Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 72

I swear, throughout the translation this theme was stuck in my head. Tekken 3 Arcade Players will get it…. I hope.

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Chapter 72 – Feet

So-so…… quite…… no, that’s not the case.

When the fight began, the atmosphere gave the impression that he is not an ordinary guy.

This is not an opponent that could be compared to petty small fries.

First of all, let’s wait and see while putting in some practice with the fist.

“【Great Demon Flicker!】”

My left with a snap like a whip.

It’s impossible to tell at first sight.

“Ate, te, itete…… o, ~ooh.”

Sure enough, my left hit Bro on the cheek with a few shots.

It hit normally.

“What, eh? Hey, what’s with those punches just now!?”

“Too fast, how many blows have you struck…”

“Even Bro can’t avoid it either!”

A roar rose from the surroundings. Apparently, my left is unexpected to them.

But what about Bro in front of me?

“Oh, that’s amazing”

Even though he was getting hit, he had plenty of composure.

Then, guess I’ll give him a little more.

“If it suits you, I’ll give you extra! Soーーーraaa!”

“O~tsu!? Ate, o, oto to to.”

A series of Great Demon Flicker shots.

I got up close, and with my left within range, rained on Bro’s face many times.

“Oh, B-Bro!?”

“Hey, Bro! What are you doing?”

I’ve been hitting Bro’s face with my lefts repeatedly, and I could feel it on my fist…

“Good grief… you’re being modest…. Seiya!”


The next moment, a shock struck the thigh of my left leg.

The pain is as if a lightning bolt struck with a blunt instrument.

It hurt when Bro, who was being beaten so hard, hit my thigh with a kick of his right leg.

“Nu…… Low kick…”

L-Low, kick? No, but, what is this pain? Numb, the steps…

“Keep a distance with left-handed punches then target your opponent with the right-handed cannon…. an orthodox style, but much too stale, brother.”

“Wh, at? ……eh?”

Then something cast a shadow over my head.

“A fight has to be flashy, right?”

It was Bro’s right leg, which kicked my left thigh, then raised the leg above my head in a wide open stance.

That stance, which required a very limber body to be done, is like the open-mouthed jaw of a beast.

『…… tis an Axe Kick!? Back away, child!』

“No, ah, my leg… uaah!”

The moment Tre’ainar shouted, the heel of Bro’s foot, which he raised overhead, dropped down over my head.

I immediately tried to back away, but a dull pain on my left leg caused a brief delay in my reaction, and as a result, Bro’s heel hit the tip of my nose….

“Gotta…… buh, bo!? Oh, ah…”

Blood erupted from my nose.

“Tsu…… nosebleed…… this guy… got me―――”

Nosebleed. Moreover, it dripped vigorously to the ground from both nostrils.

『Do not be idle, child!』

“Heh? tsu!?”

The moment I was distracted by my nosebleeds and clicked my tongue, Tre’ainar’s voice.

When I suddenly looked up, Bro was nowhere to be seen…. eh? Where?


Above? The moment I looked up, Bro jumped high above, rotated in the air and put on that momentum…….

“Don’t be dazed in the middle of a fight!”


『Tch, too late! Fall down on your buttocks immediately, child!』

Without Tre’ainar’s instructions, I’d definitely have received Bro’s heel down on my head or face.

As I sat on my butt and evaded Bro’s kick, or rather let it pass over my head, the sound of a wind noise, as if a sword was vigorously swung, was heard.

“Oh…… avoided. You’re good, brother.”

“Nya, no, no! 」

『…… a spinning kick around the body rotation…… this man……』

He’s using some weird footwork. But, he can’t keep it up forever!

The pain in my left leg is still there, but it’s nothing compared to Aka’s punch!

“Damn! What a mushy practice!”

“Kakka…… the boiling point is low… but I don’t hate it.”

“【Great Demon Overhand!】”

I stopped chiming in with my left.

Turned the right full swing……

“【Arcane True Zenith Rolling Sobat!】”


At that moment, Bro flew on one leg, and hit a strong kick to my overhand while spinning.

『…… a back flip to a roundhouse kick…… no….. this is…… Sobat?』

My right fist, made a strange sound…. no, I, can’t lose!


『Tis no use…… a kick is three times as powerful as a fist… to break it…… spare nothing! Use it!』

That’s right, I can’t lose here?

