Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Dullness

You must take responsibility and respond to her questions.

Above all, she gave me alms when I was in a pinch with hunger and thirst.

I didn’t have any grudges against Shinobu, and I didn’t dislike her, so I decided to answer my exchange diary.

  • What about your family?

►My father and mother, and a maid who was just like my family

  • What is your educational background?

► Imperial Warrior Academy dropout?

  • What is your favorite subject?

►I don’t have any favorite subjects, but I don’t have any subjects that I dislike.

  • What are your dreams for the future?

► Become a big man

  • What is your hobby?

► Recently, Image Training

  • What food do you like and dislike?

►My favorite food is Omelet Rice. The food I dislike is green peppers and broccoli.

  • What type of woman do you like?

► She’s normally cold and easy going, but is really affectionate

  • At what age did you have your first love?

►4 years old

  • How much experience do you have with women?

► Shopping in town

  • Where would you go on a date?

►I want to eat a homemade lunch in the park.

  • Would there be hand holding on the first date?

► From the 2nd

  • What is your favorite underwear color?


  • Which do you prefer, exposed bra or loincloth undies?

► Bra and panties. What’s a loincloth?

  • How many dates till the kiss?


  • Have you ever asked to hold hands or kiss a woman?

► Holding hands is possible. The kiss is-

Then, my hand gradually stopped.

Yes, when I looked at each question, they started out bland but got more and more embarrassing.

“This, I guess I can’t just suddenly answer this! Or rather, don’t ask a man his favorite underwear color!”

『…… noticed it sooner…… also, the loincloth is underwear peculiar to Japone, tis wrapped like a belt around the waist and crotch…. and, more importantly, you went shopping with a woman in town, did you?』

“That’s about it! Well, with Sadiz…… I tagged along while shopping for dinner.”

『…… I wonder if it counts…… Also? Did you not simply do the shopping?』

“Well, that’s… that…… I got candy from a street stall…”

『No, wait. How old were you at the time?』

Somehow, Tre’ainar had a dumbfounded look.

Damn, even I could have gone on at least one date if it was true…  but since I joined the Academy, Sadiz’s malicious streak increased, and at the Academy, she got in the way….

『Incidentally, not just the maid, what about at the Academy?』

“Due to one thing after another… nothing….”

『Is that so? For example, after lectures…… to walk home from school with a girl.』

“I didn’t! At the Academy, I had to deal with the princess’s whims and accompany her, and all around my classmates would giggle….”


Yes, there’s a reason I spent so lonely a youth that Tre’ainar was amazed with me.

It’s all due to the princess.

“It was awful, okay? A few years ago, I was popular with the academy girls who make sweets and have boys eat them, and the princess got on it. But the princess is actually a terrible cook, but because she was practicing, she kept forcing me to eat really bad stuff as an experiment, and before I knew it, I was too occupied being her test subject, so the girls were giving other boys sweets to eat…. After that, boys’ and girls’ groups seemed to get along, I tried to join in but I was the only one out of the loop…. That’s not all! One day, she said that there was no carriage to pick her up after school, and even though the palace was in the opposite direction from our mansion, I was forced to escort her to the palace…. Oh yes, there was dust on the princess’s shoulder, and the moment I reached out to brush it off, the princess raised a weird voice, got angry with her face red and hit me, getting me laughed at by the girls in my class…. when I beat a boy in the class, Gellipy, in a mock battle, the girls were giggling for a moment, she had the nerve to give a thorough, long winded explanation to the girls and my reputation fell… No, I was in kindergarten before entering the Academy… what?” 1 

And, as I was ranting my grudge against the princess, Tre’ainar gradually passed amazement, and began to show a little irritation.


“Hey, what’s wrong, Tre’ainar…… that face……”

『You… so not only the eyes to judge people…. it seems you need to study on people’s feelings as well.』


Why? You realize the misfortune I’ve had because of the princess.

