Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 – Vigilance

It took a while, but I finally reached the foot of the mountain.

It’s within Imperial territory, but the town spread out in my field of view is a new land that I’ve never been to before.

It’s the commercial town, Cantidan.

There are no tall buildings like the Imperial City, but there are tents on the left and right of the city streets, many stalls with sheets spread out on the floor and products lined up, and many people flocked into the town.

“Come on, come on! Today’s goods are here! Here I have a Hermes Bag as worn by the upper class ladies of the Imperial City! This bag, which usually goes for a million Madka, is a super bargain cause I got it straight from the maker! How about half price at 500,000 Madka!”

“Dad Dad, it’s a real Teelex pocket watch! A real one!”

“That’s the price? Stop playing! You can’t fool my eyes, can you?”

“Hey, you. Why don’t you just listen to me? I have a good deal, but I’ll only tell you.”

“When does the slave auction start?”

“This here comes from a certain leaf…. If you light it up and smoke it, it’ll guide you to the world of fascination, right?”

The liveliness is different from that of Honeyborough, where they had a Go tournament.

Both sellers and buyers are serious and have a unique enthusiasm.

On the street, there aren’t many housewives with children out to buy dinner, as in the Imperial City, or young students like me.

However, it was still crowded with a lot of people, and the city was overflowing.

“In-Incredible… It’s even more crowded than the commercial district of the Imperial Capital….”

『Huh~…. too much, do not look so restless, will you? An unaccustomed young man like you comes across as easy prey, do you not?』

Ah, that’s right.

From here on out, I had to be careful.

“Oh, I know. However, if you are wary from the beginning, you’ll be deceived. I’ll feed my eyes and look at a lot of things.”

『Of course. And if possible, tis better to raise as much military funds as possible. Even lacking an ID card, there are numerous ways to traverse the world so long as you have money.』

What Tre’ainar told me before I got here.

Authenticity. To develop the ability to identify not only things but also people.

And to prepare for future trips, I would like to secure some money if possible.

With that in mind, I finally stepped foot into “Cantidan”.

“You there, young man! Will you listen to me for a moment?”

Oh, I was spoken to right away.

The old man was standing at the entrance of the city. He was neatly dressed, yet he was trying to talk to a stranger? It’s suspicious.

“Oh, I’m sorry to call out all of a sudden. I’m thinking of opening a new store in this town, Mansion Gates. But it’s kind of hard to open a shop by yourself…. I’d like to borrow a young man’s hand, but if you’re interested, could you help me? I’ll pay you well, and if the store thrives, I’ll pay even more, okay?”

I see. Hinting at money to a young man…. It’s too suspicious. In general, I do not think that a shop opened by an old man on his own will prosper.

“No thanks, I think you’ll have to find someone else.”

“Oh, yes, that’s right… That’s too bad…… it’ll definitely thrive, but…”

The old man became gloomy when I refused. He doesn’t seem to be trying to pester me.

『Oi, you could at least ask what sort of products they handle, could you not?』

“Eh…? Is that right?”

『Ah. I told you to identify people, but…… I never said you should make a quick decision.』


When I turned down the old man, Trainer whispered advice in my ear.

But as soon as Tre’ainar told me not to be fooled, all the people in this town looked suspicious.

“Hey there, friend! Are you short of money? I’m Mago! Mago Masgy. If you’re troubled, why not help me out?”

“Wait a minute! Sir, aren’t you interested in apples? Why don’t we change the world together with my apples? Name’s Steve Works.”

“Are you interested in our products? I’ll make it cheaper now, right? We, the Lamp brothers made a tool that can fly through the sky without using magic–“

I’ve only walked a few steps into the city, but I’ve been called at by various people.

What’s this talk about helping with your work, asking to buy your products, or flying through the sky without magic?

“…… I don’t know how to put it…. it’s lively, but it’s a shady town…”

『Is that so? It seems to have people with very passionate eyes in the mix as well…』


I was getting tired and sighing…. It was then.



Someone bumped into me from behind… a soft elasticity hit me……

“No, I’m sorry…”

“No, no….. eh?!”

Two watermelons!? Skirt Short!?

“I beg your pardon, sir. This Sis was just walking around in a daze with this vase and….”

“N-No, it’s, no, thing…”

Ridiculous. What is this overwhelmingly short dress!? What’s with the chest that’s likely to explode!?

She had bright red lipstick, and a sexy mole near the mouth, and she’s so beautiful and her killer body bumping into me, holding her hips and I can see….

“Well, this vase… ‘Sis’?”


Regrettable, regrettable. Before she notices my gaze…… somewhat, it’s a completely ordinary vase.

“I’m sorry, you had to pick it up for me… well, I wonder if big sis could treat you to a cup of coffee to apologize?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Come now, kids shouldn’t be so modest… have a chat with big sister for a little while, okay?”

My arm is snugly within the valley….

“What’s your name?”

“Oh, is Earth… it is.”

“Oh. I’m Date. I’m called Date Shoho. Nice to meet you ♪”

This is suspicious!? Yes, it’s suspicious! I have to listen to a lot of things, right? I mean, if I don’t take a better look……

“Ta-Talk about to me… no, ah~, um, is elder sister in town for shopping?”

“No, I’m here to sell. This vase.”

She was trying to sell the vase, but her expression suddenly turned desperate….

“This is…… a lucky vase… a vase that brings good luck to those who have it, right?”