Well, I went toe to toe with Mr. Aka.

Even so, if I get tossed around here, I’ll have to apologize to Mr. Aka.

For Mr. Aka’s sake, who left my side to protect me from my own weakness…

“As if I could lose in a place like this.”

“Eh!? Ah, this light…… this technique……”

“Let’s flyyyyyy! Breakthrough!!”

In a simple wait and see, I immediately got tossed around and almost overpowered here.

My assessment was unreliable.

To think there was such a crazy hooligan in a place like this, but this guy…… Bro is strong.

The other day I battled against those ninja warriors…… perhaps, they were at the level of Advanced Imperial Warriors……

And I still can’t see the bottom of his strength.

That’s why this was the right choice.

Push through with the Breakthrough.

In this state, a little numbness in my legs is not a problem!

“【Great Demon Goose Step!】”

After disrupting the opponent’s timing by stepping from deceleration to sudden acceleration and jumping into his reach in an instant……

“【Great Demon Smash!】”

A left smash. I swung off with enough power to blow the opponent’s neck off. But……

“Kakka…… I was shocked… amazing, brother.”


Did he see through it? Did I make too big of a swing? Bro avoided my fist by slightly shifting his upper body to the back.

Instead, my fist shattered the cigarette that Bro was holding in his mouth.

But that’s not the end.

“【Great Demon Overhand!】”

The full swing in pursuit of his face again……

“【Arcane True Zenith Zinga Step!】”

“…… Huh?”

The moment I thought about it, did Bro drop his hips and avoid my full swing with a unique step that swayed side to side while defending his face?

No, it’s different.

“He didn’t avoid it… I couldn’t perceive it?”

『…… Zinga!? This man… why that step? Certainly not…』

“Who is this guy really? A man like this, unknown to the Empire…… Why?”

It was something I’ve never seen before either, having learned a lot of steps in ladder training.

Involuntarily, Bro went outside the range of my fist at that chance.

But he’s not moving fast enough. I was a little taken aback, but I shouldn’t be confused with my speed, my visual acuity, and my peripheral vision…

“But let’s go! 【Great Demon Corkscrew Blow!】”

In an instant, I jumped in front of Bro, and this time to his face, I threw a full-blooded right…

“【Arcane True Zenith Cross Counter Kick】”


At that moment, the sole of Bro’s foot was on my face like a cross with my straight fist…. ah, a cross counter with the feet!?

No, it’s dangerous! Or, not good! I can’t stop for a second! Dodge……

『Jump in!』

At that moment, Tre’ainar’s words ran through my mind.

And, at the same time, a recollection of Mr. Aka…… ah!

“Tch, oh…… 【Great Demon Headbutt!】”


Feet and fists cross, and I took Bro’s kick with my forehead.

And at the same time, something broke, something cracked, and a dull sound was heard.

“Ka, gah…… Guh……”

Cracked. Head. There was definitely blood gushing out…… but, it was nothing… compared to Mr. Aka’s punch……

“What the heck! Ora!”

I’ve endured it. I forced back the consciousness I was about to lose, and I barked to fire myself up.

Well actually……

“What… What in the world?”

“What… these two…… wow, in just a few seconds.”

“I held my breath as I watched… I forgot to breathe.”

“Ah, I don’t get what’s going on at all…”

It’s only been a few seconds since Bro and I clashed, leaving the crowd behind.

“Ha~, ha~…. tch. Even so, it’s trickier than opponents who wield swords and magic.”

I don’t think I’ll be able to give chase right away. A slight interval. In order not to waste the breakthrough, I release it and stare at Bro.

Then, Bro was standing on one leg with a little bitter smile.

“I’m…… surprised…… now…… got my knee …. I didn’t think you’d jump into my counter…”

Apparently, Bro didn’t make it out unscathed now either. He’s smiling, but I can see that he’s sweating a little.

I hurt the knee of the guy who uses foot techniques.

“You’re the one using strange moves. In general, you said this was a delinquent fight, and then had the nerve to throw your feet around. Normally we should exchange blows with our fists, right?”

As I adjusted my breathing, I sarcastically told him.

Then, Bro shrugged both shoulders and replied.

