one would wake up. It seems that no one has gotten up, perhaps it was lucky that all the family bedrooms were all upstairs.

Keeping her guard up, she continues down the hallway and opens the door to the kitchen just as carefully.

Then she passed through the threshold(curtain) and proceeded to the kitchen. She’s not afraid of darkness and doesn’t really believe in ghosts. However, since it is impossible to see the front in total darkness, she will head for the refrigerator after turning on the hanging light bulb to the color of fireflies.

Then, opening the second freezer compartment from the bottom, she found what she was looking for.

(There it is!)

Shook off the frost and slowly picked up the frozen pizza. The chilly feeling is really pleasant in this summer season. However, it is likely to cause frostbite if held as it is, so she placed it on the table and opened the door of the microwave.

Normally, a microwave dings a bell and would make a loud rattling sound. If it’s a normal microwave that is

The microwave in this house is state-of-the-art and has the function for making it completely silent. There is no sound when it’s set up with a button, or when the heating is done.

She bought it with her own money as a present for her mother, but went out of her way to buy the latest model for such an occasion. Money was saved by working part-time for a few months. She had quite a hard time, but can now enjoy a late night snack without any worry.

(Gently put it in.)

She took the pizza out of the box, put it on a good-sized plate on the table, and placed it in the microwave. After setting the timer for 7 minutes and 30 seconds as written in the box, she started it up.

Then, the pizza inside was illuminated in orange and began to heat up.

(All I have to do is wait…. I guess)

The girl sighed from her fatigue caused by excessive caution.

─── However, one obstacle stood in the girl’s way.

(Oh, that…? My stomach, is a little… ugh!)

The sudden change in the condition of her stomach, just like a gust of wind, surprised her she soon squirmed.

─── Abdominal pain.

After that, she wondered why she was suffering so much, but when she actually woke up, she felt discomfort that made her unable to concentrate on her surroundings.

The waves of pain and comfort rattled her senses.

She grabbed the desk she was about to sit on, and glanced towards the microwave.

The girl’s face contorts as she stares at the timer, which has only been running for about thirty seconds, for some time(a while).

(At a time like this…)

It’s a line that would be a bit cooler if the movie’s protagonist uttered(Muttering) it, but now the scene and the state are in a real crisis. She would like to wait here patiently while watching pizza, but the abdominal pain is unlikely to allow it.

(…… I can’t help it anymore!)

Having made up her mind, the girl walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway somewhat(many times) faster than before, and headed for the bathroom.


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:35 / Kitchen ───

The clock on the kitchen table shows 11:35.

─── about half an hour to get back to the kitchen from the toilet?

It was a considerable long battle with a stomach ache, but she was able to return safely.


A little staggered, the girl approached the microwave with the pizza within. On the way from the room to the kitchen, she fought against abdominal pain. Perhaps because of the extreme conditions, she was dying as far as her energy was concerned.

(But at last…!)

Even on the verge of death, you can stand up as many as you need if there is a pizza in front of you. The goal is just around the corner.

There was about a 30 minutes loss of time, but there is no problem because there is a heat retention function in the microwave.

Then, forgetting that it doesn’t make a sound and opening the door of the microwave oven, she found the long-cherished pizza __

─── Wasn’t there?

(Oh, what?)

The impatient girl closes the door of the microwave again. But when it was opened again, there was nothing there. It is an empty shell.

“What, why… I put it right there!”

She wondered if she, exhausted from overuse of energy, saw hallucinations too.

The girl doubts so much because of the unexpected development. But even if she took a deep breath. Even though her eyes fluttered(Blinking). There is no pizza in her sight.

And the girl finally admitted it. This is an unmistakable “reality”.

(But this is… it’s funny!)

It is also true that this situation is abnormal. No one should be up, but the pizza is gone.

─── Did someone wake up and eat it?

No, would they eat silently even if they woke up? If it is her mother, she was likely to be furious first, and then to stab her. Her father wouldn’t eat away silently because of his mild personality.

Then, who remains the suspect? If this happens, is it really impossible to suspect a ghost?

In a feverish haste, she suddenly looked at her feet, and there was a small cracker lying there.

(I, I don’t think that was there before….)

The girl tilts her head while picking up a cracker. If this is a clue to the culprit who stole the pizza….

There’s no way it can be.

Even if there is a culprit who stole the pizza, what is the point using a cracker for the crime?

(…… What?)

With a pop, she threw away the cracker and pondered again.

It was at that time when the girl put her hand to her chin(jaw) and was pondering with a detective like appearance(look).

“…… eh?”

She was tapped on the shoulder and turned back in fear, and there she was.

“Eh… What? Is that, me!?”

No wonder the girl is shocked. Because there are two of her. Her clothes and face are the same. If anything, even the bed hair like an antenna was like two(gimmick) peas in a pod.

