Serra – Intermission 2

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“Thanks for the hard work, everyone.”

Said Sakura with a listless voice.

All the Undying are gathered in the Commander’s room where Elena once sat.

Rachel Seaton, Elena’s caretaker, was tied up with a rope and laid on the floor.

“Mmm! Mmm!?”

“Yes? I don’t know what you’re saying because your mouth is blocked.”

While holding on to herself, Sakura mocks her.

Then, the girl in a Kimono, ‘The Vampire’ Kirino, came a step closer to Sakura, and timidly opened her mouth.

“Ah, um… you said everyone, right? I don’t see Meena and Alice, but…”

“Oh, those two. Alice broke her word so she’s out. Meena’s dead.”

“Is that so… That’s too bad…. Eh?”

Kirino, who was convinced by Sakura’s words, opened her eyes.

“What do you mean dead?” She was also immortal!?”

“Oh, what’s with the unexpected reaction. Were you into Meena by any chance, Kirino?”

“No, That’s not it! I’m serious!”

“Ahaha, Sorry, sorry ✩ I’m blushing here ♡.”

Fufufu, and Sakura laughed and joked around.

“Little Meena broke through the critical point. She couldn’t handle it, so she died.”

“Breaking through the ‘critical point’…!? Did Celestia push it that far!?”

“It was amazing ✩”

“That’s how it is… Even though she was crazier than the rest of us, she’s still a young child.”

Meena died.

Kirino could not accept the fact, and got angry.

…… Although she usually tends to look down on people, ironically, she was more human than anyone else here, and gets angry for the sake of her companions.

Therefore, Sakura, who was watching, said nothing, but whispered happily in her heart.

(…… I wonder if Miss Kirino is also a ‘dud’)

“What are you going to do now?”

Hazel quietly looked at Sakura and asked.

After receiving the question, Sakura, spread her hands in an exaggerated manner, and answered.

“Well, it doesn’t matter that Meena died. What’s unfortunate is that Serra ‘killed her’.”


Serra, who claimed she would kill the Undying, has finally accomplished it.

She solved the difficult problem that had previously been considered impossible. There is no doubt that she will have absolute confidence and will kill them without mercy.

“In this battle, Serra came close to the ‘critical point’. Well, it’s also unavoidable in order to achieve Sakura’s goal. From here on, please do your best to cooperate.”


With a grin, making a vicious smile, Sakura declared in high spirits.

“Huh. From now on, it’s about fights to the death between Undying. You’ll approach the critical point. Fight with the intention of killing Serra, who will kill you with all her might.”

Then, Sakura looked back and stared at Rachel.

Rachel’s body trembled, having sensed the madness that oozes from her gaze.

“You will be taken apart alive. There’s a ‘prime body’ specimen that’s consistently growing, and you’re going to be just right as ‘nourishment’ for her.”

“Um!? Mmm, mmmmm!!”

Sakura’s words frightened Rachel, she struggled to escape but it was in vain.

Sakura easily walked up to her side and brought her lips close to her ear.

It might have been her salvation if her heart stopped due to the fear.

Then surely, she wouldn’t have heard such desperate words today.

“Of course, I won’t allow you to die or go crazy. It’s okay, Sakura is an excellent healer. So no worries, even if your head breaks, it’ll be fine.”

Immediately after.

A girl’s screaming echoed.

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