Serra – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Reunion

“I first got a request to assassinate Commander Elena two weeks ago.”

Olivia began to talk while running through the back alley.

“I don’t know the name of the client. But I remember their features very well. She was a woman with red hair and blood-like eyes.”


The person with that characteristic appearance is definitely Sakura.

If Sakura appeared here as well…… it’s very likely the series of incidents were orchestrated by Sakura. Although, it had her stink to begin with.

“Why are you telling us about her?”

“…… In a nutshell, I was threatened. She killed a number of men in front of me. Without weapons or anything!”

“Somehow, she’s like a monster…”

Olivia’s words made Gillian pale.

From her expression, she seems to suspect that Olivia is lying.

However, I have seen Sakura use her power to instantly kill a distant opponent without any gestures several times. She’s literally a monster.

“Shoot the Commander. Disobey, and your life is forfeit. That’s how I was threatened. Her inhuman power was real and I had to obey. So, I shot Commander Elena.”

“…… that you failed, what do you mean?”

“…… ah well. At that moment, I was scared to death and instinctively ran away damnit, but…. I’m sure I saw it. She was shot yet the woman got up and rose to her feet.”

…… eh?

The Commander was shot…. then got up!?

I’m confused by the sudden information, but if what she’s saying is true, then, the Commander was…!?

“Wait, wait! Then, are you saying that the Commander is an Undying!?”

“I don’t understand that either! I mean, I’ve never even heard of the existence of the Undying! But if you and that child, Meena, who had just fallen, were immortal, so could the Commander.”

The head of the country was actually an Undying. The fact was so shocking that both Gillian and I were at a loss for words.

As far as I could confirm, the Undying , except for me, were apparently cooperating with Sakura. And if this incident is also caused by Sakura, then the Commander’s assassination may also have been staged.

…… But, what for? No, the Undying behave inconsistently by nature, but it’s strange that they’re so prepared.

“That’s why I’m going into exile, I can’t stay in this country, but what are you going to do? In any case, I think it’ll be hard to reside in this country.”

“No, exile is easy to say… But, I agree, the country is dangerous, so you’d want to run. Senior, what about you?”

“I originally intended to travel around the world ―――― is that?”

As I was running around the city, I suddenly found someone familiar and stopped.

Why on earth is she here?

I turned on my heel, and I decided to run toward her.

“Oi, hey wait a minute! Where are you going!??”

“Senior, what’s wrong!?”

“I’m sorry. I’ve got a somewhat urgent business! Gillian, go with Olivia for now!”

I gave Gillian temporary orders, and I ran up to the girl.

Wearing a black coat and a hood with the same color covering her face completely, her atmosphere had changed a lot, but I was sure she was the one I met at that time.

“…… Hazel. Why are you here?”

Hazel turned around, and I was involuntarily horrified by her expression.

Hatred, resentment, grudge. Like a whirlpool of every negative emotion blended(jumbled) together. She had a horrible expression that shouldn’t be possible for a 14-year-old maiden.

As soon as she saw me, she smiled.

“It’s been a while, Ms. Serra.”

The smile peculiar to a girl’s innocence remained. However, the hatred which cannot be concealed came to light, and I shuddered instinctively.

I don’t know if she noticed the situation, but she glanced at me and asked in a few words.

“…… Where is Cecilia Waitley?”


At that moment.

I caught a glimpse of great hatred and madness. It settled without incident, rather than become even more bloated.

If she could really kill Cecilia, would this hatred subside?

“Cecilia, I don’t know. Hey, Hazel. What happened after Sakura took you? You seem strange…”

“Strange, am I? That’s true………… because that woman, kept cooking my intestines the whole time. Even if I hurt her many times, my heart won’t be satisfied. If I don’t kill her, I have to kill her with my hands! Because of her, I became strange!!”

Hazel, her body shaking and pulling at her hair, shouted.

Unstable emotions were emerging from her words and actions. It was clear to anyone who saw her that she didn’t have a normal personality.