「・、・・・・・・・・・、・・・・・・・・・・・・・・! 」

“Eh, eh… what are you saying?”

Her other self opened her mouth again, and again. And she noticed. No matter how you look at it, the definitive difference between her and herself. That’s — the other person can’t talk.

「・、・・? ・・・・…… ・・? 」

She realized that she wasn’t speaking, and fumbled around. Certainly the mouth is open, but no voice is heard.

As the anomalies continue so far, she started to wonder if any of this is real. Sudden abdominal pain, sudden loss of pizza. And another her.

──── Yes, this is a ‘dream’. If you think of it as ‘dream,’ then all the things that have happened up until now make sense.

And, being convinced that the situation up to this point is a ‘dream’ is convenient. Or rather, there is no choice but to believe it.

After muttering, “If this is a dream, anything goes.” she took a deep breath, then spoke to the other her  in a calm tone as if it were an evil spirit(tsu).

“………… So what did you come here for? …….Me?”

No longer bewildered(confused). Or rather, it may be more accurate to say that she realized. Either way, she called the other self in front of her “me”.

「・・・…… ・・、・・・・・・・・・・」

Her other self, seems to have given up on talking, is instead trying to convey something by wiggling her body.

“Ah! That’s a gesture!”

Though unsure if it’s real or not, if it’s in a dream, it’s her. She knows herself best. She knew immediately that this strange movement was also a gesture.


“Err, I’m… from future…. came?”

「・・・・! 」

Her other self gave a thumbs up and smiled, perhaps the answer was correct.

Gesturing with her entire body, she looked like an upturned beetle. However, it was hard to make fun of her with how serious she looked earlier.

「・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・? ・・・・・・・・・・・、・・・・・・・・」

“Well, you know, the one who ate the pizza… … That timer… … … … Find?”

Hearing that, the her from the future nodded, and continued to make gestures.

「・・・・・・・、・・…… ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・、・・・・・・・・・・・・・・。 ・・・・・・・・・・、・・・・・・・・・・・・。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・、・・・・・・・・! 」

“Well, um… It’s a little confusing.”

Her future self is gradually increasing the pace of gestures. That tendency to get over-excited, it was exactly the same bad habit as her. It’s obvious she’s pretending to be a timer, but that’s all that could be deciphered.

「・・・、・・・・・・・・・・・・! 」

“Well, that’s… a Time Machine? Really? 」

Her future self followed the gestures by offering a timer. She probably intended for her to accept it, so she took the timer.

Her argument is no longer an argument with a fragment(shred) of common sense, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a dream. She’s eager to enjoy it.

─── The girl of the future who keeps gesturing many times, and a girl of the present who stares at it and decodes it. The scene of these two girls, who are two sides of the same coin, is strange when viewed from the outside. However, that scene also comes to an abrupt end.

“…… That? Haven’t you been transparent for a while?”

She asked that question to her future self.

Her condition, of which her body could be seen through, was exactly like mist.

Her future self noticed after being told, but when she realized that her body was transparent, she started to panic again.



After the sound of a small balloon popping, the girl from the future disappeared.

Come to think of it, she had completely forgotten what she had to do to keep her family from waking up and spoke normally. Still, there is no sign of the family coming up. Is this also a sign that this was a dream?

Then, in the kitchen where she was alone again, the girl put her hand on her chin and thought over it.

(To summarize what just happened…)

Her self had arrived from the future. Then gave herself a clock and a timer to go to the past and catch the culprit who would have eaten or stolen pizza… And…

It’s a fantasy world now. The scale is small, but to herself of the future it’s a time machine. It seems a bit  trivial(small) for a dream, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go along with it.

(Well, about 11:05…. I guess?)

The girl quickly sets her timer. She was really enjoying the situation rather than desperately looking for the culprit.

(Now what else is there to do…….. I didn’t explain it well enough…….)

She hasn’t been told where and how to get there, which would be pretty important. Maybe it was included in the gesture, but she didn’t understand it at all with those weird motions.

(Okay, if you can picture it, you can go!)

The girl, wanting to use the Time Machine quickly, was no longer wary of the risk.


The girl pressed the button at the top of the timer. Then the whole area was enveloped in white light(White Fox) and ________.


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:05 / Kitchen ───


She raised his head and looked around. Unlike waking up, her body seems to move the same way it did before.

As soon as the dazzling(glaring) light wrapped her, the scenery seemed unchanged. Undoubtedly, this is the kitchen of the house.

(Oh, that’s right!)

When she glanced at the digital clock on the kitchen table, it clearly showed 11:05.

(Huh, I’m really back!)

Joy outweighed surprise.

After all, she had just accomplished a time slip that she thought would never be possible in her lifetime. It doesn’t matter anymore whether it’s a dream or not.

And looking at the microwave, there the pizza was still heating up.

