Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 – Something

No matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find Mr. Aka.

The letter left for me was about Aka’s feelings and his past.

Lived in a Dark Elf village in the Demon Realm. He joined the Demon King’s Army in the war and was in a unit led by a great general who left a mark on history.

He couldn’t stand the misery of the war and how the people who had changed, so he ran away.

And he couldn’t travel with me.

As I clenched the letter, I couldn’t help venting out my anger.

“Why didn’t you wake me up…”

I complained to Tre’ainar sitting in front of me, facing the last pot of breakfast soup that Aka had left behind.

『I respected his resolve. Also, he was the one whose life was ruined in the war that I led.』

“So, why not? I don’t think Mr. Aka is a nuisance! Together, from here on…… a lot of things… as a team…. we…”

At the same time, something came into my eyes.

Still, I continued.

But that’s what Tre’ainar says to me.

『At present. However, there is no telling what the future will bring. The journey of an Ogre and a human traversing the world would be much too conspicuous, and the gazes much too strenuous.』

“I don’t care about the gazes around me!”

Tre’ainar would have known when Mr. Aka left.

If you had woken me up then, I might have stopped Mr. Aka.

『Did you, who cared more about the world’s view than anyone else, just say that?』

“eh… That’s…”

And the boomerang pierces once again.

『Indeed, you may not find it a nuisance if you travel together with him and get into trouble. You are tender-hearted….』

“I-If that’s the case!”

『However, for him, it might be heartbreaking. It may be harsh to say, but the public’s eyes are not as lenient as you think. Because he understands it better than anyone, he left.』

I couldn’t say anything back.

Aka and Tre’ainar were thinking more than I was, while I was just thinking that it would be fun to travel with Mr. Aka.

『The eyes around you do not matter?  Do not make me laugh. No matter how aggressive your remarks, you who know nothing of the world, its people or of demons, have no basis. Tis unreliable.』

After all, I’m just talking.

It seemed so.

And I’m sure I’m right.

I don’t know anything, I’m weak, and nothing I say is reliable.

That’s what it is.

“But… if that’s the case…… that’s why…… as it is, Mr. Aka… isn’t the burden too much…”

I understand what Tre’ainar is saying, but that’s too much for Aka to be saved.

He didn’t do anything wrong, but was just kicked out of the house he originally lived in.

『…… wrong….. Tis not the case.』


I couldn’t do anything after all. Tre’ainar, who read my mind, strongly denied it.

『Child, tis no consolation. That ogre must have truly been saved by meeting you. You certainly became his friend. Tis why he is no longer before you.』

“…… But…”

『You know nothing of the world. You know not the depths of humans and demons. Your power is weak, as well. But… nevertheless, even though you were human, you befriended an Ogre. I am the first to witness such. Truly, you have done well.』

Tre’ainar’s words reached my heart, and that’s why I was so frustrated.

If I was stronger.

A world in which me and Aka could walk around openly with no complaint from anyone… If only the world were like that……

『I believe… your father also shared a similar dream.』


『Instead of simply fighting against the demons with hatred, to go beyond the walls of demons and races, to see a world free of conflict, something-something… he said.』

It was the first time I heard of it.

My father did that.

『Well, by whatever means Hiro came to that concept… a dozen years after my death…… this is the status quo.』

“Eh…well… well then!”

At that time, I simply thought up an idea —

『In the first place, I knew things would not go well. Rather, tis impossible. Absolutely.』

“Hm… oh… eh?”

『Friendship between individuals, like you and Aka is impossible, much less to achieve it on a tribal or global scale.』

Before I said something like, ‘If my father can’t do it, then I will…’ Tre’ainar denied it.

『In the first place, you and other humans fight against each other over differences of countries, races, cultures and even historical perceptions. Then, what of a difference of species? How can you strive in a world full of differences? Because it could not be done, war broke out.』


『And most difficult… tis impossible to draw the line on which race to make friendships with.』

Draw a line. Tre’ainar tells me with a somewhat complicated expression.