There’s no doubt. She had already become Undying.

“…… Yes, that’s right. I was taken away by Sakura and turned into an Undying. I seem to be very close to the critical point, I’m already losing my sense of pain.”

“Cri, tical….?”

I instinctively heard those words for the first time.

Perhaps my reaction was unexpected, Hazel looked surprised, then clicked her tongue.

“You haven’t heard of it. Well, you should be informed by Sakura later so it’s fine…… Come to think of it, there was something I wanted to hear from you.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know a woman named Alice Westblood?”

“Aah !!!???”

The moment I heard the name from her mouth, my heart made a large jump.

At the same time, it came to mind, a childhood friend, blond with blue eyes, memories of playing with her, parents with exposed blood, internal organs and brain matter, a girl laughing, and adults cursing me as a ‘murderer’.

Various memories were flashing back, unpleasant sweat broke out, and breathing became unstable.

“Ah… aah…, so…. how do you know that name?!”

“As I thought, an acquaintance. I saw her earlier.”

“You saw her…. in this town?!”

Sakura said that all the Undying were summoned to this town.

Then I immediately thought that she might be in this city.

I had a complete lapse in memory. I can’t believe the adversary I need to kill had arrived in the immediate vicinity!

“…… Fufufu. You have the same face as me, don’t you?”

“―――― So annoying. Where’s Alice?”

“I saw her go into the store right here. You are a benefactor of my life and I have no intention of killing you, so let’s stop here today.”

That being all, Hazel turned her heel and walked away.

“…… Hazel. I wouldn’t want to kill you if I could. But if you kill any random person as an Undying, then――――”

“If I may have a word as well”

Saying that, Hazel looked back.

There was no innocence on her face anymore, only a frightening expression like a vengeful demon.

“Don’t touch Cecilia. Otherwise I’ll kill you.”

“―――― Oh, Haz–“


Without waiting for my reply, this time she walked away.

What words should I have given her? But now is not the time to worry about it.

Alice is just around the corner. She is, she’s the only one I can’t allow to live for whatever reason. Never forgive.

Following the path Hazel showed me, I began to run.


―――― I don’t know.

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!

I don’t know anything about the girl in front of me!

“Serra is amazing, isn’t she? She’s gentle, smart, and powerful. I won’t give up on anything, and I move those who are ahead of me.”


“I know Serra the best.”

Saying that, Alice looked into Riko’s eyes.

Gently reached for her cheek and felt her temperature.

In Alice’s eyes, desire for monopoly, jealousy, and anger…… she had crazy eyes mixed with various black emotions.

“I’ve seen Serra the closest. I’ve spent time with Serra. I kissed her many times.”


“Serra is my property.

“Oh, don’t be silly!”

Riko is frightened by Alice’s words, yet enraged.

“You easily take lives and treat people like property, you being the one who understands Serra is a lie. It’s that simple!”

“So fussy.”

Alice pulled out a thin needle from the stuffed animal she held in her right hand and stuck it into Riko’s neck.

“Gah!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“So loud. It’s a thin needle anyway, it didn’t stick deep and won’t bleed much. Next time you scream, I’ll stab your right eye.”

When the needle was pointed toward Riko, she went ‘Heh!’, became frightened and desperately shut her mouth.

After Alice nodded at the sight, she glanced at her watch and grinned with an intrepid smile.

“Ten minutes have passed.”

“!? N-No…. Stop!”

Riko trembled in fear as she recalled the pain of breaking her finger.

Tears overflowed from both eyes, and his teeth couldn’t mesh with each other.

“I’m not stopping. I told you. I’m doing this because I want to.”

“N-No! Don’t! Serra, Serra!! Please, help!”

“Even if you don’t call for help, Serra will come on her own. Well, I don’t think she’ll come any time soon.”

But Alice’s words did not continue.

Suddenly, Serra, who came out of nowhere, jumped at Alice.

“Se, Serra!?

Serra turned at Riko’s words and smiled.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I came to help you.”

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