As I got into my senior year, there were couples in my class who were going out, some guys have gone on dates, and occasionally spent long vacations… that…… those guys get to graduate…

『Goodness me, not only the eye for people, but also the ability to understand people’s hearts…. a moment ago, I was slightly pleased to hear that you trust me from the bottom of your heart…… you said you trusted me, but I see no value in being told so by someone so dull-headed.』

“Th, that’s too much!”

『In any case, you should learn not only the authenticity of what is visible, but also the subtleties of human emotions. Or rather, tis essential for people to live in reality. Anyone who does not understand the feelings of others, even if you trust them, they will not open their heart to you, and no one will be able to put their faith in you. Tis no exaggeration to say that Aka was simply an exception.』

And, I was told by the Demon King, who once tried to destroy the human race, to understand human feelings more.

Weird. I’m not that dull. 2 

In the past, when I was trying to peep at the Holy land under Sadiz’s skirt as she was ascending and descending the stairs, I tried to discern Sadiz’s expression, gaze, and every move. …… Well, the contents I peeped at were shorts instead of panties, and even the shorts read [You Missed ♡], I had an indescribable feeling.

『Listen in earnest. Were you to understand people’s hearts a little more…… perhaps Aka wouldn’t have left silently.』


『You do not need to completely read the depths of people’s hearts, but if you considered it with a little more interest… you may have understood.』

The moment I was told that, my heart clenched.

That’s right.

“…… it seems…… I’m…… yeah…… I….. was dumb…… I still… really was…”

『Tis so. Otherwise, even if you are fortunate to find people the likes of Aka and the Shinobi girl, who feel great affection for you, unless you notice, there will be no one beside you, will there not?』

That night, when Mr. Aka said, ‘Let’s talk slowly tomorrow’, if I could better read his true intentions… I may not have let Mr. Aka leave on his own….

『A person’s heart is not so easy to understand by simply getting along with them. To have done inexcusable things…. to hurt someone with a casual word…. to violently bumped into each other…… and….. to commit an irreparable act to a person… unless you do such, you might never understand.』

“Bumping into each other… Irreparable…”

Everything he said, it sunk into the body.

I felt like I somehow got that there were things that I would not understand unless I bumped into them.

『In that respect, the next city to visit… Cantidan may be suitable for you. Those who try to deceive others…… those who are honest and tell the truth…… tis full of many things. Simply by walking around the town, you will be spoken to by a variety of merchants.』

“That sounds…… scary…”

『Well, I believe tis also an experience. No matter how hard the fight or battle may be, the world cannot easily be crossed. You should learn to appreciate that in your own way.』


I felt Tre’ainar had a point, so I nodded in agreement… that said, it’s the reality, I have to see people better, then understand their hearts and accept them. Well, not only Mr. Aka, but also Tre’ainar is an exception……

“Okay, I’ve answered the exchange diary, as much as I can for now… Let’s see. I suppose I’ll leave it here. And… 「Rice balls and fried egg, it was so delicious, thank you」… And that’s good.”

I keep only the exchange diary and the letter and put them where the rice ball was dropped.

“Well…… in which case, let’s go straight to Cantidan.”

And a few hours later, I finally arrived at the foot of the mountain and set foot in the town of Cantidan. Immediately……

Author’s Note

I’ve updated it, but…… Actually, I’m not in Japan yet. It’s just that I’m alive. I’m doing it energetically and happily. I didn’t wear any clothes, so my whole body turned black.

 [S1]So, MC can rant too. I’m still waiting to have all this thrown at her face.


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31 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 3/Chapter 68

    1. Or any of the other things he mentioned;
      Ruining his reputation, giving him sermons about “Being the son of the Hero, ‘Hiro'”, not even trying to help him improve his swordsmanship.

      We haven’t found 1 place where she genuinely showed her love OPENLY for him. It’s always been wishy-washy, and then followed by the things mentioned above. Sure, she’s been acting shy, but that doesn’t mean he would be able to understand from JUST that. Not with how his image of her has turned out, atleast

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      1. She didn’t ruin his reputation… he just thinks she did… the girls just stayed away from him cause it was obvious to everyone that she was in love with him. And nobody wanted to compete with a sexy big boobed princess…

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    2. Except “punching” is a common slapstick joke in anime/manga that’s not meant to be taken seriously… it’s the tsundere exaggeration. Keep that in mind.

