Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 74

This chapter comes with a theme music…. for good reason!!

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Chapter 74 – Boisterous Merrymaking

Oh man, my minds gone totally giddy!

“Yeah, ah~, home ish tha way! There that’s it!”

But I’m feeling kind of aggravated, I wonder.

I feel like I can do anything now.

“Aah~…… Good Grief.”

“Oh, Bro! Whaaat~ you sitting on?”

“I can’t believe that took just one drink… Kakkaka, aren’t you young.”

Oh, time to get excited! Or, why is everyone so quiet!

“Hey, look! Aren’t you drinking, Bakatini!”

Man, then I guess I’ll have to dance!

“Oh, hahahaha, it’s like that kid is going to do it!”

“Boy~, you haven’t taken it all off yet, right~?”

“Oh yes, Big Sis should take the pants off~!”

What? Who will take off my clothes?

Only Sadiz could do that!

“Oof, wow… Sadiz…”

Yes, Sadiz finally undressed me… how old was I?

Oh, Little man, please do a banzai cheer.


You’ve made such a mess… come on, let’s go in. I’ll give it to you a thorough wash and scrub. Okay, Little man?


Oh~, really, Little man! What are you doing to my breasts?

“Sadiz’s Boobs… have they gotten bigger?”

…… Little man…… it’s too soon to be interested in this flesh, right? …… such, a, little, pervert.

“Huh? I, I’m a pervy, kid? That’s no good?”

Yes, I don’t like this pervy Little man… Ji ~yuru…… droll… not yet, not yet, let him be cool me… eating now is no good.

“You’re wrong! I, I’m not pervy! I’m not pervy!!” 1 

That’s right, I’m not pervy, so I was too shy to take a bath with Sadiz anymore. I’m an idiot!

“I’m an idiot! I’m not pervy!”

“””What suddenly happened?”””

Yes, I was pervy. So, I should have admitted it. Then take a bath with Sadiz some more!

Why didn’t I take a closer look at Sadiz’s body at that time?

“I’m gonna step my ass off! Hoh~~~…. Dance like a butterfly!”

“””This guy’s regrettable! …… But, that body is tight!!”””

Yes, I dance like a butterfly, and punch beyond like a bee!

“Kakkaka, good~, I haven’t seen anyone so wasted in a long time… Well, if you wanna charm me, I’ll go along with you as the ringleader.”

“Hmm? Nah, Bro! You gonna step up to me? My step, is the best in the world, taught by my reliable psycho master, Magical Footwork!”

『Nu!? …… ah, re, reliable…. best in the world…… h, hmph! Th-This drunk…… Tis not what I taught you… that said, su, such an impudent surprise attack.』

Yes, with the steps drawn from Tre’ainar’s Magical Footwork, I’ll acquire the world.

“Kakkaka…… Then I’ll show you…. my ‘Arcane True Zenith Capoeira’.”

『Nu!? Ca, Capoeira…!? Is that why…… as I thought, this one…… by any chance, the Arcane True…… Oi, child! Get your wits about! Things will soon get serious!』

Kapokapo? What the, heck…… is it good!?

“It’s here! Bro’s Capoeira! It’s like a mix of kick-fighting and dance!” 2 

“Cool~, Bro! Later, show us how!”

“Ora, you going down kid!”

“Come on, bring it on!”

Wow, that’s so cool, right? Amazing! He’s got his hands on the floor, his legs are up, his body is spinning, such skills!

“And then, from Capoeira…… Arcane True Zenith Swiveling!”

“”””It’s hereーーーーー!!!!!””””

“No wayーーーー!”

Awesome! When you think he’s standing upside down, he just collapsed and was spinning round and round on the floor with his back? 3 

『Nu…… this is…… Magical Break Dance…… keh….』

So cool!

Even cooler than what Tre’ainar taught me?

『…… Unh!? Oi, child…… drunk or not, you must be out of your mind, are you not? …… What I teach is much cooler! In the first place, break dancing was originally conceived as a way for me to….』

“You can? I’m pissed, really, pissed off, I am~. Gonna hate stinky trainas if he don show it?”

『…………… what are you saying…. ah~, tis inevitable. I shall show you the coolest steps! Once in the Demon Realm, my performance dubbed me the King of Pop!』 4 


『As a dexterous practitioner who has mastered every step, you should be capable!』

What? Did you dance to the trainer? Hmm, did you start walking?

『Like so, slide your legs backwards while making forward walking movements, then alternate your feet…』


『The Great Demon Back Slide! Tis also called the Moonwalk.』

“Aw, Awesome! After all, Trina is more cooller! Amazing!”

『Haha, right. Tis most stylish!』

Tre’ainar stuck out his chest, going, “Right”.

But it was really cool. Cool! I can win with this too!

“Hey, kid! You muttering to yourself against the wall, what’s up?”

“Have you accepted defeat?”

Not good. Well, I’m in the middle of learning now, Shoo!