『For instance, you eat meat, do you not? One can survive even if they do not eat it. But you would still eat, would you not? So, are animals exempt from your friendship?』

“…… That’s…”

『What you ate the other day…… the animal meat… where did the food come from? An animal? A beast? So, where are the demons from?』

Where to draw the line… I hadn’t really thought about it.

Usually, the rough case being…

“With humans… we can have a conversation….”

『However, beastmen and the like, myself included, can converse with animals and beasts. Some of them are connected by bonds like a partner, a friend, or a family. What would you tell them? Because humans cannot talk to animals and monsters, so they are allowed to eat and hunt them.』

“Saying something like that… I…”

『Tis so. You cannot understand. People have different common sense, culture, and ways of thinking depending on the environment in which they live. Tis impossible to reconcile demons and humans. Supposing you try to force them together, a break will always occur somewhere. Such is life.』

Tre’ainar talks, as if he had the materials and knowledge to refute all of my words and thoughts, and ruin my shallow and naive ideas.

『Therefore, child. Can you easily say something frivolous like ‘aim for a world where the demons and humans coexist’?』

It’s not that it’s difficult.

It’s impossible.

That’s Tre’ainar’s conclusion, and I couldn’t overturn it.

“I’m… a weak, small, ignorant kid…. that’s why you’re saying I can’t change the world either….”

I was so miserable that I lay on my back.

But that’s what Tre’ainar says to me.

『Tis so. That is why whatever you do… you must be strong, grandiose, and grow to abundant knowledge as a virtuous man. To never let anything about Aka go to waste.』

That’s why I should grow more…

『Child. Be stronger. And cross the world, with him in mind. Do not simply travel around the world, be aware of what you feel and what you want to do there. Maybe there… maybe there is some hint.』


『What you say now may be frivolous, however…… if you are strong, grandiose, and grow to abundant knowledge as a virtuous man, yet still say the same thing… then those words carry zeal and will undoubtedly lead to ‘something’.』

“Something…What is it?”

『’Something’ neither Hiro nor I could reach in the end.』

No matter what I say now, it’s just groundless words.

But if I grow and still say the same thing, it might lead to something.

It’s Tre’ainar’s vague words, and the future is uncertain, and there are no clear answers or goals.

But I still know…

“I’m… even if I play with Aka in a dignified manner, even if we travel, to not let the people around me say anything. It might be ridiculous, but…… that’s my feeling right now.”

『Is that so…』

That’s definitely how I feel right now, and how do I manage that….

“I’m going to get stronger, look around the world and see a lot of things.”

『Ah, right.』

It’s up to me in the future, and I’ll have to move forward anyway.

“I will~~~~ already. Eat! Let’s eat!”


Having made up my mind, I emptied the pot of breakfast that Mr. Aka left.

There was well-boiled soup in it, and when I ate it and I became a little big, I decided to eat it all vigorously.

For a moment, salty juice was coming out of my eyes, but I decided to eat everything and move forward.


Author’s Note

As always I am indebted to you.

For now, I’m going to end the second part here.

To date, there have been 70,000 drills with a comprehensive evaluation, 2,000 impressions and various responses, including the pros and cons. I am very happy. And 930,000 drills! I’m getting closer little by little w

I look forward to working with you.

From here on, I’d like to continue the story of ‘those guys around that time’ with a little bit of punchline, and trying to practice again.

In addition, I was doing updates every day or at seven o’clock in the morning, but from tomorrow on-wards private life or travels … it’s busy, so the updates may be delayed, but please forgive me. I’m naked now.

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Naked Author aside (what a freak), it’s the end of the second arc y’all. And it ended with plenty of feels. Keep in mind, you’re never too manly to cry, infact true men shed tried tears proudly. I’m in no way saying this just to keep my man status intact. No sir…

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