The pizza, illuminated in orange in the microwave, is just like the sun.

(Th, that’s right, I have to hide…)

The girl remembered her role and dove under a desk. as she didn’t know what to do if the culprit finds her, hiding was a good idea. ─── Maybe it’s a ghost.

Fortunately, there’s a mountain of bags filled with cans of dried pickled plums and sacks of stale candy. Under the kitchen table where miscellaneous goods were left unattended was a great place to hide.

(Here we go…….. Hmm?)

In the same heap of miscellaneous goods, there was a bag of crackers that she picked up earlier. It was given as a prize for last year’s festival, but it was left under this table because there are few scenarios for use in this house of a family of three.

(…… That’s right!)

Quietly, the girl opened the bag filled with crackers as if she had a flash of inspiration while fiddling with her long sleeping habits.

Then she took out one cracker and held it firmly with both hands.

─── Let’s surprise the culprit when they are found.

It’s the pizza’s revenge. The girl is enthusiastic as if to say “I’ll avenge the pizza”. However, that is still in the future, and if she stops it here, the fact will never have been.

And so the girl hid(Husse) her breath and waited for the culprit while staring intently at the pizza that was still in the process of being baked..

─── July 15, 2020 / 23:10 / Kitchen ───


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:15 / Kitchen ───


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:20 / Kitchen ───


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:25 / Kitchen ───


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:30 / Kitchen ───

(………… not here yet!)

─── There was no sign of them.

She hadn’t noticed until the, but this kitchen, adjacent to the garden, the chirping of insects outside can often be heard. The chirping of the crickets coming from all directions was just like a circus.

The girl has a monopoly on such a circus of insects, but the person who is going to steal the pizza still(yet) hasn’t appeared in front of her.

The excitement of using the time machine has already faded, and now she really wants to go home as soon as possible.

But the timer in her hands, which she was bored with, suddenly began to blink.

(Huh? What the hell is this?)

And, the light emitted from the timer suddenly began to draw a line on the ground like a laser, and in the end, it started writing letters.

(What…… What’s this?)

Then, when the timer’s light stopped moving, looking at the ground, a sentence was projected there.

『Twenty-five minutes have passed. It’s time to go back to the original time』

A concise sentence with a pale(bubble) green light. It was so concise(simple) that the girl, on the contrary, couldn’t understand for a moment.

(Uh, I mean, that’s……..)

─── I will be returned. To the original time.

When she looked at her hand, she saw that the color was fading. It is a phenomenon in which the body is transparent, just as it happened to her future self.

(I’m in the bathroom, and there’s five more minutes until I come back!)

She hadn’t heard any rules about time limits. However, this is all due to the future self who is not good at gesturing… in other words, it is her own fault. There’s no one else to take it out on.

There is no more time to spare. The girl threw away the cracker she was holding and crawled out of her desk.

“Rather than someone else take it away from me… tsu!”

Then, while taking out the pizza which was kept warm in the microwave, the white light wraps around the girl again____


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:39 / Kitchen ───

She’s feeling this sensation for a second time.

She closed her eyes to the white light and when next they opened, she had time slipped. And now that event has happened again. ─── In other words, time travel.

The scene of the kitchen is the same as before. If one thing could be said to have changed ____

“Twenty-Three, Thirty-Six… It’s about the same time that I was given a timer from me in the future to go back in time… “

It is 11:39, the time indicated by the clock on the table. In a word, it means that she returned in place of her other self.

After all, she couldn’t find the culprit.

She had been returned five minutes before she came back. Then, the culprit showed up in those five minutes, and is likely to have taken the pizza.

Then, as the girl was depressed, she noticed something strange. Yes, it’s not just the time that has changed. She’s got it in her hand… a pizza.

(That’s right! I brought it back!)

She quietly and gently places the plate with pizza on the table.

It’s better to take it by yourself than to be robbed by someone. With that in mind, she acted quickly. Although it was a close bet, the pizza was in exactly the same condition as before. She couldn’t find the culprit, but if the pizza wasn’t stolen, she didn’t care.

(It’s all good now… right?)

She didn’t want it to be like some detective story where she gets stabbed in the back the moment she feels relief(reassurance).

Now she wanted to focus on the pizza that she managed to get back.

“Now then… I think I’ll do it.”

Of course, there is only one thing to do in front of pizza. To eat. With all the unusual circumstances, she had long since forgotten how hungry she was, but with the goal(Pizza) in sight, her appetite was back in full swing.

She lifted the slightly steamy pizza out of the oven, careful not to burn herself.

Finally, she eats ____

──── Wait a minute.

Thinking about it again. What happens after the pizza is retrieved?

After that, she returned from the bathroom and looked for pizza. Then, if the pizza is here right now…


She had set a timer before she knew it.

Then the girl pressed the button on the top of the timer without hesitation(indecision).