『Come on, let us give these dimwits a show! It usually takes practice, but you can do it in a minute. You have a better sense of stepping and weight distribution than others.』


『First, place one foot on your toes and set your center of gravity on it. Quickly slide back the opposite foot…… In that case, do not raise the heel. And then repeat it…』

“Huh! Oh, Swish Swish Swish!”

Oh, I did it.

『Good, then, spin at high speed! And shout!』


Oh, ah, the world is spinniiiiiiing!

“Oh, ooooh, you, what was that? Hahaha, cool! It’s so cool.”

“Oh, ooooh, like there’s no gravity, what is that!”

“Weightless steps!” 5 

“Ku~, I’m getting turned on! The night is still young, but as a Busty Pole Dancer, I’ll charm you n-…. that? W-who? Somehow, all of the poles were broken before I noticed!?”

“As expected, that’s my honey! Beyond dreamy. What are you doing, making me fall for you even more? As I recall, it’s not a crime for a woman to be the violator…” 6 

A pleasant cheer. Ah, everyone’s looking at me. It’s getting hotter.

“Kakkaka…… see here, I’m done……. my hurt knee is already at its limit… it seems, that cool dance is your victory!”

“Hi! Banzai!”

He said what? He said he gave up! Tre’ainar and I win!

“Ah, B, Bro lost!”

“Damn, but don’t worry about losing the dance Bro!”

“I hear that, he’s the weakest dancer in the gang!”

However, even though Bro admitted defeat, the baguette heads came out again.

Are these guys going to challenge me?

“Let’s go, how about a Vulgar Dance!”


“Come on, let’s go!”

Aah, baguette heads undressed just like me.

Nude, plop, nude!

But I don’t care for male nudity!

“Kya! It’s that guy!”

“Oh man, it’s been a while since we’ve seen ‘that’!”

“Aah! It’s Yokatin!”

What the hell? Huh? The baguette head puts the bottle between their legs… umm, then I’m going to take my pants off too!

“Oh, aaah, you’ve got guts!”

“Kyaaah, he took it off too! I’m dooone, good job!”

“Kya-so~ cute~! Fufu, cover that…”

“Kakkakka… Oooh~…”

Bu!? Oi, child, what are you doing? Tis dangling about the bar!!』

“Cho, darling! Hah~ Hah~ Hah~ Hah~ Hah~ Hah~ Hah~! Me, be cool! Calm down, and burn it into your mind, imagine the shape, size, and even the size of the expansion! For the sake of the simulation!”

Of course, I’m not going to lose to these guys.

No way will I back down!

I also picked up a fallen empty bottle, and plop it between my legs and…

“”””Ha~ oh yeah~ Yokati~ tin~!!!!””””

That? Oh no, I put my son on display…. the only other time was with Sadiz and Tre’ainar.

But for the first time…

I’ve never had so much fun in my life….

“Hey, is Bro here~? What’s this~? A lot of excitement in the air today, huh? There’s still time before the ‘auction’ starts….”

“Oh, you’re here, too? By chance, we met an amusing chap today.”

“Not how he looks…”

“Ah. Runaway youngsters, right?”

That? What~? Some new guys came again. Fine, every last one of you, I’ll take you on!

“Hmm~… oh yeah, speaking of runaways, a merchant from the Imperial City was asking…”

“Eh? Imperial City?”

“Why, there’s an uproar in the Imperial City, the son of the hero ran away from home, right?”


“Well, the son of that hero, Hiro and the hero Mamu… the parents are doing some sort of search, but still can’t seem to find him, so it looks like hero Mamu will be here in person soon, right?”

“…… Hoh”

“They say that, perhaps, a son of the hero may be in this town, so if you find and protect him, you might get a reward, right?”


“That naked dancing kid…… I wonder. The son of a hero, I think, is not a brute that grew up to be such a coarse, ill-bred brat, but a clever, refined, well-dressed noble son.”

Nu? Is the new guy just sitting at the counter and chatting with Bro? Well, if you’re not going to fight, I’ll just dance!

“The son of the hero… Huh……… is that so…. I see…. I shouldn’t tell ‘Master’.”


“Unfortunately, I don’t know “the son of the hero”…. don’t know and haven’t seen him…. all I found was the new buddy, yeh.”

Come on, I’m still here!

 [S1]Okay! It was cute before but seriously, how old was he here? Sadiz was about to eat him up…

 [S2]Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. It is known for its acrobatic and complex maneuvers, often involving hands on the ground and inverted kicks

 [S3]Dayum! Bro is bringing it. Earth is about to get served!!!

 [S4]Say What Now?

 [S5]That’s right! Who’s Bad?

 [S6]Oi! Earth better keep an eye out! His chastity’s at risk around this one! Also gender doesn’t matter, R*PE is R*PE!!!

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  5. [S6]Oi! Earth better keep an eye out! His chastity’s at risk around this one! Also gender doesn’t matter, R*PE is R*PE!!!
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