Serra – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Wrath, Intent to Kill, Sorrow

“Riko, are you all right?” 

I ran up to Riko and untied her.

Looking at her right hand, from the thumb to the ring finger were broken painfully.

What a bad way to hurt someone.

“Serra! I was scared, I was so scared!!”

“Yes, it’s okay. It’s okay.”

I gently hugged and relieved Riko, as she shed tears and cried.

However, it’s heart-breaking for her lover, but she has to hold on a little longer.

“I’m sorry, Riko. Leave the rest to me and run away first.”

“Run… Where?”

“Gillian is heading to the east from here. It shouldn’t have been so long since we left, so you should be able to join up soon.”

“Okay, but what about Serra?”

“I’ll Kill Alice”

She is my karma.

Now is the perfect time to kill her. I don’t want to increase the number of victims due to her selfishness any more.

If I can kill her, I choose to in any way I can regardless of the consequences. There is a good chance that Riko will get involved.

Above all, this is an issue between me and Alice alone.

“Kill… Serra’s eyes are very scary right now. I can’t leave you alone.”

“Even so, Riko shouldn’t be here. She’s going to kill all my loved ones. I can’t let Riko die. And won’t die, so I’ll be fine.”

“………… Oh, I understand.”

At my words, Riko looked down, and clenched her trembling left hand.

She must have been tormented by such a feeling of helplessness. I felt sorry and tried to talk to Riko, but by that time she looked up and looked straight at me.

“If I see Gillian, we’ll be back here again. Be sure to beat her by then.”

“Yes. Leave it to me.”

After Riko nodded to my words, she stared at me with regret, and then turned her heel and fled.

Then I looked back and stared at Alice.

“Why didn’t you do anything?”

“Oh, did you want to die?”

“Don’t play around”

Alice answered my words with ridicule.

She always had such a habit. It must have been an attitude to conceal the madness directed at me. Just remembering it made me feel nauseous.

“It’s been three years, Serra. I’m always hearing of Serra, but I was surprised that she was as Undying as I am.”

“Shut up. Don’t lump me with you guys!”

It’s her fault.

She betrayed me, killed my precious family, and evoked my murderous impulse. Sakura took advantage of that, and I acquired undesired madness and immortality.

“Yes, I’m not like you. I didn’t become immortal by myself. This happened because of you. I just got caught up!”

“That’s just what you’re telling yourself. That habit of closing your eyes and running away from inconvenience hasn’t changed after all this time.”

“No, no!”

“What’s the difference?” 

Alice laughed scornfully at me as I tried to deny it, shaking my head.

“Serra, you don’t seem to realize. You’ve been trying to kill me for a while now, haven’t you? When you were untying Riko’s rope, you touched the hilt of your sword several times, and when you checked her broken fingers, your eyes glanced at my pulse several times.”

“No, shut up.”

“When you strangled me three years ago, I was cornered one step before my cardiopulmonary arrest. At that time, Serra had such a smiling face, didn’t she?”

“Shut up, shut up!” 

“Thus, Serra has killed many people with a smile, hasn’t she? It seems like you’re thinking of killing the Undying who randomly take lives according to their madness, but Serra is the closest to that image.”

“I’m telling you to shut up!!” 

Every time Alice retorted, my emotions grew wild.

No, don’t ask any more.

I have to kill her quickly. I have to shut her mouth. To silence her, that’s it, take her life at the earliest, and I need to kill her, and I want to kill Alice, to kill quickly, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, and kill her――――!!

My thoughts are scattered. A fierce urge to kill swelled in me. I’m sure I’ll try to keep it down here, but my opponent is Alice. What do we need to refrain from?

Don’t let her say her next words. I have to kill her before that.

So I reached for the sword.

“After all, Serra is a hopeless ‘killer’.”


Emotions exploded.

Shortly after, something happened to my body.

The moment I thought that the scene in front of me was wrapped in a flash of light, all the colors disappeared from the world.

Only a world of white, black and gray. I wondered if the nerves in my eyes had burnt out because my emotions were so overwhelming.

But, What about it. To kill her, losing my sense of color is only a trivial matter.

When I realized it, I pulled out the sword from the sheath and closed the distance to Alice.

Thrust it to her heart without hesitation, and pushed it down to the product shelf as it is.

Once I got on top of her, intending to decapitate(reward) her head, I pulled the sword from her chest and tried to swing it.

However, the moment became an opening.

Alice quickly pressed a Submachine gun(SMG) against my flank and pulled the trigger.

With a short burst of fire, bullets were mercilessly shot into me.

I felt severe vomiting and couldn’t control it, so I threw up. But it was not vomit, but a large black mass.

Then Alice gave me a kick and distanced herself.

…… But do you think I’ll back down at that level?

Of course, my body is in severe pain. But that’s all.

Pain or injury is no reason for me to stop.

I Immediately stood up and ran toward her again.

“!? Tch”

Unable to predict that I would move quickly, Alice clicked her tongue after a surprised look and reached for the next shelf.

Apparently, her ‘Dominion’ had been exercised, and the pipe section of the shelf got blown from the inside out, towards me.

Apparently there were tableware on the shelves, and a lot of knives and forks rained down on me.

Without avoiding the rain of metal, I plunged into it and got stabbed everywhere, even cracking my forehead and I bled, and ran towards Alice without concern.

There is no sword. So I at least tried to beat her to death, clenching my fist and swinging it down hard.

But Alice was faster than I was. She quickly picked up the fallen iron pipe and thrust it towards me.

However, it was already late by the time I noticed. I have already swung my fist down with momentum. So I decided to keep going.

“Ah!? Serra, stop!”

Alice yelled something, but I can’t stop.

Immediately after, my right hand hit the iron pipe directly.

I felt numb at first, then the shock ran from my right arm to my whole body, and finally, intense pain began to spread.

The bone from the right elbow broke, and the arm bent unnaturally. The part of the finger which got hit broke through the skin, breaking the bone, and completely collapsed. From the wrist to the end, looked awful and painful.

But it was only my right arm that was no longer useful. I grabbed Alice’s face with my left arm, and as soon as I lost my balance, I fell down.

Once again, riding on top of her, I grabbed Alice’s face with my left arm and slammed her to the ground vigorously.

An unpleasant sound of crushed meat echoes.

…… As I thought, that’s all. There is no lethal sensation of definitive ‘death’ as the soul evacuates. After all, the Undying do not seem to die by having their heads crushed.

But it doesn’t matter. I’ll kill her to death.

Then, leaving it to the murderous urge that emerged, I continued to hit her head to the ground many times.

“Die! Die, die, die!!!!”

I noticed along the way that my right arm was moving, and when I suddenly looked at my right arm, it was completely regenerated.

Therefore, I single-mindedly kept hitting Alice’s whole body with both hands this time.

――――Not yet, she hasn’t died yet. Not enough yet! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!!

Then, raising my right arm high, her eyes lifted, and I could not help but notice her expression――――.



I stopped moving.


Was crying.

When we were young or dating as lovers.

She wept and stared at me with the same expression as she had back then.

Like she’s begging for forgiveness.

With such a sad expression on her face, Alice whispered only one word.

“…………I’m so, sorry……”

“Huh? Ali――――”

At her words.

My chest tightened.

After that, the memories of my childhood with her flashed back and indescribably mixed feelings rose up.

There I realized.

My left chest.

Alice’s hand was stretched out there.


The words didn’t last.

Immediately after, my internal organs burst out from inside me, blowing away all my limbs, and I lost consciousness.

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