      You are judging the punches as real punches rather than the comic punches they are meant to be.

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      1. For a person who have a non-weeb mindset, that is simply strange. Yes, the punching part is kinda normal depending on how much power she used. But telling other girls that MC’s a straight-up pervert, just because she felt possesive? That’s just creepy.

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      2. She told the other girls he wasnt good, he was a perv, he was a failure, to stay away from him and do better.
        That isnt ruining his reputation? I wonder what is then.

        But what gives away she likes him is how she tries to distance him from every other girl and how she reacts towards Sadiz. Everything else she could had pass as an a$$hole for sure.

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    3. exacto yo me alejaría lo mas rápido posible, total queda claro que no le caigo bien y mejor ni me junto


    4. If you said some girl like you cuz she punch you, insult you, trashing you…
      Then you must have that M fetish my bro
      Get some psychiatrist

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  1. Aside Earth’s realization that he was dumb and he needed to fix that, this is quite a good character development.

    Also, the author note is literally creeping me out. Why is he naked?

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  2. Say whatever you want, but him thinking that princess is bullying him is quite reasonable. I would think so too when she hits you when you try to help her. Insults you behind your back to other classmates. Or when I would need support, she would tell me I am disappointment (like happened in first chapter)…Honestly I would hate person like that, not even realizing that she would have some feelings for me.

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    1. si te entiendo, es lo mas razonable, que persona razonable se pondría pensar esto: “o me acaba de dar un golpe en toda la cara… creo que le gusto”

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  3. Either way the tsundere that is not honest in words but it is honest in actions may have a pass. But the tsundere that mess with you every time she can… to the fuck with her.

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  5. i know the author really wants the princess to be a important part of the story but i just can’t think of her as anything but an obstacle to the MC happy life her character when compared to the other characters just seems unlikeable

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  7. As some other people have commented in other chapters, people liking tsunderes are M, or mentally ill, why would you like someone that gives out domestic violence before even becoming a couple?

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  8. Oh yea so the mc’s denseness made me remember what a upperclassman friend once told me about himself it was when was in sophomore year there was a girl who would sit next to him in class and they would talk about random things and one day she wrote on his hand just like a wholesome thing but my friend was dense af and washed it during lunch and usually those pens don’t go away after a while even if you take a shower there are remnants and to make things worse she was in his class after lunch and she was sad when she saw that he washed his hands to get rid of it. She still hasn’t talked to him till this day. RIP Latom 😭


    1. More than being dense, he has no experience in social and interpersonal areas. His absent parents, his so-called (playmates) friends who openly belittled him, the princess who was not kind to him and who defamed him for being too possessive. Even Sadiz while she is the one who really showed open affection for him as she acted only with innuendo and played with him a little did not help his interpersonal skills.
      Let’s be honest Tre’anar ;Aka and Shinobu are his first stable relationships.


  9. Everyone has to remember that when the princess was “insulting” him. She is always doing it in “high speed double talk” mode. She would say something like “i know he can look cool but” and go into psuedo bashing his character traits. If he didn’t have low self-esteem from everyone else shit talking or if he had been more observant towards the warm gazes everyone was giving the princess as she starts spouting off “word salad” tirades he would have realized that she had affection for him.

    She wasn’t particularly *good* at hiding her affection for him it’s just his own self esteem issues made him blind to the truth. The only thing I don’t get is how the “physical violence” aspect ever became a “character trait” of the tsundere I mean I obviously blame Naru Narusegawa from “Love Hina” for indoctrinating that trait into all tsunderes .but they really didn’t *have* to follow the “abusive female lead” trope for those type of girls.

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  10. He’s not really that dense. From an outside perspective it’s easy to see the princess has feelings for him, but from the perspective of the kid whose being constantly denigrated by a girl who refuses to listen to his words and unceasingly pokes at his deep-set insecurities? Not so easy to take that step back and look at the big picture.


  11. White underwear? Black. And please just tell him that the idiot princess was into him all along, that might make him understand something


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