“Re, really…”

“It’s just, because of some circumstances, and I’m selling this… to get medicine for my sick dad…”


Wh-What? As I thought of her flashy outfit, what’s with the dire situation?

“If it could sell for tens of thousands… but it didn’t work out.”

Saying that, the older sister who puts out her tongue with a little tear in her eyes… What a pity!

I currently have around 80,000….

『The vase is rubbish…… its value is dirt cheap at best…… to begin with, if it truly brought good fortune, her father would be safe, and her luck would enable a sale from the onset, would it not?』


At that time, Tre’ainar made a cold-blooded and outrageous remark. Tre’ainar…… have you no heart! No, he’s the Great Demon King!

『Oi, do not be fooled. The people of this town are very discerning. Tis why they do not go to street vendors or pawn shops, but to an amateur such as yourself….』

Uh… sure… But… But…

“Hey, Mr. Earth…… you know…… I’d like to… if you help a sister out…… as a thank you…… right?”

Oh, damn, this elder sister glanced at me… Somehow, even more of the chest is exposed…… no, but……

“Hey, if you don’t mind, about 50,000…”

“Thank you very much! Earth, this kind sis just remembered an errand, so I’m going home bye-bye.”

Because all her assets were tight against me, the moment I brought out as much money as I could manage, the elder sister smiled quickly took the money from my hand and ran from there, flinging the good luck vase as she ran away. 1 

“She, she’s gone… wi, with just thanks? Wasn’t she going to do something for me….


“…… Huh…… We-well, considering this helped save someone too…”

Well, it’s not like I was asking for something in return.

In the first place, the money I had was like small change anyway.

If I, who had the money, could help someone suffering from an illness…

“Hey…… That young guy was done in right away.”

“Ah. Date’s guy, he had just come to town, a virgin-smelling kid who seemed unfamiliar with women was deceived again.”

“How many suckers that become Date’s victims does this make?”

…… To help others…?

『Oi…… 』

“Ma…… Master…… Oh, I… I was on my guard, but…… That money…… Master…”

『Hah~…… Do not look so pathetic….』

“I…… I’m gonna catch that bitch!”

I was told to be careful.

In the first place, that was money that Tre’ainar got, but I…

『Hah~…… for the time being, we could chase that woman down right away and retrieve the funds… or otherwise hunt a bargain… No, unless there is some business with her you would like to attend to.』

“Ah? What does that mean…”

Rather than getting angry, Tre’ainar, who seemed astounded, suggested something to me.

That is……

“Hey, there’s trouble! Someone assaulted Date on the other side of the street!?”

“Somehow, she’s stuck in a net, like some kind of trap?”

“Hey, a young girl suddenly showed up… a pretty sexy girl, no boobs though, right!?”

“Guh, why are you attacking us? That tiny~ yubuhheagu!?”

“What the hell? Uoaaaah, so, so merciless. Why are you doing this? And that woman…… Hey, Date can’t move at all and you’re actually stripping her bare!”

“That girl, chattering!? Huh? What are you saying? Big-breasted monsters must perish? They deserve certain death for deceiving honey?” 2 

There seemed to be some fuss across the street at the time, but I was oblivious to it as I listened to Tre’ainar.

 [S1]SMH!! I’m literally Shaking My Head at this point…

 [S2]Wonder what that’s about! Ah! Probably nothing important…

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  1. Mc You… You kidding right? That… You don’t even deserve to be mad about it. I don’t even think that has to do anything with lack of experience with woman… I… at least I don’t think so but…

    I also doubt going alone with no conections to this kind of markets is a good idea. I’m from Mexico city and in those kind of markets the enviroment is closed so in the best of the best scenarios you would get what you want for a lower price but mostly you will end up with a product you don’t need and if you try to protest you might get out of there empty handed in the best scenario.

    I think any experience you get from just going there to walk around is not worth it. I say is a bad call from trainer.

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  2. Wow…dude is thinking so fiercely about a. Girl who’s no matter how you see it she’s in love with him…and he just fucking gave his all money for a fucking vase to a fucking bitch like it was nothing..and without even thinking… Just blow up already you fucker mc

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    1. direct that hate towards the author, brother. this is some appaling writing. like there’s dumb, then there’s “make your mc a complete dunce” for some cheap comedy

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  3. Why must they make it – “better prepare for every single girl that the main character talks to to become a love interest” + “teenage horny mc is horny but look how pure he is he gets tricked because her boobs are so big” harem


  4. Yeah I feel that the author did a poor job this time. They made Earth a bit too “gullible from clam meat” as it were. He already met a couple girls who were “bad/scary presents in pretty packages” so he really shouldn’t fall for the oldest trick in the book that simply. I get that they wanted to have him get scammed but, I feel like they keep dragging their own character into the “unrealistically dumb” situation as a default.

    They literally ignore the fact that he is suppose to have grown a bit as a person when it comes to Mr. Aka and just make him derp it again. It’s like they get stuck and go back to the same cycle of “MC acts naive/foolish. Learns a lesson. Becomes a better person.” because they don’t know how to go further.

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  5. El autor realmente forzó la entrada de la FL de esta manera? Tantas opciones y decides dejar una donde tu MC queda como un estúpido.

    De todo lo que lleva la novela esta parte me hizo querer golpear al autor.


  6. Steve Works, that sells apples xD
    Seriously though, this… I don’t know, how could he be so insanely stupid? That was the only money he had. Aaaah, author, you fucked up this time


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