“Normally. But, what do you think, brother? We’ve been standing on both feet since we were young and made our way through life. When we are in trouble, when we are in pain, when we hit rock bottom, and when we crawl down to the ground …. our feet always stand us back up and move us forward, yeh.”

“…… So?”

“In other words, those feet have supported, endured, and worked together with you more than anything else. Therefore, people spend their lives on their feet. Do you think that hitting with your feet is the same as striking with your life and thoughts?”

Moreover, he came up with some very messy theory and logic, and said it with confidence.

“Hmm…… I just said ‘Normally’, I’m not saying hitting each other with fists is the most necessary thing in a fight… that’s why, I can’t even say it’s feet either.”


Yes, it’s not the fist. It’s not even the feet.

What’s most necessary in a fight.

I learned that the hard way.

Isn’t that right? Tre’ainar.

『Of course.』

Yes, I, through action, came to know….

“After all…… what’s most important in a fight is…… heart!”

So, I blurted it out with confidence.

“Come, let’s go on! I’ll throw myself out and hit you with my heart without fear!!”

I beat my chest forcefully, raised both fists, and repositioned my fighting pose.

And then……

“Pu, kuku…… Kakka…… Kakkakkaka!!”

Bro, on the spot, sat his butt on the ground and laughed heartily as if he had expected things to go this way.

It wasn’t a laugh to ridicule me…. It was somewhat happy……

“I say. You got me there…… that’s right, me of all people, what I took as the origin of the fight was so far off. That’s good, brother. Amazing.”


“A bleeding nose, forehead split open, and face dyed bright red, but your eyes got the same glare. Those eyes… they kind of remind me of the days when I was a bit green, yeh.”

And while laughing, Bro looked at me with a warm gaze, squinting as if nostalgic of the old days somewhere.

“Hah~, somehow, I’m completely not in that mood… Ah, brother…. you have two new choices.”


“For the time being, I can still fight too, so will we continue on as is… Or, the money Date took…… I can’t give it back, but I’ll treat you to as much, yeh.”

“…eh, ah? Err?”

When I realized that the atmosphere of the scene was no longer fit for a fight, Bro gave his suggestion.

Not only me but the proposal also surprised Bro’s friends and merchants.

“No, eh…… Why!?”

“Damn cheeky rebellious brat… I don’t hate it. I was one… we all were… so, I kinda missed that feeling.”

And, while presenting my options, somehow the person himself already lost the will to fight, Bro stood up, hopping on one foot and approached me, and acted really familiar with his arm on my shoulders.

“Yeah, ah, get off! That’s why I…”

“Hey, come on. First, I’ll treat you to a drink.”

“No, that’s, listen! I’m still not old enough to drink!”

“Really? Then we might have you ascend the stairs a little early, yeh.”

And Bro, hopping on one leg, dragged me along.

All of a sudden I tried to resist, but for some reason I couldn’t shake it off, so I was taken along.

That’s how I met him, the smoke-stained obscure delinquent, who was unknown to the world, Bro… no… no… it was my encounter with Anek.

Author’s Note

The summer vacation is a little early, and I’m writing part 3 freely, but recently I forgot that this novel is “a fantasy about magic” w Especially recently I’ve been reading old delinquent comics.

By the way, my favorite delinquent manga ranking is 1st place: Cuf ●s, 2nd place: Roku ● Nonebu ● Su, 3rd place: B ● Y, 4th place: Shonan Jun ● ● , 5th place: Samra ● Sol ● ya. It’s like this, right?

By the way, when I noticed, there were 2300 impressions. Thank you very much for your feedback. I noticed something strange, saying, “23=Ni-san.” Well, that’s why I took the plunge and made it such a blatant development.

Also, I’m sorry that I can’t reply to comments, but I’ve learned everything, it’s helpful, and I think about whether I should wear clothes. Thank you in the future.

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  1. Man that name hit too close to my other name, Avinek. Anyway what a good mano-o-mano fight! Too bad it doesn’t last long but hey, you got a friendly delinquent buddy in exchange.

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  2. When will our protagonist change clothes? I don’t like that student look, mainly because they’re after him, he must buy clothes.


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  5. Tekken 3… Oh man, have I spent tons of hours on that game. Best Tekken game I have played, full of nostalgia. This reminds me of the song Face Fisted by Deathklok.

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