─── July 15, 2020 / 23:36 / Kitchen  ───

She was no longer bothered by the light around her, which is peculiar to time slips. She glanced at the clock on the table, making sure she had returned the past, and then tapped her past self on the shoulder in front of her.

Then, looking quite surprised, her past self turned around.

“Eh… What? Is that, me!?”

“Oh, I know you’re surprised, but I’m not playing around!”

For some reason, she stutters too. But she didn’t have time for that right now. She had to tell them what she was told within the time limit.

“Eh, eh… what are you saying?”

All of a sudden, her past self begins to say such a thing.

And she finally remembered that when she went back in time, she couldn’t speak in front of people.

“………… So what did you come here for? …….Me?”

It can’t be helped. It would be nice to have some paper to write on, but there seems to be no such thing in this kitchen.

Then, all that is left is to make gestures.

“Hmm…I had it with gestures.”

Though unsure, she’ll do better than the last gestures she saw. That should work.

To make it as easy to understand as possible, slowly and clearly….

“Ah! That’s a gesture!”

Use the hands, feet, and whole body to convey the aim of the gesture.

And, on the other hand, the other party, her past self, nodded and smiled.

In this way, she can convey that the timer is always set at 11:00, and not to take your own pizza.

“I’m kinda from the future.”

“Err, I’m… from future…. came?”

“Yeah, yeah!!”

She was so happy she could get that through, so she gave a thumbs up.

However, although it works well, it is quite difficult to actually do. Rather, it might be because she’s not very good at explaining things.

“Someone ate your pizza, didn’t they? You can use this watch to find out who did it.”

“Well, you know, the one who ate the pizza… … That timer… … … … Find?”

After nodding, she clicked timer and appealed to her past self. She wanted to teach her how to use it, but will she make it before the time limit?

“This timer is… Believe it or not, it’s like a time machine. If you set a timer, you can jump to that time. So if you use this to go to the past, you’ll know the culprit…!”

“Well, um… It’s a little confusing.”

Oops. She made a gesture too early.

─── These few seconds are a huge loss of time. Certainly, when she first met her future self, the very point she time traveled to, the time limit ran out pretty quickly. In that case, she cannot miss a minute or a second.

“So, this is a time machine!”

The girl’s expression is no longer slovenly.

“Well, that’s… a Time Machine? Really?”

(…… Why am I so slow?)

She handed the timer to her past self, complaining in her mind.

And after a little bit of comedic dialog between the two who had exactly the same appearance, the scene came to an abrupt end.

“…… That? Haven’t you been transparent for a while?”

That’s what she said in the past, so when she looked into her arms, it was definitely transparent. The color on her body, drenched in cold sweat, gradually disappeared.

(Th, this was so early!? Oh, that’s enough!)

She hadn’t mentioned the core part yet. This defeats the purpose of going back in time.

“Ahhh! For now, absolutely set the timer to 11:10! 10 10!! And don’t take the pizza for yourself ───

∧, ∧, ∧.

─── July 15, 2020 / 23:39 / Kitchen  ───

Before she knew it, the other self in front of her was gone.

Rather, was it correct that she disappeared from in front of her other?

Looking around, it was the scene of the same kitchen. She felt like she’s been here all day.

Without checking the clock, which was customary when she slipped back in time, the girl reached for the pizza on the desk.

─── Was this really a dream?

Just for this pizza, she traveled through time to find a culprit…. but thinking back on it, it seems really silly.

However, there is no regret in the girl’s heart. Only the feeling of exhilaration was as if she was riding an amusement park attraction.

Even in a dream, isn’t it great to be able to slip back in time? There is no other story material so appealing.

The girl moved to the living room with the pizza and started up a computer that she had left unintentionally.

(Is this all right for the title…)

She typed the letters without regard to the pizza that he was so persistent(adamant) about. Her sharp and swift hands are exactly like a novelist’s soles.

After typing for a while, the girl finally reached for the pizza and picked up a slice of it.

She opens her mouth wide and takes a bold bite. Like a lion devouring its prey(kill).

The delicious taste of cheese spread in her mouth and absorbed the sweet-and-sour tomato flavor. From the point of view of the hungry girl, it’s a perfect dish.

─── But her attention is not on that side.

She resumes typing while taking one bite after another of the pizza to her mouth.

And the girl immediately ate a piece of pizza and, at the same time, stopped typing and read out the “title” on the computer screen.

“Is there anyone other than me who would travel back in time just to eat ‘pizza’?”

—That’s the end—

Author’s Note

Thank you very much for reading so far!

If you give me your thoughts and comments, the author will cry and be happy (laughs)

Thank you very much.

This just made me hungry. This month I looked for a comedy and this was just ridiculous. Still, where did she get the timer in the first place?????? Paradox Found!!!! See you all next time!!!


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